Leaving--Gabrielle's Scroll

The look on Xena's face when she sat back down at the table had me troubled immediately. I could clearly see that she was upset and trying to sort through whatever our new acquaintance, Beowulf, had told her. Little did I know how things were about to change.

I offered her my food, hoping the playful Xena would come back out. Running her fingers through her bangs, she quietly let me know she didn't really want to talk right now. I backed off and gave her space while I sat and wondered what could be so serious. After a long length of silence, I gently placed my hand on her knee and she looked over at me. "Are you ready for some fresh air? Wanna take a walk?" She attempted giving me a smile and said, "Sure. Let's go."

I paid for our meal and I turned to see Xena putting the rusted lock that Beowulf had thrown onto our table inside her saddlebag. What significance did the two Ravens bear? Obviously something from her past that was extremely intense. She always made me feel that I was the most important thing to her, and I loved that. But I had this same sort of feeling when Lao Ma's messenger found us in the woods and Xena's mood changed drastically.

When we got to our room, I was disappointed to see two beds. But I guess it was good timing, because making love was definitely not on the agenda for the evening. Xena laid down on one of the beds and I put my bag down by the other one. I went back and sat down on the side of Xena's bed, and leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips. "You know I love you, don't you Xena?" Her eyes held a saddened look for a moment, but then she raised her hand to my face and brushed my cheek. "Yes, I know you do. Just don't be upset if I don't feel like talking tonight."

I stood and walked back to my bed, telling her, "Still keeping secrets from me after all these years?" I wanted her to feel comfortable enough to tell me anything about her past. I told her everything about mine, but of course, I hadn't been a Warrior and had very little to tell. She then tried reassuring me that I was the most important thing in her life, and I suddenly felt bad for saying anything to her about not wanting to talk to me. I decided it was better if I just got some sleep and let her think things through. I was hoping she would be slipping beneath my blankets if only to hold me against her body, but that wasn't going to happen. I would have never gone to sleep if I would have known she was going to leave.

Panic is the word I will choose to describe my overall feelings as I read her note. When Xena had doubts that she would return, I knew it was an extremely dangerous mission. She had left me behind to protect me, but my path was her path, and I would do all I could do to find her. It would help if I had a few clues about why she was leaving and where she was going, but even without any leads to go on, I'd stay strong and never give up. I had to find her.

Setting out on my own, I traveled day by day, carefully watching for evidence that she had passed through where I was going. I soon discovered that she was traveling with someone else, and most likely it was Beowulf. She had taught me so much about how to hide my own tracks, and now it was proving to be extremely helpful. I'd ride as late as I could, not wanting to lose more time behind her. I had traveled for weeks and her trail was leading me farther north than I had ever been.

Finally, I arrived in a little village and that's where my first lead seemed to be. I soon discovered what they called Valkyries as I looked at a tapestry of some flying horses with women riding them. And then I heard her name. I was asking the gentleman standing beside his painting about the only dark-haired Valkyrie in the picture, and as he was trying to remember her name, I heard a female voice behind me say, "Xena."

My heart literally leaped with excitement, and I turned to see who might be able to help me. She was blonde and very pretty, and obviously quite taken with Xena's fame as a Valkyrie. I told her that I had come a long way to find Xena, and I begged her to tell me everything she knew about her. I asked if she had seen Xena recently, and she told me that Xena's reign of terror ended 35 years ago. That's when I knew we were definitely talking about the same Xena.

Eventually she gave in and we started talking. She explained all she could to me in a short time, and finally told me to make camp and she'd meet me that night. It grew dark and I killed time by writing in my scroll while waiting on Brunhilda to return.

She attacked me, saying she wanted to prove to me that she was worthy to fight alongside Xena. She said that studying Xena had been her lifelong passion, and now she seemed eager to find her. She begged me to let her help me find Xena since she knew these woods like the back of her hand. I knew I needed help, and she seemed plenty capable of taking care of herself.

We continued following Xena and Beowulf's trail and I knew I had to be closing in on her, if Brunhilda was right with her information.

We made camp for the night, and my legs were exhausted from walking all day. I hadn't slept very well since Xena had left me behind and it was catching up with me. Brunhilda and I ate the tiny bit of food we had with us and I put a little more wood on the fire. I snuggled in my bedroll trying to get warm and was asleep in no time.

Xena was lying beside me, and I propped myself up on my elbow and leaned down to kiss her forehead. And then her nose. And then her face. And then our mouths met, moving against each other as our cunts begged to be noticed. She was wearing her leathers and I couldn't get to her chest the way I wanted, but I could definitely get my hand up her skirt. I pulled her underwear off and helped her spread her legs wide for me, wasting no time touching her wet pussy and hearing myself moan with satisfaction. She felt so good, and then I felt her hands on my chest and realized I was the one lying down. Her large hands covered my body; rubbing me all over and making me want her inside me. I took her hand and pressed it firmly along the outside of my underwear, knowing she wouldn't be able to resist plunging her fingers inside my depths. "Mmmm, Xena…you touch me so good…" I heard myself say, and as I reached up to pull her close to me for a passionate kiss, I woke up and realized I didn't have Xena in my arms. It was Brunhilda, and I jumped up with my legs shaking, not believing what had just happened.

