Liane--Gabrielle's Scroll

"Gabrielle…what are you doing?"

I had patiently waited for Liane's breathing to let me know that she had fallen fast asleep, and now it was time to make my way down to my Warrior's bedroll.

As quietly as possible, I turned back the covers and in one drop, joined Xena on the floor beside the bed. She welcomed me with her embrace, and I wasted no time seeking out her body with my hands.

With a mouthful of chest, I replied, "I'm touching you. Don't you know what that feels like by now?" However, her leathers were not making it very easy.

I felt Xena's hands on my shoulders, attempting to push me away. "Of course I do, but we can't with Liane sleeping three feet away."

I lifted my head and interrupted my task at hand to explain to her that Liane would not be waking up. She was exhausted and besides, even if she did hear or see us, she wouldn't be judgmental about it.

I returned to her chest, despite it being covered with two layers of clothing, and Xena continued to reason. "Think about it…it might make her sad if she hears us…she already misses Tanner so much."

"Mmm…" Her skin was so smooth, and I loved licking over her salty flesh. I realized I wasn't listening to what she was saying, but I wanted to feel her inside me too much to care. I raised my head once more to look into her eyes, stopping all movement. "Then we'll have to be very, very quiet, won't we?" I whispered while on my way to kiss her neck. Finally she hushed and let my mouth have its way. I could feel her body responding to my touch, and I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

She might have argued with her mouth, but her hands on my body were a different story. The longer I kissed and sucked at her neck, the more she helped me out of my clothes. Suddenly I was completely naked and urging her to satisfy my need. She flipped us over to where she was propped on her elbow with her arm outstretched behind my neck. I took her free hand and moved it down between legs, letting her see how much I wanted her inside me.

"Gods, Baby…" she husked, and hungrily attacked my mouth as she felt how wet and hot I truly was. The fact that she hadn't touched me in a couple of days added to the pleasure, and I thought it was very cute of my Warrior to be holding out on me tonight. It seemed ironic that I was the one initiating this risky kind of sex and she was the one shying away. If Liane documented this whole session, I didn't care. Feeling Xena inside me, thrusting hard and paying close attention to my clit only made me spread my legs wider. I could go all night.

"Sssshhhh…" she scolded into my ear. I could have easily argued, but somehow the climax building inside my core had control of my mouth. My moans were a testimony of how good she made me feel. What did she expect? I reached up and locked my arms around her neck, pulling her face down to mine so that I could hide my verbal pleasure inside her mouth. At least muffling it would help. She plunged her tongue into my mouth and I immediately sucked it hard, matching her rhythm as she went inside me with her hand. Feeling myself about to come, I arched my back and pressed my nipples hard into her chest, and she sensed my need from her. She pulled me tightly against her and I clamped my thighs firmly around her arm, kissing her with great need and desire. The orgasm was incredible, and I felt myself pumping out juices into her hand. She hugged me close and waited for my body to stop shivering, and I felt myself growing limp in her arms. "I love you so much, Xena…"

I felt a bead of sweat rolling down my back, and simply closed my eyes and inhaled her delicious scent. Her essence was strong, and having her body wrapped around mine was pure bliss. I slowly began pumping my hips into hers and felt her legs open just a bit. Her breathing picked up, and I searched out her nipples beneath her clothing. Lying beneath her, I could feel myself opening up…desiring her hardness inside me. I let my hands take their time moving down her body and finally inside her underwear. She was soaked and the tips of my fingers sank into the flood. I heard myself gasp at the sensation, not believing the timing of this kind of desire.

Urging her to roll onto her back, I scooted up a bit so I could whisper some sense into that beautiful head of hers. "Come on, Xena…take off your leathers…I want to feel your skin against mine…please?"

"Gabrielle…" she growled, sounding completely irritated.

I could not believe she was going to turn me down. How could she deny me? I decided to give her an ultimatum, honestly believing she would see things my way when I removed my hand from her throbbing center.

Her state of arousal suddenly turned to confusion. "Hey, what gives?"

I sat up and looked as serious as I possibly could. "I'm not going to finish until you've taken off your clothes."

She looked at me with disbelief and a tiny hint of rage. "You're kidding, right?"

I raised my hand to my nose, letting my eyes roll back as I smelled the most magnificent scent of my lover. Staying in the mood, I chose a finger at a time and made sure she watched me suck it slowly into my mouth, licking her juices from each one and along my hand. Leaning down to her ear, I whispered, "You know how I love my midnight snack."

