Blood Will Have Blood--Xena's Scroll

“Gods, Xena, how bad is it?”

I glanced down at the gaping hole in the side of my leathers. My fingers prodded the injury in my side, and I wasn’t surprised to see my fingers come away wet with my blood. “It’s not bad, Gabrielle,” I answered. “I’ll be fine.”

She continued to watch me uneasily, but the pain really wasn’t that bad. I glanced back at the six men I had tied behind Argo. Their arms were bound behind their back, and I had wrapped the ropes around their feet so they could only take short staggered steps. After the first foul words about what he wanted to do with Gabrielle had left one of their mouths, one of the men had found himself not only missing several teeth, but gagged along with the rest of the motley crew. Three of their companions were dead. When Gabrielle and I had seen the scrungy looking horses outside the cabin that was a few miles from the town we were headed toward, we decided to check it out.

I’m really glad we did, or the young woman in the house would have been raped, beaten, and possibly killed. Gabrielle and I saw the situation through a window and I burst into the cabin just as one of the scum was lowering his pants.

He was the first to die.

We had been handling the others with little difficulty, when the woman’s young son wriggled free of his bonds and jumped into the middle of the fight, wielding a broom as his weapon. I admired the little guy’s courage, but while saving him from a sword strike that would have callously ended his life, I was distracted enough to barely feel another sword raking down my side. It took only a few movements to knock out my attacker, and end the life of the man who had tried to kill the boy.

The woman’s husband had come home while we were restraining the prisoners, and after the woman, Hartia, had told him what had happened, he thanked us most profusely and said he would take care of the mess. I told him we’d take the thugs back to the authorities, and was able to keep my wound hidden from Gabrielle until we were halfway to the village.

“Gods, Xena,” Gabrielle had said again, once she had discovered my injury. “Why is it that you have to be so tough all the time?”

I grinned at her. “I am the way I am,” I told her. “I’m not changing now.”

Something in my voice must have made her think she had somehow hurt my feelings. She gave me a warm smile. “I don’t want you to change,” she told me. “You’re perfect the way you are. I just like to baby you every once in a while.”

I returned the smile with a genuine one of my own, then sneered at the prisoners when I heard one of them make a snorting sound. I urged Argo to walk a little faster, just so they’d have to pick up their pace, or risk falling to their faces and being dragged.

I like the feeling I get when I know I’ve done something good. It took a long time for me to recognize and admit that, but now I could.

However, no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be able to get used to people thanking me over and over again. It made me very uncomfortable, and I’d want to bolt when I was repeatedly thanked.

And that’s what the townsfolk did when Gabrielle and I brought in the scumbags. Apparently, these guys had been wreaking havoc on this village for quite some time, looting and threatening and just terrorizing in general. From what I could gather, this was the first time they’d attempted rape, thank the gods, but it was gratifying to know the townsfolk could rest easier tonight.

However, when they started in on trying to figure out a reward for Gabrielle and I, all I desperately wanted was to get out of here.

Gabrielle was much more gracious than I was, but she seemed distracted as well. She kept staring worriedly at me, and a wicked thought occurred to me. I WAS feeling a slight light-headedness from my wound, but not enough to really cause my body to sway the way it did. But the trap worked, and Gabrielle was right there in an instant to help steady me.

I stayed very quiet for the next few moments, and Gabrielle did one of the things she’s best at…fast talking. In no time at all, she had arranged for us to have a free room in the town’s nicest inn, and she continued to keep an arm around me as we walked there and up the stairs.

“Come on, Xena,” she said, leading me into the room. “Lie down and let me take a look at your side.”

I gingerly lowered myself to the bed, letting the coolness of the covers sooth my hot cheek. The wound was definitely taking its toll on me.

“Can you roll on your side long enough for me to unfasten your leathers?” Gabrielle asked.

I could, and I did, and I let out a sigh of relief when the heavy material was loosened around me. I obligingly wiggled so Gabrielle could remove my leathers totally from my body.

“Oh, Xena,” I heard her groan, and I glanced down to see my shift was soaked in blood. Gabrielle picked up my breast dagger which she had laid on the table beside the bed.

“I’m just going to cut it off you,” she told me. “It’s ruined anyway.”

