The Good Parts--Gabrielle's Scroll

“Where do you want me to touch you, Gabrielle? Tell me…” came her erotic, whispered command, making me ever so happy to comply. I had waited for what seemed an eternity for her fingers to finally touch me. I could feel my nipples harden against my clothing, and my center growing more heated. I wanted her to strip me naked and have her way with me. For months I had fantasized about her becoming my lover. “More, Xena. I need your fingers to touch me lower…between my legs. Please, My Warrior Princess. I’m on fire for you.” She held me close to her body, encircling me with her arm while my head lay against her chest. I watched my words appear and evaporate as steam into the cold night air. The campfire crackled behind me and I felt her hand move beneath my skirt, finding the wetness that had accumulated at the anticipation of her making love to me.

“Xena?!” Gods, I had been dreaming again. I looked up and realized I had fallen asleep in her arms. She was leaning back against an old gate in the barn we had occupied since the heavy snowstorm started. We were wrapped in a large fur keeping each other warm. Wind would cut through the old structure every now and then, but our fire was near and we had luckily found enough wood and boards to keep it going for a day or two.

She smiled down at me. “Yeah, that would be me with my hand down your skirt.”

“I was dreaming.”

“I’ll say you were.” I felt a tad embarrassed, hoping I hadn’t said something completely ridiculous. With that smile on her face, I would say everything was okay.

I broke my embrace around her waist and pressed my palm on top of her hand nestled in my crotch, moving my ass just enough to let her know I wanted her to keep going. “That’s what I was dreaming about,” I told her as I stroked over the back of her hand.

“You were talking in your sleep,” she said. “You were telling me what you wanted, and I was giving it to you.”

“You are going to continue, aren’t you?”

I felt her enter me just enough to tease me. “Just try and stop me…” There was no chance of that.

Beneath our protective warmth of the fur, she skillfully helped me undress without requiring me to move very much. I was sitting between her thighs turned to the side, with my legs making a bridge over her right leg. “That’s much better…” she approvingly growled, seeming pleased with the bare minimum. “What about your leathers…aren’t you going to take them off? Please Xena…I want to feel your skin against mine.”

She thought about it and decided maybe I was right. This time I helped her quickly undress. Again nestled between her open thighs, I could feel her hot center responding to my body making contact with her. If I moved my hips enough, I would be able to feel her juices begin to paint the side of my hip with her luscious essence. Moving my hips enough never posed as a problem when Xena was anywhere near my aching pussy.

She held me firmly in her left arm, pressing me tightly against her, and seductively ran her right middle finger over my mouth. “Close your eyes, Gabrielle…” Her deep voice made chills run down my spine. I took just another second or two to look at her face in the light of the fire. Her beauty was amazing. She leaned down very slowly and kissed my left eye and then my right eye. “Close your eyes…”

I did as she said, and thought about how I didn’t care if snow was up to the roof outside. I thought of nothing else except the gorgeous woman about to make love to me, and how that she was the fulfillment in my life. I loved her with every ounce of strength I had.

She went back to tracing her fingers very lightly around my face, brushing my hair back and just taking time to love me. I could feel her literally inside my heart, and the connection was beautiful. I felt her middle finger go back to my mouth, as she moved over every curve, tracing the shape of my lips. “Just imagine me doing this to your other lips…” With that imagery, I wanted her to throw me down and fuck me hard. But I had the feeling she was going to draw this session out for a long time. I felt the excitement grow in the top of my stomach, and the top of my cunt. My tongue came out to wet my lips, and found contact with her finger. “Suck me, Gabrielle…”

Still never opening my eyes, I ran my tongue slowly beneath her long finger, going all the way to where it connected to her hand, thrust my tongue slowly between her fingers and then licked slowly back to the end again. “Oh yeah…that’s hot…” I could feel her getting wetter as she watched my mouth. I sucked in the tip of her middle finger, and then drew back and sucked in her index finger as well. I opened my mouth and moved my head forward, taking in as much of her fingers as I could as I wrapped my tongue her fingers and started sucking. I imagined her cock in my mouth and how much she would get off by watching me…kind of like she was doing now. I opened my eyes to see her tongue tracing her own lips as her chest heaved with excitement. I closed my eyes again and gave her quite a show, letting myself get lost in the scene and not holding anything back. We were certainly protected from any intruders, for there wasn’t even a house anywhere near us.

