All For Xena--Gabrielle's Scroll (Part 1)

The trip to Athens was going very slowly, especially since there was so much silence. We walked along, and Xena stared ahead deep in thought and obviously feeling the effects of seeing her past become her present. She had met Borias' son, Belach, and was trying to locate Belach's daughter, yet trying to save the centaur race at the same time. I wondered if it had stirred up old feelings, making her think of Borias and then even their son, Solan. She was definitely troubled, and seeing her hurt made me hurt for her.

"Xena? You're being awfully quiet."

She half-smiled and told me, "Sorry", as she wrapped her arm around me and pulled me closer.

"You don't have to tell me you're sorry, Xena…do you want to talk about it?" I knew she wouldn't talk until she was ready, but I needed to let her know I was interested in listening whenever she was ready.

She told me she was fine, but I didn't believe her. We continued walking, and she continued thinking--which only made me think more. Even though I didn't know the details, I pretty much knew what was on her mind. Aware it would take time for her to settle things in her own heart, I knew we were heading to a place where I could maybe help nurse her back to health by letting her know she meant everything to me. How ironic that she had done the very same for me in the very same city, after I had killed Korah. I had to think of something wonderful to do for her, and giving her my love was the first thing I could do. Whatever she needed from me, I would satisfy her want.

Her face looked so sad. I couldn't stand it anymore. "You're hurting, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I guess I am."

I began telling her the wonderful thing she had done for Belach, and just as importantly Xenan and his new son, Borias. What a bittersweet circle, but she had caused it to join in a new beginning. Borias had fought to protect the centaurs, while his son had nearly destroyed them. And because of Xena, she gave both sides new life by delivering Xenan's child.

The centaur race would live on thanks to Xena.

I could see her processing what I had just said. Her face began showing a slight look of relief, and that was the first time since we had left Belach's camp. "Thank you, Gabrielle…" she said, as she took my hands into hers, and looked so beautifully into my eyes. We stood there for a bit, just being in love.

"Want to make camp here tonight?" she asked. Boy, she had been in a daze, not even realizing how far we had been traveling. "Right here?" I asked kind of hesitantly. "Xena, isn't that Athens just up the road?"

She looked almost embarrassed for a moment. That still didn't stop my Warrior Princess from preferring another night under the stars. She reached down and kissed me. "Yes…we'd better get going if we want to get there by nightfall." I was so ready for a warm bath and soft bed, and to have my lover as close to me as possible. I had to supply her with some type of lure to keep her walking, so I strutted slightly ahead and gave her an unblocked view of bard ass. Hopefully that would make her think more of what lied ahead for her instead of what was behind.

She really hated being in the city. I knew she was only letting us stop for a couple of nights, and I intended to make it one of the best experiences she had ever had in Athens. As soon as we arrived it was getting dark. We made our way to the small inn where we had stayed before, and right before getting there, Xena decided to go ahead and get Argo settled into the stable. I ran ahead and got our room and met Xena back at the stable.

We were very tired, but the bath that I had dreamed of all day seemed to help us feel much better. We had dinner and decided to just go back to our room and do some sightseeing tomorrow. Besides, I wanted Xena to have the opportunity to talk about all the feelings she had been harboring. I thought maybe if we got settled in and had some privacy, maybe she could feel the freedom to express all the things that were bothering her.

We had a wonderful view from the balcony. We shared a chair and just enjoyed the beautiful night. It was so peaceful up here, and the luxury of being with Xena in such comfortable surroundings was something I had definitely missed. My favorite part was having her so close to me, not having to worry about protecting us and keeping her ears open for possible enemies. Sitting so close to her…smelling her leathers…feeling the warmth of her soft skin…it's like the heavens smiled upon us and gave us these perfect moments together.

