Command Performance--Xena's Scroll (Part 1)

Gods, my whole body was aching for her. She had been pushing my buttons all day. Everything she did seemed designed to piss me off, stir me up, and excite me.

It had started this morning, almost as soon as Gabrielle had awakened. She had put too much pepper in our breakfast. She loved pepper, but I only liked a hint of it in our food.

Then I wanted to take a bath, and had just gotten my hair soaked when she announced she had already used the rest of the soap. I scrubbed sand into my hair, and knew it would make it clean enough, but it would also leave it feeling coarse and rough. I know, I know…I'm the Warrior Princess, why would I care how my hair felt? But it was the principle of the thing; Gabrielle should have saved at least a token amount for me.

The morning travels went more smoothly, as we made our way to Mendius, but only because I ignored her and my growing irritation for the most part. She was working on some new scroll, and seemed lost to herself as we finally approached the village. But she smiled eagerly at me when I asked her if she wanted to stop at the inn to secure a room, and then get some lunch. We both ordered the lamb stew, and I asked for port to accompany it. This was unusual for me, but I was still in a sour mood, and I had the feeling I'd need the liquor to mellow me out against whatever Gabrielle was plotting.

Gabrielle watched me drain my third mug; I had given up the stew at this point. She was eyeing the half full bowl on the table in front of me, and I pushed it toward her. "You can finish it," I told her, as I signaled for a refill of my drink. This port was very good, and I was enjoying the slight buzzing sensation that was building between my ears.

When she had finished my stew and the rest of the bread, she pushed herself back happily from the table. "Yum!" she enthused happily, licking her lips, and then her fingers.

I narrowed my eyes as I watched her teasing movements. Her eyes sparkled as the tip of the pink tongue popped out long enough to suck at another digit. I saw her glistening finger, and it made me do some glistening of my own, down lower.

She giggled then suddenly, her nose wrinkling at me. Gods, but I adored that cute expression on her face! But I couldn't figure out what was amusing her.

"What's so funny?" I finally asked.

"You growled at me," she answered, and broke off into more peals of laughter.

I didn't see anything funny in that statement. Besides, it couldn't be true. I was always fully aware when I growled.

"I did not," I told her pointedly, frowning as that statement came out sounding very much like a…growl.

She giggled again, and I didn't like the feeling that she was laughing at me. "You'd better watch it," I told her in a lowered voice. "I'm not in the mood for fun and games." I shoved a finger toward her face, and watched in amazement as she nipped at it playfully. I jerked my offended hand back.

"What are you in the mood for, Xena?" she whispered then, her hand suddenly stroking my thigh under the table. "Are you in the mood for this?"

Everywhere her fingers touched me, I felt my skin burn hot. But I wanted to remain cranky, Sometimes, I enjoyed it, and i t was impossible for me to feel surly when she touched me.

I reached under the table, and lifted her hand from my inner thigh. I moved it over to set it on her own lap. Seconds later, it was touching me again.

My eyebrow went up in disbelief. Gabrielle normally read my moods very well, but this time she didn't seem to be catching on. This was the worst possible time to not sense my feelings. I picked up her hand again, and this time, gave it a hard squeeze before depositing it back on her lap. It wasn't hard enough to do any lasting damage, but hard enough so she'd know I wasn't kidding; hard enough to remind her for a while.

I started to take another swallow of port, and the liquor went down the wrong pipe, as I felt her hand make its presence known again. I spluttered with the burning liquid, and started into her eyes, which were a green mask of seeming innocence.

Time to try another strategy. I didn't want to hurt her, and thought I might accidentally do that, if I didn't gain some control.

"Gabrielle," I said, my voice dripping honey.

"Yes, Xena?" she answered immediately. Her voice was full of excitement.

"Gabrielle, I love you with all my heart, but I'm in a very foul mood right now, and I'd appreciate it if you leave me alone for the time being." There. I couldn't ask any more politely than that. I knew THAT would get the message through.

She seemed to consider my words carefully. I relaxed, knowing she wouldn't defy me.

"Gods, be damned!" I roared, before I could stop myself. She had not only put her hand back on my thigh, but this time, it was higher, up under my skirt.

The other diners looked over at us when I shouted, but I gave them my meanest sneer, and they surreptitiously turned back to their meals.

The harshness of my tone of voice made her jump, but her hand never moved. Her eyes were focused on my face, and I concentrated on boring my gaze into hers. I studied her expression, trying to figure out why she was pushing me so hard. I had never known her to be so bent on agitating me. And surely, by now, she realized I wasn't playing with her.

"Move your hand, Gabrielle," I told her.

She seemed to be waiting for that. "No."

That simple word took me off-guard. "I don't think you heard me," I said slowly, trying to remain patient. "Move your hand now."

"I heard you very well," she replied in a voice that was just as even and calm. "I simply said, 'no'."

Okay, obviously she was testing me, seeing how far she could push me. The question was why here and now? What did she have up her sleeve?

"Gabrielle," I drawled, keeping my voice in a low purr. "This is an argument that you won't win. I won't allow it. So unless you want to be embarrassed in front of a room full of people…" My voice trailed off as I saw a confirming spark in her eye. Realization began to sink in.