I arched my hips back and forth, rocking from side to side every now and then just to feel Xena’s hot juice on my skin. I pressed as hard as I could against her mound, knowing it was working for her when I felt her hips begin to move against mine. My clit felt like it was 6 inches long and hard for my Warrior, but I was in the mood to make this last as long as I could. Determined I wouldn’t pay any attention to the intense throbbing in my cunt, I concentrated on bringing Xena to a level of sexual arousal that she’d be pouring out her desire for me. Gods, I loved this woman.

I reached up and grabbed her wrist, rubbing up her arm and crossing over to her breasts. Her nipples were unbelievably hard, and when I moved her wet fingers to my own breasts, I captured her rock hard nipple between my lips. I could taste her arousal through her nipples, which was a very common occurrence. She could easily orgasm with just my mouth nursing away at her chest. Not every time, but we had definitely experienced it quite often. This was one of those times.

I licked my tongue in slow circles around each nipple, and finally licking her entire breast. I waited as long as I could before I closed my mouth down over her right nipple and sucked in a firm, steady rhythm as I let my left hand keep her other breast entertained. I continued grinding my hips into her mound and she gapped her legs wider so that her pussy would be open again my skin. I pulled back from sucking her and said, “Gods, Xena…you feel so good…I can’t wait to fuck you…” She ran her hand over my left thigh, wanting to touch me, and I wanted her to touch me. But not yet. I wanted this to be painfully arousing for us both. Waiting for her touch only made me want her more. By the time she touched me, I would be wild…and Xena loved wild.

I placed my hand over hers as it stroked my thigh, bringing it back to my chest. I sucked at her, hearing my own moans louder than hers at times. We were both getting lost in each other, and it was a wonderful feeling. Just letting go and feeling good—we had been due this treat.

I suddenly felt her body begin trembling, her hips searching for relief as her hot cunt rubbed slickly against my skin. I took her nipple between my teeth as she came, pushing against her center and feeling her buck against me. Before she could finish, I took her hand and redirected it to my begging pussy, urging her to give it to me hard. “Xena…the phallus…I want it…” “No…let me feel you first…I’ll give it to you later…I want you all over my hand…” She excited me further with her talk, and in no time and with just a few thrusts, she made me come very hard as I sucked her fingers inside me, holding her tightly as she shoved back and forth. She held me tightly as I threw my head back and screamed out her name, threatening to cause an avalanche with my passion. Her bag was lying within grabbing distance, and when my body calmed, she retrieved the phallus. “Now I’m going to give it to you…”

I was ready. She had only gotten me started, and I was hot for my Warrior. I moved and helped her put on the harness, moving to face her. I stood on my knees in front of her, pushing her face between my breasts. She immediately sucked me, and when I reached down and stroked her cock, she sucked me really hard. “Xena…I want to ride your cock…” She reached up and pulled the fur back over my shoulders and then pulled me closer to her. She drew her legs closer together and stretched them out in front her as I placed my knees on either side of her hips. I looked down and watched as she held the head of her erection and ran it through my pussy, dividing my lips and quickly becoming coated with my cum. She took her left hand and placed it on my ass, gently pushing me further into her.

I started easing down on the phallus, and she said, “Not yet…just let me feel you for a while.” I didn’t know how long I could maintain this position, but soon I forgot about that and wrapped my arms around her neck, letting her touch me exactly the way she wanted. I moved against her just enough to make sure she could feel the other end of the phallus moving against her clit. I always wanted her to feel as good as I did. I loved bringing pleasure to her body. She certainly did her share of bringing pleasure to mine. It was the least I could do.

