Blood Will Have Blood--Gabrielle's Scroll

“If that was my piece of ass, I’d never let her rest. I’d make her like it.” He really shouldn’t have said it. When I heard the words come out of his mouth and saw the fury in Xena’s eyes, I knew he had asked for it. And he got it. He would most likely be eating very soft food for awhile, thanks to several missing teeth.

I was much more concerned about the wound in Xena’s side. Luckily we had walked upon a bad situation at just the right time. I don’t know how we always seemed to do that, but we did. Several thugs, the surviving ones bound and walking behind Argo, had broke into a family’s home and were going to rape the woman. Xena had gotten sliced down her side trying to protect lady’s little boy and had kept it from me until we had started taking the prisoners to the authorities in the next town. The husband arrived as we were preparing the prisoners for transport and was horrified at what had almost happened.

“Xena, you know you don’t have to be so tough all the time. You can at least tell me when you get hurt.”

She smiled and said, “I am the way I am, and I ain’t changing now.”

“I don’t want you to change. You’re perfect the way you are. I just like to baby you every now and then.” I think I might have seen a slight blush in her cheeks, but one of gladness that I liked to take care of her.

When we finally arrived in town to turn the prisoners over to the local authorities, the townsfolk were thrilled that we had captured these bad-ass wannabes. They had tormented this entire area for too long, and they were sincerely appreciative.

While we were standing there surrounded by gracious villagers, I noticed Xena not looking so well and sort of swaying. I didn’t know how much blood she had lost, and decided to take the people up on their offer to give us whatever we wanted. I thought quickly and managed to get us a very nice room for the evening. I needed to tend to her wound and was in a hurry to make our exit.

I wrapped my arm around Xena’s waist and helped her walk the short distance to the inn. The blacksmith offered to take Argo to his stable and settle her in. I told him I would check on her before nightfall. Xena had to reassure Argo it would be okay. I don’t know if it was more for Argo or Xena. She loved her horse.

Once in our room, I told Xena to lie down on the bed and let me take a look at her wound. I didn’t have the strongest of stomachs, but when it came to first aid for my Warrior, I could do anything. I helped her out of her leathers and was shocked to see the blood-soaked shift. The wound went all the way down her side. “We know his sword wasn’t too dull,” I told her, getting a smile from her beautiful mouth. I reached for her breast dagger on the nightstand. “I’m just going to cut it off you. It’s ruined anyway.”

I sliced the undergarment up the middle and laid each side back, revealing a long gash that went all the way down her side. She was going to need stitching, and unfortunately, since traveling with her, I had gotten plenty of opportunity to learn the correct way to do it. Xena teased me that if I did a good enough job, there wouldn’t be a scar. I determined then and there to take her up on that.

Before I was finished applying the stitches to her side, she dozed off. She seemed to have a slight fever, and even though she thought the wound wasn’t that bad, it looked bad enough to me. When I finished cleaning her up, I took a quick bath and put on one of her shifts. I just wanted the feeling of her surrounding me. I ate a few bites of bread we had with us, and by that time it was getting dark. I could have walked downstairs to get some food, but I wouldn’t dare leave Xena. I started a cozy fire in the fireplace and sat down in front of it, hugging my knees to get a little warmer. I had just checked on Xena and she seemed to resting quietly. I felt a little tired myself, and closed my eyes, keeping my ears tuned to any moans coming from my baby.

The next thing I knew, Xena was sitting beside me in the floor, nudging me to wake me up. “What is it? Gods, are you okay? Are you bleeding again?” I reached and felt of her forehead, brushing her bangs back and seeing that she was okay.

“Whoa…take it easy. Everything is just fine. I just missed you.”

Gods, I loved her.

“Xena, you shouldn’t be out of bed!” I could just see her stitches coming loose and the bleeding starting again.

“You’re right,” she said, lying back on the huge rug. I immediately leaned over her, and just as I was inches from her face, she grabbed both my arms and rolled us over. “Xena!” She made me laugh. What a sneaky move! We were facing each other, and like a magnet, our lips were drawn together and we shared a most romantic, tender kiss.

