All For Xena--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

"Xena? You're being awfully quiet."

Gabrielle's soft voice filtered through my daze. It took a moment for her voice to sink in. I blinked a couple of times, and then glanced over at her. "Sorry," I said, with a slight smile. I slipped my arm around her shoulder, just drawing her closer to me.

We were headed toward Athens, after leaving behind some remarkable people.

I barely remembered Belach, Borias's oldest son. I had only seen him a couple of times, and that been…gods…thirty-five years ago. I was a totally different person then, letting my impetuous lust for extreme power override any human characteristics I might have still possessed. I had wanted Borias, and his wife and son were mere obstacles to my obtaining him. I had little trouble convincing Borias to leave with me. I had straddled his lap and rode him relentlessly, milking his rooting cock with my inner muscles, while my teeth nipped at his neck and shoulders when his mouth wasn't busy on me. I whispered words of the things we would accomplish, and even after filling me with his seed, he never lost rigidity. I had a live one with Borias, and I didn't intend on letting him go any time soon.

But now, Borias had been dead for years, and I had forgotten all about his having another son. When I looked in Belach's face though, the memories hurried back like a speeding arrow. Belach was nearly identical to his father; it was really uncanny. Once I got past his looks though, I found Belach had very little in common with his father's personality. Borias had a great love for the centaurs, and Belach was full of hatred toward them.

Ironically, his own daughter was not only in love with a centaur, but very pregnant by the same centaur. And this centaur was Ephiny's son, Xenan, whom I myself had delivered many years ago. I was torn between sympathizing with Xenan, and trying to help Belach. Ephiny had been gone for many years, but suddenly began making appearances to Gabrielle. Ephiny was terrified for her son, but thankfully, Belach had inherited his father's intelligence. After a long struggle and much heartache, Belach had welcomed his daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson, reverently named Borias, into his life.

I should have been satisfied that I had made peace in the family. I DID feel peace in that regard. I knew they would be okay now.

But that still didn't make up for what I had done to Belach in the past. Just as I had given life to Xenan, I had taken it away from Belach. I had taken his father, and I never could give that back.

"You're hurting, aren't you?" Gabrielle's voice broke me out of yet another daydream. Her head was resting on my right shoulder as we walked.

"Aren't you, Xena?"

It took me a second to remember what she had asked. And I knew it would be pointless to try to hide the truth. I sighed. "Yeah, I guess I am," I answered.

"I thought so," she mused. "And I can understand why. But you know what?"

"What?" I asked, not even trying to fight back a smile.

She stopped walking, and I had to do the same so I could face her. "I know you're regretting what you did in your past. And I can't do anything about that. But I can tell you this…if it hadn't been for you being in the right place at the right time, and doing all the right things, Belach might never had discovered a grandchild he could love. He probably never would have found it in his heart to accept the centaurs for the noble race they are, instead of hunting them to extinction. He might never have been able to regain the love of his only child." She had a hold of my free hand, and she gave a little squeeze to it as she made each point. I pulled her hand up to my mouth, and gave her a light kiss on the knuckles; she left her hand pressed to my cheek.

"But that's not even the best thing," she said, her eyes glowing into mine.

Her eyes were so big and bright; I could see my own reflection in them. I smiled, and continued to stare as I spoke. "What's the best part?" I asked.

She beamed at me. "The best part, is you've given that little baby centaur a great start in life, a loving grandfather, and a future for him and his people."

Her words sunk in. I felt a little of the pain that had been weighing me down lighten just a little. Her expression was so earnest, so sincere, and so full of love, it made my heart swell. "Thank you, Gabrielle," I whispered, and dropping Argo's reins, I took her hands into mine.

We stood there for a few minutes, just gazing into each other's eyes. No one would ever be able to convince me I could deserve the light of the love of my life. Finally, Argo nickered and nudged me, and the spell was broken. I gave Gabrielle a wink, then turned to look at my horse.

"What's the matter, Girl?" I asked, scratching her favorite spot on her neck. "Are you feeling left out?"

She pushed her nose into the crease between my arm and my torso, and blew out her breath, tickling me.

"I think that's a 'yes'," Gabrielle chuckled, and we both gave Argo a little needed attention. It didn't take long though, Argo was just making sure we knew she was around, and she then calmed down, waiting to see what we'd do next.

