The Good Parts--Xena's Scroll

“Does this remind you of anything?” I asked Gabrielle.

She smiled up at me. “It sure does.”

I nodded, and pulled her a little closer to me. The snow was rapidly piling up outside the barn we had found standing alone near the edge of the forest we were traveling through. “Things are a little different now,” she added.

My own smile broadened as I swept my eyes up and down her body. “I’ll say.” The last time we had been caught in a blizzard, we weren’t intimate yet, and had spent an awkward night trying to stay warm without seeking out the heat of the other’s body.

She giggled at me , and allowed me to pull her away from the door that she had partially pulled open. I shut the heavy door, and replaced the crossbar on it.

“Are you hungry?” she asked me as she crossed the large room, moving back to the comfort of the fire pit in the center of it.

“No, not really,” I answered as I followed her. I sat down just at the perimeter of the warmth of the fire. I watched Gabrielle pull the cooking pot from the fire, and replace it with the tea pot. Apparently, she wasn’t hungry either, but some warm tea would help take the edge off.

“How long do you think we’ll be here?” she asked me.

I glanced around at our surroundings, observing the snow drifting in from all corners of the barn. I shrugged. “I dunno,” I answered. “The walls are giving us shelter, but not that much. It’s probably best if we rest up here tonight, and if the snow has stopped, try to head out in the morning. Argo will let us know if she can make it to the next town or not.”

Gabrielle nodded her acknowledgement, then poured us each a mug of tea. She sat down in front of me, her bottom skootching in to rest snugly against my crotch, as her legs were ensconced in my splayed thighs. I reached down and lifted the edges of the fur we were sitting on, so we were snuggled together beneath it. Our shared body heat did a wonderful job of keeping us toasty.

Under the blanket, our right hands came together so our fingers were intertwined. The nearest expanse of skin was her belly, and together, we stroked over it. Gradually, I felt the cooperative movements of her fingers stalling, so I was the only one making a conscious movement. Her head relaxed deeper into the crevice between my shoulder and neck, and it soon became apparent that she had fallen asleep.

I loved that about my bard. She could fall asleep easily under almost any circumstances. I confided to her one time that I thought that was true because she had such a clear conscience. She wasn’t haunted by images of horrible deeds in her past that would serve to keep her brain actively seeking out explanations for actions that never should have happened. Gabrielle didn’t quite see her quick drop-offs attributed to that, but I was convinced otherwise. I pulled back my head just a bit, so I could take in her profile.

She took my breath away for the billionth time. The fire was still burning strongly, and its amber glow highlighted the perfection of her angelic features. With her eyes closed, and the contented expression on her face she usually wore while sleeping, I fell in love with her all over again. I did that at least a hundred times a day it seemed; it was one of my favorite activities. Her pink lips were parted slightly as she breathed in deep regular breaths. Her honey blonde hair was illuminated by the flickering flames from the campfire, causing it to shine dazzlingly. She was a vision of beauty and purity and goodness.

I was caught in the middle of my musings when she turned in her sleep, seeking out a more comfortable position. I slid down a little lower against the gate I was resting against, and one of her legs nestled itself intimately between my own as she shifted positions. She ended up facing me, her arms thrown around my neck and her face tucked down toward my chest. She was totally putting her faith in me to protect her, and I was going to do just that, now and forever.

< br> A particularly strong gust of wind shook through the barn. It was a wonder the old structure was standing at all, and it was no surprise when we found it to be totally deserted. There wasn’t even a homestead nearby; more than likely it had burned to the ground or been destroyed by weather years ago.

I pulled the fur a little tighter around Gabrielle and tried to relax. It wouldn’t hurt me to get at least a few hours of sleep.

I half-sat and half-laid there comfortably for a couple of hours, not really sleepy. It drove Gabrielle crazy when I did that, skipped a night or two of sleep, and showed no ill-effect. She needed at least a few hours sleep every night in order to get by. It was just the difference in our makeup; and one she couldn’t change.

Gabrielle snuggled in tighter to me, her arms tightening more around me. She wasn’t cold, her body was warm against mine, and I looked down into her face. I could see the quick movement of her eyelids which told me she was dreaming. I heard an almost imperceptible sound come from her throat. Oh yes, she was dreaming all right.

“Mmmm,” I heard a definite moan this time, and became aware of the hardness of her nipple against the upper part of my arm. She was slowly rubbing it back and forth against me, her fingers now stroking over my lower back. Whatever she was dreaming about, I’m glad it included me.