"Ephiny was moving to Athens just before Xenan was born," she said out of nowhere. I knew I had been right in sensing her train of thought. Seeing Ephiny's ghost had been quite an experience on its own. I think Xena thought I had lost it for a moment when I told her I could see Ephiny and that she was there with us. There were so many emotions Xena had to be battling within…so many people from our past had somehow been brought to our present, even if only in memory.

She began telling me so many things. Things she felt, things she had experienced, even intimate details of her life with Borias. Her emotions were very visible tonight. Seeing her cry brought tears to my own eyes, because I couldn't stand it when she was hurting. We finally moved to the bedroom, lying on top of the covers and she let me hold her head in my lap. She didn't let up talking the entire night and soon the sun was beginning to rise, making itself known through our open balcony doors.

We decided to get a few hours sleep and she arranged her long body beside mine, holding me on her shoulder as we drifted off to sleep together.

I opened my eyes to what looked like a noon sky. I jumped up, because I had an idea before going to sleep last night. It was something I could do just for Xena if I used my time wisely today. I was going to pay her old friend Delle a visit and see what surprise I could arrange for my Warrior Princess.

I woke Xena up with a kiss on her cheek, my hair still wet from a quick bath. I sat on the side of the bed to put on my boots. "I'm going to have a look around…do you want to come with me?" Even though I very much wanted to spend the afternoon with her, I was hoping she said no because I needed some alone time to get things in order. I had only hours remaining and had to work quickly. She stretched a mile, and turned over on her side, propping her head up on her hand.

"No, you go ahead and I'll catch up with you in a little while. Besides, I need to check on Argo." I was so relieved, but tried not to show it. She squinted those icy blue eyes and asked, "And just what are you cooking up, Gabrielle?" She made me so nervous when I was trying to sneak around, because with her prowess tracking skills, she'd beat me to wherever I was headed. I leaned over her and gave her a kiss, trying to conceal my nervous laughter. "Oh nothing…" I knew she didn't believe me.

I remembered Delle's place being much farther down the street and on the opposite side of the inn where we were staying. I didn't know exactly what to do to surprise Xena. There was no way I'd be able to top her creativity when she arranged for our room to be turned into a desert theme. I knew the one thing I could do, and that was to offer my body and heart to her, and to love her the entire night. I wanted to help her forget her heartache and sadness. I felt myself already missing her.

I walked up to the front door getting ready to knock, and it swung open before my knuckles made contact with the wood. Delle must have been watching out the window and saw me approaching. She stood with a big smile on her face, which I was quite happy to see because I didn't know if she would remember me. "Let me guess…you are here to see me about a room for the evening."

"How did you know? Do you even remember who I am?"

"Well of course…I never forget a muscled little blonde like you…and besides, a friend of Xena's is always a friend of mine." She slapped me on the back of my shoulder the whole time she talked, catching me off guard and nearly knocking me off balance. "That is…unless you're coming to see me about a job."

I nervously stammered, "Oh, no Delle, thanks anyway, but I'm quite happy working full time with Xena." Gods, I'm so sure I would trade sex for money. Besides, when I had the ultimate luxury of being loved by the best, why would I look elsewhere?

"I'll bet you are…happy being with Xena, that is." She looked me up and down more than once, which made me increasingly nervous. And of course, she sensed it.

"What's wrong little cutie? You act more nervous than a whore in church."

"Uhhh…nothing Delle. Listen, I wanted to ask for your help…maybe you will be able to help me plan an evening for Xena. I want the red carpet treatment for her, and I thought we might be able to use the same room we had last time."

She swung her arm around my shoulders and urged me to walk forward. "Honey, you've come to the right place. If I can't help you provide Xena with a night of hot sex and plenty of eye candy, then my name ain't Delle. Are you sure you don't need a couple of my girls to get things rollin'?"

"Thank you very much, but no. I believe I'll be able to handle it once we get our plan squared away."

"Hmmm…I bet you will."

I quickly changed the subject as we began walking up the stairs. "Isn't the room on the third floor?"

"Sure is. I've put something new in the room that I think you and Xena will find quite appealing."