Our mouths never separated and she rolled onto her back, taking me with her. I stayed away from her wounded side, lying so that my leg found its way between her thighs. I couldn’t keep my hands off her, and I could feel the heat begin to build in a most sensitive area.

“Why don’t you take this off?” she asked, running her finger under the neckline of the shift. “I want to feel your skin against mine.” I certainly didn’t feel like arguing, so I stood and pulled the shift over my head, revealing my naked body by the light of the fire. She sat up and wrapped her arms around my waist, pulling me down to my knees as she buried her face in my cleavage. “Xena…be careful…” I husked, losing my ability to talk when her mouth suddenly attached itself to my nipple. She had such a talent for turning me into a puddle of weakness when she touched me in any way.

She licked at my breasts, her hands all over me. I could already feel my juices begin streaming from my center. “Gods, you taste so good,” she said, not knowing how good her mouth felt on me. I really had no intention of making love with her considering her condition, but if she insisted, I would have to comply.

Her tongue felt amazing on my nipples, and I finally wrapped both arms around her neck and held her tightly to me. I felt her hand move to the inside of my thighs and then felt her touch my wetness. I couldn’t hold back the sound of my pleasure, and I wanted her as if we had never made love before. She stroked me back and forth, not going inside me yet. Her mouth finally left my breasts and I looked down into her eyes, still holding her tightly against me.

“How do you want me, Gabrielle? How do you want me to make love to you?” She was so gorgeous in the firelight, as always, and I couldn’t help but caress her soft cheek. “I’ll leave that up to you. How do you want to make love to me?”

For some reason, she found that amusing and I saw her mouth form into a smile as it adhered itself around my nipple. “Xena, what’s so funny?” She didn’t answer, but instead made us both moan when she penetrated me as I stood on my knees. She thrust upward inside me slowly, drawing her fingers back even more slowly, making my thighs quiver with weakness.

With one last kiss to my chest, she pulled her fingers out of me and stretched her long body out on the rug. “Come to me, my little Angel of Mercy”, she said, holding her arms out for me. I crawled to her and sat beside her shoulders on my bended knees. I sat there and took in every inch of her incredible body, especially her dark nipples hardened with desire and a familiar look of lust in her eyes. She bunched the shift I had been wearing beneath her head, forming a pillow.

She reached on either side of my hips and pulled, urging me to climb on top of her. I was worried about hurting her side, and was very careful when I straddled her. I stopped my body even with the top of her chest and watched as she pulled my hips forward, wanting me to make contact with her mouth. I scooted up a few inches, and felt her hands come up to scratch down my back and then press my ass down until I felt her incredible mouth nestled between my legs.

I remained mostly standing on my knees above her, spreading my thighs enough so that my pussy rested on her mouth. “Oh yeah…” I said, feeling like my nipples would burst from being so hard and tight. Her mouth was so warm, and I felt her tongue come out to slide between my lips, make short circles at the opening of my vagina. I felt like I could have taken her entire hand. She finally shoved her tongue up inside me, staying buried deeply and moving against the walls of my core. Just hearing her moan over and over was making me so horny, and finally I leaned forward on all fours, resting my weight on my arms and just letting loose to move against whatever her mouth had to offer.

“Xena…Gods…that feels so good.” She moved her hands from my ass to the front of my body. She took her fingers and spread me open, immediately finding the erection of my clit and sucking it into her mouth. I gasped from the intensity of the feeling. Soon she moved back to being inside me with her tongue and used her fingers to touch my clit, holding me open and rubbing up each side of my clit with her index and middle finger. She was going to jack me off, and I loved it. The closer I came to reaching my orgasm, the harder I bucked against her mouth and fingers. I looked down and saw her looking up at me. “Xena, you’re going to make me come…” She didn’t attempt to respond with words and just concentrated on giving it to me. “It’s perfect…”, I told her, my body suddenly stopping as I felt my orgasm start to build deep inside. I started riding her face again and she exchanged the positions of her mouth and fingers and she started sucking my clit and thrusting inside me, insuring my orgasm would last as long as possible.