It only took a few seconds to slit the undergarment up the center, and then she was laying either half open. We both winced when we saw the long furrow the thug’s sword had manage to open on me. It went from hipbone to just under my left breast. It was still oozing blood, but I smiled at Gabrielle.

“It’s not as bad as it looks,” I told her. “If you do a good job stitching me up, it won’t even leave a scar.”

She returned the smile with a wary one of her own. “I’ll do my best”, she said, before leaning in to kiss me.

She did a fantastic job on me, making a long row of tiny even stitches. Halfway through, I felt my eyelids droop through her gentle ministrations, and she urged me to doze if I could. I know she was worried about me, so I obeyed when she told me to close my eyes. When I opened them again, I was slightly surprised to see the room was dark.

I looked around me, letting my eyes getting used to the darkness, and then I spotted my love, sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace. She had her arms wrapped around her bent knees, hugging them.

Cautiously, I sat up, relieved when there was only a little stiffness in my side, but no serious pain. I swung my legs over the side of the bed, and walked over to join Gabrielle.

I stood right behind her, and she didn’t stir. She had fallen asleep in that position. I couldn’t help but grin as I carefully sat down on the floor beside her. Her head was resting on her crossed arms, turning to the side so she was facing me. Her mouth was parted slightly in slumber, and her face was breathtakingly young and beautiful.

I stretched my legs out in front of me, then leaned over a bit and nudged her with my shoulder.

She awoke almost instantly, her head jerking upright. “What is it?” she asked. “What are you doing out of bed? Did you start bleeding again?”

“Whoa, take it easy,” I chuckled, my hand coming up as if to ward off all her questions. “Everything’s fine. I just…missed you.”

“You shouldn’t be out of bed!” she exclaimed then, but I didn’t even bother arguing with her. I was feeling too…awake.

“You’re right,” I faked a moan and laid back on the floor, knowing what her reaction would be. The moment she leaned over me, I reached up and grabbed her forearms.

“Xena!” she exclaimed with a giggle, as I rolled us over so I was lying on my right side facing her.

I gave her a lecherous grin. “What?” I asked her. I let my hand slowly stroke down the curve of her waist and over her hip.

“You’re hurt,” she said then, but I could tell she wasn’t going to put up much of a fight. She had change out of her regular clothes and was wearing one of my sleep shifts, which was volumes too big for her. One of my hands slipped up under the bottom of her sleeve to stroke up over her bicep then on up to her shoulder.

“An angel of mercy took care of me,” I smiled down into her eyes. I lowered my voice into a husky tone. “And my side is just fine…but my lips could use some of that mercy.”

She wrinkled her nose in that adorable way I cherished, and then she pressed her head closer to mine. Our lips met in an exquisitely tender kiss. She pulled back to give me the eye one more time, and apparently satisfied, moved closer again. This time, her mouth was hot and open against mine. I rolled on my back, taking her with me. She was being careful not to rest her weight on my injured side, but still, I could feel her erect nipples through the material of the shift. Her left leg slipped between my own, as she continued to kiss me. Her fingers grasped my shoulders, and for long moments, we just loved each other with our mouths. Her tongue would peek out to lick over my own, then retreat to her mouth. It was an invitation for my own tongue to probe her mouth, and I wasn’t about to turn her down. I loved the silky wet warmth inside her mouth, and the smooth shiny feeling of her teeth.

Finally, we had to pull apart long enough to breathe. I reached up and fingered the collar of her shift. “Why don’t you take this off?” I asked her. “I want to feel your body against mine.”

She nodded, and climbed off me so she’d have the room to pull the shift over her head. Beneath it, she was naked.

I looked up at her as she slightly arched her back. I propped my upper half up on my bent elbows and marveled at her pristine perfections. Her light hair sparkled in the reflection of the flames, flowing down softly over her shoulders. But my eyes were riveted to her breasts, thrusting upward into the air, her nipples tightened and hardened into a mouth-watering silhouette.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, and sat up abruptly to wrap my arms around her waist, my face plunging into her cleavage. I felt a slight pull in my side, but it certainly wasn’t enough to keep me from ravishing her with my mouth. I sought out the closest nipple and suckled it insistently, my hand coming up so its twin wouldn’t feel neglected. I felt the vibrating groan in her chest, in answer to my efforts.