She took the key and opened the door. I had only been in the room once, and at that time sand and elaborate tapestry filled the room. It now looked pretty much like a normal room. She walked over to a closet, telling me to follow her. Pulling back the door, she said, "Now let's see…if this is to be a night of romance and wining and dining, I would think you need something a little more sexy, with easy access to Xena's favorite parts. She moved several sheer gowns and robes back as she looked through the closet.

"Here it is…the perfect outfit. And if I remember correctly, Xena loves red."

It was very red. And very exposed in certain places.

"Go ahead, try it on." She looked anxious to see if her selection was going to fit as well as she thought. She held it up to me, and I just looked down with my mouth open. It was dark red with black lace on the edges. She called it a bustier, but I don't think I had seen one before. It looked like it wouldn't cover much, but that was what I wanted. However, I only wanted Xena to see it.

"Well, I uhhh…"

"What? Don't tell me you're too embarrassed to try this on for me? Honey, let me tell you, you ain't got nothing old Delle hasn't seen before."

"Oh, don't take it personal. I'm just kind of private about this sort of thing…" I was hoping she would drop it, because there was no way in Tartarus that I was going to put this on in front of her or anyone else…besides Xena, that is.

"All right. You can try it on after I leave. Let me show you the special new addition I was telling you about."

She led me over to a bed, which looked completely normal. "Go ahead, sit down."

I sat down on the edge of the bed, not expecting the mattress to give way. I fell backwards, much to Delle's delight. She laughed with such satisfaction. "What do you think?"

I jumped up quickly, looking down at the surface of the bed moving, as if waves were beneath the surface. I leaned over and pushed it with both hands. "Delle, this is fabulous! What do you call it?"

"It's a waterbed. Don't tell me you didn't know they make these things. I bought one of the first ones when I found out about their arrival in Athens."

A smile continued to grow on my face, and the moisture immediately began to grow between my legs. I could just feel myself fucking Xena, her legs wrapped around me, having such liquidity beneath us. Mmmmm…I could even smell her….

"Cutie? Hello? You do like it don't you?"

"Oh yes. And I know a certain Warrior Princess who will love it!"

My enthusiasm quickly grew, because I was going to be able to give Xena the night of passion that I had planned. Delle helped me with getting other small details worked out with the appearance and lay out of the room…all of which would leave Xena with no clue what I had planned for her when she saw the room. I went ahead and paid Delle, making certain that I didn't stand a chance of losing this room.

"Thank you so much," I told her. "I'll be back here tomorrow afternoon to get everything ready. Is that okay with you?"

"I'll be waiting for you. Believe me, we'll make this your little love nest and you both will need the entire next day for sleeping. That's what the darkened shades are for."

I turned to leave the room, and spun around. "Oh, and Delle…you're not going to tell Xena about my surprise, right?"

She pretended to zip her lip. "Not a word."

"Great. I'll be back tomorrow."

I was in such a hurry to get back to Xena. I missed her more than anything, but secondly, I knew she'd be searching for me and I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

I walked quickly down the street. It was so different being in the city. There were so many people coming and going. I kept my eye out for my six-foot Warrior, trying to put as much distance between Delle's place and myself.

There she was. Walking towards me, spotting me immediately. I hurried and closed the distance between us, so excited and wishing tonight was the night for my surprise. The first thing that fell from her mouth was, "You've been out all this time by yourself, and you didn't buy anything?"

"Oh, I spent some dinars." It was so hard for me to keep a secret from her!

"What did you buy?" She looked so serious, but she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I just kept looking up at her and smiling. "You'll find out." I had to change the subject or she would make me cave. "Let's get something to eat."

It was pretty late in the afternoon, and we didn't want to spoil our dinner. We stopped at several places in the market and enjoyed some wonderful snacks. Xena was completely laid back and seemed to be enjoying the afternoon as much as I was. When my stomach started getting full, my eyelids started getting very heavy. I couldn't stop yawning, and we decided to go back to the inn and have some dinner and call it a night. On the way back, dusk was falling and I noticed the theatre had its lights on. I walked over to see what was playing. Suddenly I forgot my tired body and decided to persuade Xena to let us go.