Gabrielle and I looked at each other and laughed. My heart felt lighter than it had for days. "What say we make camp here?" I asked, suddenly feeling more than just a happy heart.

"Right here?" Gabrielle grinned at me.

We were standing in the middle of a well-worn path. I grinned back at her. "Well, maybe we can find someplace a bit more private," I told her. I took up Argo's reins again, and waited for her to decide.

She thought about it for a minute, and then stood on her tiptoes, using my shoulder as leverage. "Isn't that Athens just ahead?" she asked.

Tartarus, I'd been had! She was getting too good at this! "Yes," I told her, finally, knowing my hopes of a quiet night around a campfire was lost.

"Xena…" her voice had the pleading tone, but it wasn't necessary. We had been camping for weeks, and my bard was long overdue for sleeping in a real bed.

I shook my head, cutting off her plea, and before she could even regroup. I bent down and kissed her. "We'd better get going if we want to get there by nightfall."

She pulled her head back, long enough to see I was serious, then returned the kiss, giving my ass a little squeeze in the process. Finally, she released me.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay her tonight?" I asked her, letting my eyes reveal to her how much she had just made my center tingle.

I saw a matching glint in her eye, then, that I don't think I had noticed before. "Come on," she said with a shrug of her shoulders. She sauntered down the footpath towards Athens, wiggling her backside enticingly. She knew there was absolutely no way I could resist following that.

"I thought this was supposed to be the slow season," I told Gabrielle as we entered the front gates. In the early evening, the town was bustling.

"It is," Gabrielle replied, taking my hand. "Don't you remember how crowded it was the last time we were here?"

I pretended to rack my brain. "The last time I was here," I purred into her ear, "I remember it being sandy and dry."

"Oh yeah," she smiled in return. "But not everything was dry, as I recall."

Gods, what a single statement from her could do to me! We had been in Athens about six months ago, and it had been a rough time in my little bard's life. I had gotten an idea to cheer her up while we were here, and had arranged for a night in my own version of the North African desert. It had cost a fortune, but had been worth every dinar, for it had brought her spirits up considerably.

I didn't have anything like that planned this time, but that was all right. There was plenty to keep Gabrielle entertained in Athens without visiting Delle's establishment.

We made our way to an area a little off the beaten path. We had stayed there last time, and had found it quite comfortable and a little quieter than elsewhere. Gabrielle was in charge of getting a room while I stabled Argo.

She was done before I was, and met me outside the stable door. "I got us a room in the same inn as last time," she told me, taking one of the saddlebags from me.

"Sounds good," I told her. "Let's get settled in."

By the time we had both had a bath and had eaten some supper, it was too late to do much exploring in the city. Gabrielle asked if we could go out on the balcony, and just people watch for a while. I agreed, and we snuggled into one of the two chairs, with a plate of fruit nearby in case we got hungry.

I don't know why I felt the need to talk about it, but I did. "Ephiny was moving to Athens just before Xenan was born," I began.

Gabrielle had been stroking up and down the back of my hand, but now she intertwined her fingers with mine. "I remember," she said softly.

We were probably thinking similar thoughts. Ephiny's husband Phantes, a centaur, had been killed in the war between Minoa and Thessaly. The shock of her death and the trauma of a head wound Ephiny had received had caused her to go into premature labor. The size of the baby had dictated that I would have to deliver the baby by cutting into her uterus. I did, and Ephiny had named the healthy baby Xenan in my honor. That had surprised me and pleased me very much.

"What are you thinking?" Gabrielle's voice finally reached me.

I shrugged, and lifted my arm so she could nestle even tighter into my right shoulder. "You've been distracted a lot lately," she was saying. "Do you want to talk about what's bothering you?"

I leaned in to smell the scent of her har. It was soft, and always reminded me of the scent after a summer rain. "Xena?"

"I dunno," I finally answered. "I'm not sure what I'm feeling."

"It has to do with Xenan, doesn't it? Or Belach?"

"Yes, my perceptive little one," I replied with a wry chuckle. I watched her fingers play with the skin above my knee, and finally began to pour out my heart.

Once I began speaking, it got easier and easier. I told Gabrielle a lot of things that night; things about my relationship with Borias and run-ins with his wife, Natasha. I know Gabrielle was shocked by some of the things I told her, but she was used to being shocked by me.