“Gods, you taste so good,” I told her, moving my mouth to the other nipple. I laved it with my tongue, circling it in ever decreasing circles until I couldn’t make them any smaller. Instead, I pressed my tongue hard against her, pressing the nipple flat, and just enjoyed the gasping sounds she was making, as well as the sensual scent her lower half was emitting. She was on her knees, her thighs partially spread, and I had to touch her core. I continued to pleasure her breasts, and my left hand found her lower thigh. I kneaded it, then began the beloved trek upward, toward her source of supreme heat and moisture, and both our joy.

Gabrielle had embraced my head in her arms, and occasionally, I felt her brush her lips over the top of my head as she hugged me to her. When my fingers made contact with her damp center, I heard her give an approving moan. Her thighs parted a bit more, welcoming the intrusion of my digits. I peered up at her from between her breasts, and gave her a smile.

“How do you want me, Gabrielle?” I asked her. “How do you want me to make love to you?”

She was smiling down at me, and one of her hands came up to stroke my cheek. “I leave that up to you,” she answered. “How do you want to make love to me?”

I thought about that. I would have liked to use a phallus, but was afraid the movements might open the wound at my side. No, I needed to restrain my movements to a certain degree, which meant Gabrielle would have to take the active roll. What a shame. I chuckled to myself with the thought.

“What’s so funny?” she asked me, but I didn’t answer. Instead, I ran two of my fingers in the valley between her legs, and nipped at the hardened bud still against my mouth. I gave her nipple one final kiss, and then released her. Bunching up the removed shift, I laid it on the floor. I used the shift as a pillow, when I stretched out on the floor.

“Come to me, my little Angel of Mercy,” I said then, holding out my arms to her. She lowered to her knees beside me, and I took hold of her hips, urging me to straddle me. She didn’t risk hurting my side, and other than my waist, there was only one part of my body she could comfortably straddle. Her sodden cunt was suddenly hovering just above my chin.

My lids grew heavy with passion, as I took in the sight and smell of her arousal. She was so pink…so soft.

With a groan of want, I reached up and urged her to rest her pussy on my face. “Yes, Xena,” I heard her purr, as I plunged my tongue up inside her, and began to thrust rhythmically, even as I mashed my nose into her clit.

I heard her gasp above me, as she settled her weight on her knees, and then she began to move her hips so her cunt moved up and down on my tongue. I kept my tongue extended as far as possible, and let her dictate the movements. My taste buds tingled as she continuously filled my mouth with her juices.

It was with great pleasure that I saw her buck forward so she was resting her weight on her arms. I was torn between reaching up and grabbing hold of her breasts or teasing her clit. The sound of her grunting in her effort to reach her fulfillment, convinced me to pleasure her clitoris and I reached up and tweaked the seat of her pleasure. Her movements froze for a second, and then her pussy was grinding hard into my face. I felt her vaginal muscles contracting around my tongue, and her heartfelt moan caused my own lubrication to bubble from me. The excitement of watching her excitement was all it took to get me going.

She was resting on her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath, and her cunt was still resting lightly on my face. Inhaling her ambrosia, my desire escalated rapidly, and I reached between my own legs, my fingers taking a firm hold of my clit.

“Allow me, My Darling,” I head Gabrielle whisper, and only then did I realize my eyes had squeezed shut in pleasure. She had risen above me again, and now she reached backward and her fingers tangled through my pubic hair to take over the touching of my clit. I was glad she hadn’t moved her hips, and my lips closed in on her own bundle of nerves. As I suspected, the harder I nursed at her, the more frantically her fingers vibrated against me. I felt a tension start deep in my pussy, and it was quickly radiating outward. My mouth temporarily lost its hold on her as I began to orgasm, my body jerking with sensation. This time, I felt more than a pull in my side, but ignored the pain as I rode out the climax. Gabrielle skillfully rode it out with me, both with her cunt and her fingers, and as I was making my own decent, she flew over her peak again. I helped her stretch it out as long as I could, ignoring the increasing warning signs from my side. She sighed deeply, her face buried in her forearms, then lifted herself and carefully rolled off me..

She stretched herself out along side me, resting on one elbow, and bent to kiss me. She slurped my tongue into her mouth, tasting her own juices on me. I concentrated on returning the kiss, but she must have seen my dilemma and raised her head.

“You hurt your side, didn’t you?” she asked, even as her fingers were reaching for the edge of the bandage. “I was afraid of that. Let me see if you managed to pull any stitches loose.”