"What are you going to do, Xena," she asked me, her voice betraying her arousal. "Huh? Are you going to spank me? Pull down my panties and spank my bare ass in front of a room of strangers?"

Her expression and words boiled the blood in my veins, already warmed from the alcohol. I suddenly realized that all the events of the day were no accident. She had deliberately done them in an effort to rile my temper at her. She would continue to torment me until she had achieved her goal.

I knew what she wanted. She had been hinting at it for some time now. It had all stemmed from our time in Illusia, when we had been separately led through similar visions. Visions where I had treated her cruelly and she had reveled in the experience. I think it was harder for me to admit that I enjoyed it as much as she had. And we both wanted more, but it would be an exercise in control for me. A supreme exercise which is the reason I had resisted up until this point.

We had flirted with it on numerous occasions. But I had been cautious not to let my full dark passion reign. The last thing I wanted was to frighten her with my intensity, and that thought kept me restrained, rather than restraining her, the way I dreamed.

But now…

My eyes glazed over in an expression that drew the desired reaction from her. She swallowed in trepidation, and pulled back a just a tiny bit. "Don't push me, Gabrielle,' I warned her. "Because if you don't think I'd be willing to bare all your charms to the people in this room, you are very wrong."

She hesitated, and I felt her fingers flex slightly against my flesh. I leaned in closer, my voice no more than a hiss in her ear.

"You've earned punishment, my little whore. And it's a punishment I'm going to enjoy giving you. But if you don't remove your hand right now, I promise you, I will blister your ass right here and now, and if anyone is interested in helping out…well…"

Her hand withdrew immediately as her cheeks pinkened. She knew without a doubt I was willing to play her game.

It's funny how quickly I could change moods. It was nearly time for my cycle, and that must have had something to do with it. It always made me more ravenous for Gabrielle. Five minutes ago, I hadn't been thinking of any kind of sex with her. Now ALL I could think about was a specific kind of sex with her.

I let my hand creep up her thigh, until my fingers tickled at the edge of her underwear. She was soaked, as I had anticipated. I wiggled my finger, and it sought its way through the leg band until it could snake into her labia. I saw her eyes widen as I burrowed the length of my middle finger deep inside her.

"Your punishment starts now, Slut," I growled. She found no mirth in the sound now, as I pushed with the back of my hand, making the sodden cloth of her underwear pull free of her center. Using my second and fourth finger to push the cleft of her nether region apart, I gave my middle finger room to move.

"Ungh!" I heard her bite back a moan as I began to fuck her right there at the table. Even in her impassioned condition, she realized what the first part of her punishment was to be.

Her embarrassed eyes reach up to mine. "Xena, this isn't what I…" She shut up as I curled the finger within her, raking the flesh of her vagina with my nail.

I leaned forward again, so my alcohol-tainted breath could wash over her. "What did you call me?"

She was fighting with too many emotions. "I called you Xena…" My hand slammed into her so hard she lifted from her seat a bit. "Mistress!" she gasped, as I drove home what I wanted. "I called you Mistress!"

"That's better," I chuckled, as I lifted my mug for another long drink, never ceasing the movement of my right hand. I watched her curiously, wondering what she was feeling.

Both of her hands were curled into tight fists on the table before her. Her mouth was closed, but I could see the muscles in her neck clenching and releasing. She had her eyes open, but they seemed to be unfocused, and she was staring straight ahead. She looked for all the world like she was in some sort of a trance. The only thing that betrayed her was the harsh, occasional breathy moan.

Briefly, I entertained the though of reaching down and touching myself in the same rhythm. I was very close to doing just that, as the pulsating in my cunt intensified, but I resisted, knowing the knowledge she had driven me to that would bring her far too much power. Instead, I focused on fucking her even harder.

Her eyes flitted closed as she held her breath. She was about to climax, and was ultra-aware of the people around us. I could see the flush creep over her cheeks, even as I watched her. I leaned in so my breath could tickle her ear. "You're about to come, aren't you, Cunt? I can feel your hot tunnel pouring even more juices out, and your thighs are clenching my wrist in a death hold. Afraid I'll pull out? Or are you afraid I'll keep fucking you?"

She didn't respond. "I asked you a question, Slut. And you better answer it, or I'll push this table over and let everyone see how your mistress punishes her naughty slave."

I could see her brain feverishly rushing to remember the question. "I'm sorry, Mistress," I finally heard her whisper.

"Sorry?" I echoed.

"I'm sorry…I forgot your question, Mistress." She quivered her lips as she gave me a beseeching look.

I considered my possibilities for a second. I certainly wasn't opposed to taking her in public, but I wasn't sure how she'd react to that. Would it excite her further, or humiliate her to the point that she wouldn't enjoy it? I wasn't sure, so I cut her some slack. I stopped my movements midstroke. "I asked," I husked, letting my tongue swirl over her ear before continuing, "if you wanted to come, or if you'd rather I stopped touching you."

Perhaps she thought I was trying to trap her, but I heard her soft plea, "Please don't stop, Mistress."