“Please touch me, Warrior Princess. I’ll die if I don’t know your touch.” Her words, slurred with sleep, puzzled me. She knew my touch very well, inside and out. There wasn’t a part of her sweet little body that I hadn’t spent hours mapping out with my fingertips.

Curious as to where all this was leading, I whispered softly into her ear, “I’m right here, Gabrielle. Where do you want me to touch you?”

Her breath caught and held for a second, but her eyes didn’t open. I saw her brow furrow briefly, and then heard the whispered answer, “Please touch my breasts. My nipples ache for the feel of your fingers.”

Without hesitation, I shifted her slightly so she was now solely in the embrace of my left arm. This left my right hand free to move. I let my fingertips trail lightly over her collarbone, down to the top of her shirt. With practiced ease, my fingers dipped beneath the material, where it was loosened over the valley of her cleavage. Once underneath the material, I could move my hand as I wanted. I heard a groan when my palm finally cupped over an erect nipple. “How do you want me to touch you?” I whispered. “What do you want me to do?”

I watched her closely, wondering when she was going to awaken. I couldn’t believe she had slept this long already.

She didn’t answer my question, just whimpered a bit in response, so I leaned in even closer to her ear. “If you don’t tell me what you want, I’ll pull my hand away,” I whispered.

“Stroke me, rub me, pinch me!” she said almost immediately, her voice taking on a desperate tone.

I chuckled. “That’s better.” I did as she asked, giving her the firm touch she was craving. I concentrated on her left nipple, the other was still rubbing rhythmically over my bicep. I heard her moan again, and my tongue snaked out to lick over the upper rim of her ear. She shivered in my arms, and I knew it wasn’t because of the cold. I caught the nipple between my second and third finger, and began to stroke over her whole breast, squeezing the nipple when it was in the webbing of my fingers. My long fingers were soon making contact with the skin of her abdomen on the downstroke.

“You like that?” I whispered, feeling her begin to arch into my touch.

“Yes,” came her answer. “I need more…”


“More, Xena. I need your fingers to touch me lower…Please, My Warrior Princess.”

I stared at her, trying to ascertain whether or not she was putting me on. There was no indication that she was, and I felt an incredible wave of pleasure sweep through me when I realized she was speaking from her heart.

“Where do you want me to touch you, Gabrielle?” I urged gently. “Tell me.”

She squirmed a bit, and I’d swear I saw the pink tinge of a blush in her cheeks. Her voice had been soft before, but I had to strain my ears to hear her now. “Touch me down lower…between my legs. I’m on fire for you.”

Her words made my stomach flip-flop. I now knew she was dreaming of a time before we had become lovers, and to hear her trying to express her desire without really knowing the words for it, was both sexy and endearing. I pulled my hand from under her shirt, and she whimpered out a protest, but it turned into a hiss of joy when my hand relocated lower. I had become an expert at unhooking her belt with one hand, and within seconds, I had dispensed with the formalities and was sliding down the front of her skirt. She shivered again, then sighed contentedly.

“Ah yeas, I think I’m finding the source of your discomfort,” I crooned, as my fingers made a path down past her navel and over her mound. She gave a shudder and a gasp, and just as my fingers dipped into the cleft of her center, her eyes opened.

“Xena,” she finally said, after blinking once or twice.

I couldn’t help but grin at her. “Yeah, that would be me with my hand down your skirt.”

I could see the confusion in her eyes, but she relaxed a bit. “I was dreaming,” she said finally.

“I’ll say you were.” My smile never faltered.

I felt one of her hands move from around my waist, to press at my hand which was just barely dipped into the apex of her thighs.

“That’s what I was dreaming about,” she said, her fingertips lightly stroking over the back of my hand.

I could see her brain still trying to sort out what happened. “You were talking in your sleep,” I told her. “You were telling me what you wanted, and I was giving it to you.”

Slowly, she nodded her understanding, and then her hand pulled away from mine. “You are going to continue, aren’t you?” she asked with a grin.

I pressed my middle finer a little bit deeper, so just the tip of it was nudging her clit. “Just try and stop me,” I growled in her ear.

