The Devi Made Me Do It--Xena's Scroll

I was still searching for answers. Answers to questions that seemed to multiply whenever I was around Gabrielle. The only person who would be able to give me some answers would be Eli. And, of course, I knew exactly where to find him.

It’s a good thing I went to the temple when I did. Eli was there, but so was Ravi as well. Ravi was the Indian whom Gabrielle had claimed to heal first. He had been without the sight in his eye ever since he was a child. Then suddenly, supposedly under Gabrielle’s power, he had regained his sight. He had been the first to declare Gabrielle a Devi, had dedicated his sword to her, and had been defending her ever since.

Up until now, Ravi had been merely acting as a bodyguard to Gabrielle. But now, he was using his muscles to beat up on Eli.

Eli was definitely not a fighter, and he didn’t even seem to be trying to defend himself when I burst onto the scene. I tore into Ravi without hesitation, always ready for a good tussle.

I wasn’t prepared for this though. Ravi was a vicious opponent, causing me to use all the skills at my disposal. It gave me time to think though, as I parried his attacks and offered a few of my own. There was no way this man had developed the offensive maneuvers he was using on me. NO MAN could. He had to have help and it wasn’t human. It suddenly occurred to me what would be able to stop him.

Ravi had backhanded Eli, and sent him flying, but now I needed his help. “Eli! Eli!” I called out. “Sacred water! Use it!” I pitched the wineskin holding the sacred water toward him.

He caught on immediately and aiming the wineskin at Ravi, he gave it a firm squeeze. The water shot out in a strong stream and splashed in Ravi’s face. He screamed out in immediate agony, and Eli and I watched smoke rise from his bubbling flesh. Just as Gabrielle had described it, his face was sizzling. Ravi writhed in pain, until he drew his final breath.

“What was that about?” Eli asked me.

Suddenly, everything made perfect sense. I smiled at Eli. “I guess Tataka figured it out,” I told him.

Eli looked understandably alarmed. “Tataka? Figured out what?”

“Same thing I did. Gabrielle’s not the Devi, Eli…you are.”

I could see the denial and disbelief registering. “What?”

“Think about it. I pushed your assistant, Mya into you. But in the chaos, all anybody saw was Gabrielle pull her up. The burning water just proves it. She didn’t case the demon out…you did. Straight into Gabrielle.”

He narrowed his eyes at me. “There’s a demonic presence in Gabrielle?” he asked me.

“I’m sure of it,” I answered, stricken by the horror of what I had just admitted to. I looked at the wineskin Eli had dropped in all the excitement, and could see that most of the water had drained from it. There was just enough to fill the vial he had brought to the temple before.

“What proof do you have, Xena?” Eli asked me. “How do you know it’s an evil spirit and not a Devi inside Gabrielle?”

I liked Eli. I really did. But he could certainly be thick-headed at some times. “Well, let’s see,” I mused, pretending to have to think about it. “Could it be the killer dogs that chased you around the city? Or the sudden death of Vikram, the first to warn us what was going on? Or how about Gabrielle’s number one bodyguard nearly killing you?”

Eli nodded. “I understand what you’re saying,” he said finally. “And I agree there is an evil presence here. But how do you know it’s Tataka we’re dealing with specifically? It could be one of a host of others.”

“Have you seen Gabrielle lately?” I asked him, tiring of this conversation. “She’s now dressed up exactly like Tataka in the portrait.” I gestured toward it. “Including the fact that she’s decked out all in pearls.”

“And?” he asked, not looking completely satisfied.

“And,” I echoed. “What else do you need to know?”

“What’s her personality like?” he asked. “Has she changed…when it’s just the two of you together?”

Briefly, I wondered if he was questioning the nature of our relationship, but that wasn’t the impression he was giving me. No, he was just talking about the times when Gabrielle and I were alone, without the throngs of people around her.

“It’s difficult to explain,” I answered carefully. “Some times, she acts just like her normal self. But other times, she changes, becomes more haughty and demanding.”

“And do you give in to that side of her?” he asked.

“Why do you ask?” I countered.

He shrugged. “Of all the things that enrages Tataka, it’s been said that defiance of her will makes her the angriest.”

I grimly shook my head. “It’s Tataka then,” I told Eli. “Because when she’s in control, she’s in TOTAL control. And she doesn’t like for anyone to tell her what to do, especially me.”

He had crossed his arms, and was staring closely at the picture. “That may be the best line of attack,” he was musing aloud.

