Playing the Palace--Xena's Scroll

“Didn’t I tell you it would be worth the trip?” I asked Gabrielle.

She continued to marvel at everything in the palace, including the sheer size of it all. King Eldon and Queen Necia had the most elegant palace in all of Northern Greece, and thy owed me a favor or two, so I talked Gabrielle into a few hours travel there for a brief stay, before heading back to more familiar territory. She had mentioned really wanting a meal that didn’t consist of venison, rabbit, or fish cooked over a fire. And of course, she had commented how nice it would be to sleep in a real bed. It had almost a month since we had been to a real village, and as much as I enjoyed tramping through the forest all day, she was beginning to wear down.

But tonight…tonight was going to be different. Eldon and Necia were very accommodating, and in fact, seemed thrilled that I would visit them without having to bash some heads. Eldon commented that he had never seen me without my sword drawn before. Necia just laughed at him, told me she was glad we were here, then escorted us herself to a three room suite in the far west wing of the palace.

Necia offered to give us a grand tour of the suite, but I gave her a smile, and told her Gabrielle and I would explore on our own. Necia had always been good at reading me, and with a lovely smile, bid us to enjoy our stay, and just call if we needed anything. I walked out in the hallway with Necia to thank her again. She stopped walking and took my hand.

“We’ve heard stories about you and your bard companion,” she told me. “And I can understand why you’ve been so taken by her. She has an enthusiasm and exuberance about her that suits you very well. Not to mention the fact that she shines with natural beauty.”

I grinned at Necia. “I knew you’d pick up on that.”

“Stay as long as you want, Xena…no one will disturb you here.” Necia gave me a hug. “Just make sure you plan to have a meal with Eldon and I before you leave.”

I assured her we would, then turned back to reenter my hideaway with my love.

Gabrielle was standing as I had left her, just taking in the size and opulence of the suite. The bedroom, living room, and bathing room were each bigger than most houses we had been in. The living room was probably the most appealing to me, with its overstuffed red velvet furniture, including an inviting-looking couch which held infinite possibilities. I plopped down on said sofa, and grabbed some grapes from the bowl of fruit on the low table in front of it. “What are you doing?” Gabrielle asked with an amused smile.

I put my feet up on the couch, and stretched out my legs. “What does it look like I’m doing?”

“Well, I’m not sure,” she crossed her arms and gave me an exaggerated critical look. “It almost looks like you’re relaxing, but I know better than that.”

I winked at her, then held the grapes above my mouth, lowering them so I could nibble one off. Once one of the plump green orbs was free from its restraints, I sucked it in, only to open my mouth and show her it was on my tongue. I pursed my lips and pushed it forward, so it was resting between my lips. Gabrielle wiggled a finger at me, then was approaching the couch. She leaned over and just as her lips were poised to steal the grape away, I sucked it back into my mouth. She drew her head back, surprised, and I raised my eyebrows in challenge at her. She merely narrowed her eyes, and her mouth descended onto mine, her tongue thrusting forward to probe me. She lodged her tongue under the grape, and then sucked it into her own mouth. With a grin, she showed me the prize between her teeth, and then chewed it up.

“Hey, that was my favorite grape!” I protested., trying to sound disappointed.

She took the bunch I was still holding in my hand. “There’s plenty more where that one came from,” she told me seriously, and for a second, just a second, I could tell I had her. Then she giggled at me.

“You’re just being silly,” she said, but she didn’t protest when I pulled her into my lap. She sat sideways on me, with her legs hanging off the edge of the sofa and leaned against the back, and as I took the grapes back from her, she wrapped her arms around my neck. I, on the other hand, held the grapes above her head, and began to feed them to her, one by one.

At first, she just opened her mouth like a baby bird, for me to drop the grapes inside, but then she made it a little more interesting. She began to leave her mouth closed, and I had to hold the grape to her lips, rolling it over the soft flesh until I could push it inside. After she had eaten a few grapes that way, she sucked my fingers in along with the fruit. I felt a gulp in my cunt. I smiled at her, wondering what had taken so long.

