Command Performance--Gabrielle's Scroll (Part 1)

Gods. I couldn't believe she was complaining about the slight overuse of pepper this morning at breakfast. Her "Cranky Xena" mood always made me want to just want to push her as far as I could. She could be so sour and uncooperative when she wanted to be. Of course I loved that part of her. It gave me good reason to try and win her over, often resulting in extremely pleasurable "make up" sessions. And it wasn't like I intended to use all the soap during my morning bath. I just forgot to tell her we needed more before we left that last town. Disturbing news like having no soap was not good when dealing with the Warrior Princess if she was already on the warpath. I felt like asking her, "So, you've got PMS and a Chakram?" Sometimes I wondered about my own safety.

I was very happy when she asked if I wanted to get a room at the next town. It was such a beautiful, clear day, and I felt like all was right in the world…or in mine, at least. I had the woman I loved near me, we were healthy and happy, and as far as I was concerned, I didn't need anything else. Still…Xena was terribly quiet and simply not in a good mood. Maybe after we ate, she would feel better. If I could just get her to our room, I was pretty sure I could make her feel better.

We talked to the Innkeeper and secured a room for the evening. We decided to have a late lunch, and stew was what we both chose. I noticed that Xena ordered a drink with her meal, and being so early in the day was a good indication that even she knew she needed to chill. The stew was delicious…Xena decided to fill up on her "liquid" diet instead, and finally offered the rest of her dinner to me. I was famished, and to have a warm meal was like a trip to the Elysian Fields.

After finishing off everything on the table, I noticed Xena looking at me…seeming completely irritated and I didn't understand what had set her off. Well, maybe I wasn't completely innocent. I did lick my fingers rather audibly after my meal, looking into her eyes with a "I wish this were your juices" ploy. She was giving me that look…where she squinted her eyes and stared at me as if I was the most horrific of thugs. And then I heard her. She growled. I just looked at her and smiled, finding it amusing that she was determined to be angry at the world.

"What's so funny?" she asked. She didn't even hear herself do it. Boy, she was really preoccupied with something. When I told her that she had growled at me, she denied it and tried to act as if I was hearing things. She told me she wasn't in the mood for fun and games, but I couldn't resist biting at her finger as she shoved it in my face.

"Well, what are you in the mood for?" I asked in a lowered voice, leaning forward and moving my hand to rest on her thigh under the table. "Are you in the mood for this, Xena?" I rubbed her leg, slowly traveling upward and trying to reach beneath her skirt. She quickly snatched my hand and put it back in my lap. I couldn't resist. I had to touch her leg again. The look on her face was priceless. She was so angry with me for trying to make her lighten up, and was determined that she would not feel one bit better…even if I begged.

She grabbed my hand again, placing it back into my lap with quite a hard squeeze before she let go. "Ouch!" Why did she want to be so difficult? I just wanted to play, and to see how far I could really go. I touched her leg again under the table, and this time she told me she was in a very bad mood, and didn't want me bothering her. I let her drink a little more, and I touched her just once more…this time much farther up and making it beneath her skirt. She scared me when she said, "Gods, be damed!", because I knew then she had absolutely no patience left. I suppose I was feeling extra frisky, or either had a death wish. I just sat there not moving my hand.

"Move your hand, Gabrielle." She really wasn't finding any humor in this at all.

"No." I think this was the first time I had ever stood up to her.

"I don't think you heard me. Move your hand…now."

"I heard you very well, my darling. And I simply said, 'No'." She was so adorable when she was cranky.

She told me that this was an argument I would not win…she wouldn't allow it. Wouldn't allow it? My, but wasn't she confident?

"What are you going to do, Xena? Huh? Are you going to spank me? Pull down my panties and spank my bare ass in front of a room of strangers?"

Maybe that wasn't the thing to say. She leaned forward very slowly…her eyes revealing the rage that was beginning to make her blood boil. "Don't push me, Gabrielle, because if you don't think I'd be willing to bare all your charms to the people in this room, you are very wrong."

My hand went numb, and I decided it was time I backed off…even though I was thoroughly enjoying playing with her. She leaned even closer, speaking lowly in my ear…

"You've earned punishment, my little whore. And it's a punishment I'm going to enjoy giving you. But if you don't remove your hand right now, I promise you, I will blister your ass right here and now, and if anyone is interested in helping out…well…"

I drew back my hand like it had touched hot embers. It had, actually, just in a different form. I swallowed hard, hoping I hadn't bargained for more than I could handle. She called me her little whore. Wow. That was pretty intense, and my body seemed to agree.

She never leaned back even after I removed my hand from her thigh. She continued leaning only inches from my face-her gaze untamed. "Your punishment begins here, Slut."

I was waiting for her to say something, but instead I felt her strong, rough hand make its way up my thigh and into my underwear. I could tell that I was wet before she ever touched me, but I knew it for sure when she didn't stop at my underwear…she slid her finger inside me, sitting right there at the table.

"Xena, this isn't what I…" and she stopped my talking with a hard stroke inside me. I was going to explain to her that I didn't mean to provoke her to this extent in public, but between surprise, excitement and a tiny bit of fear, I thought it best that I just shut my mouth and not interrupt her. Besides, it was incredibly exciting to be fucked while sitting at the dinner table.

"What did you call me?" She was not diluting her bad mood one bit.