“Oh yeah, Gabrielle…I think you’re ready…” I sat down on the length of her erection, getting off on feeling her slide all the way inside me. The backs of my upper thighs finally met the tops of her thighs, and I wrapped my legs around her back. Her hands came up my back and she hugged me tightly against her. “Don’t move…not yet…” I whispered in her ear. She pulled her head back and looked concerned. “Did I hurt you?” I turned my head to the side and put my mouth over hers, my tongue coming out to find her lips parting and giving me a welcomed entrance. I let her have my tongue and began moving my head back and forth as she started sucking my tongue. I finally began barely moving against her, rocking my hips toward her stomach and then as far back as I could. “No…you didn’t hurt me. I just wanted to hear the silence and feel you inside my pussy. This is the perfect moment.” I leaned forward and rested my head over her shoulder. My hands were wrapped in her silky hair and her hands were rubbing up and down my back. Our bodies were molded into one, and we both felt it.

“Hold me tight, Xena…” I whispered. “Will you make love to me now?” She ran both her hands down my ass and then under each cheek. She lifted me a little and pressed me even closer to her body. “I thought you’d never ask,” she said with a heavy tone of lust in her voice.

She drew her hips back as I sat wrapped around her body and buried herself forward in my cunt. She was already all the way inside me. I could feel her hair on either side of the harness. I then leaned back and braced my weight with my hands on the tops of her knees. She thrust forward as I pulled back, and I stayed stretched back for awhile not moving, letting her move in and out. “Gods Gabrielle, I want to see myself fucking you.” We let the fur drop to one side and the light from the fire reveal where the true excitement really was. A new wave of arousal filled us both as I saw something so sexy that it will be forever etched in my mind.

My lips bulged around the phallus, and the evidence of my passion glistened in the flickering light. Xena reached for my center, rubbing her fingers through my pussy and then coming back and rubbing over my hardened clit. She kept one hand behind me, supporting my body and making sure I stayed as close as possible. I watched as she fucked me, moving back and forth from my body, watching her cock disappear inside me. I could tell that she wanted to thrust harder, but her movements were limited. “I want you on top of me, Baby…” I told her, locking eyes with her and desiring to feel her strength as she fucked me. I loved that. “Lie back…” she said, but she moved us into position without her leaving my center.

With my legs now spread widely open for her, I was very ready. She arched her back and kissed my chest then up my neck, slowly starting to move her hips again. She soon buried her mouth and face against my ear, licking the edge of my ear and telling me how much she wanted me. I couldn’t help myself and wiggled beneath her, nonverbally telling her I needed her now. “You want it, don’t you Gabrielle?” she said, moving her hips all the way back to where only the tip of the phallus was at my opening. She teased me and lightly pumped against me, my opening threatening to swallow her. I realized she was waiting for her answer, and told her quite simply, “Oh yes.”

She wasted no time and forcefully shoved forward, my breath catching in my chest from the surprise. She leaned up on her elbow and looked at me, letting me know what mood she was in and waiting for my reaction. We were both extremely horny and we had definitely worked up quite an appetite for one another. “Fuck me, Xena. I want it.”

She leaned down and bit my lips, then shoved her tongue in my mouth and kissed me hard. I gave it right back to her and she then started making love to me, fucking me in hard, even strokes, taking her time before she let me come. My breasts moved with every thrust, and she began moaning and breathing heavier. “Gods Gabrielle, you feel so good inside…” I lifted my legs and wrapped them around her back, and she then placed her hands on either side of my shoulders and towered above me. I watched as her breasts swayed while she picked up the speed of her movements, her eyes closing as she felt everything I felt. We were both going to be sharing an incredible orgasm.

I reached up put my hand to her mouth. She opened her eyes and looked down into my eyes, taking my fingers into her mouth and started sucking them. She found this as exciting as I did, and soon she was asking me, “Baby, are you close? I want to come with you…” And I could tell she was ready. Just the thought of it brought a tremendous reward to all our hard labor, and I told her, “Yes…I’m right there…” I wrapped my legs even tighter around her and she pumped furiously into me, both of us crying out the overwhelming sensations that went shooting throughout our bodies. Somehow we had managed to sweat with snow only feet away from us. The last thing I remember was Xena pulling the fur snug around us, and her sweet lips kissing my head goodnight. “I love you so much,” I whispered, never knowing if she answered or not.

“Good morning,” she said, standing above me all dressed with sword in hand. Gods, it was freezing, and I was still very sleepy.