I hadn’t, although I was bleeding again. But thankfully, I hadn’t done anymore damage. Gabrielle chastised me, telling me she was dying to repay the favor of using her mouth on me, but she didn’t want to risk hurting me anymore. I did my best to talk her out of it, but her cooler head prevailed when she convinced me to get some rest. “You’ll get the rest of my tongue lashing in a day or two,” she had promised me.

I allowed myself to sleep late the next day, and Gabrielle spent most of the time getting the rip in my leathers repaired. It was the afternoon before we were able to escape the village, after suffering through another round of unnecessary thanks. We did accept the offered bag of food though, which the husband of Hartia brought us. She and the little boy were going to be fine, he assured us, and that made all the discomfort of the profound gratitude worthwhile.

Gabrielle’s sister, Lila, had a birthday coming in three days, and I promised Gabrielle she would be there to celebrate with her sister. We were just settling in for bed the next night, already well on our way to Potodeia, when I signaled for Gabrielle to be quiet. There was someone sneaking around the edge of the camp, and I was pleased to see Gabrielle was already on the alert.

I signaled I was going to go after whoever it was, just before I heard a voice call out Gabrielle and my names. I recognized it immediately. It was the sheriff of the town we had just left.

I called for him so he could find us and his alarmed face told me our job wasn’t done in the village. Sure enough, the ruffians had managed to escape the jail and were on the loose, claiming vengeance on first the young family and then Gabrielle and me. The sheriff had already spirited the family into hiding, but that was sure to be a temporary condition. I assured the sheriff I’d be back to help, and then asked him to leave us. I had another dilemma on my hands.

“No, Xena.” I sat on my knees, and she was sitting on a stump. I held her hands in my own, and kissed them, then pressed them to my face.

“Go ahead home, Gabrielle,” I told her again. “I promised you’d celebrate your birthday with your sister, and you don’t want to make me go back on my promise.”

“But you’re wounded,” she began, but she was already weakening.

In the end, I was able to convince her. It wasn’t easy, but she knew the injury was well on its way to mending, and the real reason she didn’t want to leave me was because we’d be separated for a few days. I didn’t like that prospect either, but told her I could be with her within five days, if we both pushed it. I would take Argo and head back to the village, take care of the bandits, and then head on to Potodeia. If she left the day after Lila’s birthday, she could meet me on the path from Potodeia, and then we could travel on to Amphipolis and make a stop at my mom’s inn.

First light was just appearing on the horizon, as we prepared to say goodbye. She held me tightly and I felt her shaking against me. “Don’t cry, Gabrielle,” I whispered in the nearest ear. “It’ll give you a chance to miss me.”

I heard her sniff, and then she lifted sparkly eyes to face me. “I have to warn you,” she said then.

“Warn me?”

“Yeah,” her pink little tongue lipped over the tips of her lips, and I felt a different warmth of emotion. “All I’ve been thinking about since that night I patched you up is how wonderful your mouth felt on me, and how much I wanted to taste you. I’m going to be very hungry for you when we are together again.”

I gulped and then relaxed into a chuckle. “It’ll make me hurry even more,” I answered, and then gave her one more kiss. She picked up her staff, and with one more sultry look, headed north. I swung up on Argo’s back, and took the path southward.

The next few days were a blur, as the thugs had been smart enough to split up, but they still weren’t that much of a task to round up. This time, I found their hideout, and caught them all, ten of them in all, and the sheriff and I took them to the next town, Hertrens, which had a jail that was virtually escape proof. The sheriff was profoundly embarrassed by what happened, but when I told him to shut up about it and let me do my job, he wisely did so. He was a good man, and a smart man, and he seemed to understand this was all part of my business. He helped me night and day in my pursuit of the escaped creeps, and I was able to restore his confidence by letting him do some of the head bashing. He told me he could see all the thanks I had received had made me uncomfortable, but I was always welcome to anything in his town in the future. We shook hands when the work was done, and then Argo and I were racing to find my bard.

I was still a day and a half’s ride from Potodeia, when I finally decided to make camp that night. Argo was tired, and so was I, and I made camp in the knowledge that I was sure to see Gabrielle the next day.

