The Scarlet Letter--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)


It seemed like anything that could go wrong on that mission did. The only good thing was Verkinix was on his way back home to Gaul and his wife and children. That had been the purpose of the whole mission, to rescue Verkinix, but there had been so many other factors involved.

Along the way, I had to push Gabrielle into a position that I tried to avoid with all my might. Her job was to smuggle Crassus into Rome, and get him arrested and thrown into the same prison as Verkinix. We switched Verkinix and Crassus in their cells, and at the last moment, Caesar knew he was about to execute the wrong man. He did it anyway. Crassus was beheaded in front of the crowd…in front of me and Verkinix…and in front of Gabrielle's horrified eyes.

She could have prevented his death. Crassus was the third member of the triumvirate that governed Rome, and I had given Gabrielle his imperial ring that identified him as such. Something had obviously happened though; someone had convinced her of Crassus's evilness and past murderous deeds. But letting Crassus die wasn't easy for Gabrielle to do.

When had a healing heart-to-heart talk on the boat ride that returned Verkinix to his home, and Gabrielle and I reaffirmed our love for each other. She had hugged me tightly and welcomed the kiss I had pressed to her lips. I felt much relieved when she told me she wasn't angry with me…she would follow me anywhere without hesitation. She was with me because she chose to be. Those words would comfort me over and over again.

Now, Verkinix and his men were safe at home, and we were traveling back to Greece. Gabrielle and I were the only passengers left on the ship, and we had only one more night at sea.

We stood on deck at the side of the boat and kissed again. Our lips separated, and I felt a heat that started in my cunt and seemed to radiate outward until my whole body was aflame. I recognized it immediately, as the tension and the pain from the last few days had caused battle lust to begin seething in me. It used to take a great deal more for me to feel the hot demanding desires, but with my bard, it's as though my psyche looked for any excuse. And mercifully, usually all it took was some gentle loving from my bard to satisfy the lust. In my sordid past, I often took violent paths to alleviate the feelings…with Gabrielle, I usually didn't have to.

Gabrielle was still in my arms, and she gave a little gasp when I gripped her backside in my hands and pulled her tight against me. I squatted just enough and lifted at her so our mounds pressed together. "Are you ready for a good hard fucking, My Love?" I whispered directly into her ear. "I plan on making you forget all about your seasickness by giving your body other sensations to concentrate on."

Goosebumps rose up and down her arms. I'm sure she recognized the darkened lust in my eyes. She had seen it enough times by now, and had always met my desires with her own. "I'm ready, Xena," she answered, her voice sounding huskier than normal. "I'm more than ready."

"Hey, Xena!" I was a little irritated as I heard the captain, Cole, call my name, but, he was an old friend and I had promised to show him a quickened route I had found to Cypress. It wouldn't take long, and it would give time for both Gabrielle and I to let our anticipation build.

I waved up at Cole, and then looked down into her big green eyes. "I'll meet you in the cabin?"

"I'll be there," she promised, and standing on her tiptoes, she gave me a kiss on my nose. I watched her head for the doorway that led downstairs, my eyes lingering on that delicious ass my fingers had been clutching only a moment before. I swallowed hard, but the moisture that was causing the real trouble was down lower. Oh well, Gabrielle would be taking care of that soon enough.

Cole was a good man, but I don't ever remember him talking that much before. Every time I tried to make my escape, he'd bring up a new subject and I had known him too long to just take off on him.

After the better part of an hour though, I had taken all I could. Finally, when Cole acted like he was about to begin a new story, I begged off, telling him I was worn out. In a sense, it was true. I don't think I could have handled anymore of his stories.

I quickly made my way below deck to our cabin. Along the way, I paused and asked one of the crew members to leave some buckets of hot water outside our cabin door. When we had boarded the ship, I had made sure I secured the cabin located deepest in the ship, and had managed to get us the only one on the far side of the cargo hold. We were free to make as much noise as we wanted, and no one would hear us.

So far, we hadn't had the opportunity to check out the acoustics, but that was all going to change tonight.

I took a deep breath as I grasped the door handle to our cabin. I had awakened this morning, thinking of nothing but making love to Gabrielle, and that thought was on my mind all day. Now, I could feel fresh arousal seeping from my core. I was surprised I wasn't dehydrated at this point, but I didn't feel any ill effects…just a dripping wet cunt.

I opened the door, and my eyes searched for Gabrielle immediately. The room was dark, and the only light was the small amount coming from the porthole. I wasn't surprised to see Gabrielle lying on the bed, which was anchored against the wall opposite the door. But I was surprised to see the position she was in. Instead of being stretched out in some sort of seductive pose, she was curled in a half-ball, her arms wrapped around her stomach. I stepped closer, and could read the misery in her expression.

I knelt beside the bed, and stroked the sweaty side of her face. "I was hoping the calm waters would keep you from getting seasick this time," I told her.

"Me too," she answered with a weak smile. "But it's back…and there's something else…"

"Something else?"

She shrugged. "I started my monthly."

I winced. "No…it's not supposed to start for a couple of days."