With my fingers still in her mouth, I pressed my head forward, covering her mouth with my own. I’m sure my eyes widened when I felt the last grape being pushed back into my mouth. When our mouths finally separated, I chewed the offering she gave me.

For a moment, we just sat there, not aware of anything but each other’s gaze, and the warmth of each other’s smile. We could have been staying in a godsforsaken cave in the middle of nowhere for all we knew, and we would have been just as content.

And then there was the sound of door chimes, and we were brought back to the present. Gabrielle slid from my lap, and then pulled me up by my hand. “They’re your friends,” she told me. “You’d better answer it.”

I nodded and went to do her bidding. Outside the door was a vast assortment of servants. Most of them carried buckets of steaming water, but some were carrying various linens, and one had a covered cart.

A tall, thin, gray haired man stepped forward. “King Eldon wishes to provide you a bath and supper,” he said, in an accent I wasn’t familiar with. “May we come in?”

“Sure,” I stepped aside and let them enter, one by one. They all kept their eyes lowered, and nodded slightly as they passed by me.

Gabrielle was sitting on the sofa, watching the procession as the servants passed by her. Most of them walked on into the bathroom, and we could hear the sound of water being poured into the tub. The servants passed again, this time their buckets empty.

The gray-haired man who had spoken was the last to enter, pushing the cart. “Where would you like your supper served, Princess?” he asked.

Gabrielle gave me a tiny smile at the abbreviated title. “Right here is fine,” I told the man. He gave me a slight bow, and then asked, “Can I get you anything else this evening?”

I glanced at Gabrielle, who shook her head. “No, thank you,” I told the servant, and I followed him to the door, so I could shut and lock it behind him. Once that was done, I turned to look at Gabrielle.

“The night is all ours,” I told her. “No one else will bother us in our own private castle.”

She smiled, and as I approached, stood to wind her arms around my neck. “Gods, Xena, is it really true?”

I smiled down into her sweet face. “It’s true,” I told her. “Let’s enjoy it while we can.”

“Mmm, yeah.” She gave me a quick smile, then tuned to the cart. “Let’s see what we’re having for supper.”

I rolled my eyes. “I was just going to suggest we get naked and fuck each other senseless and you’re thinking about food?”

She was already busy uncovering dishes, making sounds of pleasure at the delicacies she was discovering. “Oh come on, Xena,” she said, beseechingly. “I know you very well, and I saw the huge bed in the other room. We’re going to be up all night, and the gods know, I’m not complaining about that, but I want us to have enough energy to be able to do everything we want to do. So…” She popped a pickled quail’s egg into my mouth, which was just opening to protest. “Let’s eat.”

I chewed at the egg, and tried to look irritated, but it wasn’t going to work. She was giving me such a winsome smile, I melted. “Where do you want to eat?”

We ended up sitting side by side at the low table in front of the couch. I pulled off my body armor, and we pulled our boots off before we filled our plates. There was far too much food for us to eat that night, so we decided on taking a sampling of just about everything between the two of us. We fed each other from our plates, as we went along, and gradually, our appetites were sated. We were suddenly getting less serious about eating and more serious about each other. Finally, I pushed my plate away and leaned back against the sofa, putting a hand on my overtaxed stomach. “I need a nap,” I told her. I closed my eyes, almost completely.

I had a hard time containing my amusement, as I watched her through the hair that had fallen forward to shield my face. For a moment, she just sat there with her hands on her hips, her mouth half-opened in astonishment. Then, before my very eyes, I saw her amazement turn to anger. Just as the steam started to pour out of her ears, I relented and grabbed her in a tackle. I buried my face in the crease of her neck, and blew against her skin, like one would a baby’s stomach.

“Xena,” she giggled and squirmed, trying to get away. “That tickles.”

“It’s supposed to,” I told her, then I began to lick along the same expanse of flesh. I opened my mouth again, but this time, instead of blowing out, I sucked in. I attached myself to her with a strong suction, and she quickly stopped trying to get away. Instead, she was winding her fingers through my hair, and holding me tightly against her. My shoulder bumped the table and the plates rattled against it. It brought me back to awareness, and I released her neck with a silent pop.

“Why are you stopping?” she gasped.