“Good morning…come back to bed, Xena. It’s freezing without you.” I pulled the fur as close to my ears as possible. My naked body wasn’t geared for this kind of temperature, especially without Xena to keep me warm.”

“It’s time to get up and face the day…the snow has stopped falling.”

“Get up?” She had to be kidding. “The only part of me touching the outside is my face, and it feels like it’s going to freeze and break off.”

She had thoughtfully placed my clothes by the fire so they would be warm, but I couldn’t sacrifice my warm bedding just yet. We agreed that if she would hand me my clothes and not make me have to get up, that I would read her one of my secret scrolls the next time we got to stay in a real bed. It was an agreement we would both benefit from. We spent the remainder of the day and that night in the barn, playing, sleeping, loving, eating, and staying secluded from the rest of the world. The next morning we headed out in the snow, traveling most of the day and settling in for the night in a cave Xena located not too far from Seetus. I was skeptical that we would be comfortable for the night, but the fire we got going warmed the cave to a tolerable temperature.

I was looking forward to sleeping in a real bed…in a warm bed. And to soak in a tub of warm water seemed like a luxury I had missed too often lately. Most of all, I couldn’t wait to read Xena one of my early scrolls…During our earlier days of traveling together, I had wondered many times if she would be shocked to learn what I was really thinking of when she caught me lost in a daydream as I stared at her brushing down Argo or watching the muscles in her forearms flex as she polished her sword by the campfire at night. She mistook my silence for innocent boredom, and all the while my body was longing for her touch. Now I would be able to reveal the truth.

We arrived in Seetus the following afternoon and decided to split up and get some shopping done before nightfall. We had a very important date to keep tonight…with each other. Xena wanted to stop and visit with the man who made her leathers. I was anxious to shop for new shampoo and soap and several items we had been out of for some time now.

I finished up and returned to our room. I had paid for the room before leaving for my shopping trip. I selected the largest tub available, hoping to please Xena with the choice I had made. I lounged in the tub and enjoyed the wonderful aroma of scented bath oil. When I finished relaxing, I dried off and thought about Xena joining me in our room for the evening. I had arranged to have dinner delivered to our door. When she got undressed before stepping into the tub, she wouldn’t need to worry about clothing for the next 24 hours. Oh gods, it seemed like an eternity waiting for her!

I was drying my hair with the towel and heard the key in the door. Xena locked the door behind her and headed straight for me, burying her face in my damp hair as she held me close to her. “Did you have a good day?” she asked.

“Mmm, yes,” I replied…lucky to manage that much. She kissed along my neck and turned me to a big pile of mush in her hands. I wore a robe, loosely tied, giving her plenty of access if she so desired. “How about you?” I then asked her.

“Very good…” she said in a low voice directly into my ear. Gods, she was making my legs weak. She placed her mouth at the crook of my neck and shoulder and sucked hard, grazing my skin with her teeth. She was clouding my clear judgment and making me forget my plans.

“Xena…Xena!” I was trying to pull away from her mouth. “You’d better hop in the tub while the water is still hot.” I wanted her to take me right then, but I wanted to stay on schedule.

I helped her out of her clothes and watched as she descended into the water, enjoying the luxury of a warm bath just as much as I had. “I hope you like it,” I told her. “I got the largest tub in the inn.” She leaned back and closed her eyes. “It’s perfect.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to really pamper my Warrior. She relaxed her body and stretched out her long legs as I ran the sponge lightly over her skin. I took my sweet time, and then washed her hair. As soon as I finished rinsing her hair, a knock came at the door.

“That’s our dinner,” I told her, standing up to put on my robe again. “You finish washing your good parts while I go get it.”

Our dinners arrived on a tray, and I walked with the tray to our tub. She coaxed me right back out of my robe, so I was naked for her viewing pleasure. She invited me in the tub, and I took her up on her offer. We placed the tray across the width of the tub as I sat facing her, my legs resting on top of hers. We chatted about the days’ events and just enjoyed all the comforts around us.

“Are you ready for your bedtime story?”

