Playing the Palace--Gabrielle's Scroll

I never realized how much I loved grapes until Xena taught me how to truly enjoy my fruit. It helped that her mouth was the dispenser. We sat together on a beautiful velvet couch in our own private quarters that Xena had arranged for us to enjoy for a few days. She was always surprising me with something special, especially if we had been traveling for several weeks and I had patiently endured roughing it while we traveled. King Eldon and his lovely wife had given Xena and me gorgeous surroundings in their castle and most importantly, complete privacy. Traveling with a Warrior Princess had its perks at times.

A knock came on the door, and we found several servants ready to fill our bath and supply our room with plenty of food. I remained sitting on the couch watching as they entered our room, one by one, not believing I was being treated with such privileged living. A girl could get used to this.

It was time to eat, and I was ecstatic to have a varied choice of delicious foods. We had both lost weight from not having an entire meal for quite some time, and I intended on building up my energy for a long night ahead. Such a rare opportunity had been afforded us, and I didn’t intend on wasting one moment.

We sat on the floor at the coffee table and sampled from each other’s plates. When we were both filled and satisfied, we decided to head for the bath while the water was still warm. We had three rooms at our disposal, and the scenery was breathtaking and elegant. The tub was huge, with burning candles outlining the outside edge of the tub where it sat against a mirrored wall. There were imported Egyptian cotton towels in neat stacks on a shelf, along with scented bath oils and massage oils. “You could swim laps in there, “ I said looking at the tub, and Xena reminded me the only lapping she was interested in was my more private parts. Sometimes she caught me so off guard and managed to embarrass me, much to her delight. We quickly undressed and entered the tub…Xena was in the water first, and then she held out her hand as I walked down the steps to join her. She looked so relaxed and beautiful in this setting.

She sat on a built-in step and pulled me onto her lap, facing her, with my legs draped over her thighs. She pressed her strong hands against my ass so that my center pressed hard into her mound, and without hesitation, captured my mouth with hers and kissed me with incredible passion. I felt her move her hips back and forth beneath me as my nipples scraped against hers. I could feel the desire quickly building inside me. I wanted her desperately. I didn’t know which was wetter…my cunt or the water.

“You feel good, Xena…” I told her when our mouths finally separated. I wrapped my arms around her neck and fully pressed my body into hers so that I could feel her heart beating against my chest. She rubbed up and down my back, massaging my body and making me hornier by the minute. “I’d really like to touch you,” she whispered in my ear, her voice barely speaking. I raised my head from her shoulder and took her face in my hands, kissing her lightly. “I’d really like for you to touch me…” and with that said, I turned around and sat back down on her strong thighs, this time with my ass pressed against her mound. I took her hands and placed them on my breasts as I wiggled my ass into her cunt. She held her head forward and bit the top of my shoulder, her voice bringing forth a low growl. I kept my hands on hers, stroking down my stomach and then down to my pussy. I pressed her fingers into my slick center to show her how much I wanted her.

“Is that all for me?”

“Every drop…it’s all for you, Xena.”

“Mmmm…”, she moaned into my ear. “I can’t wait to fuck that hot little pussy of yours.”

She couldn’t wait? I wrapped my arm around the back of her neck, pulling her close to me and turning my head to bite her tongue. With my other hand still on top of hers, I took her fingers and pressed them inside me, helping her move in and out in strong thrusts. “Oh yeah, Gabrielle…touch your clit. I want you to come right now. I don’t want you to wait.”

I left her hand and started touching myself as she thrust inside me. “Can you come for me?” she asked, knowing what she was going to get in return. She spread her thighs further apart so that mine would do the same, and I felt her move my hand out of the way and rub against my clit, making it impossible for me to say no to orgasmic pleasure.

She held her arm wrapped tightly around my waist until my body calmed. Before she pulled her fingers away from inside me, I reached down and stroked my fingers through her cunt, feeling her slick pussy despite the water. With her legs spread so widely, I could touch her perfectly, and as I anticipated, she started moving her fingers inside me again when I started touching her. She loved to touch me while I was inside her.

