A Devi of a Time--Xena's Scroll

I’ve been to some amazingly different places in my travels…Chin…Egypt…Tartarus…and India was yet another to add to the list. The cities in India were all brilliantly colored and the people were exceedingly accommodating, although their language was very different.

Gabrielle and I had just arrived in a huge city a couple of hours ago, and after unpacking in one of the most gorgeous rented rooms I’ve ever seen, Gabrielle was eager to explore the city. Since we had a late breakfast, we skipped lunch, and instead, began looking around.

Even I had to admit there was a lot to look at. There were performers of all kinds of cultures entertaining anyone on the street who would watch them. We watched juggling acts and fire eating, masters of acrobatics and street musicians. We weren’t the only tourists there, but the natives seemed as captivated by the acts as we were.

After watching a yogi master who twisted himself into intricate and indescribably compact shapes, Gabrielle took my hand and pulled me on. We hadn’t gone far when we stopped again.

This time, it was a long-haired bearded street magician. It was obvious from his accent and looks that he hadn’t been born in India, but his clothes and mannerisms showed he’d been here for a while.

We watched his illusions for a few moments, and he was quite good. His most amazing feat, he saved until the end, however. He said his little speech, then with a shouted foreign word, sent a long rope skyward. It appeared to be suspended midair, and when Gabrielle pushed me forward to cut through the rope, it continued to hover upright. I have no idea how he did it.

His assistant, Mya, then shimmied up the rope, even pausing to accept a piece of food from a girl hanging out an upstairs window. Gabrielle, the crowd, and I were all taken aback when Mya seemingly disappeared into thin air.

The magician didn’t seem too concerned however, when he ordered Mya to return and a bunch of fake body parts returned to earth with resounding thuds. Most of the crowd reacted loudly to that, but I had seen enough severed arms in my day to recognize a phony one when I saw one. The magician pretended he was shocked and gathered up the pieces, tossing them in a wicker trunk. Another incantation and a completely intact Mya rose from the trunk, her back to the crowd. “Thank goodness,” the magician quipped. “for a moment there, I thought something had gone wrong.”

Obviously, something had gone VERY wrong, for when Mya whirled on the crowd, she gave an evil hiss and her eyes were almost solid white. Her pupils were two tiny dark dots. Something or someone else was suddenly controlling her actions, and I was on the move even before the magician said, alarmed, “This isn’t part of the act!”

The strength of whatever now resided in Mya’s body was powerful, but eventually, I was able to overcome it. Whatever was in her sensed defeat, and caused Mya to violently thrash her entire body repeatedly until the presence could make a hasty exit. I caught a glimpse of some sort of rapidly moving vaporous presence, but it disappeared from sight almost immediately. Gabrielle had jumped to Mya’s side to comfort her, and now, I knelt beside her to see if she needed any help. Thankfully, the confused young woman seemed to be all right.

Things got pretty nasty after that. I heard a call of “Devi…Devi…Devi…” go up from the crowd and it all seemed to be directed at Gabrielle. It took a few moments to find out that a “Devi” was a healing deity, and the crowd mistakenly believed that Gabrielle had cast a demon out of Mya. A priest named Vikram suddenly showed up, and began accusing the magician of bringing evil spirits to the people. Funny thing, was, Vikram didn’t even argue with the chant that was swelling out with “Devi” over and over again, in awed, respectful voices.

I know one thing, I had to get the street magician out of there before Vikram or the crowd turned on him. I gave Gabrielle the unspoken word, and pushed the man ahead of me, into the nearest building which just happened to be a temple.

I figured the temple was the best place for him to hide out. His name was Eli and I spent a few minutes getting to know him. He claimed to be only a simple street magician, but I had the feeling there was more to him than that. Somehow I could sense it. He seemed to want to know as much about Gabrielle and I as I wanted to know about him.

He tried to be sneaky and hypnotize me, but I wasn’t about to fall for that. When he saw he had failed, something must have told Eli he could trust me. He told me a little about his own past, in which he seemed to have the power of healing at one time. Now, he was searching for someone who had the gift of healing.