I talked with Eli for a few more minutes, getting an idea of what he recommended. It made me feel really dirty in some respects, knowing that I was going to be purposely misleading Gabrielle. But Eli had told me I was sure to see less and less of my golden bard and more and more of the demon who was taking root in her. If things weren’t changed, Gabrielle would totally disappear beneath Tataka. I wasn’t going to let that happen, even if it meant deceiving Gabrielle. In the long run, I felt sure I’d be able to earn her forgiveness.

I slipped in the window to our room, and took a deep breath as I watched her lay there. She had put on her regular clothes, probably because I had destroyed the pearl covered skirt in our encounter last night, but I would have liked to think Gabrielle wore them for different reasons. She had the makeup on still, and her hair was drawn up in the same hairstyle she had before I pulled her free, leaving no doubt Tataka was still there. Still, in sleep, cuddled up under a sheet, her face held that beloved expression I cherished, that of an innocent young girl. Once again, I was struck by the fact that I really didn’t want to do what I had to do, but I had no choice.

I gave her shoulder a brief shake, and she awoke with a start. I told her Eli had been attacked and was badly injured.

Immediately, Gabrielle was on her feet, saying she had to go to Eli. She wanted to tell Ravi first though. I knew then that Tataka was in control, because the real Gabrielle would only be able to think of helping Eli. I stayed back, as she opened the door, calling Ravi’s name.

One of the other bodyguards came forward instead. “Forgive me Devi…but Ravi’s not back. May I be of service?”

“He’s not back?” As she repeated the words, I could sense some sort of change seeping through her, almost as if she was covering her emotions with a veil.

“No,” the man answered, looking vaguely frightened.

Tataka told him that she didn’t need his help. She shut the door and turned back toward me. “So Eli’s hurt…Is he, Xena?”

It was time to play my hand.

“Not as bad as Ravi…Tataka.”

She growled at me, an unnatural sound that couldn’t have come from Gabrielle’s voice box. She smiled wickedly, and spoke over her shoulder seductively. “Well…”she purred. “It’s a good thing I sent backup.”

Oh Tartarus. I wasn’t prepared for that! Backup meant someone could be after Eli this very moment, and he had no way of defending himself. I was out of the room again in a flash.

Eli was making a pretty good pace, running through the woods away from the city. He had outrun whoever had been chasing him, but was still running as though the dogs were at his heels again. Eventually, I caught up with him, and dropped down suddenly in front of him, making him skid to a startled stop.

“I thought we had an agreement!” I barked at him. “I saved your life. You save Gabrielle’s.”

“I can’t do it,” he replied, his voice sounding morose.

“There’s no choice,” I told him. “We have to do an exorcism. It’s either that, or kill her, and I won’t kill Gabrielle.” I wouldn’t and I couldn’t.

He laughed nervously at me. “I can’t do an exorcism!”

I did NOT have time for this. “Then I’ll do it.”

“You?” Eli looked highly doubtful at this declaration.

I nodded. “If you don’t have the guts, then I’ll have to. What do I need to know?”

I followed his instructions, and got the needed item from my room. I took a moment to prepare myself for what had to be done. My eye caught the bright glint of the mirror Gabrielle had used last night, but I couldn’t look myself in the eye. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do.

Straightening my shoulders, I stepped out on the balcony in time to notice some of Tataka’s “muscle” getting rough with some of the crowd. An upset cry was rising, but Tataka calmed it when she said, “We’re all in danger until we find Xena.”

That was my cue. “Looking for me?” I asked, hopping to the ground behind her.

She calmly turned to face me, and laughed. “Not anymore.”

Gabrielle had become quite a fighter during her travels with me. I had taught her how to use leverage and momentum to her advantage. Her keen intelligence coupled with my training and constant practice insured she could hold her own against just about anyone. But, not to be immodest, I was a different story. Any time I sparred with her, I would hold back just a little to even the sides up a bit. She never asked and I never told.

But Tataka seemed to add extra strength to Gabrielle’s body, and I definitely recognized the same type of offense Ravi had used against me. I soon found myself embroiled in a deadly battle. There was no doubt that Tataka knew the struggle I was going through, and I spent as much time trying to protect Gabrielle from Tataka as I spent trying to protect myself. She led me on quite a chase. She exploited my weakness to the fullness, endangering Gabrielle’s body, even as she was trying to kill me. The whole time she taunted me, reminding me whose body was striking the blows.

Like I needed reminding.

Finally, she slipped up, and I was able to knock her to the ground. I raised my sword above my head, trying to talk myself into doing what was needed. I suddenly heard my Gabrielle’s sweet voice, pleading with me, “Please…Xena…please.”