A couple hours later, we were laying in a similar position, and this time, I felt I really could sleep. The storm continued to rage outside the barn, but the first drifts of snow inside the barn was doin an effective job of keeping the cold from entering. Gabrielle was once again nestled in all snug against me, all warm and comfortable. Only now, she was completely naked, as was I. The feeling of her heated skin against mine was threatening to make my passion swell anew, but a stray breeze filtered its way through the barn and blew across my wet bangs, causing me to shiver. Sometimes, Gabrielle would break out in a sweat when we made love, but more often than not, I was the only one perspiring. I slid down a bit more, so I could feel Gabrielle’s breath blowing on me, and I eventually dozed off.

I awoke first the next morning, and regretfully, had to wiggle out from under Gabrielle so I could revive the fire which was near death. The sun was up, but hadn’t been up long enough to offer any of its warmth to the inside of the barn. I threw some more of the boards we had scavenged from the loft onto the fire, and then dug a clean shift out of my saddlebag. I was completely dressed and thoroughly warmed up when Gabrielle first began to stir. I finished up my last sword drill with a flourish, then grinned down at her. She was trying to stretch her muscles without revealing any flesh to the freezing morning air.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Good morning,” she answered, even over her chattering teeth. She hugged the fur around her tighter. “Come back to bed, Xena. It’s freezing without you.”

“It’s time to get up and face the day, “ I told her, shaking my head at her pouting face. “The snow has stopped falling.”

“Get up?” she echoed, looking horrified. “The only part of me touching the outside is my face, and it feels like it’s going to freeze and break off.”

I shook my head at the absurdity. She was exaggerating, just a bit, but I know she’d find the early morning air too cold for her liking. Once she started moving, though, she’d be all right.

“I laid your bag close to the fire, so your clothes would stay warm,” I told her.

She was sitting up with the blanket tucked tight below her neck now. “But my saddlebag is way over there,” she protested, her finger pointing to a spot about six paces from where she was.

I crossed my arms and nodded. “Yep, it sure is.”

She immediately went into little girl pouty mode. “Please, Baby, will you bring it to me?”

Gods, but she was adorable when she did that! I decide to milk it for all it was worth. “What will you trade for it?” I asked.

She thought hard. Usually, we bartered in back massages or sometimes even tongue baths, but apparently, that’s not what she had in mind this time. Finally, a confident smile lit up on her face.

“I’ll read you a scroll from my secret collection,” she said finally.

I’m sure my eyes widened at that. I had long teased Gabrielle about whether or not she had made all her scrolls available to the reading public, and finally, she had admitted that there were a few she couldn’t share. I teased her about them from time to time, threatening to read them, but she knew I never would.

But now, she was offering me a reading of one of them. I have to admit, I was very curious about their content, so I agreed. “You’ve got it!” I said with a wide grin.

I picked up her saddlebag and carried it the short distance to her. After a second, I saw one of her hands barely sticking out from the fur, waiting for the handoff.

When I was just within reach, I suddenly pulled my hand back. “Xena, come on!” she immediately protested. “I’m freezin’ my ass off here!”

I made a show of trying to peer behind her at the mentioned body part. “It looks like it’s okay to me,” I teased. “Besides, you’ve got to give me more details on this scroll reading.”

The hand disappeared back under the fur. “Details? What do you mean?”

I nonchalantly slung the saddlebag over my shoulder. “I wanna know when I’m going to be treated to this momentous occasion.”

She shook her head at me, but she was smiling. She enjoyed our banter as much as I do. ”How about I promise to read it to you the next time we sleep in a real bed in a real inn?”

I had to laugh out loud. “Oh sure,” I replied. “Either way, you’re going to make sure you come out of this feeling nice and comfy.” SHE was the one who preferred to sleep in inns.

“But wait a minute, I’m not done,” she continued. “The next time we sleep in a real bed, we’ll make sure it has a real big bathtub. I’ll fill it up for you with very hot water, and give you a nice long bath, including washing your hair. Then you’ll be able to lay back, and relax for as long as you want, and if you want it then, I’ll start reading the scroll. If you want to get out before I’m finished, you’ll lay your head in my lap, and I’ll give you a scalp massage while I finish reading.”

She knew my weaknesses, that’s for sure. I didn’t even want to try to tease her anymore. I handed her the saddlebag, then made her squeal when I scooped her up, fur and all. “That sounds perfect,” I told her, lifting her up slightly, so I could give her a kiss. “I can’t wait.” She beamed at me, sliding her arms around my neck. She returned the kiss warmly, and when, when I tried to set her down by the fire, she held on tightly to me. I went down on one knee beside her.