"Xena. I called you Xenahhhh!" I tried answering, but she shoved into me so hard that I suddenly knew exactly what she was doing. It was the time that I least expected it…just like she said. The light came on for me. "Mistress. I called you Mistress."

Oh my gods. She was going to slip into her Mistress Mode right here at the table. Of course, I had asked for it. I was just hoping I would be able to handle it all. I knew that I had no way of knowing what to expect. I did expect, however, to be in a more private location.

Incredible. She exerted such bravery to sit there so casually…sliding in and out of me with one hand, while drinking her mug of port in the other. She knew she had me, and she knew I was happy to be there. This was probably more exciting to her than pummeling a group of thugs early in the morning. She wasn't the only one with juices flowing. I often wondered how she knew exactly how to touch me, but it was always in a way that made me crave more. I suppose it was always perfect because my love for her made it that way.

I clenched my fists as I tried to let them rest on the table. She was bringing me closer with every thrust, and the position in which I was sitting let her keep hitting a spot that was going to make me come even harder. I could feel myself reaching for her. I closed my eyes and envisioned her between my legs, fucking me harder as my legs captured her more tightly. I wanted to move against her, but sitting perfectly still and straining every muscle in my body was all I could do…considering the audience I was trying to leave out of this.

And then she came in for the kill. Leaning closely to my ear, she muttered under her breath, "You're about to come, aren't you, Cunt? You're squeezing me hard…are you afraid I'll pull out? Or afraid I'll keep fucking you?"

Gods. I was on the edge, and I didn't feel like making a decision. I just wanted to feel where she was taking my body. "I asked you a question, Slut." She threatened to show everyone in the room what she was doing to me if I didn't answer. I had to remember we weren't having our usual lovemaking session.

I could feel sweat begin to pop out under my bangs. I tried to focus and look into her eyes. I needed her. "I'm sorry…I forgot your question, Mistress."

She stopped. She stopped moving. I stopped climbing. What did I need to say? What did she want me to do in order for her to continue her attack? She leaned in next to my ear. "I asked if you wanted to come, or if you'd rather I stop touching you." She traced my ear with her tongue, and I could feel her breath hot against my hair. Gods, how sexy.

She stayed inside me, but didn't move. "Please don't stop, Mistress." I finally heard her chuckle, and she began fucking me again. I could feel that I was extremely wet, and I wondered if I had to ask permission to come for her. I didn't know if I could. I had closed my eyes, feeling the incredible sensations she was giving me. I heard her lowered voice say, "Let it go, my beautiful slave." I grabbed the sides of the table, feeling like I could crush the boards with my bare hands. I could have screamed her name, but becoming mute was my only option.

She took everything she had worked for, and I just enjoyed how good it felt. She pulled out of me and casually rested her hand on the table, its whereabouts very obvious. She asked me if I wanted to taste myself. I took her finger into my mouth, sucking my own juices, but showing her what I wanted to do to her. I had lost my discretion concerning the other diners and just devoted all my attention to my lover. Sitting there looking into her eyes, she knew she had me where she wanted.

"Very good, my little slave. You did that very well…are you ready for more of your punishment?"

"Yes, Mistress." Gods, I was ready for her to take me completely, however she wanted. I needed to feel her body against mine. She told me to go upstairs and to wait for her there, but to kneel beside the bed with my hands behind my back…and wait for her. Without any questions, I stood and obeyed her command, hoping with every step that she wouldn't be long behind me.

The minutes passed by achingly. I couldn't help but replay our conversations since we had both come clean with our experiences at Illusia. I had never really considered making love to be anything but romantic, but seeing Xena in my vision with such authority and command made me ache to be with her. There was something to be said about taking it farther. The things that turned me on so much about Xena was her power and force. And to let her be in that mindset while we made love…I got wet just thinking about it.

My body was aching from not moving, but I dared not flinch. She would be here any minute, and just keeping that in my head was dulling the pain. My mind and body were slowly being overtaken by my mind and the anticipation of what Xena had in store for me. My first real lesson…

I heard steps running up the stairs and the door flying open. I was facing the wall where the door was to my back. I made sure to keep my head lowered, moving nothing on my entire body besides my eyes. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest and feel it between my legs even more. In no time, she was standing in front of me, leaning down to touch my chin and bring my head up to see her beautiful face. "I want you to look at me."

She spoke with such softness, and the look in her eyes let me know that this was my Xena…and suddenly I realized that she was preparing me by giving me a few minutes of herself and reinforcing our trust level. She kissed me so softly, and said, "Illusia".

I was confused. What did she mean? "Huh?"

She amazed me that she was so considerate of my feelings. Didn't she know that I completely trust her, and would follow her anywhere? Still, she stole my heart even more when she took my feelings so carefully. "Illusia…that's our safe word." "If things gets too rough for you…or if you're afraid to continue…just say the word 'Illusia', and it will all come to a stop then. But that is the only word that will make me stop, no matter how much you cry, plead, beg, or scream. And once I hear that word, it's all over. It will all end there. Do you understand me?"

I nodded my head, my eyes stinging with the hint of tears. All this waiting and wondering and wanting…I could feel my emotions surfacing. She kissed me a little deeper, the heat of her lips warming mine and making me want to follow her as she straightened up. Her tone changed immediately, with her face reflecting the same. "Then let's continue."

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