“Sure am,” she said. I stood and dried off one more time, and then went to my saddlebag to retrieve the scroll I had chosen for this evening. Xena waited in the tub until I was ready. I turned the covers back on our bed and sat up against the headboard, unrolling the scroll. I let my mind drift back to a time when I was so young and inexperienced, but fully understanding that I loved her. Xena finally exited the tub, dried off and met me on the bed. She laid her damp head in my lap and I began to read.

How can such a powerful, strong person have such silky soft hair? It was like satin when it brushed against me as she sat down beside me at the campfire. Sparkling clean from her bath, my eyes just wanted to drink in the dazzling perfection that was my best friend, Xena.

Gods, it wasn’t healthy for me to desire her this much! When I first began traveling with her, I thought I had a crush on her, and perhaps at that time, I did. But it certainly wasn’t long before the crush had developed into something much stronger, and now I realized it was love laced heavily with lust. It seemed like everything she did was solely designed to arouse me. Just watching her ride Argo was a religious experience in itself. I used to walk even with Argo’s neck, so Xena and I could turn and look at each other when we talked. But now, I would intentionally falter a step or two, just so I could watch that glorious ass move in rhythm with Argo’s stride. Then my eyes would move forward a bit, so they were gazing at her amazingly taut, tanned thighs. As much as I desired to feel her arms around her as we made love, I think I desired her powerful thighs even more.

I hope she doesn’t notice when I try to shake my head in order to clear my thinking. It seemed within the last few months, I had become aware of new facets of my body. I knew the throbbing sensations between my thighs, obviously. Lately though, it had been even easier to detect when my moisture rushed from my body in anticipation of what my brain and heart wanted.

But now, I was becoming aware of other things. Whereas my nipples would always respond to direct stimulation in the past, now it seemed they didn’t even have to be touched for them to tighten and harden. Now, just the thoughts of Xena’s thumbs or lips stroking over my breasts was enough for them to tingle with want. My mouth, which had never failed me before, was now betraying me more often. Just looking at her was enough to make my throat grow dry, and my tongue would thicken until it tripped every word I tried to say. I found myself licking over my dried lips constantly; and I know Xena noticed because I saw her eyes often following the movement. She would look into my eyes with a strangely questioning look, but I didn’t have any answers for my repeated habit.

And most of all, there was the scent of my passion that I soon learned to recognize. I don’t think I was aware of it at first, or at least I didn’t identify it with my own core. But Xena had been leaving me almost nightly to check the perimeter of our camp, and I used that time alone to explore my own body, bringing myself pleasure, and that led to a curiosity about what was going on with my own body. I was tentative at first, as I sniffed at the fingers that had been submerged in my wetness, and that led to licking the wonderfully tasty juices off my digits. The flavor and scent was permanently imbedded in my mind now it seemed, and when I thought about what I wanted Xena to do to me, the smell of my own sex would more often than not waft up to my nose and arouse me even further.

That led to a most uncomfortable thought. If my untrained nose could detect my own excitement, then Xena’s supersensitive nose had to be telling her the same thing. Was she aware of the waves of desire that crashed through me every time I was close to her? I remember our hesitant talking about our monthly cycles, and my admitting to her that I was a virgin, and she had tried to talk to me about sexual urges, but it always embarrassed me, and she’d stop.

Now, I wish more than anything that I had let her finish. Would she have told me that sexual urges were normal, and I would often encounter them? Oh gods, did she want to tell me she had the same urges? There were times when she would be so angry and irritated with me that she’d stalk off into the woods to return a half hour later, her demeanor completely changed. I had gone through the same transformation, but I knew what to attribute it to, a couple of climaxes at my own fingers’ bidding. I couldn’t help but picture Xena seeking her own relief at her own hands, and just the thought of that image was enough to start the whole cycle again. I wished I had the courage to try to follow her, as the thought of seeing her in that situation was one of the most exciting of all.