“You’re warming me up nicely,” she told me, her voice low as she pulled me under the blanket with her.

I was sculptor’s clay in her hands. We stayed one more night in the barn, and left early on the third day. It was slow going most of the day, and I didn’t want to push Argo too hard. She was having to take high steps, and it would wear her out easily.

As the afternoon went on, we gradually made out way out of the mountains. The snowfall was much less on the level ground. We were within a couple miles’ walk of Seetus by nightfall, but I had worked Argo far too much to expect her to make the rest of the trip without some rest.

The ground had a six inch covering of snow on it, and the air was still frigid. There wasn’t a barn to be found this time, so I sought out a cave of the right size. It didn’t take long to find one, and I set off to find some dry wood, while Gabrielle started a fire with the little bit of brush outside the cave. Within the hour, we had a decent fire going and the cave had warmed up to a tolerable temperature, even for my bard.

Gabrielle cooked us some venison from our supply, and we ate complacently, talking about this and that. After dinner though, we settled into our old silent routine, as I polished my sword while Gabrielle worked on a scroll. I watched her out of the corner on my eye, for quite some time. She was smiling as she scribbled away, occasionally twisting a lock of her har around a forefinger. Finally, she caught me peeking at her.

“What?” she asked, her eyes sparkling.

“Nothing,” I shrugged, trying to look nonchalant. “I was just wondering if you were working on one of those ‘private scrolls’ we talked about.”

“Oh no,” she replied. “I haven’t written one of those in a long time. There’s no need.”

“No need?” That statement puzzled me. “What do you mean?”

She waved her hand. “I wrote those scrolls when I thought I’d never have you. Then, when I finally realized we both wanted the same thing, I no longer had the need to write them.”

I had never stopped to consider the true nature of the scrolls. I guess I had just assumed there were accounts of some of our more intimate times together. Now I realized they were something else entirely. “You mean those scrolls are about your fantasies?” I asked her finally.

“Uh huh; I wrote them from imagination, dreaming of what I wanted to do with you…and what I wanted you to do to me.”

I was amazed by this, although I don’t know exactly why. I was doing the same thing with her at that time, only instead of writing down my thoughts on parchment, I would act them out in my head. For a moment, I entertained the question of whether or not some of our fantasies might have been similar. I figured at least some of them had to be, with the way were so compatible.

My mind ran through a bunch of fantasies I used to have about Gabrielle. A number of them, particularly in the beginning, involved seducing her, or her seduction of me. But after a while, my dreams became more complicated, thoughts of more elaborate situations Gabrielle and I were put in. They often involved my darker desires, including restraining my bard, and imposing my voracious sexual will on her. I’m sure not whether or not Gabrielle’s scrolls would be that involved, but I still found myself very, very curious as to what they were about.

“How about paying up what you owe me?” I asked her, trying to be casual.

She laughed at me. “Oh no, you don’t,” she replied wagging a finger at me. “I told you when I would read you the scroll, and I wouldn’t exactly call this a real bed.” She patted the bedroll she was stretched out on.

I waggled my eyebrows at her. “I could make it feel like a real bed,” I told her, with a leer.

“No fair!” she said, holding her hands up. “I know what you’re trying to do, and it’s not going to work!”

I figured that, but got down on my hands and knees and crawled toward her anyway. She giggled and tried to scramble away, but I had her by the ankle. I pulled myself up her leg, a hand at a time, until my face was even with her thighs. I gave her a wink, then dove under her skirt, eager to make some more of my own fantasies come true.

We arrived in Seetus a little after noon the next day. It was a mid-sized village, and with its location by the sea, had a variety of items for sale that were normally hard to come by. And among the merchants was Varitidus, the best leather worker I had ever known. He had taken my sketched designs and turned them into the leathers I wore to this day.

Gabrielle and I both had several items we wanted to shop for, so we agreed to split up for a while, then meet at suppertime at the inn we were staying in.

It didn’t take long for me to get my shopping done. All I had needed was some boot lacing and a stirrup to replace the bent one on Argo’s saddle. With an hour to kill, I wondered around a bit, before stopping in to visit Varitidus.

He was always glad to see me, and before long, I found myself in the back room, my feet propped up on a barrel with Variditus’s wife Andem kept my teacup full.