Grunting above her and shoving my hips forward and hard against her mouth, I rode it until every vibration had subsided. I finally remained still and quiet on all fours above her, catching my breath and waiting till the feeling came back to every nerve ending in my body. She was extremely skilled at what she did. Then I felt her body move beneath me a bit, and saw why. Still perched on all fours, I turned and looked back…seeing her hands on herself. Her wound and stitches obviously weren’t affecting her cunt.

“Allow me, my darling”, I softly spoke. I raised my body so that I could sit above Xena’s mouth and still reach her center. As soon as my fingers made contact with her pussy, my breath was taken away by the amount of wetness flowing from her. I placed my left arm beside her on the floor to hold my weight, making sure I could reach her clit well enough. Her mouth resumed its work on my own cunt once again, and as I touched her, she made love to me again. Although she was making me feel so incredibly good, I had to concentrate on satisfying her. I rubbed her wetness through her hair and used my hand flatly in order to touch every area of her cunt. I didn’t even have to go inside her, instead just stroking her clit with my thumb, while I rubbed over her outer pussy with the rest of my hand.. She was sucking me in the same rhythm I was moving, and when I felt her body begin climaxing, I let go and came with her, throwing my head back to look at the ceiling through mostly closed eyes.

I threw my leg over her and lay beside her, seeing suddenly that she was looking a little distressed. I was afraid of that. “You hurt your side, didn’t you?” The look on her face told me the truth. I removed a part of the bandage and was relieved to see the stitches still intact, but she had started bleeding again. “I knew we shouldn’t have been together until you were more healed,” I told her, but she quickly stopped my conversation by placing her mouth over mine. “Gabrielle, I’m fine. It’ll be much better in the morning.”

Our stomachs reminded us that we hadn’t had anything to eat since early this morning. It was amazing what one day’s adventures could hold for us. We never knew what to expect. I quickly got dressed to go downstairs for some food, and to check on Argo. I was only gone a few minutes, and when I returned Xena had settled back on the bed. “Argo said to tell you good night, and the kitchen is closed…so this will have to do.” The innkeeper allowed me to gather what I could find in the kitchen, and soon our stomachs were filled and our eyes heavy.

I pulled Xena into the crook of my shoulder and held her. “Try to get some rest. And you better wake me up if you need anything. I mean it.”

“Yes Ma’am,” she said, taking one last taste of my breast.

The next morning found us getting a slow start, but at least a start. I liked to think of Xena as breakfast and our first actual meal as brunch, but this morning I’d have to go hungry for my warrior. We freshened up and gathered our things before going downstairs for a huge warm breakfast. Xena had started out moving kind of slow, but by the time we picked up Argo, she was moving a little better. The constant throbbing between my legs reminded me how much I anticipated her healing.

We had plans to go to my parents for Lila’s birthday. That’s where we were headed when we got into the fight with the thugs. We had traveled most of the day very slowly, and finally made camp early that evening. While settling down for the night, the local sheriff found us, warning us that the thugs had escaped the jail and was out for revenge. Xena told him she’d be there in the morning to help handle the situation. As for tonight, we felt safe and could take care of ourselves.

When the sheriff left, Xena started trying to convince me that I needed to go on to Potodeia. I was sitting on a stump and she came and kneeled in front of me, holding my hands. “Xena, I can’t leave you. You’re in no condition to fight.”

“Gabrielle, I’m already doing much better. Besides, you can’t miss Lila’s birthday. She’s counting on you being there, and I know how much you want to go.”

“I do want to go, but only if you’re with me. I don’t want to be away from you.” I knew I would be worried sick the entire time.