She smiled ruefully. "Tell my body that," she replied. "I don't think it's paying attention to the schedule."

I would have just moaned out my disappointment under almost any other circumstance. But my body was so lost in sensation and my heart was aching to have her close to me while we made love. And my lust for her only grew. The kind of lust that would only be satisfied with her cries of completion and pleasure. I wasn't going to let a little thing like her monthly stop me from hearing them.

I rarely suffered from stomach cramps with my own cycle, but they were common with Gabrielle. When it was possible, I'd let her rest when they struck, and within a few hours, they'd subside. I didn't know if I could give her a few hours this time, though.

There was a slight moment of the ship, and Gabrielle moaned with it, clutching her stomach even tighter. "I've got something that will help," I told her.

"Not more pressure points, Xena…I don't like the side effects…" she groaned.

I had to grin at her…remembering the strange cravings she'd had when I had showed her how to relieve her nausea by using the pressure points on her wrist. "No, this is something else," I assured her, and I gave her a return kiss on the nose, before going to the table to retrieve my saddlebag. "I bought this from an apothecary in Rome," I told her, pulling out a small cloth bag. I opened it, and showed her a tiny sprig of something green. Gabrielle eyed it curiously, as I tore off a small leaf.

"Open wide," I crooned to her, and I felt a small shiver when she did. I placed the leaf on her tongue, and her mouth closed almost immediately on it. I half expected her to suck on my finger, but I guess she was hurting too much. I pulled the digit out.

"Now chew it up as best you can and swallow."

She eyed me funny. "Are you sure about this?" she asked.

"Trust me," I told her. "The apothecary says the taste is very pleasant."

I watched as her mouth worked over the leaf. "It tastes like mint," she said, her eyes lighting up. She swallowed finally. "Now what?"

I heard scraping sounds outside the door, and after a brief knock, and a "Here ya' go,", I knew the hot water had arrived. "Just rest for a minute," I told her. "I've ordered some bath water…while the leaf does it work, I'll get your bath ready."

I kept one eye on her as I lugged the heavy buckets inside the room. They had brought enough to half fill the tub, but I saved half of one of the buckets, and brought it closer to the bed. "Better?" I asked, kneeling beside the bed again.

"Yes, thank you," she whispered in return. "I don't like feeling showing you the contents of my stomach anymore."

I chuckled at her, and bent over to kiss her. She returned the kiss eagerly, then I heard her moan again, and she drew away. "I guess it doesn't work for that kind of pain," she told me, her eyes full of regret.

"That's okay," I told her, although my body was telling me something different. I still strongly desired her, but not when she was feeling so badly. "You got room for me in that bed?"

"Sure." She scooted over, making room for me to lie beside her. I slid an arm under her, and my other hand went immediately to her stomach. I flattened my palm, and covered as much as her abdomen as I could, stroking it in firm warm strokes.

"Oh gods, that's nice," she murmured in my ear, as her eyes fluttered closed. I nuzzled her neck, and continued the movements, feeling her breathing slowly returning to normal as her body began to relax.

We lay like that for a long time, and I whispered words of love in her dozing ear, telling her what she meant to me in my life. She meant everything to me…she was my salvation. It wasn't always easy for me to tell her that, but at times like this, it became the most simple and necessary thing in the world. My own lust eased a bit, and I felt a thread of guilt at the thought of still desiring her when she was so uncomfortable. Somehow, we both dozed off for a while.

I awoke, feeling her squirm beside me. It was dark in the cabin now, and I couldn't believe I had slept that long. "I need to get up," she was whispering. "I'm bleeding heavily and I need to change."

I know what she wanted. We both kept a supply of cloth pads in our saddlebags that we used those few days a month, and she needed a fresh one. "I'll get it," I told her. "You just stay there."

She was sitting on the edge of the bed when I had lit a couple of candles and returned to her with her saddlebag. She started to take it from me, but I held back. "Allow me."

"No, Xena," she squeaked, and her face blushed furiously, as I knew it would. She and I had both always been very private about such matters, and I could see she wanted to remain that way. I didn't remain private to avoid being embarrassed, but rather, to avoid embarrassing her.

I shook my head. "I want to take care of all your needs," I told her. "Lie down."

"No, Xena."

In a flash, I was on the bed beside her, drawing her into my arms. I could see in her eyes that the pain of the stomach cramps was gone now, and I wasn't able to wait anymore. My lust was returning rapidly with a vengeance. "Gabrielle, I need to love you. All of you. Surely you don't think a little blood will stop me?"

My words registered with her, and she flushed an even darker red. "I can't…" she confessed, her voice shaky. "I can't let you touch me…let me love you instead." I saw her expression change, and she closed a hand over my shift-clad breast. "I want to love you very much."

I closed my hand over her breast. "You will…but that's not what I've been promising you all day," I told her, my look meaningful. "I've been promising to be inside you, fucking you, and licking and sucking you until your exhausted."

Her eyes widened at my intensity. She had obviously dismissed all I had promised when her cycle started. Her mind had never even considered the possibility that nothing had changed in my words. "I don't think I can," she whimpered.