They invited me repeatedly to stay for dinner, and when I told them I was with Gabrielle, invited her too. I seriously considered accepting their offer. Andem was a first-rate cook, and she and Gabrielle would get along wonderfully, but Gabrielle had said something about how good the food smelled at the inn, and I didn’t wants us to get caught up in a visit that was too hard to get away from. We had definite plans that night, and I didn’t want them interrupted. I had a debt to collect.

I visited with my old friends until the sun started to go down, and then said my goodbyes. It was only a five minute walk back to the inn.

Gabrielle was already there, and she had obviously been there a while. Her damp hair held the aroma of lavender, one of my favorites. We had been out of that shampoo for a while, so I know she had bought some that day. I gave her a kiss, then buried my face in her tresses, inhaling the heady combination of lavender and bard.

My voice was all muffled as I asked, “Did you have a good day?”

“Mmm, yes,” came her answer as my mouth made its travail to firmer ground by kissing along the nearest expanse of her neck. She wore a lime green robe, probably provided by the inn, and it was wrapped loosely around her.

“How about you?” I finally heard her ask in return.

“Very good,” I answered, before latching my mouth onto a pulse point and sucking strongly at it. Her knees were beginning to shake slightly.

“Xena…Xena!” I heard her voice calling my name, but it took me a moment to realize she was pulling my mouth from her neck. I finally let go with an erotic wet sound. She continued to hold my head, knowing if she let me go, I’d go right back for the same delicious spot.

“You’d better hop in the tub while the water is still hot,” she told me, reminding me what was happening.

“Oh yeah,” I purred, and began to remove my body armor. Gabrielle helped, and in just a few minutes, I was stripped naked.

“I got the biggest tub they had,” Gabrielle told me, as I sank into the steaming water.

“It’s perfect,” I sighed, as I sat back in the tub and stretched my legs out to their full length, pleased to find they fit comfortably. It was rare to get a bathtub in an inn that didn’t make me have to fold up my legs.

Gabrielle kneeled beside the tub, and was reaching toward me with a sponge, when I put a hand out to halt her. “Don’t you wanna take that off?” I asked, fingering the collar of the robe. “It you don’t, it’s going to get soaked and make you cold.”

She glanced down at herself, then back at me. “Promise you’ll behave yourself?” she asked me.

“Oh yeah, I promise,” I replied with a big grin, telling her I was doing no such thing.

She gave me a stern look like a parent forbidding sweets before mealtime, and then she was slipping the robe from her shoulders. Her freshly scrubbed body glowed with a healthy pink hue, and my nose caught the scent of hyacinth mingling with the lavender. She had obviously bought my favorite kind of shampoo AND soap.

“Have at me, My Bard,” I said cheerfully, as I closed by eyes and leaned back even further.

I know she was using a soft touch on purpose. Usually, a gentle touch was just enough to make me demand more, but for now, she was just trying to relax me and get me in a listening mood. She washed gently over my breasts, but skipped the seething area between my thighs. Even her gentlest touch there would bring out unpredictable responses in me.

Finally, the last of the soap was rinsed from my body, and she handed me the sponge. A knock came at the door, and Gabrielle stood, reaching for her robe.

“That’s our dinner,” she said. “You finish washing your good parts while I go get it.”

She came back a minute later, with a tray wide enough to rest on either side of the tub. “How’s this for room service?” she asked me with a smile.

I eyed the roast beef and vegetables on the two plates on the tray. “Very nice,” I answered. “But I’m going to feel silly eating in here while you’re on the outside. There’s plenty of room in here.”

“Thank you,” she beamed at me, and she removed the robe once gain. I held the tray above my head so she’d have room to settle in the opposite end of the tub between my spread legs. Her own legs came up to rest over mine, her feet draping over either side of my thighs.

For a few minutes, we enjoyed the excellent food and discussed what we had done that day. I told her about Varitidus, and she told me she’d like to meet him before we left town. I told her we could in the morning.

The meal was tasty, and between the two of us, we ate every last bite. When we were finished, Gabrielle leaned in so her face was inches from my own and asked, “Are you ready for your bedtime story?”

I grinned lazily at her. “Sure am,” I told her. I laid my head back against the tub, and closed my eyes as she sloshed her way out of the tub and began to dry off. When she was done, she moved towards her saddlebag.