I could tell he was really confused by all that was going on, and was desperately trying to figure it out. I could identify.

One thing was for sure…Gabrielle was no Devi. I did my best to convince Eli of that fact.

Vikram chose that moment to enter the temple, and Eli disappeared from sight, terrified. The man began hurling epithets at me the moment he first saw me, but somehow, despite the sour attitude he had toward Eli, Gabrielle, and myself, I still sensed that he was one of the good guys. He believed what he was saying, and what he was saying were warnings of malevolent spirits around us. I left him standing in the temple, but not before I issued a warning of my own. A man who seemed to only offer doom and gloom was bound to make many enemies.

I left the temple, and looked around to see if Gabrielle was still out on the street. Since I wasn’t hearing the Devi chant anymore, I knew she wasn’t.

“Psst…” I recognized the noise and glanced up at the balcony of our room. All I could make out amidst the curtains was a nose wrinkle and a flash of perfect teeth. Gabrielle was hiding behind the curtain, apparently afraid of being recognized.

I gave her a nod and a wink, before walking to the entrance of the inn. I was ready to get out of the public eye too. This whole business of spirit possession was one I wanted to put behind me.

I entered our room, and smiled a hello at Gabrielle. She was sitting on a divan, scratching away at a scroll. “I asked for dinner to be sent up to our room,” she told me.

“Good thinking.” I walked to the window she had been hiding behind, to see if the crowd was clearing yet. They were scattering, but I could still hear excited talk about Gabrielle.

A couple minutes later, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it,” I told her, returning to the room. She was so engrossed in her writing that she just gave me a grunt of acknowledgment, and I figured she was writing down what had happened here.

A young boy brought up the tray with our supper, and he was trembling in his little boots as I took the tray. I didn’t know if it was from my old reputation or Gabrielle’s new one, but I have him a smile of thanks and slipped one of the native coins in his hand. He smiled back, and took off down the hallway with an exulted cry.

The meal consisted of some kind of spicy chicken and roasted potatoes, with a piece of custard pie for dessert. It was all quite excellent, and we made small talk as we ate, both of us knowing we were putting off a more serious discussion.

After supper, Gabrielle grinned at me. “You planning on running out on me tonight?”

“Hadn’t planned on it…” I answered. “Why?”

“You’re still wearing your sword and chakram,” she laughed.

I don’t think I even would have noticed that fact until I laid down for the night. I was just so used to wearing them all the time.

I started to reach for the fastener of my scabbard and before I could stop it, I winced at the twinge I felt in my left shoulder. I had hurt it in my fight against Aiden a few days ago, and it wasn’t quite healed yet.

“Let me,” Gabrielle purred, and she pulled my hands away from the leather straps. She didn’t unfasten my weapons; instead she dug right into my leather covered shoulders with her strong fingers. Her fingers sought out the sore spots almost instantly. “Oh yeah, I groaned, arching into her touch. She had gotten very good at relieving me of my achy muscles during her time with me. And I got achy muscles more than I would like to admit.

I sat down comfortably on the divan, and moved my shoulders into her fingers. I heard her chuckle a little at my motions.

“Oh yeah, that’s great,” I moaned as the relaxation began to spread through my upper half southward. Any tenseness I had been feeling earlier was rapidly dissipating. “Maybe you are a Devi after all, huh?” I said, half-kidding. Part of me wanted to see what kind of response I earned from her.

“Maybe I am,” she replied thoughtfully. “Xena, something happened to me, and I’ve been thinking of how to tell you.”

That certainly got my attention. “What? What happened?” She suddenly stopped working on my shoulders and leaned toward me.

“I did it, Xena. I healed someone! A man came to me. He had lost his eye. Xena, I brought back his sight!”

I could read the sincerity in her voice, but all I could respond with was “Gabrielle.”

“I can’t explain it,” she was continuing. “It was real, Xena. I’m wondering…I know that you had a spirit inside you. What does that feel like?”