”I’m not stopping,” I assured her. “I just remembered we have a hot bath waiting for us. Why don’t we continue in there?”

Her smile lit the room. “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

The bathtub, like everything else in the room was huge. “You could swim laps in there,” Gabrielle said, as she was undressing.

I pulled my shift over my head, and grinned lecherously. I told her, “The only lapping I’m going to do tonight is with my tongue in your hot little pussy.”

“Gods, Xena,” she shivered. Her cheeks pinkened, before they had even touched the heat of the water.

We stepped into the tub…and bliss… simultaneously.

Later, much later, I dressed in one of the soft warm bathrobes Eldon had provided for us. Gabrielle had gone into the living area to clean up the dinner plates, and I joined her as she finished up. When she was done, I took her by the hand and led her through the bedroom. I urged her to step out on the balcony and I simultaneously wrapped her in the red robe as I held her in front of me. Her warm body scooted intimately close to mine, as I loosely tied the robe around us.

“Oh, it’s gorgeous out tonight!” she exclaimed, looking up at the clear night’s sky. The moon was three-quarters full, and the sky glittered with so many stars, there was no way to count them all. I bent my head so I was closer to Gabrielle’s ear.

“It looks like you can dive into the heavens, doesn’t it?” I whispered. “We could dive in and sleep all day, only to make love all night. Only we’d be so high in the sky, no one would be able to see us, only the essence of our love shining brightly in the night.”

She turned, so her arms slid around my waist and her face nuzzled against one of my breasts. “You’re more of a poet than you give yourself credit for.”

I shrugged, and stretched my hand down her back to cup under her ass, pulling her up closer to me. Here…now…the only thing I could think of was how much I loved Gabrielle. The night air was tranquil and cool. Not a sound could be heard, save our labored breathing. I could stand like this forever, with my arms wrapped around the existence of my being.

She was apparently feeling slightly differently though, because presently, I felt her head move slightly, and then the moist heat of her mouth enveloped a nipple. She lifted both hands and cupped the breast in her hands, as she nursed at me like a newborn. The firm suction she set up soon had my knees growing rubbery. All I could see was the top of her head. The rest was covered in my robe.

Suddenly, her mouth left my nipple, and she was looking up at me. “Can anyone else see us out her?” she asked me.

“No, we’re the only people in the world,” I smiled at her.

“Perfect,” I heard her whisper, and then to my disappointment, she was pulling from me completely, wriggling out of the robe.

“Where are you going?” I asked, trying not to sound too pathetic.

“Stay right there, “ she husked. “I’ll be right back.”

It was hard for me to just stand there on the balcony, my nipple still throbbing as I waited for her return. She wasn’t gone long, and when she returned, she was dressed in the sky blue robe that Eldon had provided. Her hands came up to stroke up my arms under my own robe, and then she was pushing me back, until my ass was resting against the balcony rail. I saw her bend down, and move a foot rest into position. “I’m going to make love to you,” she told me simply, and then, when she stood on the foot rest, her mouth was even with mine.

“I get tired of having to strain my neck to kiss you like this”, she whispered, and then her mouth sought out mine, in one of those heated kisses that make my toes curl. I pressed my tongue into her mouth, and could taste the sweet vestiges of the wine we had with supper. Her own tongue came out to drink of me, and our arms wrapped around each other, as we held each close. I pressed my hand to her ass again, feeling her pubic hair mesh with mine and then by lifting a little more, I could feel her wetness against me.

“Wow,” she gasped, pulling her head from mine. “You keep that up, and you won’t get what I have planned.” She wiggled her cunt from mine, and began to stroke over my breasts again, stopping occasionally to give a nipple a pinch. Her mouth pressed into my neck, and she began to suck, marking me with her teeth.

Sometimes it was hard for me to let her take control; not that I didn’t love it, mind you. It’s just that she got so into her lovemaking, that her body would make these little movements and her mouth would make these little sounds that made it nearly impossible for me to just sit back and let her call the shots I was afraid it was going to be one of those times, as the taste I had of her in the bathtub just wasn’t going to be enough. But now she was pulling my robe open, and she was stroking firmly down over my arms, letting her nails score my flesh lightly. When she reached my hands, she pulled them back slightly.