She was the only person I could talk to. She would listen to everything I said, and then respond to me in any number of ways. A lot of times, all she could do was listen and nod, encouraging me to talk out what I was going through. In that way, I often came across my own solutions or explanations.

Tonight though, there was no easy solutions. Gabrielle had commented more than once how she admired my respect for not overstepping the boundaries of someone who was married or even involved in a serious relationship. I wouldn't betray that sort of relationship now, but in my past, my lust didn't stop me from going after anyone I wanted. I relished the challenge of the seduction too much. That was the hardest thing for me to admit, but as usual, Gabrielle took it all in stride. She knew that when I left that old life behind me, I left it completely.

The only thing that remained were the memories, and sometimes, they were the worst things of all. Tonight, they poured out of me, mixing with tears and anger and a thousand other painful feelings. Gabrielle helped me through each and every one of them, often feeling the same way I did, and not afraid to let me see that.

It hurt to let my barriers down like that, yet at the same time, it was very healing to me. Bit by bit, during my time with Gabrielle, I had learned to let my emotions show through. It was totally foreign to me, and took a lot of trial and error, but finally, I learned it was much better in the long run to be totally honest.

Finally, I was exhausted and so was she. She was lying propped up on the headboard, my head cradled in her lap. I loved it when she ran her fingers through my hair. The conversation had lapsed for a while, but she suddenly spoke, "Look, Xena, the sun is coming up!"

I turned my head to follow her outstretched finger, and could just catch a glimpse of the glowing orb over the horizon. "I've kept you up all night," I said, smiling up at my love.

She smiled back at me, thinking the same thoughts I was. Usually, when I kept her up all night, it was from making love to her.

"How about we try and get at least a few hours sleep?" I asked, reaching up to caress the side of her beautiful face.

"Sounds good," she replied, and I reluctantly pulled myself off her lap. I stretched out full length beside her, not even bothering to take off my leathers. The outpour of emotions had proven to be exhausting, and it wasn't long before we were both asleep, wrapped in each other's embrace.

Gabrielle shook me awake a few hours later, which was a switch. Usually, I was the first one up, but Gabrielle's excitement had woken her first today.

"I'm going to look around," she told me after she had kissed me awake. "D'you wanna come with me?"

I stretched on the bed, and considered it. "I'll catch up with you in a little while," I declared finally. "I'd better go check on Argo; that stable was kinda crowded."

That seemed to please her immensely, and I narrowed my eyes at her. "What are you cooking up?" I asked.

She giggled at me, and leaned in for a kiss. "Nothing," she told me, and I didn't believe her for a second.

I didn't push her though. Instead, I just watched her curvy backside as she bent to retrieve the money pouch, and then gave me a wave with a "See you later, then."

After she was gone, I stretched my body, groaning as several of my joints popped. My left shoulder was still nagging me, as it had been the last few days. I was going to have to get Gabrielle to use her magic fingers on me.

I was sorely tempted to roll over and go back to sleep, but I always had a hard time sleeping during the day. With a sigh, I got up and got dressed.

After visiting with Argo for a while, I decided to search Gabrielle out. It would be a challenge to find her with all the people milling around.

It took me almost a half hour to find her. I saw her approaching from the other side of the street, heading west. Funny, I couldn't remember there being any places of interest to her in that direction.

Her eyes were dancing with excitement as she approached me, and once again, I got the impression she was up to something.

I looked her up and down. "You've been out all this time by yourself, and you didn't buy anything?" I asked her, half-serious.

"Oh, I spent some dinars,' she replied with a mischievous little laugh.

"What did you buy?"

She just continued to grin at me, and shrugged. "You'll find out," was all she would say. "Let's get something to eat."

I let that go, and agreed with her. It was hard to decide what to settle on, so we ended up snacking from a number of booths. We spent a pleasant afternoon, much as we had the last time we had visited. Gabrielle's enthusiasm was infectious, and I found myself unbelievably patient as I waited for her to check out various attractions. I even found a few of my own to check out, and not all of them were on Gabrielle's body. Finally, though, Gabrielle began to run out of energy. Only getting a few hours sleep on the previous night was catching up with her.