“The time will go faster than you think. I’ll go corral the bad guys, you go to Potodeia, and we’ll meet in the middle when it’s all over. And then…we’ll go to Amphipolis to see Mom. Just think about that big bed we’ll be all over…”

I couldn’t help but smile. She finally convinced me that she would be okay and that this was the best plan. My stomach hurt just thinking about being away from her. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well that night, but I just tried to look forward to being back in her arms.

The trip home by myself seemed long. And lonely. Xena was all I could think about, and all I could worry about. But I knew she was certainly capable of putting these creeps in their place, and if it would not have been for being distracted by the boy’s safety during the initial fight, she never would have been injured.

Lila was thrilled to see me, as I was her. I think I spent more time mentioning Xena’s name than my family cared to hear. I could feel my dad cringe with every story of the beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, fabulous Warrior Princess. Mom politely went along with my tales of our adventures, and Lila was just happy I was home. It was good to see my family again, but I cut my stay short by a day and started on my way to find my lover.

I traveled mostly without stopping and found what I thought to be Xena’s campsite. When I saw Argo’s mane in the moonlight, I concentrated on stealthily making my unannounced entrance into Xena’s embrace.

Just as I hovered above her face to steal a kiss, she startled me and said, “I missed you.” I should have known she sensed me trying to surprise her. I still argued that I was “this close” to sneaking up on her. “I almost had you,” I told her, wrapping my arms around her neck and leaning in for a kiss. It felt so good to be touching her again. Her mouth was even better than I anticipated.

She said that she hadn’t slept very well since we had been apart, and it was good to hear that she missed me as much as I missed her. “Your lips taste so good,” I told her, sitting back just long enough to start untying the laces of my shirt. I had waited too long to make love to her, and I wasn’t going to waste any time.

“Allow me, my darling,” she said, sitting up and reaching for the laces. As soon as she freed my breasts, she covered them again with her mouth, sending a flood to my center when she took me into her mouth. It felt so good to have her back in my arms.

“Stop distracting me,” I told her as I tried to push her head away from me. I had determined to resume my position between her luscious legs. I woke myself up during the night while at my parents dreaming of swallowing her juices. And had been wet myself ever since. I had been harboring a permanent erection for quite some time.

I quickly started coming out of my skirt and boots, my hands shaking with anticipation to touch my Warrior over every square inch of her body. I just had to have her in my hands, to feel her smooth, warm flesh on the tips of my fingers. She had thrown her cover back when she sat up to help me come out of my shirt. I quickly joined her and intended on getting her out of her clothes, but as soon as I made it to the bedroll, her hand was already between my legs and making me defenseless from her weakening touch. I could not resist her.

She kissed my stomach and continued to make her way down lower, until she could hold my erection between her lips, biting me with her teeth and finally sucking me and moaning her arousal. I felt her fingers find their way inside me, and I spread my legs wider for her to take me. “Gods, baby…” I panted, winding my hands in her hair and pressing her head harder into my cunt. She knew exactly what she was doing, and making me come for her was what she was going to get. She moaned and hummed her approval as my hips jolted into her mouth, her tongue wildly licking me and letting me climax as long as possible.

I finally calmed and just enjoyed feeling her kisses on the inside of my thighs and back up to my stomach. “You are so going to get it for that, Xena,” I told her, looking down into her eyes as she smiled proudly at me for getting to me first.

“You know I’ve been nothing but desiring doing that to you for almost a week now.”

“I know…but there’s a problem…”

“Oh Hera, Xena, I never even thought about your side…it’s not healed yet, is it?”

“It’s not that at all,” I told her. “My side is all healed…I took the stitches out myself today. It’s…”

“It’s what?” What had happened now? I just realized I hadn’t seen her stand and she must have gotten injured again during her work with the sheriff.

She sat there, not saying a word but thinking.


She changed her sitting position to one standing on her knees as she removed her leathers and then her shift. I then realized her hesitation. “I’m bleeding in a different way.”.