I was awakened from an uneasy sleep by… something. Focusing, I realized someone was moving through the brush toward the campfire. The sound was barely perceptible; whomever it was very, very good. I continued to lay still, my eyes searching out the darkness. When I saw the familiar flash of a golden blonde head, I relaxed and watched as Gabrielle stepped into the circle of the camp, still barely making a sound.

She crept her way over to me, and I heard her suck in her breath and hold it as she bent closer to me. “I missed you,” I whispered gently, making her jump.

She giggled then, then sunk to her knees beside me as her hands were sliding around my neck. “I almost had you,” she said.

“Almost,” I agreed. “but I haven’t slept very well with you gone. I never do.”

“Gods, I love it when you talk like that,” she purred, and then our lips met. Our mouths worked hungrily against each other as we got reacquainted. Gabrielle was kneeling beside me, still completely clothed. She even still had her staff in her hand. I smiled at her eagerness to kiss me. “How was Lila’s birthday?” I asked.

“It was great, but your lips taste so good,” she whispered, when she pulled her head back. I saw the hungriness in her eyes, and felt a twinge of sadness…it would have probably been better if we hadn’t met up until tomorrow night.

She didn’t see my look though, and instead, pulled back on her heels, and threw her staff and bag to the side. She reached for the ties on her shirt.

“Allow me, My Darling,” I said, using her own words from a few nights ago. I rolled from under my sleeping fur, and took over her undressing, beaming up at her when I saw her aroused nipples. My teeth found the nearest one immediately, and I sucked her in.

“Mmmm…” she allowed me to pleasure her for a few seconds, and then was pushing at my head. “Stop distracting me!” she directed sternly, and she was wiggling out of her skirt.

I watched her erotic movements with undisguised lust, and when she was still fighting to get her boots, underwear, and skirt off all at the same time, made a tackling dive that brought her down on my bedroll. I buried my face in her stomach, and plunged my hand up between her legs.

“Xena!” she protested, but I wasn’t listening…I was too hot for her. Her legs ceased their thrashing when I moved my mouth lower, and I nursed on her clit while my fingers continued to plunder her drenched tunnel.

“Oh, gods,” I heard her groan above me, as I bent on taking her over the edge fast. She was flooding my mouth with her desire, and I scraped my teeth over her clit, adding another finger to the motion down below. I know she was trying to catch her breath, but I didn’t give her the chance, and she screamed out her sudden climax.

I laughed joyously into her labia, and tried to ignore her tugging at my hair, but she pulled harder, and I had to lift my head to look at her.

“You are SO going to get it for that,” she told me, her face trying to be serious, but I could tell otherwise. “You know I’ve been doing nothing but desiring doing that to you for almost a week now.”

“I know,” I said, helping her finish undressing. I found myself unable to meet her eyes. “But there’s a problem.”

“Oh Hera, Xena, I never even thought about your side…it’s not healed yet, is it?”

I shivered with the irony of it all, but drew a deep breath and looked into her eyes finally. I had to communicate with her that I was in no pain. “It’s not that at all,” I told her. “My side is all healed…I took the stitches out myself today. It’s…”

“It’s what?” she demanded.

I swallowed hard in an effort to make myself say it outright, surprised at how difficult it was. It wasn’t that I was ashamed or embarrassed, I just couldn’t bear the thought of seeing her disappointment.


Slowly, I rose to my knees beside her, and unfastened my leathers. I had removed my armor, but didn’t plan on being asleep long enough to strip down to my shift. When I pulled them free from my body, she was sitting back on her heels, now totally naked. Her eyes revealed her understanding when I removed my shift. The telltale bulge in my breeches told her everything, but I still felt the need to say it. “I’m bleeding in a different way.”.

For a long moment, she stared at them, then her eyes slowly raised to meet my own. I saw her hunger was unabated. “What’s the problem?” she asked me.

I swallowed back a groan. “Gabrielle, I’ll be done tomorrow, let’s just get some sleep and by tomorrow evening…”

“No, My Love,” she was shaking her head before I could even finish the thought. “I have thought of nothing but tasting you since we’ve been separated, and I’m not waiting any longer.” She threw herself into my arms, this time knocking me backward, and her mouth met mine in a kiss that quite took my breath away. I tried to regain my bearings, and I felt her hands had grasped my breeches by the waistband.