“Gods, Xena, you are so hard right now. You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”

“Yessss…” she whispered, moving her hips in circular motions as I moved inside her with only one finger. I turned my wrist so that I could rub over her hardened clit as I moved inside her. “You make my mouth water. I wish I could suck you right now…”

She responded to the dialogue and let herself go, grunting “More” to me which meant give her more fingers. I quickly braced my body and moved both hands beneath the water. As I thrust inside her with three fingers from my right hand, I paid special attention to her clit with my left. “You need me to jack you off…”

She groaned her approval of my touch and scooted her ass up a little closer and reclined against the edge of the tub. I could tell she was losing concentration, but with her staying still inside me, I was tightening naturally around her. She felt so good, and could have taken much more if I had wanted to give it to her. I just wanted her to have an incredible orgasm and see the same glitter I saw just moments ago.

Later out on the balcony, Xena wrapped me in her robe so that our naked bodies were touching beneath the soft material. We enjoyed a beautiful star-lit sky, and the quiet lay like a soft blanket over the castle yard. It felt so good standing there with her, wrapped in her love and feeling secure. It was wonderful having Xena this relaxed, and was a treat in itself. I loved it that she could feel comfortable and not be on guard. I made love to her and concentrated only on her pleasure, even though touching her turned me on more than touching myself. I returned to our room and put on a light blue robe, hiding our phallus in the pocket. When I went back to the balcony, I softly told her, “Hang on to the railing, My Warrior Princess…and let me pleasure you.”

There was a step stool I used to kneel on, placing me perfectly in line with her sopping cunt. Xena asked me to untie my robe so she could see my body. I laid both sides back over my shoulders and noticed how the moonlight enhanced the hardness of my nipples. I spread her robe back and ran my hands up and down her thighs, finally burying my nose in her hair. “You have no idea what that scent does to me.”


She didn’t want me to tease her, but that was not even in my thoughts. I simply loved this kind of luxury to take time with my lover, making love with her and making her feel as good as I possibly could. “Just be patient, My Love. It’s not often that I have you like this.”

I pushed my tongue forward, letting it lightly lap over her folds and feeling her sweet juices start to flow over my taste buds. “Gods, yes…” I heard her moan above. I was in the Elysian Fields.

I decided to move so that I could sit comfortably and give my undivided attention to a special division just above my mouth. Xena’s cunt. I turned around and sat against the railing on the step stool, and Xena lowered her body just slightly and rested her pussy on my mouth. I could tell she was gripping the railing above us quite strongly. I moaned into her core and let my tongue wander freely, enjoying feeling her clenching down on my tongue when I went inside her.

I let my hands graze lightly on the inside of her thighs as my mouth found refuge between her legs. I inched my way until I was bringing them up to her clit, rubbing on either side of her erection and hearing her moan her pleasure. I began touching her with my fingers and going inside her, knowing I had made the right decision to bring our phallus outside with me. Without much coaxing, she soon trembled as her orgasm took over. When her body began to calm, she reached down for me, pulling me into her arms and in for a huge kiss. She could taste her fresh juices in my mouth, and it made our mouths slide beautifully against each other.

She started to move from her position, but I quickly convinced her to stay put. I reminded her that she had done so much to make this happen for us, that I wanted to give her something special. I remained facing her and took the phallus from my pocket, rubbing it lightly through her drenched center. I told her, “Just relax, Xena…I love you.”

I pushed the phallus inside her, hearing her breath catch in her chest. I leaned forward and captured a nipple in my mouth, making sure I sucked with long, firm strokes to match what I was giving her below. I felt her become even wetter as I thrust inside her, coating the phallus with her sweet glaze. I kissed a trail down her stomach and then to her clit. I immediately latched on to her erection as I twisted the phallus up inside her. As she came, I watched above me and adored my Warrior. She opened her eyes and looked down at me, never breaking contact as she rode out her pleasure against my cock and my mouth.

I didn’t stop licking and sucking her until she told me, “Gabrielle…please…”

I gave her one final kiss on her lower lips and smiled up at her. “Something you want, Xena?”

“I want you.”

Gods, the effect of such few words. “You’ve got me…where do you want me?”