She threatened to touch herself, but I stopped her by grabbing her wrist. "Only I can touch you."

Even with my hand planted firmly on her mound, she didn't give in. "Xena…you're making this a big deal. I want to feel your body against mine. I miss you." Thinking that would let her know I was willing to grovel for a piece of Warrior ass and somehow make me irresistible. I could feel the heat from her center as I pressed my hand into her, feeling the thin material that separated us dampening more by the second. One more time, I asked.

"Are you going to strip for me now?"

I couldn't believe the look of regret I was seeing in her eyes. She really wasn't going to undress for me. "Gabrielle, I can't."

Okay. I had to stand my ground as well. "Then you're going to go without. And if you make the mistake of trying to finish yourself off later tonight, I'll make sure to wake Liane up so she can see the Warrior Princess with a hand up her own skirt."

"But I'm not going to undress." Gods, she could be so stubborn.

"All right," I told her. "You had your chance…but you turned me down. I'm going to go back to sleep now…my pussy throbbing with satisfaction while yours is pounding out its need to you." That was rather mean, but I really thought she would love the challenge and I would be pulled be back down on top of her body before I left her bedroll.

I stood and redressed, giving Xena a quick kiss before going back to bed. "Sleep well, Xena."

I pulled the covers up snuggly around my neck, desperately regretting that Xena wasn't the one I was sharing a bed with. Surely she would wake me up before morning and let me finish what we had started. I later found that to be an incorrect assumption when Xena woke us up for breakfast and was ready to start traveling. I felt a little guilty that I slept so well, but what can I say. Xena always did her job well. She seemed a little irritable this morning, and I hoped I hadn't gone too far with my demands, although unmet.

We had convinced our new friend Liane to go to the Amazon village to live until she had her baby and could start out on her own. I felt compassion for her, especially since the father of her child had been murdered. She had been through a very rough few months, and I appreciated Xena's concern to help get her situated in a safe, comfortable environment. She would make friends quickly, I had no doubt.

We were greeted with wonderful hospitality at the Amazon camp. And seeing our friends was such a treat for us. Xena had promised to go through some drills with Solari later, but for now we went to the Queens' Hut to unpack our things. I was anxious to store some more of my scrolls in the library, and to take a look back at some of the older stories I had written.

I suddenly realized we were wasting valuable time alone. Xena sat at the end of the bed watching me unpack. I let everything drop for a bit and focused all my attention on Xena.

"Ephiny should be back within the next hour or so…"

"Yep." She looked slightly interested.

"Liane is getting all settled in…making new friends…"

"Uh huh…"

"So…whatta you wanna do?"

Apparently, nothing. She made all kinds of excuses to keep me from touching her. She used the one about Ephiny coming back within the hour, and then there was the "Liane might be looking for us" scenario, and by then I figured I might as well wait until she initiated the lovemaking this time.

Xena met up with Solari, and Liane and I worked with the other Amazons getting the feast ready for the evening's ceremony. Everyone was introducing themselves and making Liane feel right at home.

When Xena returned from her sword workout with Solari, I followed her to the Queen's Hut as she washed some of the sweat away. She wasn't really interested in attending the ceremony and told me to start without her, but Liane had already made it clear that she intended on both Xena and I being there since we had made this all possible for her.

The celebration and traditional dances and ceremonies went for hours, and time felt as if it was creeping by. All I could think of was how horny I was getting just from watching Xena among the crowd. And tonight there would be no excuse to keep us from making hot, passionate love well into the night if we so desired. I certainly desired. I watched as other Amazons gathered around her, soaking up her instruction and authority. She certainly was an outstanding Warrior.

Finally, when the festivities came to an end and everyone was going to their huts, Xena stopped me as I walked towards our hut. She had news that floored me.

"What do you mean you're leaving NOW?" I just looked at her in complete disbelief, my stomach feeling the effect of the disappointment.

Trying to convince me to lower my voice, we returned to our hut for a private conversation.

She began to explain that she could return to Liane's town and take care of Antimbus, because he would never suspect Liane to be gone and he'd certainly never expect a surprise attack from Xena. I could see her logic, but I couldn't stand to see her go, especially not being able to touch her first.

"Xena, can't you at least wait until the morning? At least spend the night here…with me."

She softened her look and let me know that she was sure this was what she needed to do. I asked her if it had anything to do with the other night…like getting some sort of revenge. Of course she denied it, but it certainly was perfect timing to make me pay. She said she would be gone about three days, and that should give me enough time to help Liane get settled in. Great.