I chuckled at her, and began to thrust again, and she immediately resumed her climb. A whimper formed in her throat, but she did her best to choke it back. I could feel her lower half shuddering under the table. "Let it go, my beautiful little slave," I whispered, and her lower lip was immediately caught between her teeth. Her body jerked forward slightly, and I could feel her suck in a deep breath to keep from drawing attention to herself. Beneath the table, I could feel her contracting womb sucking at my fingers. My own vagina pulsed in sympathy.

Gradually, her movements stopped, and she began to breathe again. Her eyes glowed brightly as I pulled my finger from her depths. My hand reappeared above the table, and I rested it there, my middle finger poised in the air. My other fingers sparkled with her abundant juices, but the middle finger was dripping. We both watched it for long seconds. "I can smell how excited you are, "I told Gabrielle. "Can you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I nodded my approval. "Do you want to taste yourself, Slut?"

There was a slight hesitation, then, "Yes, please, Mistress."

A smile flirted with my features, as I showed her I liked that answer. How to do it; how to do it? I considered rubbing her moisture on my own flesh, and having her retrieve it that way, and I thought about sucking it into my own mouth and making her kiss me to get it back. In the end, I decided it was just best to poke the finger into her mouth, letting her try to pretend the action wasn't out of the ordinary. She just closed her eyes, and sucked strongly on my finger, causing me to do a little squirming of my own. If anyone in the tavern noticed, they had the good sense not to outright stare, as I let her suck long past the time her taste was gone from my finger. Finally, I grasped it free from her. I took in her sated look, and a wave of liquid gushed from my center. It was going to be a long night.

I looked at my tingling finger, then back at her lovely face. Her eyes were lowered, hiding her most expressive feature from me.

"Very good, my little slave," I told her, not voice not quite as hushed as before. "You did that very well…are you ready for more of your punishment?"

Her voice was quite, and I had to strain my ears to hear her. "Oh, yes, Mistress."

If she had looked into my eyes, I know we both would have seen pure desire. "Do you think you can walk upstairs by yourself?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I could get used to that "mistress" thing. It had a sensuous, breathy tone coming from her wondrous tongue. "You'd better go then. I expect you to go upstairs, and immediately kneel beside the bed, hands behind your back and your head lowered. You had better be exactly in that position when I get there."

I watched her stand on shaky legs, and then she was moving away from me. I had no doubt she would do as I said, and chuckled at the thought of how long she might be in that awkward position. I wanted to do this right, and in order for that to happen, I'd have to purchase a few things. A few things that I hoped would shock my bard. I know she thought she had an idea of what to expect from tonight. But I was bent on surpassing her thoughts with far more.

I unconsciously hurried as I stopped at a couple shops to buy what I wanted. There was one other item I really wanted to have, but knew no one in Mendius would offer it on their shelves. However, there was one place where I might be able to get my hands on it…

Back in the tavern, I picked up a fresh bottle of port, just in case we needed it, and headed up to our room. Just as Gabrielle's had been, I found my own legs a little unsteady.

I paused for a moment outside the door, and put on my most feral expression. I steeled myself for what lay ahead of me. This wasn't the first time for me to play the dominatrix. Not by a long shot. But it had been a very, very long time, and this time, it was with the love of my life. I knew she wanted this very much. After we had talked about our experiences in Illusia, she had come right out and asked for it. I had told her I would at some time in the future, but I guess I was taking too long for her. She had dropped enough hints on the way.

The truth was, I really, really wanted to do this. Possibly too much. And the wicked desires that were lurking in me were making me a little hesitant. Gabrielle was asking me to make her suffer, in order to bring her ultimate pleasure. I could do that. I had enough experience on both the giving and receiving end to know I could give her just what she dreamed of. But since this was new to her, I couldn't be sure she was prepared for what I would demand of her. And once I demanded it, I didn't know if I would be able to back down.

I thought of something I had heard about, but had never used before. I decided now would be the time to give it a try. Feeling a little relieved, I realized it was time to move.

I opened the door, and there she was, in the position I had demanded of her. There was only daylight filtering in through the curtained window, but it was enough to glint off the silky blonde hair on her lowered head. She was facing the wall to my left, and the delicate curve of her profile captivated me.

I shut the door behind me, and bolted it closed. In two long strides, I was beside her, and with one more, I was in front of her. All she would be able to see would be my boots, but I bent over and titled her head up. "I want you to look at me."

She blinked in hesitation, probably afraid of what she would see, but I was looking at her with all my love. Was that just a hint of disappointment I saw in her expression?

I bent over further, and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. With my face still close to hers, I whispered, "Illusia."


"Illusia…that's our safe word." She was blinking in confusion, and I explained, "If things gets too rough for you…or if you're afraid to continue…just say the word 'Illusia', and it will all come to a stop then. But that is the only word that will make me stop, no matter how much you cry, plead, beg, or scream. And once I hear that word, it's all over. It will all end there. Do you understand me?"

She nodded, and I could see the gratitude. That safe word let her know the real me would only be one word away. I bent and gave her another kiss. Then I straightened up. "Then let's continue."

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