She didn’t keep all her scrolls with her; they would take up so much room, I wouldn’t have a place to sit on Argo’s back. For now, she was keeping most of her scrolls at the Amazon village, in an underground storage room I had arranged to have built for her. (Remind me to tell you the story behind that someday!)

I couldn’t resist squinting my eyes enough to see her digging through her saddlebags. I caught a glimpse of a brown leather pouch I had never seen before, and let my eyes close once more. Apparently, these scrolls never left her side.

I heard her approaching the tub again, and my eyes opened, captured by the excited glint in her emerald orbs. “Are you ready?” she asked.

I held up my hands. “I’m beginning to feel like one of those raisins you bought today,” I told her, and she nodded at me.

I stood up and dried off as quickly and as thoroughly as I could, and soon there were only two damp parts of my body. My hair and that part of me that always seemed to just get damper the more I rubbed it.

Gabrielle had sat up against the headboard of the bed, and I didn’t waste any time, in taking up my promised position. By laying diagonally, I was able to stretch my full length out, and still keep my head in her lap. The second I stopped moving, her right hand came up to wind through my hair, and she began a light scratching against my scalp. I gave her a smile of gratitude, and she bent down and kissed my forehead, then my nose, and finally, my lips. “Here goes,” she said, before unrolling the scroll. I closed my eyes as she began to read…

How can such a powerful, strong person have such silky soft hair? It was like satin when it brushed against me as she sat down beside me at the campfire. Sparkling clean from her bath, my eyes just wanted to drink in the dazzling perfection that was my best friend, Xena.

Gods, it wasn’t healthy for me to desire her this much! When I first began traveling with her, I thought I had a crush on her, and perhaps at that time, I did. But it certainly wasn’t long before the crush had developed into something much stronger, and now I realized it was love laced heavily with lust. It seemed like everything she did was solely designed to arouse me. Just watching her ride Argo was a religious experience in itself. I used to walk even with Argo’s neck, so Xena and I could turn and look at each other when we talked. But now, I would intentionally falter a step or two, just so I could watch that glorious ass move in rhythm with Argo’s stride. Then my eyes would move forward a bit, so they were gazing at her amazingly taut, tanned thighs. As much as I desired to feel her arms around her as we made love, I think I desired her powerful thighs even more.

I hope she doesn’t notice when I try to shake my head in order to clear my thinking. It seemed within the last few months, I had become aware of new facets of my body. I knew the throbbing sensations between my thighs, obviously. Lately though, it had been even easier to detect when my moisture rushed from my body in anticipation of what my brain and heart wanted.

But now, I was becoming aware of other things. Whereas my nipples would always respond to direct stimulation in the past, now it seemed they didn’t even have to be touched for them to tighten and harden. Now, just the thoughts of Xena’s thumbs or lips stroking over my breasts was enough for them to tingle with want. My mouth, which had never failed me before, was now betraying me more often. Just looking at her was enough to make my throat grow dry, and my tongue would thicken until it tripped every word I tried to say. I found myself licking over my dried lips constantly; and I know Xena noticed because I saw her eyes often following the movement. She would look into my eyes with a strangely questioning look, but I didn’t have any answers for my repeated habit.

And most of all, there was the scent of my passion, that I soon learned to recognize. I don’t think I was aware of it at first, or at least I didn’t identify it with my own core. But Xena had been leaving me almost nightly to check the perimeter of our camp, and I used that time alone to explore my own body, bringing myself pleasure, and that led to a curiosity about what was going on with my own body. I was tentative at first, as I sniffed at the fingers that had been submerged in my wetness, and that led to licking the wonderfully tasty juices off my digits. The flavor and scent was permanently imbedded in my mind now it seemed, and when I thought about what I wanted Xena to do to me, the smell of my own sex would more often than not waft up to my nose and arouse me even further.

That led to a most uncomfortable thought. If my untrained nose could detect my own excitement, then Xena’s supersensitive nose had to be telling her the same thing. Was she aware of the waves of desire that crashed through me every time I was close to her? I remember our hesitant talking about our monthly cycles, and my admitting to her that I was a virgin, and she had tried to talk to me about sexual urges, but it always embarrassed me, and she’d stop.