"Gabrielle…look…I'm sorry…please don't be mad."

I was still in shock that she would take the initiative to touch me, especially in my sleep. "Brunhilda…what are you doing? You know how I feel about Xena. I can't believe you would do this."

"It won't happen again. I promise. You're just…"

"What? I'm just what?" I was furious at this point, angry that a stranger would take their liberty with touching my body.

"You're just so beautiful…not only your face and body, but your heart. You are different from anyone I've ever met. And watching you in the firelight…I started touching you and you seemed to like it. I'm sorry."

I desperately needed her expertise in navigating around these woods, but I felt like telling her to stay the hell away from me. But I tried to remain as calm as possible and think things through rationally. But of course, we were talking about flying horses, so how rational was that?

Brunhilda knew that she had crossed the line, and my decision was to drop it. I would never let anyone else besides Xena touch me, and this had all happened unknowingly on my part. I told her, "Don't ever do that again. I'm Xena's, and there should be no doubt in your mind about that." The rest of the night seemed long, and as soon as the sun started rising, we started traveling…never mentioning last night's incident even one time.

We made it to the abandoned structure where Xena and Beowulf took on Grindel. Brunhilda stopped me before going in and reminded me that this could be my death. I didn't care…I had to find Xena and whatever it took, I would do.

We entered the building and in a matter of seconds, I heard someone moaning and then saw some broken boards moving. I started removing the boards and found it to be Beowulf, and he told me the monster had dragged Xena off, and he didn't know if she was dead or alive. By the looks of Beowulf, she was most likely injured pretty badly. I walked around the room and found her breastplate, wondering if she took if off to leave as a sign for me. It was the first time in weeks that I had touched anything of Xena's, and my heart was racing. She was still alive. I knew it.

We helped Beowulf out and cleaned his wounds, and then set off following any clues we could find. We finally made our way to the forest and I then found her gauntlet lying on the ground. I knew she was close, and Brunhilda and Beowulf both acted as if I were crazy for thinking Xena was still alive. I told them we had to split up so that we could cover more ground, but I mainly wanted to create a diversion for those two so I could find Xena on my own.

There were no more clues, but I had the feeling that she was very near. And then I felt something grab me from behind and pull me behind a tree, planting a hand firmly across my mouth. I felt the pressure release a bit and I turned my head, seeing my Warrior holding me next to her. I wanted to sob with relief and turn to hug her, but she pointed ahead and urged for me to stay silent and watch. I then saw Grindel, and realized she was protecting us from the monster. I heard my traveling partners calling my name, and that was when the monster turned and went the other way, giving us a little time to reunite.

As soon as Xena released her hold on me, I turned and embraced her tightly, telling her, "Don't ever leave me again!" My arms were locked around her neck, and she wrapped her arms around me. I could have collapsed right there from all the exhaustion and worry and dread I had dealt with over the weeks, but having Xena in my arms-alive-was the most important thing.

We finally released our hold on each other and I saw how injured and bloody she was. "You're hurt," I told her as I had her sit down and lean back against a tree. I grabbed my bag and found some clean cloths and started tending to the huge gash Xena had on her thigh. She had been through so much, and now it was time for me to take care of her. I handed her the gauntlet I had found and helped her put on her breastplate. As I started wrapping the bandage around her leg, Beowulf and Brunhilda found us.

They were both asking me if I was okay, which I found odd. Xena was obviously the one with the injuries, but for some reason, both of these people seemed protective of me. I was so happy to be with Xena again, to touch her body and to look into those beautiful eyes.

Once I had her cleaned up, I wanted to leave and go back home, but Xena told me she couldn't leave until she took care of "unfinished business." She knew I wouldn't stand for being separated from her again, but she warned Beowulf and Brunhilda that they should go back. To my surprise, both of them said they wouldn't leave me. I couldn't quite understand it, but I didn't really care. The only thing that mattered was Xena was back in my arms. We started making our way to the monster's lair and Xena began telling me about what had happened so long ago in Odin's kingdom, and I listened intently.

We made our way to the cave and Xena killed the monster after quite a struggle, only to find out it wasn't the same monster she thought it was. It was Grinhilda's son that she had killed, and now she would have to deal with Grinhilda. Xena was the reason that Grinhilda had turned into a monster, and she was pregnant with Odin's son when she took on that form.

Brunhilda seemed amazed that Xena had started fighting for good. She wasn't used to appreciating the qualities of "life, love and peace", but seemed to be intrigued at that line of thinking. But then again, she had known nothing but a more evil Xena.