Now, she was sitting barely an arm’s reach from me, her eyes staring at the campfire as she ate her supper. I watched her white teeth flash as she tore the meat from the bone, and pictures raced through my mind of those straight gleaming teeth working on various parts of my body. When I had first begun traveling with Xena, I had been unaware of the way two women could be together. I had to thank Ephiny for opening my eyes. Once she had, I began to learn all I could on the subject. The Amazons were a wealth of information, in more ways than one. Their library was full of all sorts of scrolls on the ways women could love each other. Some were fictional, but most of them were instructional, many of them including drawings to illustrate what they were describing. Whenever we were in the Amazon village, I had snuck off into the library as much as possible, reading voraciously about women making love.

There was no doubt that Xena had experience in making love with women. She didn’t try to hide that fact from me, nor did she flaunt it either. I often wondered if loving women was a thing of her past. With the single exception of Fauna at the Amazon village, I had no indication that she was interested in any women we had crossed paths with in the months we had traveled together.

So here I was, armed with new knowledge I was aching to try out, but the person I wanted to share it with obviously didn’t have the same passion for me.

Why would she? Xena was so many things that I wasn’t. Whereas she was tall, I was short. She was worldly, and I was naďve. She was athletic, and I was clumsy. I had given up on trying to figure out why she allowed me to stay with her. She did, and I was comfortable with that.

Gods, she had asked me a question! I had no idea what it was, and now her bright blue eyes were piercing into me, expecting me to answer her!

I shrugged, chiding myself for letting my brain wander so far off course again. “Huh?”

She stared at me for a long time, one of her eyebrows raised in her annoyance with me. Even when she was angry, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, or could even imagine. Many women had one or two beautiful features, but every single one of Xena’s was perfect. Her long thick black hair, her aquiline straight nose, her angular cheekbones, those plump pink lips, and those bright rapturous blue eyes…Sweet Hera, any one of those features would be a blessing to have, and Xena had them all! And thought she had to realize she was breath stealing; she certainly didn’t exploit her looks. She wasn’t vain, and never once did she make me feel inferior by referring to either my or her looks.

Then there was her body, which I know men had been willing to die for. Something about all that energy coiled in her marvelously sculpted muscles said “here was a woman designed for two things…fighting and sex”. I had seen her demonstrate her dangerous power in battle enough, and now I found my greatest desire was to see her demonstrate that command over her body as she lorded over mine. Of course, I had heard many stories of her aggressive side in bed, and gods save me, I was desperate for her to demonstrate on me.

I felt my own center begin to moisten as I remembered exactly how I felt when writing these words. And then when I looked and saw Xena’s hand on herself, my interest in the scroll had suddenly vanished. My interest lay right before me…and it was incredible to see.

“Gods, that’s sexy…”

She said, “You’re supposed to keep reading…I have the feeling there’s a good part coming up.”

“You are the good parts,” I told her, bending over to take her lips between mine for a short kiss. “And I don’t want to read any more tonight. We can save it for later. Right now, I want to watch you…finish.”

I stayed bent over and let my mouth find her nipple. I stroked over her stomach and down to rest my hand on top of hers. “Keep going…” I told her, capturing her hardened nipple in my mouth again. I loved feeling her hand move beneath mine. To feel her dip inside herself and how she moved over her clit made my mouth water. I wanted my mouth to replace her hand, and it would when we got this little matter out of the way.

I felt my hips moving without realizing I was doing it. My body was telling me what it needed, and that was a huge dose of Warrior Princess. I pulled her body so that she sat between my legs, with her body lying back against me. Her silky hair covered my upper body and I could talk directly in her ear from this position. I loved wrapping my body around her. And I still had my hand covering hers as we settled between her legs.

“Why don’t you take over?” she asked, but I wouldn’t allow her to stop. “No…I want to see you make yourself come for me.” I pressed my hand a more firmly on top of hers, guiding her to continue pleasure herself. I couldn’t explain it just then, but seeing her own hands bringing on her own orgasm was one of the most exciting, erotic sights in the whole world to me.

“Gods, you turn me on,” I whispered in her ear. She scooted her ass back and I felt my wetness make contact with her skin. “Do you have any clue how hot you make me when I know you’re touching yourself because I asked for it? I can smell your arousal getting stronger…you’re close, aren’t you?”

