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30 Episodes x 10 minutes


Allo! Bonjour! Salut!
Téléfrançais! Téléfrançais!
Venez jouer avec nous!
C'est formidable! Exceptionnel!
C'est excellent! Sensationnel!
C'est merveilleux! C'est Magnifique!
Téléfrançais fantastique!
Téléfrançais! Téléfrançais!

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This series consists of seven teleworkshops, designed to
strengthen teacher skills and stimulate learning
in various subject areas. Valuable tools for
professional development, these workshops
demonstrate best teaching practices in education,
model effective assessment strategies, and offer
innovative ideas and activities for reaching classroom
objectives. Programs feature interviews
with guest experts and visits to innovative classrooms.

Episode Guide

Ep. 1
Jacques and Sophie meet the extraordinary Ananas
— a talking pineapple! The musical group,
The Squelettes introduce themselves in a song,
and Pilote offers to take everyone for a parachute
jump — but Ananas is the only volunteer.

Ep. 2
Up in Pilote’s plane, Sophie, Jacques, and Ananas fly
over the province of Quebec. Jacques and
Sophie land safely from their parachute jump, but
Ananas is threatened by a large crow. Pilote calls
on the Snowbirds to help, and Ananas makes an unexpected landing.

Ep. 3
Jacques and Sophie go camping in the forest, but leave
Ananas behind because it is too dangerous.
Frightened by skeletons, they become
lost and Ananas and Pilote must set out to find them.

Ep. 4
Sophie and Jacques are lost in the forest, so Annonceur
checks at a lost-and-found desk. Ananas
finds them, and sings them an encouraging song
about bravery. At last, Pilote comes to their rescue.

Ep. 5
Annonceur gives Jacques and Sophie a big test, and they
have to explain the rules to Ananas. The test
turns out to be an unfair one, so Sophie and
Jacques refuse to continue. The Squelettes sing "Je déteste les tests!”

Ep. 6
Hoping to earn some money to buy a badminton set, the
children look for work. However, they soon
realize that the jobs they have found are not easy.
Ginette finds a job delivering pizzas, but
her attempt to deliver by plane causes a disaster.

Ep. 7
Still trying to earn some money, the children go to
deliver a package, but arrive late and return home
empty-handed. Their disappointment fades when
they receive the gift they wanted all along — a new badminton set!

Ep. 8
An invitation to a Grand Dinner arrives for Ginette,
and although the others are not invited,
they devise a plan to attend. They manage
to sneak in with a delivery of fruit, but
Ananas is in trouble when he is spotted by the chef.

Ep. 9
The children disguise Ananas as a bouquet of flowers
to attend the Grand Dinner, because the
chef wants to serve him for dessert! However,
Ananas’s true identity is discovered and they are
forced to flee, with the chef in hot pursuit.

Ep. 10
Ananas coaches the children for the spelling
championship between l’école de Telefran~ais
and l’école Einstein. The teams end the match with
an even score, so Annonceur calls on the team mascots
to break the tie.

Ep. 11
L’ecole de Téléfrançais wins the spelling championship
when Ananas spells the final word.
Jacques and Sophie, the new champions, are invited to
meet the prime minister!

Ep. 12
Everyone is excited when an invitation arrives, but
disappointed when it announces another test.
However, after a fun treasure hunt, they
all change their minds about tests.

Ep. 13
Jacques, Sophie, and Ananas seek support
pledges for a 20-km run for the blind.
No one will support a pineapple —that is,
no one but a blind bat!

Ep. 14
After running a few kilometres, Ananas finds that his
legs are getting very tired. Encouragement
from his friend the bat helps him to finish, and
as he hobbles across the finish line he receives a special prize.

Ep. 15
Sophie is moving to Paris, and Ananas wants to come
along. He hides in her suitcase, but an observant
inspector discovers him before he gets too far.

Ep. 16
A new neighbor moves in, and Ananas thinks he is a
gorilla. When he finds he has been tricked by
a boy dressed in a gorilla costume, he plans an unusual welcome.

Ep. 17
When Jacques, Michelle, and Ananas go to the museum,
they find out that a big dinosaur
lies buried beneath their town.

Ep. 18
Ananas tries to reconstruct the skeleton of a huge
dinosaur from bones that he and the children have
uncovered. They all receive gold medals for
the lucky discovery.

Ep. 19
Sophie is returning home from Paris, so Jacques and
Ananas each buy her a present. Louis
Questionneur, man of a thousand and one
questions, is surprised at Ananas’ s answers.

Ep. 20
Louis Questionneur continues to annoy Jacques and
Ananas with his many questions. At the airport,
they play video games while waiting for Sophie to
arrive from Paris.

Ep. 21
When Jacques, his cousin Catherine, and Ananas are
stargazing late one night, Ananas looks through the
telescope and sees a new comet. The local TV station
invites him to talk on television about his discovery.

Ep. 22
Humiliated by a television reporter who could not
credit a pineapple with the discovery of a new comet,
Ananas writes to the president of the
Astronomers Society. Professor Astronomix makes
Ananas an honorary member.

Ep. 23
A mysterious stranger informs the children that the
monkey’s paw they found possesses magical powers
and will grant four wishes. Annoyed at being
ignored, Ananas inadvisedly wishes he were with
pineapples rather than humans!

Ep. 24
Momentarily oblivious of the power of the magic paw,
the children make wishes they do not really
want — with disastrous results! Ginette
comes to the rescue.

Ep. 25
Rehearsals begin for the play "The Three Musketeers"
and Ananas, as d’Ananas, throws
himself enthusiastically into the role — much to the
despair of Annonceur.

Ep. 26
As rehearsals of "The Three Musketeers" continue,
d’Ananas goes to the rescue of La Belle Dame, risking
an encounter with the villainous Duc.

Ep. 27
Appointed official photographer to the newspaper
Le Fruit, Ananas finds he has a lot to learn about photography.

Ep. 28
Ananas needs an exciting news photo for the
front page of Le Fruit. Nothing seems newsworthy
until he discovers the first shipment of grapefruit has arrived.

Ep. 29
Ananas falls in love with Brigitte Banane, a famous
singer and the subject of his latest
photographic assignment. Unfortunately for him,
Brigitte is not so impressed with Ananas.

Ep. 30
A city order, declaring the Téléfrançais yard closed,
brings consternation to all. Fortunately
everyone, including Annonceur, finds a new interest.