Now, I wish more than anything that I had let her finish. Would she have told me that sexual urges were normal, and I would often encounter them? Oh gods, was she wanting to tell me she had the same urges? There were times when she would be so angry and irritated with me that she’d stalk off into the woods to return a half hour later, her demeanor completely changed. I had gone through the same transformation, but I knew what to attribute it to, a couple of climaxes at my own fingers’ bidding. I couldn’t help but picture Xena seeking her own relief at her own hands, and just the thought of that image was enough to start the whole cycle again. I wished I had the courage to try to follow her, as the thought of seeing her in that situation was one of the most exciting of all.

“Are you awake?” I suddenly realized she wasn’t reading now, and I opened my eyes to smile up at her, answering her question.

“Very,” I answered. “I’m enjoying this very much.”

Her face pinkened a little. “Enough to make my wish come true?”

Something in her expression told me exactly what she wanted. I bent one of my knees. “Just keep reading,” I told her, with a promise in my voice.

Now, she was sitting barely an arm’s reach from me, her eyes staring at the campfire as she ate her supper. I watched her white teeth flash as she tore the meat from the bone, and pictures raced through my mind of those straight gleaming teeth working on various parts of my body. When I had first begun traveling with Xena, I had been unaware of the way two women could be together. I had to thank Ephiny for opening my eyes. Once she had, I began to learn all I could on the subject. The Amazons were a wealth of information, in more ways than one. Their library was full of all sorts of scrolls on the ways women could love each other. Some were fictional, but most of them were instructional, many of them including drawings to illustrate what they were describing. Whenever we were in the Amazon village, I had snuck off into the library as much as possible, reading voraciously about women making love.

There was no doubt that Xena had experience in making love with women. She didn’t try to hid that face from me, nor did she flaunt it either. I often wondered if loving women was a thing of her past. With the single exception of Fauna at the Amazon village, I had no indication that she was interested in any women we had crossed paths with in the months we had traveled together.

So here I was, armed with new knowledge I was aching to try out, but the person I wanted to share it with obviously didn’t have the same passion for me.

Why would she? Xena was so many things that I wasn’t. Whereas she was tall, I was short. She was worldly, and I was naïve. She was athletic, and I was clumsy. I had given up on trying to figure out why she allowed me to stay with her. She did, and I was comfortable with that.

Gods, she had asked me a question! I had no idea what it was, and now her bright blue eyes were piercing into me, expecting me to answer her!

I shrugged, chiding myself for letting my brain wander so far off course again. “Huh?”

She stared at me for a long time, one of her eyebrows raised in her annoyance with me. Even when she was angry, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, or could even imagine. Many women had one or two beautiful features, but every single one of Xena’s was perfect. Her long thick black hair, her aquiline straight nose, her angular cheekbones, those plump pink lips, and those bright rapturous blue eyes…Sweet Hera, any one of those features would be a blessing to have, and Xena had them all! And thought she had to realize she was breath stealing; she certainly didn’t exploit her looks. She wasn’t vain, and never once did she make me feel inferior by referring to either my or her looks.

Then there was her body, which I know men had been willing to die for. Something about all that energy coiled in her marvelously sculpted muscles said “here was a woman designed for two things…fighting and sex”. I had seen her demonstrate her dangerous power in battle enough, and now I found my greatest desire was to see her demonstrate that command over her body as she lorded over mine. Of course, I had heard many stories of her aggressive side in bed, and gods save me, I was desperate for her to demonstrate on me.

Gabrielle’s voice trailed off again, and when I opened my eyes, I saw her own were trained at the juncture of my thighs. It had been so easy to let her words enflame me, and knowing she wanted to see me touch myself had been the incentive to give in to my throbbing clit. One of my hands had delved into my pussy to stroke myself as I listened. I wasn’t trying to get off, just stoke the fires until she gave me more attention, but now I think I had overplayed my hand.

“Gods, that’s sexy,” she said, laying down the scroll and just watching me.

“You’re supposed to keep reading,” I protested. “I have the feeling there’s a good part coming up.”

With a dramatic wave, she swept the scroll from the bed. “You’re the good parts,” she said, bending over to take my lips between her own for a short kiss. “And I don’t want to read any more tonight. We can save it for later. Right now, I want to watch you…finish.”

I laughed at her eagerness, and then my clit pulsed strongly, as she bent to take a nipple in her mouth, her eyes never leaving my prodding hand. Her hand stroked over my stomach, and then it was resting against the back of mine. “Keep going,” she urged, before attacking my breast again.