I sat across from her on the bedroll, naked and horny, looking at the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, who happened to make incredible, passionate, creative love to me almost every day. “What’s the problem?” How could she think that being on her monthly cycle was going to make me want to not touch her? Gods, she literally drank from my center not very long ago, much to my pleas to not do it. I was embarrassed but she quickly made me forget that embarrassment. But now…it only made me want her more. I knew that Xena didn’t have a problem with embarrassment, so why would she consider this a “problem”?

“Gabrielle, I’ll be done tomorrow, let’s just get some sleep and by tomorrow evening…”

“No, My Love,” I said, tackling her body and throwing her back on the bedroll. Determined, I would show her my need for her and how much more special this would make it for me. It had a certain intimacy to it, having her while she was not able to deny her femininity.

“I have thought of nothing but tasting you since we’ve been separated, and I’m not waiting any longer, “ I told her, my mouth less than an inch away from hers. I could feel the skin on her lips touch mine when I talked. “You have no idea…”

I could not wait to touch her. I had to touch her. I ran my down the front of her breeches and stayed on the outside of the bulky cloth between her legs. I pressed hard into her cunt, feeling her lips open for me and wanting what I had to give. I rubbed my hand firmly back and forth along the curve of her body, aching to be actually fucking her and able to thrust hard inside her. I kissed her and touched her, my heart pounding so hard it felt as if my chest would burst.

“You’re going to make me come like this…” Her voice was trembling and raspy, and my mouth ached for her.

“Come for me, Xena…I can’t wait to taste you…get that pussy good and sloppy for me.” I kept my mouth on her ear and let her feel the heat coming from my breath. We were both breathing hard, eager to reunite in body and in love.

She started bucking against my hand, pressing her fingers hard into my shoulders. I loved it when she held me in that kind of grip against her body. Even if I wanted to escape, it would be impossible. What coveted torture.

“I love you,” I told her as her body finally laid still, my arm wrapped around the back of her neck and shoulders. Looking down at her, I caressed her chest, feeling her tightened nipples and enjoying the feeling of her flesh. Her eyes were closed, and I ran my fingers lightly down her stomach and into the top of her underwear. I could feel the top of her hairline on my fingertips.

“Gabrielle, you don’t want to do this.” She didn’t move her body, but rather gave me a piercing stare that was quite serious.

“Yes, I do.” I moved my head down to her breasts, licking my tongue around each nipple and sucking each breast into my mouth. Gods. I nursed at her, moving my head back and forth, almost as if I were sucking her cock.

“I want your breeches off…now…”

“Gabrielle…Why don’t you get the phallus…I want you to fuck me.”

“Later. Not until I’ve filled my mouth with you.”

The thing was, I had never tasted her while she was still flowing. I had used the phallus, but never my mouth. I now had a determination to have her and whatever was flowing from her body in my mouth. I had waited a long time, and couldn’t get the taste of Warrior Princess off my mind. I didn’t want to.

I sat up and started pulling her breeches over her hips, removing the cloth between her legs. I placed myself between her legs kneeling on my knees, rubbing the inside of her thighs and spreading them wider. I could see where blood had dried on the insides of her legs.

I stretched my body to lie between her legs, my nipples scraping across her chest as I planted my hands on each side of her head. I met her mouth for a kiss, showing her with my tongue what I would do inside her.

“Gabrielle…” she reached up and pulled my head back with her hands. “How about we go down to the river…freshen up a bit?”

She obviously was having a big problem with this. I suppose she thought I would be turned off when finally making contact with her bloody center. How wrong she was. Tonight it only fueled my desire for her. I wanted her to feel comfortable, so I gave in. “Come on…” I told her, and we made our way to the cold water.

We ran to the bank and jumped in, helping each other wash off. I was concentrating between her legs, and loving an excuse to touch her by taking my hands and rubbing through her sex. I didn’t pay much attention to the bite of the water, and was ready to make love to my baby.

“No more stalling,” I told her, taking her hand and leading her out of the water and back to our bedrolls. We dried off and I took a clean white cloth and spread it out so that Xena could lie on it. She seemed so hesitant to lie back, and I wanted so much for her to feel comfortable and to know I loved her with all my heart. I wanted her in my mouth.

