The Scarlet Letter--Gabrielle's Scroll


I felt like a horrible person. Even though I trusted Verkinix and what he told me about the crucifixions Krassus had ordered, I still didn't like making a judgment against a man I didn't even know, and one that ultimately cost him his life. Of course Caesar's pride was the real reason Krassus lost his life. There was no way he was going to let it be known that Xena had outsmarted him once again.

Xena made me feel much better about it all. During the whole planning phase and being separated from her, I felt so alone and worried about my ability to hold up my end of the deal. Krassus tried to persuade me to believe that Xena lost control when she was in Caesar's presence. After all we had been through, she and I made sure of our honesty to one another. I knew she had learned to control herself much more when it came to her hatred of Caesar.

"Gabrielle, you are the most dear thing to me in all the world." Her words of love made me forget about my queasy stomach. I was so glad to be on our way back home, even if it was aboard a ship. She held one hand as I let Krassus' imperial ring go with the other. It dropped into the water, and with that, I left it all behind-all the feelings that were tugging at my heart. It was over and I made my decision as best as possible. Verkinix deserved to be returned to his family, and we had once again accomplished the greater good.

"Xena, I'm here because I want to be," I had told her when she seemed to be thinking she led me into situations I'd rather not confront. Being by her side, no matter the risk or struggle, was where I belonged.

The great thing was Xena and I were the last passengers on the ship, and Xena had arranged to get us a cabin in a more private spot on the ship. We had been standing to the side, talking about everything that had happened, and she reached down and pulled me into her arms, kissing me with great hunger. She trailed her hands down my back and gripped my ass tightly as she squatted a little so that her mound met mine when she pulled me even closer to her. "Are you ready for a good hard fucking, My Love?" She told me she planned on making me forget my seasickness and giving me other sensations to concentrate on. Gods, she spoke into my ear and gave me goose bumps all the way down.

"I'm more than ready, Xena…" I said, pressing my mound firmly into hers. My stomach was very unsettled, but I thought if I could lie down a bit I'd feel better. I was very exhausted with all the events of the past few days, and I was ready for a private evening with my Warrior Princess.

The captain and Xena were scheduled to meet on a route that Xena knew of, and she told me to go ahead to our room. I walked down the stairway and entered the cabin; glad to see the dim light and nice bed secured to the wall. I sat down and removed my boots and decided to lie down. I had noticed my lower stomach cramping since yesterday, but it wasn't quite time for my monthly cycle. But with the way I had started hurting, I almost knew what had happened. Xena was not going to be happy about this.

I dozed off briefly, but the pain and nausea kept waking me up. Xena was gone for what seemed like a long time, but I guess now there was no hurry for her to get here. I had gotten one of the cloths we carried from our saddlebag and placed in my underwear. That was not what I wanted to feel between my legs. Still…if she could relieve my seasickness, I could love her all night, bringing her to climax as many times as she would let me. We hadn't been together for several nights now, and I missed her terribly. I believe she felt the same way.

I was lying on my side and holding my stomach when Xena opened the door. Being sick and hurting made me miserable. I dreaded this time every month, but I don't think we had ever set sail during my cycle. I only thought I had been miserable until now.

She quickly came to the side of the bed and knelt on one knee beside me. "I was hoping the calm waters would keep you from getting seasick this time," she said, stroking my face. She spoke so quietly, making me feel that I was the only thing that mattered to her right now.

"Me too…but it's back, and there's something else."

"Something else? What?"

"I started…"

"But I thought it wasn't for a couple of more days…"

I reached and caressed her face with the back of my hand. "Tell my body that…it's not listening to the schedule."

"I've got something that will help," she said, going to her saddlebag.

"Not more pressure points, Xena…I don't like the side effects…" I can vividly remember a certain encounter with squid, and it's not one of my most fond memories.

"I bought this from an apothecary in Rome," she said as she brought me a small cloth bag. She pulled out a green leaf. "Open wide." She placed the leaf in my mouth.

"Now chew it up as best you can and swallow. The apothecary says the taste is very pleasant."

"It tastes like mint," I told her.

There was a brief knock at the door. Someone on the other side of the door said, "Here ya' go."

I looked at her, confused about what was being left for us. "Xena?"

"Just rest for a minute. I've ordered some bath water…while the leaf does it work, I'll get your bath ready."