We had been walking along and Xena suddenly stopped and asked Brunhilda to go on up head and scout out the area. As soon as she left, Xena said, "I don't like her."

Oh gods. Surely Xena didn't know about the move Brunhilda made on me just a couple of nights ago. "Why do you say that?" I asked.

"I just don't think she is who she says she is."

"Xena, she doesn't know what she believes." I always wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt, but that sometimes cost me in the end.

Beowulf had been standing there the whole time, listening to our conversation. Xena caught me off guard when she told him, "Uh…I seemed to have injured myself in a rather delicate area." I just looked at her, looking behind us to see if she had stepped in a hole or something that I wasn't aware of. Then I figured it out. She continued, "Would you excuse Gabrielle and me while I tend to it?"

"Come on," she said, grabbing my hand, smiling at her own creativity. "This place is for the birds."

She led me to a gorgeous waterfall, and told me, "I wanted to get away from all the eyes and ears."

"That sounds perfect…I've been thinking of nothing else since I first saw you today."

She continued to lead me until we were situated behind the falls. "Xena, this is beautiful!"

I turned around to see her sitting on a huge rock, holding out her arms for me to come to her. It felt so good to be wrapped in her arms again, feeling her body against mine. She captured my lips with her mouth and we kissed for a very long time, reconnecting and enjoying our privacy for the first time today.

She helped me out of my clothes and turned to lay me down on the huge rock. She worked quickly to remove her underwear, and when she leaned over me again, I placed both my hands on her ass and pulled her as close to me as I could. "Something you wanted?" she asked, licking over my mouth and looking every bit as horny as I was. "You know what I want…" I told her, and arched my back so that my mound was brushing against hers.

She reached down and held my pussy open while she lowered herself against me. Gods, it felt incredible. We were both extremely wet, and she began sliding up and down, her pussy open and wet against mine…taking me on a ride far into the sky without a flying horse. I had my hands tangled in her hair and I held onto her body tightly, keeping her as close to me as possible. I was the first to come, and having a waterfall this close meant not holding anything back. I screamed her name and then urged her to kiss me as I came in her arms, feeling exactly what I had been missing for so long.

She then placed her foot beside me on the rock, making her cunt gap wide open. I watched as my mouth watered and she then lowered herself onto me again, this time feeling even more pleasure from her inventive position. Her clit was hard against mine, and as she moved, her moans of pleasure were welcomed music to my ears. She felt so good against me, and soon I was climbing again. We both reached orgasm that time, and while we would have loved spending the day making love in our own private setting, we knew we had serious, unfinished business to tend to. Besides, my new boyfriend and girlfriend would be missing me soon. That really pissed Xena off.

We got dressed and headed back to the woods. My body felt better than it had in a long time, and I was glad Xena took me on our little detour. I stopped her just before we entered the woods again. "Xena, I know why you left me in the tavern that night." She was going to say something, but I stopped her and told her I understood why she left me…it was out of love, and I wasn't angry with her. But from now on, whatever monsters she had to face, I wanted to be there to face them with her.

I was glad I had that chance to tell her what I felt, and I was even happier that we had time to be together. Because when we entered the woods again, we were almost immediately faced with Valkyries attacking us from all sides. Xena and Beowulf were fighting with all they had, and I heard one of them say, "Get the blonde…" I looked to see if they were talking about Brunhilda or me, but I didn't see her anywhere. The next thing I knew, Brunhilda was riding a large, dark horse and approaching me, swooping me up with her arm onto the horse. Xena was right. Brunhilda wasn't who she said she was. She was a Valkyrie, too.

I called out Xena's name, but it was too late. I was trying to make sense of all that was happening, and it wasn't very long until Brunhilda was setting me down in another forest. This forest must have been near the grounds of Valhalla.

I was frightened, but more than that I was angry. We left Xena fighting all those Valkyries, and Brunhilda only seemed interested in me. She told me she had to get me out of there, because they were going to try and kill me for the ring. I tried walking away from her even thought I had no clue where I was going, but she stopped me again. She told me she wanted to prove her love for me, and I began to explain that Xena and I were meant to be together-we were soul mates. She told me, "You've changed me, Gabrielle. Just like you changed Xena."

She did prove her love for me, I'll have to say. She told me that she couldn't protect me from Odin and Grinhilda in this form. I was very confused, and then she gave me the ring and told me it would be safe with me. She started some sort of chant and I watched as she disappeared into huge flames. I was shocked by what I had just witnessed, and as the flames passed through me, the circle started widening until a full ring of fire was encircling me. I looked down to see that my clothes had been changed to a gown, and suddenly I couldn't overcome the sleepiness that was overtaking my body. The last thing I remember is lying down on a huge rock, and closing my eyes for sleep. "I love you, Xena…"

COMING NEXT WEEK: In the conclusion of the Rhinegold tales, Xena struggles to get out of a marriage with a man he doesn't love, and to remember the name and the face of the blonde vision that haunts her every dream.

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