We shared a wonderful kiss, and it gave me hope that she would come back to me and be ready to make love. By then, I would be beyond control when I did get her alone. I would have to stay busy with my Amazon tribe and think of the greater good. It was very difficult for me to be away from Xena. Even though she didn't really enjoy the togetherness of the Amazons and might spend time away hunting, at least I knew she was near and would be coming home for the night.

The days didn't go fast enough, and I had trouble sleeping without her body wrapped around mine. The second night, I was very exhausted from all the work we had done to get Liane's hut ready, but even after a bath and getting settled into bed, I couldn't keep visions of her out of my mind.

I moved my hand to lie across my stomach, and closed my eyes, imagining it to be Xena's hand; stroking across my flesh and leaving a trail of want over every inch of skin she touched. Her fingertips aroused sparks within me, and just a few seconds of her touching me anywhere on my body brought about quick results. And I could feel results now, even without her here. It just wasn't the same without her there, however, and I finally fell asleep with every nerve ending throbbing and unsatisfied.

The next morning I was up earlier than usual, anticipating my Warrior's return sometime near the evening. I had a plan worked out that would give us some privacy, and also be a surprise to her. I arranged to be by the river near sunset, and my Amazons were making sure the perimeters were secure.

I knew that she was in the area, and I proceeded to the water's edge and started removing my clothing. I didn't know from where she was watching me, but I knew she was near.

Letting my shirt fall to the ground, I unzipped my skirt and bent over to unlace my boots. "I know you're here somewhere Xena! Why don't you come down and join me for a bath?"

I heard a quiet drop, like from a tree limb, and turned to see her walking towards me. The sun was setting and her eyes were gorgeous against the early evening sky.

"I knew you'd find me, Xena…the scouts had orders to tell me you were approaching, then clear the area. I want you all to myself today."

I was naked from the waist up, and closed my eyes with satisfaction when I felt her body embrace mine in a hug and passionate kiss. Her armor was cold against my nipples, and I asked her, "Will you undress for me this time, Xena?"

"With pleasure…" And she wasted no time coming out of her armor and leathers. I let my skirt drop as I watched her undress.

It was worth the wait. Her long, lean, dark body took my breath away, and I just stood there silent…appreciating her perfection. Finally I shook myself out of my trance and took her hand. "Come on," I told her, leading her to the water.

I grabbed the soap and proceeded to lather her body and massage her tired muscles. I kept the conversation light for a bit, but eventually began asking her details about her mission.

We decided not to tell Liane that her father was near death. They had not spoken for some time, and the more she didn't know would be for her benefit. Xena made sure that Antimbus was in jail, and it seemed like all went well.

We finished our bath and I toweled Xena dry, and then very wet. We were both getting very turned on the more I brushed over her skin. I watched as her nipples became hard and erect and felt mine do the same.

I stood on a small rock so I could embrace her and meet her for a searing kiss. Her tongue felt incredible in my mouth, and feeling her arms holding me tightly against her body made me feel like I was home again. I had missed her so much. I kissed along her neck, pressing my mound into hers and feeling my nipples scrape against her chest. "I've been thinking of nothing but touching this ever since the other night. I don't think you had any idea how much of a torture it was not to be able to." I moved my hand between us and ran two fingers through her very wet pussy.

"You were doing it for Liane. I know that…and I think it's beautiful."

Xena stood there silent, not able to take compliments very well. But I was finished talking about the past.

"But now, Liane isn't around…it's just you and me. Lay down Xena, I want to eat that succulent pussy of yours"

She wasted no time dropping to our bedrolls, keeping my hands in hers and taking me with her. I placed my body between her legs and laid on top of her. I arched my back, taking in a mouthful of her incredible breasts, pumping gently into her mound and feeling her juices slicking the front of my pussy.

I licked along her neck, and husked in her ear, "After I suck you, Baby, I want you to take the phallus and fuck me good and hard…will you do that for me?"

"Absolutely…I wanna fuck you so hard you're screaming…oh yeah…" I was moving down her body as she answered my request, and suddenly stopped talking when my mouth captured her cunt. Her words were exchanged for moans of pleasure.

"Gods, Xena…you're so wet…I've been so thirsty for you, Baby…"

"Mmmmm…" I heard her reply, her hips taking on their own movement. I just followed with mouth, staying attached to her clit, feeling her growing with desire. I shoved two fingers inside her, telling her, "You want me to suck you hard, don't you?"