She enthusiastically lugged the heavy buckets of hot water inside our room. There was enough to fill our tub, but Xena saved a part of one of the buckets and sat it down beside the bed. "Better?" she asked, as she knelt beside me again.

"Yes, thank you. Maybe I won't show you the contents of my stomach anymore…"

She laughed at me and met me for a kiss. My nausea had subsided considerably, but my pain in my lower stomach just got worse. I finally drew my head back and told her, "I guess it doesn't work for that kind of pain."

She patiently told me, "That's okay." She kissed me on my forehead, brushing my bangs back. "You got room for me in that bed?"

I scooted over and patted the place beside me. She slid her arm under me, and her other hand went immediately to my stomach. She started rubbing my cramps away and made me feel so much better.

"Oh gods, that's nice," I said, feeling my eyes grow heavier by the minute. Having her lie beside me, loving me and taking care of me was worth all the hardships of the past few days. She could be so powerful and yet so delicate in the same breath. I wanted her to make love to me, but it would have to wait. Having her wrapped around me was exactly the remedy I needed.

We both must have slept longer than we thought, because when I woke up it was dark in our cabin. I could feel myself flowing more heavily. "What's wrong?" she asked, sleepily raising her head from the pillow as I sat up in the bed. "I need to get up. I'm bleeding heavily and I need to change."

Xena told me to stay put and she brought my saddlebag to me. I sat on the side of the bed and watched her light some candles in our dark room. I felt much better after our nap. When she started to hand me my bag, she said, "Allow me."

"No, Xena…that's okay. I really need to take care of this myself."

"I want to take care of all your needs," she said. "Lie down."

"No, I just can't do it."

She sat on the bed beside me, pulling me into her arms and holding me tightly. I could feel the pounding of her heart as I leaned close to her chest. We had planned on making love, but I couldn't help the unexpected. "Gabrielle, I need to love you. All of you. Surely you don't think a little blood will stop me?"

She was serious about going through with it. "I can't…I can't let you touch me…let me make love to you instead." I definitely wanted her. I placed my hand on the armor covering her breast. "Xena, I want to be with you. I need to feel you close to me."

"You will…but that's not what I've been promising you all day." Her eyes were so serious, and so beautiful. I had never turned her down before, and I didn't want to now…but I would feel uncomfortable and awkward "I've been promising to be inside you, fucking you, and licking and sucking you until you're exhausted." Her words definitely made my center contract with want. But the messiness of it all…

"I don't think I can, Xena."

"Yes, you can…and trust me…you're going to love it. Now lay down. Or do I have to get more forceful?"

The hunger in her eyes was strong. It melted me inside when she wanted me so much, and we had been so occupied with Verkinix, Krassus and Caesar the past few days, we hadn't had any time alone. It had been a difficult time for me to say the least. There was nothing I could think of any more fulfilling right now than having my Warrior love me unashamed, accepting my body as it is and loving me with all her strength. And she was right. I needed to trust her. I didn't respond anymore and simply laid back on the bed.

She was very pleased with the obedience I rendered, allowing her desire the opportunity to be satisfied. "That's my good girl," she said with a half smile, and she undressed completely, giving me all the viewing pleasure I wanted. Her nipples were very hard, and mine got even harder as she ran her hands over her own breasts. "Look at what you do to me," she seductively whispered. "Your shyness makes me desire you even more."

She leaned over me and started unlacing my shirt. Her mouth instantly went to my chest, but instead of devouring me, she was very gently, acting almost afraid to suck me in.

"Xena…" If she was going to touch me, I wanted her to take me like she meant it. Her touch felt wonderful, and she was making me demand her aggressiveness. I called her name again, but she was very busy with her mouth glued to my breasts and nipples.

Finally she raised her head, not trying to hide her irritation. "What?"

"Stop being so gentle. I want you to keep your promise to be forceful."

We looked into each other's eyes for an instant, communicating total love and trust about what she was going to do with me.

Her head bent back down and resumed her position, my breast filling her mouth and her mouth bringing me absolute pleasure. It was hard to believe that just a couple of hours ago I was hurting so much and felt incredibly sick. Xena's healing love was all I needed. Her hands came up to stroke my breasts as she kept her commitment to bringing my body ultimate pleasure.