“Is that what happened?” She seemed to be puzzling over an answer, so I went on. “Cause, Gabrielle, there are spirits that are good and bad, but they’re smart, and sometimes, you can’t tell one from another.”

I suspected she was only half-listening. “Whatever this is, it wasn’t bad, Xena. How could it be? It was beautiful.” Her words echoed my thoughts, for now was she standing in front of the open curtain, a slight breeze rustling the shawl she had used to disguise her blonde hair. “I healed. That is all I have ever wanted to do. That is all I ever dreamed about doing. Now that I have this ability, I think I understand that power, the power to control life and death.”

I couldn’t help but stare at her. Was she aware of what she had just said? It almost sounded like she wanted to play god, and that wasn’t her style at all. She looked out the window for a long time, then walked back toward me.

“You aren’t saying anything,” she said, stopping just in front of me. “Have I shocked you?”

I leaned back on my hands and met her gaze. “Not at all,” I answered, sensing her mood swing matched my own.

Her grin widened, and I didn’t resist when she unfastened my scabbard and pulled it off my body. She straddled my knees and bent to take my face in her hands. “Well, there’s still time,” she told me, her lips brushing mine. “By the end of the night, I WANT you to be shocked.”

I narrowed my eyes as her lips covered mine, and our lips opened simultaneously so our tongues could fight for dominance. I pulled tighter to her and my hands encircled her back, stroking my hands up the firm warm skin. I purposely let my fingers brush over her ribs and just barely touched the undersides of her breasts. I felt her breath catch in her throat at my touch, and then she was extricating herself from my grasp. I watched as her hands slowly lifted and pulled the shawl from her head. She let it drop to the floor.

“I want you to undress for me,” she told me. “Just for me.”

I nodded, and slowly began to remove my armor, taking my time as I slid each piece from my body. She stood at rapt attention, her gaze focused on my every movement. The pressure in my clit seemed to increase exponentially with each piece of freed armor. By the time I reached for the fastenings of my battledress, I could smell her arousal matching mine.

My leathers hit the floor, and I was reaching for the hem of my shift when I heard her says, “No, not just yet. I want you to undress me first.”

“With pleasure,” I smiled. I approached her when she where she was standing, and took her hands, leading her toward the divan. “Sit down,” I told her, and she complied.

I started with her boots, and rubbed my hands over her feet, and then up her calves. I tickled the back of her knees, making her legs kick slightly.

Then I was reaching for the shirt she was wearing. In a matter of seconds, her upper half was completely bared.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned, before pressing my face to the top of the valley of her cleavage. I licked over the salty flesh, and then sucked hard, wanting to put my mark on her.

“You aren’t finished,” she muttered over my head.

“Uh huh.” I didn’t bother moving my head which was making its way to one of her breasts, as I reached for the waistband of her skirt. She lifted her hips obligingly, as I slipped it from her body, then repeated the action on her panties. She was now sitting before me completely naked.

I placed a lingering kiss on her other nipple, then urged her to lie back on the divan. “No,” she surprised me by disagreeing with me again. “Take off your shift and breeches and lie down on the floor.”

I wondered vaguely when she had become so demanding, but obeyed anyway. I liked it when she spoke her mind during out lovemaking.

“Perfect,” she nodded, her eyes starting at my toes and slowly moving all the way up my body. I had my thighs barely parted, and her eyes stopped cold at my damp curls, before continuing the trek upwards. They lingered again at my breast, before meeting my own gaze. “Are you ready for me?” she asked.

“So ready,” I replied, and I was thrilled when she straddled my head, kneeling on either side of it. Her dripping pussy was suddenly within inches of my mouth. I lifted my head to make contact, and she pulled away. “Not until I say so,” she told me, pressing her fingers to my lips. I rested my head, and let my tongue come out to swab over her fingers, doing my best to be patient..

“That’s better,” she nodded. I caught a fat trickle of moisture as it slipped down one of her thighs. Her arousal was so great, I don’t know how she was managing to keep either of us from touching her.

Finally, excruciatingly slowly, she lowered her sodden cunt to cover my mouth.