"Xena, pleeeease, can't we go see the new play?" Since we're here in Athens anyway, it's the perfect opportunity, and we never get to enjoy the arts."

Towering over me, she had her hands on her hips, her lips pressed tight, and her head tilted to the side as I pled with her. I thought I could make her cave, but it was going to take some jumping up and down and a few nose wrinkles to win my way.

"Gabrielle…" she said in that long, drawn-out growl.

"Xena, I endured the chariot races for you and never complained one time." Having a memory like an elephant always came in handy. It was my best material yet.

"You know how much that stuff bores me! Why don't you go and I'll be waiting in the room for you when you get back?"

I knew she didn't mean that, because she wouldn't let me make that walk by myself after dark in a city so large. Yeah, she was caving. She just wanted me to beg. Begging was good. I could do that.

"Xena, you will like this play. I promise. It's a beautiful love story, and besides, if you will pay attention, maybe it will put you in the mood for a little loving of our own after the play is over."

"Uh huh…"

"And if you will go, I'll bet I can make you something special for dinner…"

"You mean the dumplings with the red stuff in the middle?"

"Yep. All you can eat."

"With bard juice on the side?"

"All you can eat."

She fought back a smile, but I knew I had won. I grabbed her around the waist and hugged her with such excitement; she had to pry my arms off of her. "Thank you Xena. I promise, you won't regret this."

"You better be right," she sneered, but we both knew I had her wrapped around my little finger.

The sign on the lamppost said the production was showing after dark. They must be using the outside theatre because of the horses and other animals in the play. That made it even better for Xena, because at least it would be set in her natural habitat.

We went back to the inn to our room and got ready. It was dark now, and I didn't want to wait until after the play for dinner. I was starved, as Xena had learned to assume. My enthusiasm was not rubbing off on her, but she was being big about appeasing me and doing something I wanted to do. When we were heading out the door, I grabbed her and pulled her to me for a long kiss, hearing her moans escaping into my mouth. "Thank you Xena, for doing this for me. It means a lot."

"It's okay. Don't worry…you'll make it up to me." She slapped me on the ass and we went down for dinner.

We stood in line for our tickets, noticing the variety of people who were attending the production. I loved being in the city and feeling the excitement in the air. I had brought a blanket along since it would be chilly by the time the play was over.

We got great seats-four rows from the front and on the right edge. I let Xena have the outside seat, of course, and happily sat as closely as I could to her despite the armrest between us. She smiled at me-that full-lipped smiled that melted my heart and everything lower. Gods, gorgeous was a word not even worthy to begin to describe my lover.

"Gabrielle, it's good to see you so happy."

I just smiled, never saying a word. I didn't have to.

The play began, and as usual, my love for the arts overtook me. I drank in every word, every line by the actors, loving the costumes and scenery and the creativity behind such a work. I noticed Xena's long legs sliding farther out of her chair. Her feet were planted firmly on the ground, but her knees were getting closer to the row in front of us. I looked over at her and she had her chin propped in her right hand, which was propped on her armrest, and her eyes were closed. Her boredom had won despite her good intentions.

I was getting chilled, so I spread the blanket over our laps. When I was trying to put the blanket on the other side of her chair, I was taken over by a delicious idea. I'll bet I could change her mind about enjoying a play. Her lack of motion showed she didn't see it coming

. Trying not to be obvious, I looked around to see if anyone was watching. All eyes were engulfed in the production, which was exactly what I wanted to see. I slowly pulled the blanket up to my shoulders, and reached over with my right hand and laid it on Xena's thigh. I didn't want to startle her, so I just let it rest there for a minute. I looked and she kind of opened her eyes, but gave me a weak smile and closed them again to continue her nap.