She reached down for me, and then lifted me. I wrapped my legs around her back and she carried me to our bedroom. Lying me down on the bed, she said, “Don’t move.” She removed her robe and strapped on the phallus, kneeling over my head facing my cunt. She pulled my robe over my arms and I moved so that I was naked as well.

“Do you want to suck my cock, Gabrielle? It tastes like me”

“Yes…” I hissed, and she moved her hips forward just enough so that I could take the head of the phallus just between my lips. I imagined her cock as a real extension of her body, and tried to make it feel just as real for her. She stayed braced above my face, and stretched her hands slightly forward to cover my chest. She was making me extremely horny and I wanted her desperately.

She leaned even further over me and wrapped an arm under my ass and descended her mouth over my pussy. I heard my moans as I continued giving her head, especially when I felt her fingers go inside me. “You are so ready,” she told me, looking back over her shoulder at me. “I can’t wait any more.” I felt her go back inside me, and then she added a third finger, all the while sucking my clit and not making me wait to find release. I couldn’t keep my hips from pressing forward into her mouth, begging for her fingers to be burrowed even deeper inside me.

She made me come with so much force. Touching her for so long outside on the balcony had done its job with my libido, and I wanted her as close to me as possible. I wanted her inside me. When I caught my breath, she smiled at me and asked, “Even?”

“More than even. Now get up here and kiss me!”

She gave me one last lick and rolled off my body. She turned around and stretched her long body out beside me, giving me a delicious kiss.

“Your sucking my cock has got me…ready again. Are you?”

“Yes, my princess…but this time…”

“I know what you want,” she said. And she did know. I needed to feel her fucking me, to feel the strength of her body moving against me, bringing me to amazing altitudes as I just let go and held on for the ride. I was hers, and I loved giving my body to her.

She didn’t hesitate and knelt between my bent knees, reaching between my legs and coating the length of her cock. She had a look of want in her eyes, and this turned me on by itself. She took a leg in each of her hands and lifted as she spread me open even wider for her entrance. She moved her hips forward and let the phallus slide between my wet lips, both of us gasping with pleasure from the feeling of being this close. There was nothing like it.

She began a long, strong thrust inside me, and I watched as she threw her head back and closed her eyes in rapture, letting her body answer every call from mine. She then looked down at the phallus moving in and out of my body. Her tongue came out to trace over her lips, and her eyes then met mine. Without a word, we just looked into each other’s eyes, completely enjoying making love this way.

My hands wandered to my own body, not meaning to touch myself. I needed Xena’s body on top of mine, and I suppose I substituted for her. One hand went over my left nipple and the other hand went to my clit.

“Yes, Gabrielle…you know that gets me so hot.”

I was certainly glad it did. She started moving more rapidly inside me, and resting her weight on her hands as she laid her body over mine, her end of the phallus pounding against my cunt as she fucked me vigorously.

“Xena, I’m not going to last much longer.” It was barely coherent, but I was still able to let her know.

“I’m right with you, Gabrielle…”

Soon our mouths were connected as we rode out our orgasms, not holding back any noise and only enhancing the intensity of the climax for each of us. Xena fucked me into perfect oblivion, and I was in no hurry to return to earth.

She stayed inside me for a few moments and held me tightly, kissing my mouth, my nose, and my eyes before returning for one more lick over my lips. Both of us moaned with the sensation of her cock sliding from me, and we lay side by side catching our breaths.

“How long can we stay here, Xena?”

“As long as you want, My Love.”

“I wish that were true, because I’d never want to leave…but I know the real world will be calling soon enough, so you don’t mind if I make the most of our time here?”

She pulled me on top of her, her erection lying between us. “As long as you don’t mind if I do the same.”

“Not at all…Warrior Princess. As a matter of face, I insist that you do just that.”

Wrapping her arms around me, I yielded my mouth to her once more, and we both kept our promises.

NEXT WEEK will feature a slight change of format, for that week only. After receiving a request from a very special friend (details to be given later), Shana has written a fairly long scroll from Xena's point of view, concerning what happened when Gabrielle abandoned their lovemaking during her quest for The Way of Peace. Scroll 31 will actually be the conclusion of that scroll, where Xena and Gabrielle work out their problems. The longer scroll will be available to those who are willing to picture Xena being intimate with someone else.

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