“I love you,” I told her, kneeling between her spread thighs. Her black curls were still damp from our quick bath.

“You don’t have to do this,” she said, looking into my eyes as I ran my hands over her body.

“Do you not want me to, Xena? Is that why you’re fighting me so hard on this?”

She seemed to study for a minute on what she wanted to say. “I want you to very much, My Love. But I don’t want you to do it for me.”

“Then don’t worry. This is entirely for me.” But I intended on making her love it and to make her forget about her worry that I wouldn’t enjoy it “Do you want me to cover your eyes? I could use a blindfold…or do you want to watch?”

“No blindfold,” she told her in that sexy, raspy voice of hers. “I want to see everything.” I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I slid down on my stomach and made my way to my target. I didn’t try to hold back the moan of pleasure deep in my throat as my tongue made contact with her delicious pussy. Gods, I had waited for what seemed like months to make contact with her. I felt her body responding to me immediately. This would work out just fine.

I plunged my fingers inside her, finding an abundant amount of fluid to help me slide inside easily. At first she wasn’t bleeding, but the longer I touched her, the more her flow of blood increased. I could tell because of the taste and how it dried so quickly around my mouth. I had lost myself to the world around me, and was enjoying every lick and thrust I gave my Warrior. She came hard against my mouth, and I wrapped my arms around her thighs for leverage and never let go of her hardened clit as she rode the climax to the very end. It was so good, I repeated it all over again. And again.

“Gods, Gabrielle, no more!” I had never left her center with my mouth, and had been quite rough from all the built-up anticipation. She was more sensitive than usual, but her orgasms were also very strong. I lapped my tongue over her one more time and climbed up her body, intending on letting her taste what I had captured in my mouth. When our mouths met, I let some of the fluids run into her mouth and after the surprise of it, she responded to my kiss and groaned her arousal into my mouth. Incredible.

I was in no way finished with her. I was so turned on and very hot for her. “I want to use the phallus now.”

“Not on me,” she said, holding her hands in front of her mound. I couldn’t help but laugh. “No, silly, on me,” I told her. “And I think you know what I want for you to use to get it wet.”

She didn’t hesitate and reached for her saddlebag, seeming to approve of my idea. As soon as I saw the harness and phallus in her hands, I reached and took the phallus.

“Gabrielle,” she growled, “If you’re planning on using that on me…”

“Don’t worry…I just wanna make sure it’s good and wet.”

She ran her hand between my legs, and she saw how drenched I was. “You’re worried about it not being wet enough?” There was teasing sarcasm in her voice. She finally laid back and let me proceed.

“Can I touch you now?”

“Gently,” she said. I kissed her one more time, and then sat back on my heels between her legs and rubbed the head of the phallus through her wet pussy. I watched as her eyes closed, and I let the phallus rub in an upward motion and over her clit. Her breathing increased and I heard definite moans coming from her throat. I was enjoying this immensely. Gods, she was so sexy. I leaned over her and whispered, “Are you sure you don’t want me to strap it on?”

“Yeah…I want you to strap it on me.”

“Soon…soon…” I was still busy playing. I sat back and watched the phallus part her perfect lips, and then saw her blood making a slick coating all over the shaft. I wanted so much to fuck her with it, but not until she was ready. Maybe I could convince her a little later.

I finally strapped the harness and phallus on her, the evidence of her cycle all over my hands. I raised myself and straddled her hips, moving slowly down on her cock as she held it in place. “Mmm…yeah. Are you ready for me to ride you, Baby?”

“Very ready,” she said, looking every bit as full of lust as I was. She moved her hands to both sides of my waist, and helped me sit down on the length of her. I loved it when she guided my body, helping me move and just holding onto me. It felt so perfect.

“This is so good…” I said, moving my hips back and forth, feeling her erection bringing me closer to the edge with every passing second. “Gods, Baby…you’re so hard inside me. Does it feel good to you?”