I ran my hands up her thigh and moved to her center. Turning only my eyes to look at her, her eyes flew open, but I pressed my palm firmly over her mound, telling her to remain silent and don't move. I started slowly applying pressure in kneading movements, and I felt her hips rise gently to meet the resistance of my touch. I continued to do that until I felt her moisture bleed through her breeches. Gods, I felt my own moisture bleed through. Suddenly, I lost interest in the play.

I could hear her breathing rise, but she still never moved her position. We definitely didn't want to draw any attention to ourselves, and the excitement of it all was thrilling! I slid my fingers under the edge of her breeches, her hair already wet with her juices. I almost gasped, because she felt so incredible. Her lips were already opening for me, and I let my fingers rub all around, making her hips move in a more circular motion. She was ready.

I slid my index finger down her slit, and having my hand going in its southward direction was perfect. I could rub her back and forth, and she could fuck it all she wanted. She just couldn't move.

I picked up a little speed as I touched her, and pressed my hand harder into her. In no time, she was taking me in, but I had to concentrate on not getting carried away. Gods, my nipples were so hard and I could barely control my own breathing. I stopped just for a moment to make sure we weren't the center of attention instead of the play. So far, everyone's eyes were on the stage.

I resumed my trail down the length of her center, sometimes just touching her clit. I could feel her growing hard, and I could envision myself getting under the blanket and sucking her fully into my mouth. I had to swallow more than once, because my mouth was watering just at the thought of her cunt. I could feel her body begin trembling, knowing she wanted to thrust wildly against me, wanting my fingers inside her as deeply as they would go.

She was pouring into my hand, and I managed to put two fingers a short way into her entrance and fuck her a little harder. Trying not to move my arm and only my hand was a challenge within itself. I rubbed harder and harder as I let my eyes roll back in my head, seeing perfectly in my mind how her swollen lips looked, her hair drenched, and her erect clit begging for my mouth. She was getting very close; there was no doubt.

I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw her mouth open, and her chest rising and falling. She was climbing, her legs trembling as her muscles contracted in her thighs. Finally, her hips began to tremble. She was coming for me, and I jacked her off as roughly as I could. Sweat was lightly dripping from her temple, and as I felt her body relax, she opened her eyes…her mouth overtaken with a grin that I knew too well. She came hard, and I knew it was only the beginning of a night of unrestrained passion. I wonder how much longer this play was going to last?

"What's gotten into you, My Love?" She leaned very close and I could feel the heat from her mouth. "Just wanted to make sure you enjoyed the play as much as I did." I brought my hand from beneath the blanket, making sure she saw me suck every finger clean and hopefully making her hard with desire.

Our trance was broken when the crowd began to stand and cheer. As quickly as possible, Xena grabbed my hand and took off en route to the inn. Her long stride had my much shorter legs working overtime, and to my surprise she pulled me behind a shop on the way. She pressed me against the wall and bent down, capturing my lips in a vigorous kiss.

"How long did you have that planned?" I could see that she enjoyed it very much, but certainly not as much as I did.

"I didn't. I mean, I just thought about what was waiting for me underneath those leathers, and decided to start our night a little early." I couldn't help but smile up at her. Not often enough was I able to catch Xena off guard, and she certainly responded to it well.

"I really enjoyed the play…" she said, leaning down for another kiss. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, giving her my mouth and searching out all the desire I wanted to build within her. I heard her groan into my mouth, causing my wetness to find its way down my thigh.

Reluctant to pull away, she finally made the move. "Are you ready to go back to our room?"

Gods, how much more gorgeous could she be to me? She stood there with her arm above my head resting on the wall, the lights from the street giving me enough view to see her beautiful eyes.

"Definitely…" I was so in love with her. She took my hand and we made an incredibly quick trip all the way up to our room, and there was a trail of clothes and armor leading all the way to our bed.