“Hang on to the railing, My Warrior Princess,” I heard her whisper into my neck. “And let me pleasure you.”

If she hadn’t sounded like she wanted to so much, I might have protested, but her voice was thick with desire and promise. I swallowed hard, and grasped the railing, determined to let her have her way with me.

“Thank you,” I heard her whisper, and then her mouth was sliding down my neck, over my collarbone, so she could focus on the opposite nipple this time, once again both hands holding the same breast in a gentle kneading massage. The other one felt neglected, but I didn’t care…this two hands on approach to her lovemaking was new, and very appreciated.

She gave the nipple a final tug with her teeth, and lifted her head to smile at me. “I can smell your arousal,” she said, with a hungry expression. “You like that, don’t you…me worshipping at my altar.”

Gods, the things she could say. “You know I love it,” I managed, and then her hand was stroking my stomach, which clenched with the touch of her warmth over the cool night air. I bore my gaze down at her. “Gabrielle…”

“Yes, My Love?”

“Open your robe, I want to see what I do to you.”

She smiled patiently at me, and untied the robe, even as she was kneeling on the footstool between my legs. She pulled the collar way back, and in the dim light, I fastened my eyes on her own nipples, which were hard and tight, and made my mouth water. Gods, this was going to be challenging!

“Mmm…” she had closed her eyes, and pressed her nose into my mound, inhaling my fragrance. “You have no idea what that scent does to me.”

“Gabrielle”…I surprised myself by the low growl.

She wasn’t fazed. “Just be patient, My Love. It’s not often that I have you like this.”

I was trying, but my hips were already moving toward her, and when I felt her tongue lick over the apex of my folds, I shuddered violently. “Gods, yes.”

She surprised me by pivoting, and sitting so her back was against the railing I was gripping in a death hold. A fractional movement on my part, and I was able to settle down against her mouth. I know I was flooding with her juices, but she didn’t seem to care.

Her tongue came out immediately, to lick down the length of my labia and stop at my clit, where it hovered in uneven teasing moments, that caused me to shake harder. Every breath she exhaled was directly on my hardon, and the heat of it was driving me insane. Then I felt her devilish fingers, taking over the clitoral stimulation, and her tongue was driving up inside my vagina, licking and probing.

I had been with partners who climaxed way too soon for my liking, and I was vaguely afraid I was going to become one of them when I felt my body responding so heartily and quickly to her ministrations. Her fingers sought out my clit, and began to rub hard over the top of it, as she swallowed down my oils and continued to tongue fuck me. She was sitting so low, I couldn’t reach her own body to retaliate, and all I could do was…feel.

I made out the words “so wet” as she continued to love me from below, and I felt her other hand come up to join in the fun. Two of her fingers from her left hand suddenly joined her tongue in my tunnel, and the right hand took over the pleasuring of my clit…Gods, I couldn’t hold back!

I groaned hard in my throat as I tried not to crush her with my sudden movements. “Gabrielle…” I could only say her name as I lifted my head and squeezed my eyes shut tightly. I saw just as many self-created stars as those that shone in the night sky above us. My pussy pulsated around her fingers and tongue, milking her for all the sensation my body could get, and then I began to relax. I felt a slight disappointment when I felt her slip her hands from me, but not when she stood again and I could kiss her, tasting myself on her mouth. I concentrated on the kiss, wanting to arouse her to the point she demanded me to return the favor.

“Unh huh,” she said, pulling back again. “Not yet. I don’t get you in this position very often.” She removed my hands from her back and pressed them back to the rail. “Do you want me to tie them there?”

“No, I’ll be good,” I promised, trying to gain control of my raging body.

“You’ve been good all night,” she whispered. She was digging in the pocket of her robe, and then she held up our favorite phallus, sans harness. “You’ve brought me to this wonderful palace and I’ve had the best meal I’ve had in a long time. And then you bathed me and brought me so much pleasure on that wondrous mouth of yours. I think it’s my turn, don’t you?”

“Whatever you want…”

I felt the phallus rubbing over my mound and then my lower lips. “Just relax, Xena,” she whispered, before she kissed me again. “I love you.”

