A Devi of a Time--Gabrielle's Scroll

I seemed to have more of a hunger for her body tonight than usual. I couldn't tell what I wanted worse, to fuck or to be fucked. All I knew was I wanted to be as close to her as possible, and I wasn't feeling exactly sweet about it. I wanted her to be rough, and I was ready to give it back even harder.

Our travels certainly gave us our share of adventure and never a moment of boredom. Experiencing the different culture of India, especially the spiritual side of it, had been more intense than anything I had encountered. The people here thought I had some sort of special power and called me a Devi. I loved the thought of being able to heal. And I didn't know what to think when the man approached me and suddenly his eye was healed. The thought of it all was very inspiring, but I also felt a certain twinge of a lust for dominance. Maybe I just didn't know how to weigh it all out.

Sensing Xena's confusion about my dominating actions, I intended on seducing her and making it impossible for her to resist. I wouldn't hold anything back. After giving her a brief massage, I told her to undress for me. She looked at me with an immediate flush to her cheeks and neck, but didn't waste any time removing her leathers. When she got down to her shift, I told her leave it on and that I wanted her to undress me. She loved the suggestion. I could hear the rate of her breathing increase and see the pulse in her neck as she knelt in front of me and started removing my boots. She massaged every body part that she exposed, and when her delicious mouth found its place on my breasts, my juices became abundant, both inside and out.

Once she had me naked, I told her to remove the rest of her clothing and lie down on the floor. I wanted to see her legs spread wide for me, but first I wanted her to eat me alive.

I was overtaken by an incredible desire for her mouth on me. It was even more of a burning than usual, and I wanted to smother her with my cunt. I straddled her face and lowered myself to her amazingly talented mouth, and it was as if a shock raced through my body when her tongue ran its way up the length of my pussy…parting my lips and releasing the flood that ached to run freely.

There was still something going on within in me that I couldn't identify. I now recognized that I had been having brief flashes of this "presence" very close to me…like someone was listening in on my thoughts. I had a certain feeling of rage and determination to rule. Just very powerful, and inexorable. I seemed to be slipping into almost a dream. I rocked my hips back and forth on Xena's mouth and tongue, reaching behind me to find her soaked cunt begging for my touch.

The next thing I remember is feeling something I had never experienced. Xena had penetrated me with the phallus anally and was still inside me. Her body was draped over mine, and I could feel the sweat rolling between our bodies, sticking us together even more. I was very sore, yet almost numb. Confusion was the dominant feeling I was experiencing at this moment.

We were lying across the divan with our knees bent on the floor. I felt a sense of soreness and slight pain when she pulled out of my body with phallus, and my body involuntarily yanked. Suddenly I was very frightened. We had never made love this way. How could it be possible that I couldn't remember the details? I could feel that I was covered in slick secretions between my legs and plenty of other places.

I never moved and just lay across the divan with my fists clenched tightly on the cushions. My mind was working but not my body.

For Xena to take the initiative to fuck me in that way and position, things had surely gotten out of hand. Or had I simply blocked out what happened? Whatever had taken place, I could tell by the feeling of my entire body-every muscle seemed to be overworked, and my pubic bone was very sore. Xena even looked like Tartarus. I felt afraid because I had seen Mya overtaken with some sort of evil spirit, and what if I had tried to hurt Xena? What had I said to her?

I felt Xena pull my limp body up and turn me around to sit with my back against the divan. She was quickly removing the phallus from her body and I held my arms for her to take me into hers. "I'm sorry I hurt you, Xena", I whispered in her ear as I cradled my head against her shoulder. "I don't know what got into me."

Xena was obviously still processing what had happened. I held her close to me, our breasts touching as my arms were wrapped around her neck. Our sweat-soaked bodies made it easy to press myself into her and slide my nipples against hers. I brought one hand around to touch her breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard and swollen and her body jerked when my hand my contact.

"Let me touch you…", I softly spoke into her ear, letting my hand trail down her stomach between our bodies and then between her legs. Her clit felt like it was going to burst. I had never felt it swollen so tightly. Had I not touched her and allowed her any sweet release?

Her hand came to grip my wrist, guiding my hand to touch her with the right pressure and rhythm. "That's it, Baby. I know you're ready to explode on my fingers…just let it go. Let yourself come, Xena, and then I'll make love to you the rest of the night if you want.

She sat back and rested her weight on her locked arms, spreading her legs wider for me and I stroked her erection. With barely any touches from me, her body began making its climb. I went inside her and felt her walls searching for my fingers to grip. I leaned forward, sucking her nipples and thrusting into her, using my thumb to stroke her clit. She fell back on the floor and my body went with her, and I made her orgasm last as long as possible. I tasted her essence from her nipples on my tongue.

I moved to sit behind her and hold her in my arms. Brushing her hair way from her face, I looked into her eyes, trying to let her know I loved her with all that I had inside me. "Better?" I asked, noticing how exhausted and limp her body felt. She nodded yes, and I said, "Good…now let me love you good and properly."

I was going to touch her mound again as I held her close to me, but she stopped my hand and pulled it away. My stomach hurt with disappointment.

"No, Gabrielle. Not now…I'm too tired." I held her for a few moments, tightly and securely in my arms, looking down at that beautiful face. Her silence let me know her mind was racing with thoughts, and I knew there were major problems once again.

"Let's try to get some sleep," she said, smiling at me and trying to seem positive and in control of the situation. She stood and pulled me up, lying behind me as I took my position on the divan. Curling her body tightly behind me and pulling me close, she whispered, "I love you, Gabrielle." That was a welcomed sentence from my Warrior. I knew then that we would work through this…whatever was happening.

"Love you too…" I answered, quickly drifting off, but wondering what tomorrow would hold.

COMING NEXT WEEK: In part two of the Devi trilogy, Xena saves Eli's life again, only to discover that Gabrielle truly isn't herself. This time, Xena makes sure she doesn't lose the power of command in the bedroom.

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