She was pouring out juices so profusely, I had to take a moment just to guzzle them down before I could do anything else. I reached up, and two of my fingers parted her swollen labia. Her lips clung together at first, and then pulled back, revealing her pink womanhood. I half expected her to protest with the way I was handling her, but she didn’t. Instead, her sight seemed focused on her own midriff, watching what I was doing with her.

I glanced once more into her eyes, before starting at the bottom of her slit, skimming her opening and then slowly licking the length of her. She whined when I teased her clit, and I felt her thighs tremble against me.

I repeated the action, loving the way her pussy immediately replaced the lubrication I stole away. My tongue retreated to my mouth, and I took the nearest labia gently between my teeth, chewing on it lightly. I was curious what her reaction would be.

She didn’t give me long to wait. One of her hands was suddenly on my own mound, and she tugged sharply at my pubic hair. When I grabbed the other inner lip in a similar manner, I felt her pulling even harder on my curls. I bent my knees so I could arch upward, lessening the pull on me, and three of her fingers suddenly insinuated themselves downward, sliding insistently against my clit, and then lower. She caught one of my own labia between her thumb and forefinger.

“Mmm…” I hummed through my clenched teeth as I experimented with this new development. I sucked her lip in deeper, and felt her fingers answered in by widening, taking in more of my flesh before closing in on it again. I released the labia, and focused on her hardened little bud that was the source of her pleasure. Still holding her cunt wide open, I vibrated my tongue quickly across the tip of her. She surprised me with her dexterity by holding my own lips apart with her thumb and forefinger, and giving me the reciprocating actions with her index finger. I felt my hardon swell even further at her inventiveness.

I didn’t want to play the game anymore, and I suddenly released my clamping hold on her labia, so I could wrap both hands around her waist. I opened my mouth wide, and pulled her down tight against it, creating a suction between her fleshy outer lips and my mouth. Immediately, I began to suck hard, swallowing down everything she was offering me. “That’s fantastic!” I heard her cry out as she gripped the sides of my head with her knees, and rode my face. I heard her gasp above me, and then she was coming, her cunt literally throbbing against my mouth. A fresh river of juices flowed from her, straight into my siphoning mouth.

“Yeah…” Gabrielle ground her center hard against me, her fingers deeper in my own cunt, until gradually, her movements slowed. My mouth was covered in her wet flesh, and my nose was smothered against the golden silky curls at the top of her cunt. I began to struggle for breath, and finally, had to forcibly push her away from me. She giggled down at me as I took in great gulps of air. I don’t think she realized how suffocated I was beginning to feel.

She slid back a little, so her lower half could rest beneath my chin on my upper chest. Her fingers were still playing along my slit, brushing over my erection or my entrance, but not giving me a firm enough or long enough touch to release me, only build the strength of my physical response. I squirmed and tried to press harder against her, but she easily alluded me.

“Eat my pussy some more, Xena,” I heard her say, before her knees blocked out the external sounds and she was sitting on my face again This time, I slid three fingers up inside her, and sucked her clit between my teeth. I would be able to ensure that I kept a little breathing room this time, and not have to draw away before she was finished coming. “Gods, but I love that mouth of yours.” I barely heard her moan it, but I was somewhat relieved by the heartfelt sound of it. I plunged faster, my own thighs tightening around her questing hand, which continued to tease me, not allowing me satisfaction.

“Go get the phallus, Xena,” Gabrielle said, pulling her fingers from my sopping arousal and using the same hand to give my ass a resounding smack. “I want you to fuck me now.”

I pushed myself up on my elbows, and stared at her as if she had suddenly grown three heads. She had already put me through my paces having me lick and suck her to climax so many times. What bothered me just a little was the fact that although she had teased me mercilessly the whole time, never once did she bring me to climax. I had even tried to touch myself a few times, in the hopes of seeking relief on my own digits, only to have her hand push mine away abruptly. Most of the time, there was no way I could get to my cunt anyway…her hand was busy at work keeping me on the edge, another skill she had perfected with me.

“Gabrielle,” I said, sitting up next to her so she couldn’t smack me again. “Aren’t you worn out yet?”

