The Devi Made Me Do It--Gabrielle's Scroll

I desperately needed to feel her inside me. I had the sudden urge to be as close to her as my own skin was to me. Since the invasion of Tataka inside my body and mind, I had missed my intimacy with Xena. Feeling her move her body against mine and filling me with herself was my greatest pleasure. The thought of seeing her face reveal the fulfillment she received from making love to me was worth more than any climax. And the climaxes were quite intense. One right after the other…

Eli had exorcised the demonic Tataka from me just an hour ago. My body was a little weak at first and in shock I’m sure. But the relief of my cleansing was magnificent, and there could be no better way to celebrate than by making love with my Warrior. She had once again proven herself to save me. Her devotion for our love touched me in many ways.

I still had the taste of her cunt on my mouth, which inspired my sexual craving even more. My body was quivering slightly from the remains of my latest orgasmic experience. Her fingers stroking up the length of my pussy left them drenched with plenty of moisture to slide in and out of me, rubbing my clit and telling me, “Come for me now…” I craved to be filled with her, and I now laid back on the bed with our eyes in perfect contact as she hovered over me. I watched her heart beating in her throat.


I heard the begging in my voice. I needed more. She always sensed what I needed, and by the end of the session we both would always find ultimate gratification. She sat propped on her elbow with her right hand resting across my hipbone. She took her hand and raised it to my forehead, brushing back my hair.

“Yeah? What is it?” Her voice was gentle.

She knew. She knew I needed her to take me, to make love to me, and to take what she knew was hers. “I need you inside me…”

“I think we can arrange that…” she said, smiling slightly and then brushing over my lips with the tips of her fingers. I slowly opened my mouth and let my tongue come out to taste my own flavor on her fingers. She continued to move in small tracing movements along my tongue, and let me take two of her fingers inside my mouth. I sucked them in, and slid my tongue all the way down between her fingers, spreading them apart and slowly pushing my tongue back and forth. I opened my eyes to see her face, and her eyes were closing, obviously feeling the effects of things starting to heat up once again. I was back, and it felt so good to just be alone with Xena. No crowds, no demonic forces, no bodyguards. She was the only bodyguard I would ever need. Or want.

“I’ll be right back,” she told me, pulling herself away from me to jump up and find the saddlebag. I watched as she removed our needed items and then returned to me. She was standing beside the divan, strapping on the phallus and seemingly ready for anything I suggested. I sat up and held out my hands, taking hers and bringing her to stand in front of me.

“Mmmmm…you’re hard already,” I whispered, gently grasping her cock and pressing it into her clit. I then rubbed my hands up each side of her waist and then up to her breasts, taking a handful on each side before placing my mouth over the end of her erection. I slid my mouth down her cock and felt her nipples harden even tighter beneath my palms as I massaged her breasts in rhythm with the movements of my mouth. I made sure to press into her cunt as I sucked, moving my head back and forth and moaning in the back of my throat with anticipation to have her inside me. My pussy was drenched.

“Trade places with me,” I told her, standing up on my knees to kiss her stomach from one side to the other. I felt her hands intertwining in the back of my hair, pressing me more tightly against her. I stood and then took her hand as she sat down on the divan.

“How do you want me?” she asked.

“Hard…just like you are now…” I told her, wrapping my arms around her neck and then straddling her as I remained standing on my knees placed on each side of her hips. Feeling her hands reach up to caress my back, I took her beautiful face into my hands and began kissing her, my need for her love making itself more evident by the pleading of my tongue. I pressed my breasts against her warm skin and felt her hands rest on each side of my hips as she began to pull me slowly down.

“I want to be inside you, Gabrielle. Now…”

I reached down and touched between my legs, feeling nothing but wet desire for my lover. Coating the head of her cock and massaging her erection with my hand, I sat down on her, letting her guide my hips gently as she pressed upward into me. We both groaned with the awesome sensations of being this close.

Once all the way down on her cock, I wrapped my legs behind her back. We sat and looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments. “I love you so much…I’m sorry for putting you through so much, Xena. Thank you for staying by my side and never leaving me.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’d do the same for me. Now shut up and let’s make love.”

“Gladly…” I told her, leaning slightly back so I could take one of her breasts into my mouth. I cupped both hands under her breasts and began rocking back and forth very slightly with my hips, licking her nipples and then sucking more and more of her breasts into my mouth. She locked her hands around my lower back, and began moving her hips back and forth in a slow rhythm with my movements. I could feel the muscles in her thighs tighten beneath me. Knowing the motion of my body was pressing the other end of the phallus into her pussy, she would find as much pleasure I was finding.

I seemed to be getting wetter by the second, and the slow friction was making us want it even worse. “Can you feel it, Xena?” A low “mmmm hmmmm” was all she said, and that was plenty for me. I loved it when she could get lost in the moment. I started moving faster and a little harder back and forth against her. “Gods, Xena…you feel so good inside me…”

I felt her tighten her grip around my body. “Touch yourself, Gabrielle…I want to watch you do it…”

I leaned back just a little farther and let her support my weight. We both looked down as my hand reached for my clit. Her glistening cock entering my pussy only added to the scenery. I reached up and placed my hand to her mouth. “Get them wet for me…” I told her, and she closed her eyes and sucked in my fingers, sending shocks all the way down to my clit. “Oh yeah…you wish that was my pussy you’re sucking, don’t you Xena?” She answered without saying a word. Her mouth felt incredible, and suddenly she released my fingers and told me, “Touch yourself…please…”

I began stroking over my clit, intensifying the effects of her fucking me. I could tell I was very close. “Can you come like this?” I asked her.

“Oh yeah…I’m just waiting on you…but please, don’t rush…”

With a response like that, what’s a girl to do? I held off as long as I could, and felt the urging between my legs to come hard. “Xena…”

“Yes?” I don’t know who panted harder.

“I want you to come with me. I’m ready for you shoot inside me…”

With only a few more thrusts, our bodies exploded in perfect unison. I pulled her body as close to mine as possible, fucking her the entire time we came, hearing her scream my name through clenched teeth as sweat trickled down between her breasts. Finally, after we calmed, I didn’t change my position and I laid my head on her shoulder with my arms wrapped tightly around her neck. I was amazed at the love I felt for her. How could something so strong and perfect get even better? She was everything to me.

“I love you more than you know,” I told her, whispering in her ear. She squeezed me tighter, her arms wrapped all the way around my body. “Make love to me again…”

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle visit Cyrene in Amphipolis, and both mother and daughter get to know more about each other.

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