She continued to lay her upper body on mine, and I could feel her very hard nipples gouging into my ribs. The heat from her body was settling into my skin, and my hands found their way around her neck and laced in her hair. "Gods, Xena…"

I could feel myself growing very wet, but I knew I had bled heavily too. Her hand started moving from my breast and traveled down my stomach and then between my legs. I was still dressed, and she pressed her hand hard into my crotch in firm, slow strokes, knowing she was making me want her and insuring her goal would be met tonight. "Gods, Xena…"

"Are you ready for me?" she asked, knowing she had enough effect on me that I couldn't find the coherency to respond. She had me in the palm of her hand, and not just literally. Her strong hands were all over me, and I felt myself open up, ready for her to be inside me. She sat up and started taking off my clothes--first my top, then my skirt. I was lying crudely bare except for my underwear, which didn't look too appealing with the ugly bulge of cloth hiding inside.

I had my eyes closed, because I was embarrassed. I felt her pick up the edge of my underwear and felt her finger brush its way briefly through my sex. I opened my eyes only to see her treating herself to a taste of what she apparently was finding to be quite a turn on.

"Gods! I don't think I can do this!"

She looked down at me quite seriously, determined that she would have her way. I had to trust her. "Yes, you can," she said. With a slight pause, she finished by saying, "You have to…for me." That was all I needed to hear. My baby wanted it, and I would give it to her.

"For you…I want you inside me, Xena…I really do…but…"

"Relax, My Love," she whispered and placed a finger over my mouth. "Let me love you…"

I decided to close my eyes and let her take control. I felt her put her fingers in the top of my underwear and knew it was time. I raised my hips and let her take them off. I heard her squeezing water out of a cloth, and felt her start to rub it over my breasts. The cloth was warm, but the air caused my skin to be slightly chilled.

She moved down my stomach and then to my center. This really took a lot of trust even though I wanted her in the worst way.

"Relax, My Love…just feel me." She put the washcloth aside and started touching me with her fingers. Her hands were very warm, and my body responded to her strokes immediately. I could feel her sliding through me, and I wondered how much blood was present. "Yeah…that's it, Gabrielle. Let me touch you…"

She could make me completely weak yet completely strong at the same time. I would end up coming so hard, but right now I felt like my body was floating and I was nothing but a slave to my master's touch. My hips obeyed and began following her movements, and I covered my breasts with my hands. Xena loved to watch me, and I wanted her to love what she saw. She made my body feel like it had never felt before.

"Xena, I'm going to come for you…"

"Come for me…I have to see you come for me." She wasn't making me wait, and I took full advantage of her treat. She stroked up and down my center, never ignoring my clit and letting me feel how good it could be. It didn't take long for me to make the rapid climb and then reap the reward of being loved by my Warrior.

She was still perched between my legs and I saw her wipe her hands on the washcloth. She didn't give me time to become uncomfortable and quickly stretched her body over mine. I held her body between my thighs. "You're so beautiful," she said, looking into my eyes with such tenderness as she held my head in her hands. Her mouth claimed mine in a deep kiss, making me grind myself into her.

"Not enough, is it?" she knowingly asked, smiling at what she made me crave.

"I was thinking…maybe you could use the phallus?"

"I could go for that, if you'll strap it on me."

She went to her saddlebag and returned to my side. "Where do you want me?"

I had her to straddle my chest, thinking the nearer she was to me, the quicker I could help her into my favorite weapon. It was with this weapon that she conquered me, captured me, and loved me into oblivion. I would gladly be her casualty. However, with her beautiful cunt that close to my mouth, I had another thought.

"Gods, Xena, let me taste you first." I dropped the harness to my side and focused solely on her body. I pulled her hips all the way forward to my mouth as she left a trail of her wetness as she slid up my body. "You're so wet."

She arched her back and stretched out her arms behind her, giving me full access to her dripping center. I drank her in, losing myself to the woman I loved. I was in no hurry to finish.

"Gabrielle…" she growled angrily, yet pleading with me to let her come. How ironic that she forfeited her incredible strength to accept clothing herself with dependency. I had the pleasure of helping her find sweet release. And it certainly was a pleasure.

I briefly removed my mouth from her center and smiled up at her. "What do you want, Xena?" I knew this would really get her juices flowing.

"You know what I want, Gabrielle. Make me come!"

"You want to come, do you?"


I went back to plunging my tongue as deeply inside her as I could. I intentionally refrained myself from sucking her clit, and it paid off perfectly as she took her right hand and started touching her clit.

"That's it, Xena, touch yourself for me…"

I watched as her chest began to flush red and she started breathing heavily as she started her ascent. I stayed inside her and let her move herself against my tongue and mouth. She was incredible, her hips thrusting forward as her fluid pumped into my mouth.