I wanted to return the sentiment, but the phallus was sliding inside me now, and she made sure her fingers brushed my clit as she entered me. The very fact that she hadn’t strapped it into the harness told me she was doing this just for me, and when I felt her mouth slipping down my body as she began to thrust with the wooden dick, I knew what was coming. I braced myself for the first touch of her lips on the clit.

Oh gods, could it get any better than this? She twisted the phallus up into me repeatedly, making sure every last bit of my cunt was over-stimulated as her lips and then teeth closed over my erection, I began to writhe, as the throbbing intensified over and over again. My moans became regular, as I rode out the rapture she was building in me. I gripped the top of the railing behind me so hard, it began to hurt.

She sucked at my clit even harder, and I heard a throaty sound come from her. I forced my eyes open and looked down at her, and it was my undoing. Her face was the picture of contentment, and her eyes locked into mine with suck a look of adoration, I felt my pussy spurt out fresh juices as I began my orgasm.

“Oh gods!” Was that my own voice screaming into the night air, as I suddenly lost my grip on the railing, and doubled over, clutching her tightly to me as my climax raced noisily through my body. Seeing her wanting this so badly made it even better than just the physical sensations, and my cunt clamped down hard on the phallus, making it impossible for her to move it anymore. She didn’t seem to mind, and was contenting herself with licking up the constant rivers of moisture that flowed from me.

“Gabrielle, please,” I finally managed, and she finally removed her mouth, looking immensely pleased with herself. She knew I didn’t lose it like that often, and she had done her work well.

“Something you want, Xena?” she asked happily, as my body finally relinquished its hold on the phallus, and it slid back into her hand.

She was trying to be cool, but I could see her own needs in her eyes. “I want you,” I told her, enjoying seeing the shivers my words aroused in her.

She gave me a weak smile, knowing her lovemaking was going to bring out the animal in me. “You’ve got me,” she answered. “Where do you want me?”

The strength had rapidly returned to my limbs with the knowledge that I was now to have my bard in any way I desired. She was still kneeling on the footstool, but I reached down and grasped her by the shoulders, lifting her to her feet. I gave another lift, and her legs dutifully wrapped around my waist, so I was supporting her.

I easily carried her to the bedroom, and laid her down on the satin coverlet. “Don’t move,” I told her, and I stood long enough to strip the robe from me, and reach for the harness of the phallus which was laying by the saddlebag where she had abandoned it. I attached the phallus, and then knelt on the bed above her head.. I pulled the robe from her arms, and she dutifully wriggled so I could slide it from under her body.

“Do you want to suck my cock, Gabrielle? It tastes like me”

“Yes,” she hissed, and I leaned forward enough for her to take it between her lips. I watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked hard at the object…at times like this, it really did feel like a part of me.

She began to writhe on the bed when I took a nipple in either hand, and began to roll them between thumb and forefinger, moving my hips gently so the phallus would press into my clit. She was working the phallus enthusiastically, and I watched as her legs spread and her knees bent, offering me a strong wave of the arousal that had built between her legs.

I felt the pleasure building in my stomach again, she was right when she said it was going to be a long night of lovemaking, and I thought she was due for a little of the rapture she had brought me. I stretched my body, and slid one arm under her ass, the other sliding down from her breasts to slide over her swollen slit.

She grunted into the phallus, but never lost the rhythm as I lifted my body so I wouldn’t crush her, and peered at the most feminine part of her. My long legs gave me an advantage in this, and she was still giving me head as I bent and gave her the first lick of my tongue over her clit.

“You are so ready,” I snarled over my shoulder at her. “I can’t wait any more.” My hand slid between her ass cheeks and came up to penetrate her with two fingers, as I lowered my head to her center.

She began to buck immediately when I sucked in her clit, but to her credit, never stopped sucking the phallus. I could feel her mouth sucking harder, pressing the nub at the base of the phallus into my itchy clitoris. But the uppermost sensations on my brain were the taste and feel of her. I added a third finger, and began to let my mouth wander, down over her lips, across the bulging flesh around my fingers, and occasionally, back to her hardened nub.