“Gods, Gabrielle!” I was the one taken off-guard when I felt her pulling firmly, pressing the cloth I wore harder into the vee of my womanhood. Every nerve ending there tingled from the pressure and by slightly wiggling my hips, I felt my pussy pound with rapture.

She moved one hand to the back of my breeches, and began a sawing motion which was my undoing. Every inch of my cunt was being inundated by her creativity, and I began to moan in rhythm as the harsh feeling rapidly escalated toward bliss.

“You’re going to make me come like this,” I told her, as my hips began to jerk harder into the motion…I never would have believed it was possible from this kind of stimulation.

“Come for me, Xena,” she began husking in my ear. I felt her tongue lick into the outer part of it, as she began to talk to me. “I can’t wait to taste you…get that pussy good and sloppy for me.”

That was all that was needed. “Unghh!” I grunted out with the sudden pulsation of my vagina and I did just as she bid, coming hard against the sodden cloth between my thighs. I held on tight to her shoulders and thrust my hips in time with her movement, the intensity of it startling me.

“I love you!” she exclaimed then, and her hands released my breeches to pull my face from her neck, so she could kiss me again. Her hunger continued to rage, and suddenly, mine was doing just the same.

“Gabrielle, you don’t want to do this,” I protested, as she began to urge me to lay back on the bedroll. Yes, after that first time on the boat a season or so ago, I didn’t let her own monthly cycle stop me from loving her those few days a month. She had been uncomfortable with it at first, but gradually, came to terms with the fact that a little blood would never stop me from tasting and touching her. However, when it was my own time to bleed, she would allow me to spend those few days focused on her. She wasn’t afraid to touch me, and I had received many a good fucking at the end of her wearing the phallus, but she had never used her mouth on me. I didn’t expect her to, and I didn’t expect her to now.

“Yes, I do,” she was whispering, and her fingers were creeping down my body. She traced a finger down the narrow pink scar, and she could see I was right…it would fade into oblivion without leaving a permanent mark. Then she caught a nipple in each hand, and gave me a tweak, testing my sensitivity. The first couple of days of my cycle always made them tender, but as I was almost finished, now they were just…responsive. I ruefully shook my head when I realized I was feeling disappointed that they didn’t give me that exquisite pain/pleasure sensation I loved, but any feeling of regret vanished when she bent over and sucked the right one in.

My eyes closed momentarily from the feeling, and when I opened them again, she had bent over me further, leaving her own enticing breasts inches from my mouth. I heard her moan when I returned the favor.

I was disappointed when the heat of her mouth left my nipple, but she was pulling herself from my mouth. “I want your breeches off…now…” she told me.

“Gabrielle,” I whispered. “Why don’t you get the phallus…I want you to fuck me.”

“Later,” she said, not deterred by my tactics. “Not until I’ve filled my mouth with you.”

What in the world was I so afraid of? I loved the taste of Gabrielle when she was flowing…gods, I craved it, and she was now willing to take from me as much as I would give. Her taste was different then, sweeter and thicker, but it was still very much Gabrielle. Why was I so afraid of her tasting me? Was I afraid she wouldn’t like it, and stop in the middle of what she was doing? Surely to the gods, I wasn’t just hesitant because I was being so selfish? wasn’t that. It was…something else.

Her hands were insistent in their efforts, and she worked my breeches down over my hips and then pulled herself out from under my hips so she could free me completely from them. I felt the blood drying on my thighs, when she continued to kneel between my legs, not allowing me to close them.

“Mmmm…” she inhaled deeply, then pushed herself forward, so her hands rested on either side of my head. “You smell so hot,” she told me, before lowering her mouth to kiss me. Her tongue slipped between my lips in a movement I know she was going to use lower down.

“Gabrielle…” I reached up and pulled her head from mine, holding her face so I could study her eyes. “How about we go down to the river…freshen up a bit.”

She started to argue, and then I saw her expression soften. She could see my struggle with the situation, and she relented. “Come on,” she said, hopping to her feet. She took my hand, and I led us to the edge of the water, not far from the camp.

The water was cold, and both of us broke into goosebumps as we waded in. Our arms went around each other, and our hands on each other’s bodies, accompanied by our movement, soon helped us warm up.

I didn’t tell Gabrielle that I knew the cold water would staunch my flow of blood, at least for a while. I had decided that she could have what she so desired, but still, didn’t want the full force of my passion to bring about an undesired effect. She certainly wasn’t being shy about delving between my legs, rubbing her hand into my pussy, washing away the blood she had rubbed into my labia with the fucking she had given me moments earlier.