Losing two nights of sleep had taken its toll, and added with Xena's great skill of wearing me out on a good night, I slept dead to the world. I can remember hearing Xena call my name, but my body was too heavy to move away from her. Besides, sleeping naked and feeling her skin under my body felt so good. I never wanted to get up.

The next thing I remember was feeling a tickling, cool breeze on an unmentionable area. When I realized it was Xena trying to wake me up, I rolled over to stop her from tickling me. She was already dressed and ready for the day. "You don't want to sleep away your entire time in Athens, do you?''

"Oh no, Xena…what time is it?" I moved so quickly my head was spinning. I began grabbing my clothes and getting dressed.

"Around noon…" I heard her say, trying to find my other boot.

Of course, I forgot about keeping my calm composure. I was totally giving myself away. She knew I had something going on, and it wouldn't surprise me if she knew it was at Delle's. Regardless, I was going forward with the plan and not letting anything hinder my vision. It was going to be great. I could feel it.

"Gabrielle, what is going on?" I plopped down beside her on the bed, my hands shaking as I tried to lace my boots. "I…uh…well, you'll find out later."

"So I take it that you don't want me to go shopping with you today?"

"You don't mind, do you?" I stopped moving and stood in front of her. She placed her hands around my waist and I laid my arms around her neck. "You'll be able to find something to keep yourself occupied today, won't you?"

"In Athens? I'm sure I can find something to occupy myself." Her toothy grin took over her features and I knew she'd be okay for the afternoon. She knew me too well.

I moved even closer to stand between her legs, giving her a big kiss. "I'll be back at sunset. Make sure you are too."

"Yes Ma'am", she said, giving me a little salute. She made me laugh out loud, and just having fun with her helped make up for the stress of getting such a late start on the day. It was wonderful seeing her smile.

I practically ran down the street to Delle's. We had lots of work to do on the room, and I wanted to be completed long before sunset.

I opened the door, scanning the room for Delle. I asked a young redhead where Delle might be. "Hell, what do I look like. An information booth?" Oh boy. Suddenly Delle entered from another room. I never thought I'd be so happy to see her. She kept walking and said, "Get your sweet little ass over here and let's see what we can do." I trotted to walk beside her, helping her carry some towels and sheets.

"I'm so glad you came along when you did. That younger lady seemed kind of irritated that I asked where you might be."

"Oh Monique? Don't worry about her. She's all bark, and she definitely ain't no lady. We'll send her for Xena when you are happy with the room."

I was actually down to a few hours and my plan would be in motion. I lit some scented candles as soon as we entered our room. Delle and I decided on making the bed area much more private, so we hung a large curtain to block it off from the large tub. Delle also provided me with some jewelry to wear, hopefully making Xena happy with what she saw.

I knew how much Xena loved massages, so when Delle was asking me about different things, I told her about that. "I've got just the thing for you…"

She showed me a padded table where Xena could lie, and it was just the right height for me to rub her body in so many ways. I asked for some scented oil, and I decided that after I gave her a warm bath, I'd bring her to this table and touch her until she could handle no more. She'd let me know when she had taken all she could. I couldn't wait.

Our last step was to fill the nice, large tub with warm water. Delle called for Monique and instructed her where to find Xena. It was nearing sunset, and the time was quickly approaching. Delle came back with a huge tray of fruits, cheeses and bread…and a bottle of wine to top it off. I knew before the night was finished, we'd be starved. However, my appetite was calling only for a certain Warrior Princess. "Okay cutie…I'm leaving it in your hands. Don't do anything I wouldn't do." She laughed heartily, amusing herself more than she realized. "Delle, thank you so much for all your help. I know that Xena and I are going to enjoy this privacy." She slapped her hand at me in the air, saying, "My pleasure. Just whistle if you need anything." With that, she closed the door behind her, and I quickly began freshening up and changing into my outfit for the evening. Just imagining Xena's excitement made me wet already. She definitely loved skimpy, sexy sleepwear. Now if I could just figure out how to put it on…

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