After the fifth yawn in as many minutes, Gabrielle was finally ready to go back to the inn. On the way there, we passed the newly opened amphitheatre, and my sleepy play-lover was suddenly wide-awake again. I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw the name of the playwright. Roland was one of Gabrielle's many most absolute favorites.

"Xena," she began in the singsong voice. "Can we please go?"

I crossed my arms and pretended to consider it. I really didn't want to go, but I figured when the play began, I could get a little sleep. I didn't think Gabrielle would mind as long as I was beside her.

I wasn't going to let her think I was that easy, though, so I made her work for it a bit. I couldn't resist this opportunity to see her make a myriad of cute pouting faces accompanied by little "oh, pleases". I found myself fighting back a grin. I even asked why I couldn't just wait for her in the room, but she insisted the "beautiful love story" would inspire a few love scenes of our own.

After finally getting her to promise a meal of dumplings with the red stuff along with her stretched out naked on the table as I ate, I gave in. I'd done better than I thought I would. But I'd never let her know that.

It was a beautiful, clear night, which was a plus. Maybe I could do some stargazing before I took my nap. I knew how long these plays could last, so I suggested to Gabrielle that we eat before we went. I knew she wouldn't say no to that. We went upstairs to our room to wash up, and my rewards increased as Gabrielle stood on tiptoe, and gave me a warm kiss of gratitude. I deepened the kiss, trying to give her one more opportunity to miss the play, but no such luck. She thanked me again, and we went downstairs to dinner.

At least we didn't have to wait long for tickets, and Gabrielle was very happy with our seats, so I made myself comfortable and we made small talk until the play began.

It was okay, as far as plays go, although it could have used a few more fight scenes. I stuck with it for a while, but I can't even remember the main character's first kiss. I was too busy studying the back of my eyelids.

The wind had picked up a bit, and I wasn't surprised when I felt Gabrielle covering our laps with a blanket. I didn't think much of that or the sensation of her right hand on my thigh. It wasn't unusual for her to sneak a touch in public, and I never even gave it a second thought. I readjusted the position of my head, and nodded off again.

I started dreaming almost immediately, and it was a very good dream. I was dreaming of Gabrielle's lovemaking, her gentle fingers as they swept over my swollen core. She had perfected a stroke that wasn't too hard, wasn't too soft, and was just right for driving me crazy with need. It wasn't unusual for an erotic dream to arouse me, and I'd wake up with the hunger for some real life lovemaking. I abruptly woke from this one, and realized it was no dream.

Under the blanket, Gabrielle had moved her hand upward to press it against the whole of my sex. At first, I thought she was just teasing me, but when I felt her fingers slide down the top of my breeches and into my labia, I realized that she was very serious.

I had to straighten up in my seat a bit, and glanced around to see if anyone had noticed anything amiss. Thank the gods they hadn't, because I was already too far-gone to make my brazen love stop.

I couldn't ride her hand with my hips, as I would have liked to do. Gabrielle would have been mortified if anyone realized what was happening beneath the blanket. and I didn't want to ruin the moment. I concentrated on fighting back the moans threatening to break free, and trying subtle movements with my lower half, in order to increase the maddening pressure.

She was looking at me, her eyes glowing with pleasure and amusement at my predicament. And there was something else…her lower half was covered by the blanket, but I could see her erect nipples poking against the material of her shirt. Apparently, my little bard was finding this situation exciting as well.

I began clenching my vaginal muscles as hard as I could, and the waves of pleasure began to tumble one over the other. When Gabrielle slipped two fingers inside, it gave me something to push against, and I started pulsing stronger. Gabrielle stroked over the erection of my clitoris, and my climax grew imminent.

Oh gods, how was I going to come without letting anyone know? Her skillful fingering had brought my excitement level up so high, I didn't see how it would be possible for me to orgasm without making a sound or thrashing my body around.

My whole body broke out in a sweat, as I tensed myself to keep from moving too much. This was more of a challenge than I ever could have guessed! My thighs had tightened so much, they were beginning to cramp, but somehow, she managed to masturbate me even more frantically.

I clenched my eyes shut as the climax started deep within me. I fucked my cunt against her as much as I dared, but concentrated most of my energies on biting back my cries, and keeping myself from jumping on top of her and grinding myself into the sensations. . She was grinning openly at me now, obviously enjoying my discomfort, and as the climax finally dissipated, I felt a silly grin plaster across my own features.