Her hips were pressing hard into my hand and mouth, and I could feel her losing the rhythm on my dick, knowing she was hovering on the edge of her climax. She hadn’t teased me earlier, and I didn’t feel the need to torment her, so I sucked strongly at her clit, and plunged my fingers harder, feeling rewarded when her thighs closed around me in a trembling effort to trap me there.

“Gods!” The phallus slipped from her mouth as she orgasmed. The secretions bubbled from her, and as her thighs were keeping me from moving further, I just concentrated on lapping them up, using short strong strokes of my tongue which would help her peak to remain as long as possible.

Eventually, her thighs relaxed, and I was able to raise my head and grin up at her. “Even?” I couldn’t help asking.

“More than even,” she answered. “Get up here and kiss me!”

I chuckled as I took one last lick, and then did as she commanded, rolling off her and turning around so I was stretched out beside her. Our arms slid around each other as our mouths met in a mutual expression of love. For a long time we kissed and caressed, and then I lifted my head.

“Your sucking my cock has got me…ready again. Are you?”

She reached up and stroked the side of my sweaty face. “Yes, my princess,” she said sincerely. “But this time…”

“I know what you want,” I told her, my eyes telling her I wanted it too. And I knelt between her legs, rubbing my hand down over the length of the phallus, and then gently up the folds between her thighs. I had a handful of her lubrication, and I rubbed it into the phallus, trying not to shiver at the thought of all the various fluids it had already been covered in that night.

I took one of her legs in each of my hands, and lifted, spreading them wide and holding them up in the air. My fingers grasped her ankles gently, and I scooted my ass forward. Gabrielle’s eyes widened as my cock slid inside her depths without my using my hands. We were meant for each other.

I began a long strong rhythm, staring down at the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her, glistening more and more as we moved. She was stretched wide, and I was thrilled when I saw one of her hands reach for one of her nipples, and the other begin to slide down over her stomach. I was too far away for her to touch, and she knows how much I got off on seeing her touch herself. The index finger of her right hand was pressing into her clitoris, rubbing it briskly back and forth.

“Yes, Gabrielle, that gets me so hot.”

Her eyes fluttered close as I thrust faster into her, and my hands released her legs, only to have her legs bend over my shoulder and continue to rest there. I pushed forward, resting my weight on my hands, and my cunt began to slap against hers as I fucked her vigorously.

She slid her right hand up to work on her other breast, and let my mound smack fully into her clit with each thrust, feeling the full brunt of my passion. I could feel my own clit tighten, as another orgasm began to build deep inside me.

As if she was reading my mind, she moaned, “Xena, I’m not going to last much longer.”

“I’m right with you, Gabrielle,” I purred, and then lost my ability to speak. The sounds of her screams brought me over with her, and I grabbed her to me, humping against her as I echoed her cries.

When I became aware again, I was still buried deep inside her, and our mouths were pressed together in one of those searing kisses of mutual thanks. Finally, when we had to breathe, we laid our cheeks against each other, and continued to stroke each other’s necks and backs.

I loved this feeling, my body burrowed into hers, but I know I am heavy, so I relented, and rolled off her. Both of us moaned with the sensation of my cock sliding from her, but she rolled with me, and lounged on her side. One of her hands moved down over my stomach, and grasped the phallus, pressing it pointedly into my core.

“How long can we stay here, Xena?” she asked me, smiling down into my eyes.

My body should have been too sensitive for her to touch, but somehow, I was already craving her again. “As long as you want, My Love,” I told her.

“I wish that were true, because I’d never want to leave.” She kissed me again. “But I know the real world will be calling soon enough, so you don’t mind if I make the most of our time here?”

I pulled her body on top of mine. “As long as you don’t mind if I do the same,” I promised, before capturing her sweet lips once again.

NEXT WEEK will feature a slight change of format, for that week only. After receiving a request from a very special friend (details to be given later), Shana has written a fairly long scroll from Xena's point of view, concerning what happened when Gabrielle abandoned their lovemaking during her quest for The Way of Peace. Scroll 31 will actually be the conclusion of that scroll, where Xena and Gabrielle work out their problems. The longer scroll will be available to those who are willing to picture Xena being intimate with someone else.

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