I shook the voice away, knowing it was a trick, and raised my sword even higher, trying my best to gain the courage. I was hoping a miracle would stop me from striking the blow.

“Nooo!” Relief coursed over me at the sound of Eli’s voice, before I even saw him. He was standing in the doorway of the temple. “Let me try!”

I was hoping so hard that Eli could be successful, that I let my attention waiver for a second. That’s all it took for Tataka to throw a handful of sand into my eyes, temporarily blurring my vision. By the time I could see again, I could see Tataka making a charge toward Eli. I had to stop her in the quickest way possible.

I launched myself in a forward twirling motion, a move I had only recently perfected while killing time in Aiden’s garden. I picked up momentum as I moved, and slammed hard into Gabrielle, knocking her once again to the ground. As she rolled over, trying to get her bearings, I quickly applied the pinch to her.

“You’ve got thirty seconds,” I told Eli.

Despite the fact that she couldn’t move, Tataka still managed to make plenty of noise. She started shouting at Eli. “Charlatan! Fraud! Who are you to challenge me?” Then she gave him a pathetic little sigh, but I had already hardened my heart toward her attempts at sympathy. I despised seeing the demon use Gabrielle in this way. “The power you seek. It’s a lie,” she whimpered at Eli.

It was obvious she was grabbing at straws, but in his unsure condition, Eli fell for it. “I failed,” he said, sounding more pathetic than Tataka.

I made it a point not to look her in the eyes as I ordered, “Eli, don’t believe her. Keep going!” I grabbed his shirt and got right in his face. “Eli…you find that power and you save my friend!”

I did my best to lend him my strength through my words. He lifted his head upward with new calm.

“Abba, help me.”

A strange peace seemed to travel through the air and settle like a fine dust on us all. And then suddenly, Gabrielle began to go through the same powerful, terrifying convulsions Mya had when the demon had left her body. The effect of the pinch helped curtail her violent movements, but could do nothing to silence the horrible growling noises that escaped from her throat. It was bone chilling to witness.

She gave a particularly strong shudder and a spirit suddenly flew from her body, just as it had from Mya. This time, I made a special effort to watch exactly where the spirit ended up, and it screeched high into the sky before disappearing totally.

I heard a choking sound, and realized what it was immediately. It was Gabrielle, trying to draw a breath, and I released her from the pinch quickly. She gasped for air.

I cupped her head in my hands, so grateful to hear MY Gabrielle’s voice whisper…”Xena…” Then she looked at Eli who was staring at her in wide-eyed amazement. She took his hand and pulled it to her face, obviously aware of who had relieved her of Tataka.

Then she was reaching up toward me, and I hurried to pull her head onto my lap, so I could cradle it. I bent down and kissed her forehead, then rocked her body back and forth against mine for a long time.

Gradually, the people, who were understandably half-frightened out of their wits by the scene that had unfolded in front of them, began to approach us tentatively.

Eli leaned forward on his hands and knees, so he could whisper in my ear. “Why don’t you get Gabrielle where she can recover in peace? I’ll explain to the people what happened.”

“Thank you”, I answered with a warm smile. I stood up, pulling Gabrielle into my arms on the way.

“Xena, I can walk…” She giggled at me and it was the sweetest sound my ears had heard in days.

“But you’re going to ride. The people won’t bother you when we are headed upstairs.”

She still looked skeptical, but hooked her fingers behind my neck, and went along for the ride quietly.

Upstairs, in the sanctity of our room, I sat her down on the divan. Sitting next to her, I asked the obvious. “How are you feeling?”

“Pretty good, considering the circumstances,” she answered after a beat.

“I’m glad.” I gave her a smile. “Are you aware of what happened?” I asked her.

Her face flushed pink. “Yes,” she answered. “It was so strange. I was desperately trying to push forward, trying to break through, but Tataka’s presence was too strong. And with each passing moment, she seemed to be a little more in control.”

I nodded. “Sometimes, I would see a little flicker of you near the surface, especially in the beginning. But towards the end, it was all Tataka.”

During our fight, Tataka had grabbed my face, and gave a long erotic lick up the side of my face. It had burned immediately, as though her tongue was coated with a caustic acid. Now, Gabrielle was reaching up and softly caressing the burn.

“I’m so sorry,” she was whispering.

“Hey!” I exclaimed abruptly, knowing it would make her jump. It did.