Bucking her hips forward and feeling a hand on the back of my head, I looked up to watch as her head went back and she let loose a low, "Yessss…"

I circled her erection slowly with my tongue, making sure to cross the center often and feeling her responding perfectly to my touch. I barely put my mouth over her swollen clit and sucked in gently, feeling her pussy clamp down on my fingers. I knew she wanted more, but I wanted her to want it.

"I'm going to suck you hard now, Xena…and I want you to shoot off in my mouth." I rubbed my mouth all around her cunt, coating my mouth with her juices, feeling my own pussy drip as I felt how warm and soft she was on my mouth. I added a third finger and continued pumping inside her as I took my time trying to give her as much pleasure as I could. I clamped my mouth down over her clit and sucked forcefully, biting it lightly with my teeth and letting her feel how far she was sticking out. "You're so big…" I told her, and went back to work by burying my head between her legs. It was simply perfect.

I felt her body began it climb, and both hands now pressed the back of my head into her cunt. I moved my head wildly back and forth, up and down, touching her all over and trying to neglect nothing. I was lost in the moment and close to coming with her just from the intimacy and power of the setting. She screamed her passion and I held on for the ride, devouring perfection.

I sat up and licked my fingers, letting her watch me enjoy what I was doing. She had a wild look in her eye and never took them off me. I looked at her and said, "Remember what you promised…"

"I could never forget when I promise you a fucking," she said very seriously, reaching for her saddlebag. Oh yeah…I was ready.

I helped her get everything in place, and remained in my position of standing on my knees facing Xena. I reached for the phallus and began stroking her, pressing the nub into her clit and seeing her eyes go to my other hand, which happened to be stroking my own clit. I normally felt very uncomfortable touching myself, but I was very turned on and knew how much Xena liked to see me touch myself. I wanted her to enjoy this immensely. We had both waited too long.

I started laying back on the bedroll and brought her down with me. She had her hands resting on each side of my shoulders and her incredible, delicious body was hovering over me. She took her own sweet time giving me an incredible kiss, and also making me wait for her to go inside me. She had me so turned on, and the begging might as well begin. I had no pride…only lust and need. "Please…" I heard myself plead weakly against her mouth.

"Please what?" she asked.

"Please, Xena…put your cock inside me and fuck me!"

She moved a little to her side and took some of own juices to coat the phallus. She positioned herself back on top of me, and leaned down for a quick kiss. Hovering inches over my face, she whispered, "Put it in." She turned me to mush when she told me things like that.

I pulled her cock inside me and felt her thrust forward, going all the way inside me easily. "Oh, gods, yes, Xena…now fuck me!" I was so hot for her, and I wanted it hard. She followed my mood and started fucking me hard, slamming her hips into me and making my entire body jolt with each thrust.

"Is this what you want? Do you want me fucking you so hard you think I'm going to come busting out the back of your pussy? You like that, Gabrielle?"

"So good," was all I could manage to get out.

"You feel so good around my dick, Baby…you're so wet and tight and silky…it feels like you're grabbing hold of me, milking me with your pussy…

"Oh yeah…" She knew she had me. I was already feeling it coming on, and it was going to be so strong.

"Oh, gods, Xena…just keep fucking me like that!"

She continued to pound hard into me, sweat coating both our bodies as we fucked each other as hard as we could. I moved my hips upward to meet her strokes, digging my nails down her back and ass.

"Oh gods, Xena…I'm coming!" She was very close I could tell by just hearing her breathing and feeling her body tighten. She began coming with me, and our screams were not muffled in the least that night throughout the Amazon forest.

After we had spent quite a while at our temporary love nest, we knew it was time to head back to the Amazons. We stood and got dressed, rolling up the bedroll and picking out all the grass and twigs that somehow got stuck in our hair. It was great to be in unison again. I felt a bond with her that I could never feel with anyone else. Hand in hand, we walked back to camp.

We spent a couple more days with the Amazons, and Liane was like a different girl. She was so relieved, it was quite clear. She didn't have to worry about hunger or danger anymore, and Xena said she could tell that Liane had improved drastically just since we had brought her here.

Liane surprised us both when she let us know she was awake that night when Xena wouldn't give in. She acted as if she had no problem with our relationship, and who knows? Maybe Liane would find her own woman to love. She was definitely in the right place.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena gives Gabrielle a lesson in becoming comfortable with one's own body, after Gabrielle is amazed yet again by Xena's fighting skills.

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