She rose to her knees beside me, and cupped her breasts in her hands, pushing upward. I couldn’t help but groan when I saw her tongue reach out and lick over her own nipples. I don’t think she would be able to bend her head enough to suck the tightened peaks, but just seeing them all shiny from her saliva was inspiring enough. I bent over and laved my own tongue over the same flesh. I couldn’t resist. She grabbed my head and arched her back to me.

I wasn’t sure what had gotten into her tonight, but her being so turned on was having a rejuvenating effect on me. I felt my clit jump when she smacked me with her hand again, over my mound this time. “Get the phallus, Xena,” she repeated.

I pulled away abruptly, feeling slightly uncomfortable with her slapping me. I was going to do just what she wanted, give her a hard thorough fucking that she would remember for some time.

I went to our saddlebag and retrieved our favorite phallus and harness. Standing beside her, I began to strap it into place.

“Let me,” she said, taking over the movement. Somehow, that relieved me somewhat. Strapping me in is something she always really enjoyed. She hadn’t tightened the straps yet, and pulled my pseudo-cock aside so she could reach my cunt. “I think you want this too,” she husked, her fingers doing what I had done to her earlier, stretching me wide open. She was so close to my cunt I could feel her hot breath against it. I felt her run her thumb lightly over my pulsing clit, and it made me shiver. “Gods, Gabrielle…”

“Your clit’s so swollen,” I heard her whispering. Her eyes were very wide as she continued to torment me. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so big before…gods Xena…it’s almost purple!”

Her description made me shiver, and then my knees threatened to buckle underneath me when I felt one of her fingernails dig into the stretched flesh of my burning clit. “By the gods, Gabrielle!” I cried out, suddenly not able to control myself. “Suck it please…just lick it a little…it’s not gonna take much…” I had a hand on the back of her head, trying to get her tongue closer to my need, but she shook her head out from my grasp.

“Maybe later,” she said, and despite my discomfort, I could read a coldness in her voice I didn’t recognize. “I want you good and hard like this when you fuck me…it’ll make you work harder.”

“I’m liable to kill you,” I said through clenched teeth as she pulled her head back. She tightened the straps of the harness, and I groaned with disappointment when she fastened the phallus up higher than I usually wore it. The nub at the base of the phallus would be rubbing along the flesh of my mound, not against my clit, giving me the stimulation I was agonizing for.

She grinned saucily at me, and laid back on the floor, her arms and legs opened toward me. “Fuck me good, Xena,” she told me, “and I’ll think about letting you come.”

I didn’t try to fight the growl as I fell forward on my knees, and grabbed her legs beneath her own knees, bending them till they were touching her breasts. I pressed my lower half to her, and grabbed her around her lower back, squeezing her tightly. Without ceremony, I plunged the phallus into her. My hips started bucking immediately. Gabrielle’s eyes fluttered shut as she hissed out her satisfaction.

I used quick fast strokes in an effort to drive her over the edge quickly, but it wasn’t working. She mewled and squealed and nipped at my shoulder, which was the closest to her, but didn’t come. Her response intensified my excitement, and I finally became convinced my clit was going to explode from too much blood being pumped into it.

I started groaning with every thrust, my brain searching for a way to convince her to let me climax. Of course, I could simply move the phallus down a couple of inches and restrain her as I screwed myself silly. But that would upset her plans, and she obviously wanted to be the one in charge tonight.

Her eyes opened and she sneered at me. “Is that the best you can do, Warrior Princess?” she challenged. “I’m not even working up a sweat.” She was telling the truth. Perspiration was running down me in rivulets, and she barely seemed out of breath. Of course, she already had three or four orgasms under her belt…

“That was just the warm-up,” I promised, releasing her legs. I left them halfway bent and spread wide apart, and the phallus never left her depths. I supported my weight on my locked arms, and began to thrust in longer, much more powerful movements.

My clit was thrumming for relief by now, until it was all I could think about. My mound, slapping against hers, caused a slight vibration in it, and I unconsciously kept moving harder and harder, desperate to quell my lust. It wasn’t much, but it might be enough to bring me over if I could concentrate on the sensations.