I grinned at her. “You do have a healing touch. One touch and that burn doesn’t hurt anymore.’

Her eyes widened, and then sparkled when she wrinkled her nose at me. “You scared me for a minute,” she said.

My grin faded to a smile, but I just couldn’t seem to make it go away totally. I took her hand in mine. “Are you sorry your gift wasn’t real?” I asked her gently.

She thought about it, then shook her head. “I don’t think so,” she answered. “On one hand, it would be great to bring peace and comfort to suffering people, but they wouldn’t leave me alone. They kept following me around, keeping me from seeing you.”

I pulled her hand to my mouth, so I could brush my lips over her knuckles, then pressed it to my uninjured cheek. “What a wonderful thing to say,” I whispered to her.

Her eye held a familiar glint in them. “Gabrielle, aren’t you exhausted?” I asked her , feeling my body respond in spite of myself.

“Not at all,” she answered. Her fingers were slowly creeping their way above my gauntlets, and up to my shoulders. “I haven’t been doing anything for the last couple of days…just going along for a different kind of ride.”

I didn’t resist when she pressed her face to me, and softly touched her lips to mine. Her lips were so soft, it almost hurt. I slid my hands around her shoulders, with the intent of deepening the kiss, but she surprised me by pulling her lips away.

I didn’t have to wonder about her motives for long. Her lips were taking the same path her fingertips had moments before, lightly brushing the burn. “I’m so sorry I hurt you,” I heard her murmur again against me.

“It wasn’t you,” I reassured her.

“But it was my body,” she protested. “I was a witness to it, and couldn’t do anything to stop it.”

This time, I pulled MY head back. “I’m not going to argue with you over this,” I told her. I let my voice grow lower. “Besides, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Where does it hurt?” she asked me, raising her eyebrows with a grin.

I narrowed my eyes right back at her. “Well, now that you mention it,” I drawled,” My lips do hurt a bit.”

She giggled at me, then once again, lightly stroked over her lips with my own. “Better?” she asked.

I pretended to consider it. “A little.” I replied. “But I think they need some more healing.”

This time, there was no more teasing, and her mouth pressed fully to mine. We groaned simultaneously, as the kiss deepened, and our tongues pressed against each other. Her fingers found purchase at the back of my shoulders, and I slipped my hands around her waist.

Gods, how could the tongue that had been so acidic against my cheek just a while ago now taste so sweet? I stroked over her lips and then delved inside, moving my tongue in a regular rhythm. My fingers were tracing the same rhythm against the smooth flesh of her back, and I wasn’t surprised when I realized her upper half was pressing to me at the same pace. It was casual and slow, just the kind of loving we hadn’t been sharing the last couple of days.

When we parted for air, we reached for each other’s clothes at the same time. It made us laugh, as we both let the realization sink in. For the first time since we arrived in this city, our desires and needs were very much in synchronization with each other.

“Let’s just undress ourselves,” I suggested, and she nodded her agreement. We both reached for our boots at the same time.

With all my body armor, I had several more articles of clothing to remove, and she was finished before I was. I wasn’t surprised when I felt Gabrielle’s hands helping to remove my shift, and then slipping beneath the waistband of my breeches to slide them off as well.

We stood there naked, our bodies mere inches apart, and I drank in the site of her creamy perfection. Tataka had referred to Gabrielle’s beauty and wonderful body several times, and with very good reason. Of all the things she was, Tataka was no dummy.

Gabrielle took a step forward, closing the distance between us, then suddenly sunk to her knees before me. I swallowed hard as she pressed her head into my pubic hair, inhaling deeply. “Gods, but you smell incredible, Xena,” she purred up at me. “You smell sweeter than all the flowers in the world.”

I knew that couldn’t exactly be true, as I had been through a strenuous day, and I could smell my own strong, sweaty scent. It was a scent I craved from her, and perhaps, she had learned to appreciate it more herself.

She was stroking over my outer thighs. “Spread your legs, Xena. I want to drink from your fountain.”

Zeus, but the things that girl could say! I didn’t hesitate to do as she directed, widening my stance.

“Mmm…yeah…perfect,” she mumbled against my mound. She tilted her head up slightly, and began to lick me from bottom to top. She widened her tongue’s strokes each time until I could feel her forming a perfect oval over my genitals, touching every inch of my throbbing center.

“That’s so nice,” I managed to form in the back of my throat. My hands found their way to her head, petting it as though offering a thank you for her efforts. My head slowly lolled back, as my eyes drifted shut and my pleasure built.