I didn’t wait for an answer and finally moved to all fours, my hands planted on each side of her head. “Yessss…very good.” I bent my head down to lick over her lips. I stayed near her mouth and just let the sensations take over. I wanted to feel her hot breath on me and I loved whispering to her. Her hips were now moving beneath me, making the phallus touch me everywhere inside I just let my body go and fucked her. “I’m not going to last much longer.” I could feel it building so deeply, and I started grinding even harder against her. “Will you come with me, Xena?”

“If you’ll help me out…” I looked down between us where she was going inside my pussy, and ran my fingers underneath the harness so I could touch her clit. I saw blood immediately coat my fingers as I move them back and forth over her mound, touching her everywhere I could and still concentrating on her erection. Just touching her was making me closer and closer.

“Xeennnaaa…” I said very deeply. I tried touching her clit the best I could, but lost that concentration as a most powerful, strong orgasm begin to take over my body. I sat up and placed my hands on her breasts, bracing my body so I could ride her as I came. I begin jerking my hips hard against her cock, and I felt her begin to come with me. “Oh yes…Xena…it’s so good. Please come inside me…”

I kneaded her breasts and she dug her fingers into my ass as she held me down tightly on top of her. When we both reached the end, I swung my leg over her side and lay down beside her. I unstrapped the harness and removed it from her, seeing her blood still dripping from the instrument. I looked into her eyes, thanking her silently for allowing me to love her and for sharing her body with me in this way.

I went to the water and soaked a washcloth to bring back and clean Xena’s lower half. She was still very sensitive, and I tried to be as gentle as possible. It was very hard for Xena to let me do this for her. When I had finished washing the blood away, I helped her dress in a clean pad and underwear. Then I pulled the covers up over us as I propped my weight on my elbow. “Thank you for letting me baby you for once. This time your blood wasn’t because you were out saving the world…it was simply because you’re a woman. You’re my woman.” She was all I needed.

The stars graciously offered themselves as a blanket, and we went fast asleep under the warmth of the covers. For the first time in a week, both of us slept soundly and peacefully. I felt my body completely sinking into Xena’s. She held me in her arms and I loved having her body in my grasp. During the night I had thrown my leg over her, and somehow her hipbone was offering just the right amount of pressure to my cunt. I woke up while it was still very dark, feeling like I had unfinished business with my Warrior to take care of.

I didn’t bother waking her. I rolled over on top of her and buried my mound against hers. I was still naked, and she was wearing only her breeches. And a very bulky pad. She opened her eyes and watched as I positioned myself between her legs, giving a couple of thrusts forward to see if I was in the right spot. “Gabrielle…did I tell you that you could get on top of me?”

“No, Sweetheart…but I’m guessing I can earn your permission.”, I told her, leaning down to lick over her lips with my tongue before diving into her mouth. She accepted my kiss, sucking my tongue in long, hard strokes. I started moving my hips firmly into her, trying to be certain she could feel me through the thickness of the pad. When I finally swallowed a moan from her, I pulled back my head and whispered in her ear, “I want you, Baby. I neeeeed to be inside you. Please?”

I felt her hot breath against my ear, and I started licking over her neck, still moving my cunt against hers. My entire center was on fire for her, and I wanted to feel myself moving into her body, her lips accepting my cock as I pushed my way through to find her walls eager to feel me against them. I felt her hands come up over my ass, feeling my muscles tense in order to move harder into her. “Xena, I need to fuck you. I’ve missed you so much. You want me, don’t you?” I licked over her ear, breathing my lust and desire for her.

“Yes…” was her only response, but ample response for me. I began moving down to remove her underwear and stopped to hungrily nurse at her breasts, all the while locking my thumbs over each side of her breeches and tugging them down. She raised her hips and let me remove both her breeches and pad, and I leaned over to retrieve the phallus.