Gabrielle was looking far less victorious now, and a couple of my strokes evoked gasps from her. “Is this more to your liking?” I demanding, arching my back so the phallus would reach even further inside her.

When she didn’t respond at first, I figured I was giving to her a little too strong, and relented a bit, but her eyes suddenly popped open. “Gods be damned, Xena, why won’t you fuck me like a man? I know you’re capable of more than this tickling you’re giving me!”

That totally and completely caught me off guard. I was used to Gabrielle offering me challenges when we made love, but this was more than a challenge. She was trying to do one of two things…humiliate me, or incite me to furious anger.

Of course, it had the latter result on me. I immediately resumed the furious pounding I had been giving her earlier, and gradually increased the strength and length of my strokes. She grinned ferally at me, seemingly loving what I was doing to her. “Yeah, I knew you had it in you…” I heard her mutter as her eyes slowly shut again.

I shouldn’t have let her get to me, but my nature was too competitive not to. I leaned down and began to nip at her shoulders and upper chest, making sure she felt the bite of my sharp teeth. I wasn’t biting hard enough to break the skin, but I wanted her to feel me. My clit was on fire with need by now, and I truly believed it was affecting my thinking.

“You still think it tickles, you little slut?” I began to whisper in between nibbles. “You are getting fucked much harder than any MAN could ever fuck you. Is this what you were wanting?” I reached down and pinched her clit, hard…eager to see what kind of response that would bring out in her.

“Yeah, that’s it…give it to me hard, Xena!” Almost instantly, she became wild beneath me, her body bucking up hard to meet my downward thrusts. “I can feel your cock banging into the back of my pussy! I knew you could do it!”

I was vaguely aware that she was approving of the amount of power I was using in my strokes, and I continued to pinch her slippery little clit, wanting nothing more than to make her spasm and bring this madness to an end. I was feeling a physical ache in my cunt…my clitoris was so enflamed that I was seriously doubting it would ever feel normal again. I would have loved to reach down and pinch it as hard as I was tweaking hers, but I was moving too erratically and the harness was in the way of my touching myself. The mini-vibrations from my movements could never bring me the kind of stimulation I needed to reach the top.

Gabrielle grabbed hold of my shoulders then, as her movements grew frantic beneath me. Her mouth was open and she began to pant in quick shallow breaths, in between moans, as I had apparently reached the pace and power she wanted. “Yeah…yeah…yeah…” she chanted, and I grunted when I felt her nails dig into the back of my shoulders. “Give it to me, Xena,” she murmured and her nails raked harshly down my back, to dig sharply into my ass cheeks. I immediately felt the sting of my sweat pouring across fresh wounds…she had sliced my back open with her talons.

“I’m co—m—ing!” she finally screamed out, and her body jerked and spasmed irregularly beneath me. I could feel her clit pounding out its rapture between my fingers as she shrieked and gave my ass scratches to match those on my back. I let my arms give way and laid my full weight on her, ripping the phallus from her depths, desperately trying to rub my clit over her pubic mound, seeking relief. Just a few seconds of this would be enough to bring me over.

She laughed at me, and I was shocked when she placed a hand on each of my shoulders and gave a push, rolling out from under me at the same time. She came up on all fours, her face a few inches from my own. I shuddered as I realized the strength she had just exhibited wasn’t her own. She was a strong girl to say the least, but the push she had given me was quite possibly the strongest I’ve ever felt from anyone.

I pushed myself up on my own hands and knees. “What’s going on, Gabrielle?” I asked, surprised at the way my voice broke. “What’s making you do this?”

“I’m not doing anything,” she answered, her face a mask of innocence. “just getting you to love me like only you can.”

Her words should have made me feel better, but her delivery didn’t. She sounded almost sarcastic in tone, and I narrowed my eyes, staring at her. She certainly LOOKED like my Gabrielle, but I was beginning to sense there was someone else at work here. It scared me a little.