She pulled her lips off mine, just enough to inform me, “I love it when I make you this wet.” Her mouth immediately regained its place.

“Gabrielle…” I moaned, holding a little tighter to her head.

“Hmmm…” she didn’t really answer me, just acknowledged that she had heard me.

I felt one of her hand leave its hold on the back of my thigh, and began to stroke over the sensitive flesh between my two openings. Suddenly, I found it hard to draw a breath, but I managed to repeat, “Gabrielle…”

“Mmm!” She was definitely ignoring me this time. Her tongue was suddenly pressing harder against my prickling cunt. I was very close, and she had to recognize that.

“Gabrielle!” I said for the third time, then continued on, “I’m going to fall…”

It only took a couple of seconds to register with her, and then she was urging my rubbery legs to take a couple of steps backwards. I felt the divan hit the back of my knees, and I was able to sink down onto it. Gabrielle never lost contact with me. She just plunged forward on her knees, taking advantage of my sitting position to push my thighs even further apart. She began to move her whole head in tandem with her mouth. The wet, vacuuming sounds she was making filled my ears. Behind my clenched eyes, a dazzling brightness was growing before me. It swelled in size and intensity, just as the waves of bliss were swelling where Gabrielle was sucking on me.

Just a few more seconds passed before the warmth overtook me. “Oh gods, Gabrielle, here I come!”

If anything, her siphoning against me grew even stronger as she reacted to my words. My lower half went into seizure as the white light burst into millions of colors and my pussy burst into millions of screaming fragments. I could only grunt out the ecstasy she had brought me.

I lay there, a quivering ball of mush for a while, groaning heavily as Gabrielle left her mouth where it was, still swallowing up the juices my heaving cunt was producing.

When I had control of my faculties again, I used my hands to urge her to release me from her mouth. She seemed reluctant to do so, and when her face appeared above my mons veneris, she was frowning at me.

I sat up and pulled her upward until she was sitting on my lap, and bent my head toward hers. I kissed her thoroughly, licking the taste of my own lubrication from her mouth as I lightly scratched over her back with my nails. By the time I raised my head, she was smiling broadly.

“It’s a good thing you’re such a good kisser,” she laughed at me, stroking over my lips with two of her fingers. I nipped at them.


“Because you took me away from the most mouth-watering flavor I’ve ever known. You know how attached I am to my food.”

“I know,” I nodded, “But I’m still a little over-sensitive from the last couple of nights I didn’t want you to overdo it on me, or I’d be sound asleep before I had the chance to make you feel the same way. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“No,” she shivered. “I sure wouldn’t.”

It was my turn to laugh with delight. “I didn’t think so.” I kissed her again, and then let my lips leave her as I plunged my head in the crease of her neck, suckling and nibbling at her incredibly soft flesh. She shifted and moaned, and lifted her head so I had more of a canvas to paint my tongue on. My left hand wrapped around her back so I could caress the side of a breast. Gabrielle twisted and arched, so her neck was still easy access for me, and I could touch more of her breasts. The tips of my fingers were just barely grazing the edge of a very erect nipple.

Gods, my mouth salivated at the textures my fingers were encountering! I sucked one more times at her pulse point, then began to lower my head, aiming for an even more tempting body part.

“I didn’t tease you that much, Xena,” she protested weakly.

“Not tonight, anyway,” I said pointedly. My tongue snaked out and I gave a tiny lick over the top of one of her breasts. I lifted my head a bit to watch her expression.

Her eyes widened, possibly out of fear. “You’re not going to get even with me for what happened the other night, are you?” she asked.

I grinned wickedly at her, but let her off the hook by sucking in a nipple. I gave it a nip, tugging it outward with my front teeth, then watching it bounce back into place before answering her. “Don’t worry,” I assured her. “I get too excited when I’m making love to you. I could never let you go that long without coming.”

She let her head relax against my shoulder, but her eyes never lost their contact with me. “I never would have thought I could let you go that long either,” she said, her voice barely audible.

My mind couldn’t help but return to two nights ago, when my climax had been so long delayed, I’d been driven to get rather forceful with Gabrielle. Shame flooded me. “Gabrielle, I-“

As usual, she was aware of what I was feeling. She shook her head, “Don’t, Xena…don’t you ever try to blame yourself. Besides….” She shrugged with a grin. “I know for a fact that Tataka enjoyed it.”

I narrowed my eyes. “How do you know?” I asked, curiously.

She gave me a wry smile. “Cause I enjoyed it,” she admitted finally.