I was too wet and too excited to take time for the harness, and I didn’t want to leave my perfect position. Not wanting to risk losing one degree of warmth between our bodies, I took the phallus in my right hand and rubbed it gently between her legs. “Ahhhh…” she moaned, her eyes closing and her mouth opening. I loved seeing that look on her face--such lust, almost an ache. But I changed my mind and decided I needed the harness. I needed plenty of moving capability.

I moved to my knees and strapped on the harness, positioning the phallus so that I could feel the nub at this end. I reached between my own legs and gathered plenty of lubrication to coat the phallus. She watched my movements, and I ran my hand up and down my erection. “Do you want my cock in your mouth, Xena?” I asked, never removing my hand or stopping its movements.

She held out her hands, and without speaking, I straddled her waist, and began inching my way up to her mouth. “Can you feel what you’re doing to me, Xena?” The phallus was lying between her breasts, and I stopped, rubbing my wet cunt all over her waist. “I can’t wait to fuck you…”

Looking through half-closed eyes, she pulled my hips toward her mouth, and gave me quite a show. She licked her tongue out over the very tip of the phallus, barely touching it and making slow, wet circles around the tip. I felt my own mouth open as I labored harder for my breathing. She was seducing me, plain and simple.

She then sucked the head of the phallus into her mouth, tasting my juices all over it. “Mmmmm…” she moaned, and I started moving my hips back and forth as I lightly thrust into her mouth. “Gods, Xena…I’m fucking you in the mouth…” She looked incredible. There was a perfect beam of moonlight shining through the trees, making her even more beautiful. The fire was still burning warmly, and we were finally making love.

I knew we were both ready, and I moved back down her body, leaning down for a soft kiss and to tell her how much I loved her. “You mean everything to me, you know that don’t you?” She looked at me with such love. “Yes, I know.” She ran her hand through my hair and kissed me softly.

I knelt between her spread thighs, and scooted my knees as close to her ass as possible. I ran my hands over her thighs and then to the backs of her legs, pushing the phallus just into the entrance of her vagina. She was very wet, and very, very open.

I moved slowly forward, and when all the way inside her, I stayed as long as possible without pulling back. I moved my hips from side to side behind the phallus without pulling out of her, and felt the nub work perfectly against my clit. When I could no longer resist, I moved my hips backwards and then start fucking her, keeping my pace slow but firm.

“Gabrielle…” she husked.

I continued moving inside her. “Yeah Baby…what?”

“That’s so good…”

“I know…”

That was the last of our conversation for some time. We didn’t seek an orgasm and just felt the response from each other’s bodies.

I started moving faster, and reached down to feel her clit. “Gods, you’re so hard…do you want to come?”

“I’m ready…”

I looked down and watched the phallus moving from her body. “Xena…watch…can you see me fucking you?

She raised her head and seemed as turned on as I was. “Fuck me…now…”

My fingers on her clit had done the trick, and I could feel that she was close. I started pumping faster inside her, watching her body react to the orgasm that was starting to build. I could feel the same effect happening to my body, and it came from watching her and feeling her pussy around my cock. “That’s it, Baby…this is gonna be so good. Just let it happen…”

She looked so beautiful lying there, her head turning to the side as she just let me make love to her. I could see her breathing increasing, and finally she reached her hands for me, pulling me down on top of her. I felt her nipples against my chest, her nails scratching down my back. “Gods…Gabrielle…” And then she started to come.

She squeezed me into her embrace as she came, and the harder I pumped into her pussy, the better the nub made my clit feel. Within seconds of her peak, I followed with an equally strong orgasm, and we screamed into each other’s mouths. She finally stopped me from moving anymore, and I just collapsed against her body, my head lying under her chin. I could feel the stinging scratches down my back, but loved what I felt.

I finally lifted my body and pulled out of her. Her bangs were stuck to her forehead from all the sweat. “Now we can go to sleep,” I told her. She didn’t argue.

COMING NEXT WEEK: Xena and Gabrielle take some time off to relax in a palace suite, and do just that, all night long.

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