And as much as it pains me to admit it…her dominance was also exciting me. I wasn’t about to back down. And I was tired of submitting to her whims..

I clenched my thighs tightly, in an effort to give a little bit of pressure to my clit. It worked, and spurred me on to continue.

“You’re looking very pleased with yourself,” I sneered, feeling my strength quickly returning.

“Hmmm…” she smiled at me with a nod. Her eyes were sparkling from her extreme satisfaction. “I am.”

“Good…” I returned the smile, but knew my teeth were bared as I planned out my next moves. “Now it’s my turn to get what I want.”

She was shaking her head at me. “Not tonight…I’m in control, Xena…haven’t you figured that out yet?”

She sounded SO confident, but I wasn’t about to let her win. “You had control for a while,” I corrected her. “But now, it’s my turn…”

She scrambled to get a way from me, but never had a chance. My frustration, embarrassment, and pain were all too much for me to allow her earlier actions to go unpunished. I was bent on conquering her, just as she had conquered me.

“Gods be damned, Xena…stop it!” she cried out, when I tackled her lower legs and brought her down hard on the floor. She struggled hard to get away from me, but I wasn’t about to let her.

“Give it up, Gabrielle,” I growled back, and I clapped a hand down hard on her right ass cheek, knowing it had to sting. She quieted almost immediately, as if sensing I would continue spanking her if she continued to fight me. I chuckled at her sudden complacency, already feeling victorious, and then lifted myself off her legs. I lifted her hands from the ground, and turned her body, draping her upper half over the width of the divan.

“What are you doing?” she gasped, as I laid my upper half against her back, and began insinuating the phallus up and down the crack of her ass.

“I’m fucking you. Isn’t that what you wanted?” The phallus was still soaked in her natural lubrication, and her juices had run out so furiously, her rear entrance was coated. With a grunt of triumph, I pushed the wooden dick forward and penetrated her anus.

“No!” she screamed immediately, but the phallus slid halfway in without any difficulty at all. I wasn’t trying to hurt her; on the contrary I wanted to show her that I had taken the reins of control. I pulled out, and pushed forward again, careful not to be too rough with my movements. She had never had a cock fuck her anally before, but I knew from teasing her with my fingers and tongue that it was only because she was embarrassed by the notion. Right now, I wanted her to be embarrassed. I wanted to feed off it, as she had been feeding off my own discomfort ever since she had ordered me to undress.

She continued to protest, but her arguing was happening less and less frequently as I continued to plunder her, thrusting in a bit deeper each time. I sensed what she was going through…her brain was torn between filtering the pleasure and telling her she didn’t want this…and gradually, the pleasure was winning out. My clit had tightened beyond belief at this point, and I was so mindless from the blood engorging it that I didn’t even care that I still hadn’t orgasmed. I was too busy concentrating on watching the phallus disappear and reappear in her tight little asshole, and listening to her cries of protestation turning to groans of rapture.

I released her arms, waiting to see if she would try to get away, and wasn’t surprised when she continued to grip the edge of the couch, her hips pushing back to meet my strokes. Her head turned to the side, and I could see the smile that was playing on her features. Her eyes were closed and her face held an almost dreamy expression.

“You are a dirty little slut, you know that, Gabrielle?” I asked, not being able to resist egging her on a bit. “You like having my prick fill your ass, don’t you? Is it gonna make you come again?”

“Mm…yeah…gonna come again…” she mused, her hips beginning to swivel as she met each thrust with one of her own. Watching her delectable backside sway and gyrate, I began to thrust upwards a bit, knowing it would cause her clit to rub against the edge of the couch.

“Yeah, that’s it, Xena…just like that!” She began to respond immediately as the sensations overwhelmed her both front and back, and I couldn’t resist bending over her again so I could suck her tongue into my mouth. I had to taste her screams of pleasure.

Her thigh muscles suddenly tightened and then she was collapsing her lower half on the divan, as yet another climax raced through her body. She exhaled hard into my mouth as she cried out her joy, and then almost immediately, she stilled beneath me.