My mind reeled at what she was telling me, but I stored the information away for future access. I don’t think either one of us would be up to a repeat performance today. My vaginal muscles still throbbed occasionally, reminding me of the rapture she had brought me moments ago. I was tired of talking, and ready to reciprocate.

I turned with her still in my lap, and then laid her back on the divan, stretching my body out along side hers, resting my upper body’s weight on my left elbow. As I bent my head over her, she reached up and locked her fingers behind my neck, pulling my mouth down to hers. Our lips met in a frenzy of sparks, and I had to use a little force to pull my mouth away.

“I want to touch you,” I told her simply, and she laid still. Her shallow breathing was the only motion she made.

Seeing I had her approval…I started at her forehead, and using just the tips of my fingers, lightly traced her delicate features. I brushed over her nose, and across her full lips, down her jaw, and then to her neck. I bore my gaze into hers, desperate to not lose eye contact.. She seemed to sense that, and I could see her making an effort to keep her heavy-lidded emerald orbs open.

I caressed my way down the valley between her breasts, and then let a finger drag over each of her nipples, enjoying the way it made her body shiver. I bent and kissed the left one, never averting my gaze, and when I saw her swallow hard, I batted my tongue back and forth across the very tip of her nipple.

She moaned, and tried to arch her back towards my mouth, but I lifted my head, only maintaining the same feather light touch. A couple of tries, and she realized I wasn’t going to give in, and once again, she relaxed. I continued to tease the hardened peak, as my fingers continued their traverse down her body.

She sucked in her breath when my fingers danced over her ticklish ribs, and the moan became a groan when I allowed my middle finger to dip into her navel. Still, her eyes never left mine. It was unspoken between us, but we were both very aware. We wanted to see each other’s eyes when I made love to her.

Her silky curls felt cool to my touch, and I gave a light pull at them, indicating what I wanted. Her thighs parted immediately, and I was able to nestle my hand in the juncture at the top of her legs. Her flesh lower down was radiating incredible heat.

I lifted my head from her nipple. “You feel so good,” I whispered to her, continuing to stroke her with just the very lightest of touches. “So soft, so silky…so wet. Nothing in the world feels as wonderful as this. I could get lost in it forever.”

I stroked my index finger up along side her right labia, then down her left, just barely offering any contact to her clitoris. Her hips rolled out toward me, trying to demand a more firm touch, but I didn’t want to allow her to come just yet. A second finger joined in, and I stroked the outer edges of her lips simultaneously, reveling in the flooded texture of her flesh.

“I love you, Gabrielle,” I told her. “I love you, and I love touching you. You are the best thing in my life.” I moved my fingers to the inside of her labia, still taking up the slow path of stroking up and down the length, avoiding the seat of her pleasure. She made a whimpering sound in her throat, but I could see she was doing her best to not beg me to hurry.

Eventually, I began to press into the entrance to her body, just barely dipping inside. “Do you want me inside you, Gabrielle?” I asked her, needing to hear her voicing her desires. “Do you want my fingers filling you?”

“Yes, please,” I heard her whisper. “I need you.”

I stroked a little deeper, letting two of my fingers barely slide in her, the whole time watching the color in her eyes darken. Her inner muscles instinctively clamped down on me, trying to pull me deeper, and I acquiesced, letting my fingers slide inside all the way. I held them rigid, loving the pull of her muscles on them, as she once again silently urged me to bring her to fulfillment.

I leaned down, and pressed my lips to hers, even as my thumb finally rolled over her clitoris, and I began to wiggle my fingers inside her. When she tried to succumb to the need to close her eyes, I pulled my thumb back immediately. Her eyes flew open to protest, and I touched the sensitive little nub again. She caught on immediately.

“Come for me, My Love,” I whispered against her full lips, my fingers and thumb moving insistently now. “Come only for me.”

I watched the hunger in her bright eyes become something else, as her head lifted from the pillow, her neck muscles clenched tightly. She stopped all movements for a second, and then her body shook violently as the spasms overtook her. She clung to me, and I could see she was losing the fight to keep her eyes opened. It didn’t matter. I had seen what I had wanted to see. It was my bard that was responding to my touch, and that was exactly what my heart had been aching to be a part of.

She was smiling when she finally released me, and laid back on the bed. Her breath was still coming in harsh pants, but the expression on her face spoke directly to my hardon. I said a silent prayer, grateful that she was ready for more. I don’t think I would ever be able to get my fill of her.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle visit Cyrene in Amphipolis, and both mother and daughter get to know more about each other.

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