I took a few more deep breaths, and then my body finally relaxed somewhat. My center was humming its pleasure. When I had everything back under control, I leaned closer to Gabrielle. "What got into you, My Love?"

Her eyes sparkled as she whispered back. "Just wanted to make sure you enjoyed the play as much as I did." She finally removed her fingers from my sopping cunt. I had to stifle another groan when I saw her inhale the scent on her fingers deeply, before slipping them into her mouth, one by one. She was torturing me with her motions, and I considered retaliating the favor, right then and there. But then the audience began to cheer, signaling the end of the play.

The crowd was still thick, but I had a tight hold on Gabrielle's hand, and she followed in my wake as I made my way outside the theatre. There was a pottery shop next door, and I practically dragged Gabrielle behind it.

"What are you doing?" she asked, as I pressed her against the back of the building. I bent, and my mouth found hers. "I'm thanking you, " I told her, after my head pulled back. "How long did you have that planned?"

Her expression went from slightly alarmed to a confident grin. "That little performance?" she asked, waving a hand in the direction of the theater.

"Yeah, that," I growled, grabbing the offending hand and pressing it to my lips.

She shrugged and grinned. "It just occurred to me while we were sitting there."

That stunned me. I thought her secretive mission earlier that day involved what had just happened. "You didn't plan that?" I asked. She just continued to wrinkle her nose at me in that adorable grin.

I was still feeling the occasional throb between my thighs. "I certainly did enjoy the play," I had to say, and I bent in for another kiss. This time, she took the initiative. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and poked its way into all the crevices that would inflame me. By the time we separated, she had me breathless again. I stared into her green eyes, once again falling totally under her spell.

"Are you ready to go back to our room?" I asked her, while I still had a voice left.

"Definitely," she purred. I took her hand and we were back in the room within minutes. I kept her up all night again, but this time, I wasn't using my mouth for talking.

It was nearly noon before I woke up the next day. I could count on my fingers the number of times I've slept that late in the last ten years, but the comfort of the bed and Gabrielle lying on top of me was just too enticing.

Getting Gabrielle to wake up was even tougher. I tried the gentle ways first, but none of them seemed to work. I was going to have to try some more drastic maneuvers. We had slept naked, a luxury we couldn't risk very often, and after extracting myself from Gabrielle's arms and legs, she now lay on her left side in a halfway protective ball. There was one luscious part of her anatomy that was exposed to me however…

I got on my hands and knees behind her on the bed. Sticking out my tongue, I very softly licked over the top of the crevice of her backside. She wiggled a little in her sleep. I pursed my lips and blew lightly on the wet flesh.

Gabrielle is almost as sensitive as I am there, and I saw goosebumps prickle her arms and legs as she shivered in her sleep. One more lick, and another exhalation, and she was awake, giggling.

"What are you doing to me?' she asked, rolling over onto her back so I couldn't torment her there any longer.

I was already fully dressed, and shook my head at her. "You didn't want to sleep your entire time in Athens, did you?"

Her eyes widened suddenly, and she rolled out of bed. "Oh no, I'm running behind! What time is it?"

"Around noon." I couldn't help buy stare as she rushed around the room getting dressed.

I sat down on the bed, and watched her. "What's going on, Gabrielle?" I finally asked.

She had an extremely guilty look on her face, either that or a very mischievous one. "I…uh…well, you'll find out," she finally said. She sat down on the bed beside me, and began pulling on her boots hurriedly.

I watched her, amused by her excitement. "So I take it you don't want me to go shopping with you today?"

She stood up, and was putting her sais in their straps on her boots. "You don't mind, do you?" she asked, sounding unsure of herself. "I mean, you can find something to entertain you, can't you?"

"In Athens?" I grinned lasciviously, "I'm sure I could find something to occupy me."

She was ready to go now, but reached out and gave me a hug and a quick kiss. "I'll be back at sunset," she told me. "Make sure you are too."

"Yes, Ma'am," I narrowed my eyes as she giggled again at me, then left the room at a dead run. I briefly considered following her, just to get an idea of where she was heading, but chided myself at the thought. I would never ruin her surprises intentionally.

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