We ran our hands over each other’s bodies, me washing her the day’s dust from her and her washing my evidence of my cycle from me, until both of us were shaking with arousal. “No more stalling,” she said, finally, and this time, she was the one leading the way. When we were back at the campsite, she stretched out a piece of clean white material over my bedroll, and then was pushing me down so my ass rested on it. With a sigh of submission, I laid back, and watched her move.

“I love you,” she said again, as she knelt between my thighs, and laid her chin on my stomach as she peered up over at me.

“You don’t have to do this,” I told her, giving her one last option out. I wasn’t surprised when I saw hesitance in her eyes. Perhaps finally, she had truly thought about what she was about to do.

She surprised me though. She was only hesitant because she thought I was opposed to it. “Do you not want me to, Xena?” she asked. “Is that why you’re fighting me so hard on this?”

How did I respond to that? With the truth…only the truth. “I want you to very much, My Love. But I don’t want you to do it for me.”

Her face suddenly brightened in a sigh of relief. “Then rest assured. This is entirely for me.” She lifted her head, and slid lower between my legs, then glanced up at me again. “Do you want me to cover your eyes? I could use a blindfold” she whispered, curiously. “Or do you want to watch?”

Oh my wicked little bard! She was issuing me a challenge, and I knew it. “No blindfold,” I told her huskily. “I want to see everything.”

The challenge was accepted, and she stretched out on her belly between my legs. I draped a thigh over each shoulder, and shuddered as I felt her hot breath exhaled directly on my hardon. I was in for it, that’s for sure!

Gods, was she incredible! The cold water had affected me as I suspected, but as she continued to lick and stroke and finger fuck me, the blood began to flow freely. Gabrielle didn’t seem fazed, only dove back in for more and more until my brain was numb and I felt my thighs ache from constantly clenching them in my pleasure . Her little tongue was driving me wild, first strumming my clit, then dipping lower to lick the surface between my labia. Later still, I would feel her tongue in my cunt, and her fingers would have a hold of my clitoris, making sure she pinched it in rhythm with her tongue. And above all, I could hear …her throaty hums…the slurping noises…and my own hoarse cries.

“Gods, Gabrielle, no more!” I finally screamed for relief when she was apparently gearing up to start all over again. My whole center was too sensitive for any more sensation…at least for now.

I groaned in the back of my throat when I felt her tongue sweep over the length of me one last time, but she was pushing herself up on her arms, and then pulling herself over my heaving body. I tried not to be too affected by the crimson matter streaking over her lower face and neck, but when she bent to kiss me, I was surprised to fill her filling my mouth with the same substance. I drank it down without hesitation, groaning again from what she was doing to me.

There was nothing but sheer lust in her eyes when she felt me licking my own residue from her chin, but she pulled back abruptly. “I want to use the phallus now.”

“Not on me,” I protested, my hands coming down in an effort to shield my over sensitized cunt, and she giggled at the look on my face.

“No, silly, on me,” she told me, before kissing me again. “And I think you know what I want for you to use to get it wet.”

New moisture flooded an area that I didn’t think would ever be able to produce secretions again. It helped sooth the rawness, as I reached for the saddlebag, trying to decide which phallus to use.

We had one that was designed to be worn in a thigh harness, and I seriously considered using it. Our favorite one fit in a harness that nestled up against my clit. I wondered if it would create any pain if I strapped it on, but even if it did, it was the kind of pain I enjoyed. I pulled the phallus with the waist harness from the saddlebag, and Gabrielle was grabbing it out of my hand almost immediately.

“Gabrielle,” I growled at her. “If you are planning on strapping that on yourself…”

“Don’t worry,” she reassured me. “I just wanna make sure it’s good and wet.”

I ran a hand between her legs, and it came away dripping with her juices. “You’re worried about it not being wet enough?” I asked.

She giggled at me, not trying to disguise the guilty look on her face. “You are being so difficult, tonight.”

“Difficult?” I knew she was teasing me, but couldn’t just let that go. My burning pussy was making a miraculous recovery over the last couple of minutes, and within another moment or two, I’d be ready to give her the fucking she was desiring. I sat back, resting my weight on my outstretched arms. “Difficult…huh?” I clucked my tongue, trying to appear a little put out. “And here I thought I was being extremely cooperative as you sucked up every fluid my body could produce.”