I wanted to tease her by telling her she was the one who needed to keep going with her scroll, but it was too late. The feeling in my cunt was far too intense to demand anything of her at the present time. Instead, I just concentrated on feeling her palm against the back of my hand, knowing that she was learning every movement I used to please myself with. She lifted her head from my breast, and I groaned at the absence. Immediately, the fingers of her other hand took the place of her mouth, kneading and twisting my nipple gently.

When I felt her moving from beneath me, I let her readjust my body. She lifted her hand from me long enough to pull me so my ass was resting between her spread thighs. Still half reclining, I rested my head against her shoulder and sighed when I felt her hand press into mine again.

“Why don’t you take over?” I managed to ask, but when I tried to lift my hand, she pressed harder against it.

“No…I want to see you make yourself come for me.” From my position, I couldn’t look up to see her face, but I could hear her ragged breathing in my ear. I wiggled my ass deeper, and felt the hot moisture that told me she was enjoying this on more than one level.

My fingers had been strumming my clit, feeling it grow in size and hardness for some time, but now I left my index finger there, and dipped the rest of my hand lower. My cunt was crying out to be filled, and two of my fingers along with the tip of one of Gabrielle’s slipped easy inside. We began to stroke, and my hips began to lurch upward in rhythm.

“Gods, you turn me on,” she was whispering in my ear. I shivered when I felt her tongue lick over the outer swirl of it. “Do you have any clue how hot you make me when I know you’re touching yourself because I asked for it? I can smell your arousal getting stronger…you’re close, aren’t you?”

“So close,” I whispered back, “Keep talking…”

She did as I asked. “Do you know how often I dreamed of this, Xena? How many times I laid in my bedroll with my fingers between my legs, wondering if you did the same thing? Fantasizing about sneaking up on you and watching you from the bushes, as you plunged your long fingers in and out of your pussy? Gods, I pictured it a thousand times…your gorgeous face as it was it caught up in the throes of a self-induced orgasm…and then your eyes would open, and you would smile at me, knowing I was watching you the whole time. You would hold up your hand, and like a beacon, it would call to me until I fell to my knees beside you and sucked your fingers into my mouth, tasting your thick, fragrant essence.”

With a grunt of joy, my cunt galvanized on my fingers, and I climaxed hard, amazed at the power of her words. I had always enjoyed bedroom talk, but with Gabrielle, it took on a whole new meaning. She could drive me over the edge with her voice so easily.

And she wasn’t done. “But it wouldn’t be enough, Xena,” she whispered, urging me to continue to stroke myself. Her other hand came up to torment my other breast, as her hot breath continued to caress my ear. “You wouldn’t say a word to me…just take my head between your strong hands, and give me a long kiss, sharing the taste of you on my lips. Then silently, you would push my head downward between your thighs, urging me to drink the nectar straight from the flower…”

I groaned somewhere in my throat at those words. The mental image she had painted was etched feverishly in my mind. How many times had I had the same fantasy…dreaming of her catching me vulnerable, then realizing she was desiring me just as much as I wanted her? In my fantasies, it would take only a slight movement on my part for her to take the initiative and make love to me.

Her mouth slid slower to lick over one of my shoulders. Her fingers never stopped their exploration of my nipples. “Are you going to come for me again so soon?” she asked, and I could feel her mouth tighten into a wicked little grin. Moments like this gave her great power, but she never abused it.

“Come…for you…” I think I managed to echo…and then my eyes were rolling back in my head and the blood pounding in my ears was all I could hear. My body had never quite come down from my last climax, and now I felt my pussy walls tightening around my fingers as I began to soar upward again. With a cry of pleasure, I reached my completion, and my cunt spasmed in rhythmic waves that gradually diminished, but in slow increments.

I collapsed against her, gasping for my breath, writhing in the captivity of my fulfillment. I was barely aware of her hand leaving mine, but gradually, realized she had it at her mouth, licking off my secretions. As awareness returned, I turned slightly to watch her. Her eyes were closed, and she was smiling as she cleaned her hand.

After a beat, she removed her hand. “Aren’t you going to kiss me now?” she asked me, her innocent look not fooling me for an instant. I pressed my mouth to hers, tasting the musk of my own juices, and then urged her head downward between my thighs, so she could drink the nectar straight from the flower.

(Coming next week: After overhearing Xena flirting with one of the Amazons, Gabrielle finds new ways to deal with her feelings of jealousy and anger.)

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