She remained sitting on top of me as she leaned back and caught her breath. I rubbed her thighs and her gorgeous body while I gave her time to rest a bit. She perked up and said, "Put on the harness…now."

I did as she said, fastening it into place. "Get it wet."

I reached up and grabbed the base, making sure she felt it press against her saturated clit. I closed my mouth over the end of the phallus and sucked in, moving my head back and forth so she could feel everything I did.

She moved herself backwards, taking her post between bended knees. I wanted her inside me as much as she wanted to be there.

"I love you Gabrielle," she said as she stroked my clit with her cock. She let the head barely go inside me, and when she pulled out, I saw blood. She slowly entered me, grabbing my thighs and pulling me even closer to her thrusting hips.

"Mmmm, Xena…." Gods, she made me feel so good. I arched my back a little and made myself press harder into her. Her steady rhythm was perfect, and I rolled my hips, savoring the feeling of her moving in and out of me.

She started shoving harder into me. "Is that good, Baby?"

"Oh yes…"

I could feel myself climbing with every thrust. Xena came just before I did, lying over my upper half as she fucked me wildly, capturing my mouth with hers and swallowing my screams of passion as I came hard from her greatest skill.

She finally lay limp against me, saying only, "Oh my gods…that was…on my gods."

Her hair was sweat-soaked and I pulled it back and held it with my hand. "Yes it was." I was amazed by her response to her own climax. "You were very excited…" I mused.

"I still am,", she said, pulling her body off me and removing the blood-covered phallus from her body.

"Oh gods…"

She told me not to be embarrassed or ashamed. Xena had led me through so many new experiences and she always made it seem okay, no matter how insecure I was feeling. I loved her so much for that.

But somehow, it became too much as I saw her raise the phallus to her mouth.

"No!" I insisted, trying to stop her.

"Are you going to deny me this pleasure?"

"You can't, Xena, it's not natural."

"Not natural? A woman's cycle? Gabrielle, it's the most natural thing in the world. Do I have to explain to you the purpose of it?"

I told her surely she couldn't want to taste it. "Oh, yes, I can," she said, as she licked the phallus.

She sat beside me on the bed, continuing to lick and moan at the enjoyment she was finding. It was exciting in a sense to see her want something that was a part of me.

"You constantly surprise me," I told her, as she finished her desired task and laid the phallus aside. She leaned over me and kissed me, and I could taste myself in her mouth very strongly. I sucked against her tongue, cleaning it and hoping she could feel it much lower.

I took her breasts in my hands and then moved down to her hips, urging her to get back on top of me.

She pulled away from me. "No, Gabrielle. I'm not finished with you yet."

"What are you doing?" I asked. She moved her body so that her mound rested against mine.

"I want to feel your essence."

She moved her body down and stopped between my legs. She took her left breast in her hand and ran her hard nipple up my slit, drawing back to reveal the blood that painted her body. She ran her breasts against my center and then continued to press against me with her stomach until she had a red streak up her body.

"I don't believe you."

"Believe me," she said as she bent over, kissing my stomach and grabbing my thighs to pull them over her shoulders.

"No, Xena! I can't let you do this!" I tried to pull away from her.

"Yes you will…just let me love you." She pressed me back onto the bed.

She licked her long tongue up the length of my sex, the feeling irresistible. She started sucking me, moaning with appreciation of what I was letting her do to me. I should be the one thanking her.

I felt her moving and looked up to see her fingers disappearing into her own cunt, only fueling the pleasure mounting from deep within me. We both came several times and finally my body was spent. Exhausted and numb, I moved away from her mouth. When she sat up, I couldn't believe the amount of blood that covered her. I just looked---not saying a word. Her hands had left their mark all over my body as well.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah…I'm shocked at myself and you…but I'm more than all right. Thanks for not listening to me."

"I was listening, but I was listening to your body and not your words."

"And what was my body saying?"

She reached forth a blood-covered finger and marked a red "X" on my lower stomach. "It was saying it wanted to be mine."

"It got what it wanted."

She wet a clean washcloth and started removing the evidence of our incredible, extremely satisfying love session.

"Do you need a bath?" she asked.

"No…I just need you."

She helped me into a clean cloth and underwear, and pulled me into her arms as she covered us with a blanket. "You've got me…for now and always."

Yes…she was all I needed.

Xena's Scroll
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