I got the response I was looking for. She blushed slightly, realizing how uninhibited she had been with me, but I chuckled at her. Leaning forward, I licked over her lips. “I loved every moment of it,” I whispered. When I pulled back my head, she was smiling at me. Without another word, I laid back down.

She was hovering over me almost instantly. “Can I touch you now?” she asked me.

“Gently,” I told her. She kissed me, then sat down between my parted thighs. I closed my eyes when I felt the head of the phallus rubbing over my clit. She was being extremely gentle with me, and I felt new life pour out of my cunt. Gabrielle noticed my groans were increasing, and asked me, “Are you sure you don’t want me to strap it on?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “I want you to strap it on me.”

“Soon…soon…” her eyes were riveted to my lower half, and I followed her gaze. The sight of her covering the phallus in my blood and lubrication is one I would never forget.

When it was coated enough to suit her, she strapped it on me. Her hands were covered in my blood, but she didn’t seem to care, as she accomplished her task. I laid there on my back, holding the phallus steady, as she sat down on me, her face contorted in a look of rapture. “Mmm…yeah. Are you ready for me to ride you?”

“Very ready,” I answered her, I took hold of her waist in either hand, and as she sat upright, she began to move her hips in a sliding motion over me. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed as she finally began to relieve her own needs.

I aided her in her movements, my eyes never leaving the sight of the wooden dick connecting our lower bodies. It glistened with my dark fluids and seemed to stir up more with each of her thrusts. When I fucked her while she was cycling, I got off on the abundance of juices that my motions would create. Seeing her do the same thing was nearly as effective. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if I were the one on the receiving end of the phallus…just the secretions rushing from me were getting all over the place.

“This is so good…” she purred, before throwing her body forward on me. Her forearms landed on either side of my head, and her tongue came out to lick over my cheek and lips. I tried to capture her lips with my own, but she was being too elusive. Her mouth was gasping open as she moaned out the sensations. “I’m not going to last much longer,” she told me, before her eyes rolled back in her head, and she began to grind her hips even harder into me. “Will you come with me, Xena?” I heard her gasp.

Her lower half was laying too tightly on mine for me to get my hand down lower, and I answered, “If you’ll help me out…” There was so much liquid down below, the base of the phallus was barely grazing my clit, not giving me the stimulation I was craving. It took a moment, and then I felt her fingers sliding down over my mound and under the harness focusing on my clit. “Gods, what a mess,” I managed as I saw her hand shiny with my blood, but the fact that she seemed to be enjoying herself so much only aided my climb.

“Xeennnaaa…” she drew my name out in a long growl, and then her hips convulsed and her fingers pinched me even harder as she came against me. I was almost there, and when she abruptly straightened up her body to sit on me again, the cock pressed dead center into my clit, and I was spilling over the edge with her. It was just as intense as my previous climaxes, and this time, there was a slight edge of discomfort to it, that told me I had to give my body a rest. I was afraid Gabrielle was going to want to continue riding the phallus, but she was swinging her body off mine. She unstrapped the phallus, and then held it up so I could see it. Her eyes blazed into mine as she leaned over and between the two of us, we cleaned the mixture of my blood and her juices that coated it.

She must have sensed my exhaustion, and then I noticed a big yawn overtaking her. She was getting sleepy. It was the middle of the night, after all. She left my side long enough to soak a washcloth in the river, and then she washed over my lower half. She smiled at me, when my cunt tried to dance away from her touch, but gently finished cleaning me. Then she pressed a clean pad between my legs, and helped me into a fresh pair of breeches.

“Still think I’m being difficult?” I couldn’t help asking.

“No…” she shook her head at me, and then laid down beside me on the bedroll, pulling the fur up over us. She leaned on one elbow, and her hand stroked my forehead. “But thank you for letting me baby you for once. This time your blood wasn’t because you were out saving the world…it was simply because you’re a woman. You’re my woman.”

I liked that very much, and drew her head down to my shoulder. “Sleep now, my little bard,” I whispered in her ear. “Tomorrow, we’re leaving for Amphipolis.” She didn’t answer me, and I know it was because she was asleep.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle take some time off to relax in a palace suite, and do just that, all night long.

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