"Yes, you can…and trust me…you're going to love it. Now lay down. Or do I have to get more forceful?"

She studied my face in the dim candlelight. I knew what she would see…the stark hunger for her body. I had been able to curtail it while she was hurting, but now that the cramps were gone, I had lost that control. At this point, I would make good on my threat to bend her back and restrain her so I could touch her. She knew it.

Without a word, she laid back on the bed.

"That's my good girl," I chuckled, and I paused long enough to pull my shift from my body. Naked, I let her take in my form. My nipples were stiff and erect against the pale skin of my breasts. I ran my hands over them. "Look at what you do to me," I whispered. "Your shyness makes me desire you even more."

I heard her groan as I bent over her, and began to unlace her shirt. Once the material had separated, my mouth closed over a breast. I was gentle, knowing her cycle made them tender. "Xena…" I heard her whisper almost immediately.

I ignored her, continuing to lave my tongue repeatedly over the tightening peak. It throbbed beneath my tongue. "Xena…" Her voice was more insistent this time.

I raised my head, irritated. "What?"

She gulped and swallowed. "Stop being so gentle.," she said to my disbelieving ears. "I want you to keep your promise to be forceful."

Gods, the thing she did to me! Her eyes were glowing at me, as if she had suddenly resigned herself to submit to my will. She would never win anyway, and perhaps she didn't want to fight me that night. I didn't care…one way or the other…I was going to have my little bard.

With an answering moan of my own, I pulled a nipple back into my mouth, this time sucking firmly on the tasty little nub. My other hand came up to stroke, then pinch at the other one, and I felt new wetness between my thighs as I felt her wind her fingers through my hair and hiss, "Gods, they feel so alive."

I smiled ferally, knowing what she was saying, and my own breasts pushed into her ribs as I pressed tighter to her. I almost wished I was cycling myself, so I could feel the combination of exquisite pleasure/pain she was feeling.

She continued to moan and move beside me, and I could smell what I was doing to her. Gods, the coppery smell of blood combined with the musky scent of her arousal was soul stirring. It wasn't long before my hand was stroking down over her body, and then pressing between her thighs. I could feel the thick cloth pad nestled in her underwear, and I pressed it hard into her crotch, making her wriggle beneath me.

"You said something about freshening up," I whispered, raising my head.

"Gods," she whispered, and her eyes closed as her face blazed with heat. I sat up and pulled her clothes from her body. She was now clad only in her underwear, and my eyes drank in the sight of the bulge of cloth between her legs.

I stroked a finger barely underneath her leg band, and held it before me. I could see the red moisture glistening there. My mouth watered. Gabrielle's eyes opened in time to see the finger disappear inside my mouth.

"Gods!" she cried out, and her body responded by crawling into the ball position she had held earlier. "I don't think I can do this!"

I fought a tremor at the taste of her. My eyes bore down into hers. "Yes, you can," I told her. "You have to…for me."

"For you," she repeated, seemingly hypnotized as she stared into my eyes. "I want you inside me, Xena…I really do…but…"

"Relax, My Love," I whispered to her, "Let me love you…"

Once again, her eyes slowly shut, and she took in a deep breath. I sensed she felt she was doing this for me, but I wanted it to be for her too. I was determined to make her beg for more, and to do that, I had to make her more comfortable with the idea.

She jerked a little, when I grasped her underwear, but she lifted her hips for me to remove them. Her eyes were still squeezed shut.

The hot water had cooled considerably, but it was still warm, and I soaked a washcloth in it, and stroked it over her breasts and down over her stomach. She shivered as it started to dry, but when she felt the cloth stroke between her legs, clenched her entire body.

"Relax, My Love," I crooned again to her, as I abandoned the cloth and began to stroke her with my fingers. "Just feel me."

She was rigid for a moment, but as I stroked lightly over her clitoris, I heard her give a little moan of surrender, and then she was moving against my fingers, her hips moving in time with my stroke. The cloth had removed all the blood and lubrication from her core, but now her body produced more juices to aid the movement of my fingers. I could feel her clitoris growing tighter beneath my touch, as her breath began to quicken. I watched in awe, as her hands came up to her own breasts and she pinched both her nipples. She had denied the feelings her body had during her cycle…they were the same feelings I had. The ravenous need to be touched and loved. Now her body could no longer put off what it wanted to experience.

"Xena, I'm going to come for you…" she whispered, her hips beginning to buck against my hand.

"Come for me…" I whispered, and I began to press harder, just concentrating on her clit for now. "I have to see you come for me."

And she did, her upper half lifting high from the bed as she gasped out her pleasure at the quick climax. Her sex was suddenly flooded with juices again, and even in the darkened cabin, I could see the red tinge. Gods!

I discreetly wiped my hands on the wash cloth, and came up to cover her with my body, taking her head in my hands. "You are so beautiful," I whispered to her, before covering her mouth with mine. Her kiss was a hungry response to mine, and I felt her hips wrap around mine as she rubbed her lower half to me.

I lifted my head. "Not enough, is it?" I asked.

Her eyes sparkled with arousal and embarrassment. "Maybe you could use the phallus?" she asked shyly.

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