“So close,” she said. “Keep talking…”

“Do you know how often I dreamed of this, Xena? How many times I laid in my bedroll with my fingers between my legs, wondering if you did the same thing? Fantasizing about sneaking up on you and watching you from the bushes, as you plunged your long fingers in and out of your pussy? Gods, I pictured it a thousand times…your gorgeous face as it was it caught up in the throes of a self-induced orgasm…and then your eyes would open, and you would smile at me, knowing I was watching you the whole time. You would hold up your hand, and like a beacon, it would call to me until I fell to my knees beside you and sucked your fingers into my mouth, tasting your thick, fragrant essence.”

I felt her body begin to tremble and her hips started thrusting forward as she came. I pumped against her from behind, being close to an orgasm just from the excitement of watching her come by her own hand. Before she could relax, I wanted her to come again for me. I had kept my hand on top of hers, and urged her to continue stroking herself.

“But it wouldn’t be enough, Xena…you wouldn’t say a word to me…just take my head between your strong hands, and give me a long kiss, sharing the taste of you on my lips. Then silently, you would push my head downward between your thighs, urging me to drink the nectar straight from the flower…”

I touched both her breasts as much as possible with my free hand, kissing her neck and talking lowly into her ear. Feeling how her body responded to my words turned me on even more, and I could tell we had a long night ahead of us. “Are you going to come for me again so soon?”

She responded favorably by grunting loudly again, and I could feel her body tensing as the climax built deep inside her. One of my fingers went inside her along with her own fingers, and the feeling of both our fingers inside her body was unbelievably arousing..

Finally her body went limp against me, and I brought our fingers up to my mouth and begin licking her essence from both our hands. “Aren’t you going to kiss me now?” I asked, trying to hide a huge smile. She turned her head and found my mouth, running her tongue all over my lips and into my mouth as we sucked each other. Her hand came up behind my neck and she started pulling forward. She shifted her body and continued pulling me forward as she took my place against the headboard. Oh yeah…she was guiding me to the nectar.

My desire for her was evident, especially when I got on my knees and crawled to take my position between her legs. I felt wetness streaming from my pussy, and I wanted her inside me…but not yet. I still wanted to concentrate on bringing her body as much pleasure as possible, and to show her just how much I truly loved her.

I grabbed her ankles and bent her legs even more, spreading her thighs farther apart. “Beautiful…” I panted, taking my position and anticipating the glorious taste of my Warrior. I never tired of making love to her, and never would get my fill. “May I?” I humbly asked, running my tongue up the length of her pussy. Before giving her the chance to reply, I sucked her hard clit between my lips and moaned my appreciation for this chance to love her. Her hands came down to wind through my hair, and she pressed my head farther into her cunt. I let my tongue roam up and down as it parted her lips. Her hips began to grind against my mouth, and I finally had to touch myself. I had waited for a long time before giving in, but enough was enough. I didn’t want to reach an orgasm yet, but I needed a bit of relief. Touching myself only made me want it more.

“Xena…I need to feel you against me…” I said, briefly looking up to see her response. “What do you need, Gabrielle?” she asked, making me gush with desire for her. I kissed her center and turned my body to face her. I turned slightly on my side and scooted toward her center, putting my right leg under her thigh and spreading my left leg to draper over her other thigh. “I need this…” I told her as my center made contact with hers. We both groaned with pleasure. “Gods, Baby, you feel incredible touching me this way…” she said, and we started moving our hips in slow circles, finding the most pleasurable spots and focusing on them.

I felt her fingers reach down and begin touching my clit as I let my center grind against hers. “Xena…” I whispered…”That feels so good. You feel so good…”

“Can you come like this, Gabrielle?”

“Yessss…if you like it this way.”

“Oh…I like…” she said, and she started moving harder against me. Our wetness was mixing and our excitement was very audible. We increased the pace and started moving wildly, just closing our eyes and following what our bodies desired. I climaxed hard as she touched me with her hands, and before I reached the height of it, she started to come and enhanced my orgasm even more. I knew we were well on our way to making a night we would never forget.

(Coming next week: After overhearing Xena flirting with one of the Amazons, Gabrielle finds new ways to deal with her feelings of jealousy and anger.)

Xena's Scroll
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