I was a little taken aback by her sudden lack of movement, and pulled my head up to make sure she hadn’t lost consciousness. Her eyes were open, but she was breathing sporadically through her opened mouth, and she didn’t lift her head from the divan, nor release it from her clutching fingers. Any maliciousness I had seen or felt earlier in her actions seemed to be gone now, and I pulled the phallus from her tight hole, wincing when I felt her body jolt.

I gently pulled her upper half from its death grip on the cushion, urging her to turn and sit with her back against the divan. I was still on my knees behind her, and I unstrapped the harness and tossed it aside.

Her eyes were searching out mine now, and she pulled me into her embrace…rubbing her fingers over my neck and upper shoulders. “I’m so sorry I hurt you, Xena,” she whispered in my ear…”I don’t know what got into me.”

I didn’t point out the irony in her choice of words, because I don’t think she was really aware of the changes that had come over her during the lovemaking. It was hard for me to define, but even though it was Gabrielle, it WASN’T Gabrielle who had been tormenting me. The woman holding me now was all Gabrielle, and one of her hands left my neck to sneak around front, where she gently tweaked one of the hardened tips of my breasts. I quaked at that single touch.

“Let me touch you,” she crooned, her hand stroking over my breast and down my stomach. She urged me to separate my legs, and the first touch of her gentle fingers on my tortured clit made me cry out.

“Oh gods, I’m sorry for doing this to you!” Gabrielle almost sobbed it, as her fingers brushed over the swollen hardened mass of my clit. Her fingers burned into me, my clit beyond throbbing and now in the screaming stage.

I tried to tell her it was all right…that I knew she wasn’t in control of herself…but the words wouldn’t come. I gripped her wrist hard, and moved her hand the way I needed to, making sure she used the right pressure to touch me. With the way I was feeling, too little pressure could be as bad as much too much pressure.

“That’s it, Baby,” I heard her whispering to me. “I know you’re ready to explode on my fingers…just let it go. Let yourself come, Xena, and then I’ll make love to you the rest of tonight if you want.”

I was too exhausted mentally and physically at this point to think beyond this moment, and I let go of her hand, confident that she would know what kind of a touch I needed. She didn’t even have to penetrate me…just a few more strokes and I grew rigid and silent beneath her digits, my body tensing for release

Suddenly, my heart stopped as colors danced before my eyes and I felt my pussy convulse on her knowing fingers. My body galvanized as the orgasm slammed through me, making me lift my entire body off the ground for a few seconds before landing hard, panting for air. I let her hold me for a few minutes, feeling the tension slide from my limbs finally. My head lolled back toward hers, and I accepted the tender kiss she gave me, my eyes still closed.

“Better?” I heard her ask me, after a moment or two. I nodded, still not trusting my own voice. “Good…now let me love you good and properly.”

Her hand was at the juncture of my thighs once again, but I pulled her hand away. “No, Gabrielle,” I told her. “Not now…I’m too…worn out.”

Her eyes widened slightly in surprise, but she didn’t fight me on the issue. Instead, she just held me tighter to her, and rocked my body gently. I wanted so badly to confide in her…to tell her I was afraid of her loving me anymore that night. I was afraid that her other personality might come out to play again, and I just wasn’t up to it. I was very concerned about her personality changes, I guess all the talk with Vikram and Eli had sort of gotten to me.

I gave her a warm lingering kiss. “Let’s try to get some sleep,” I told her, and after she nodded, I stood and helped her up. She stretched out on the divan, and I spooned myself behind her. “I love you, Gabrielle,” I whispered into the closest ear.

“Love you too,” I heard her answer, before she fell silent for the rest of the night.

I listened to her breathing grow regular as sleep overtook her. I wanted to talk to Eli, but wasn’t going to sacrifice this time holding her in my arms. Maybe I’d find time to search him out in the morning, unless I could talk Gabrielle into leaving town first..

COMING NEXT WEEK: In part two of the Devi trilogy, Xena saves Eli's life again, only to discover that Gabrielle truly isn't herself. This time, Xena makes sure she doesn't lose the power of command in the bedroom.

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