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Classic TVO Kids Shows!

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 All About You
 Belle and Sebastian
 Body Works, The
 Dear Aunt Agnes
 Doctor Snuggles
 Doctor Who
 Edison Twins, The
 Electric Company, The
 Elephant Show, The
 Fables of the Green Forest
 Guess What?
 Harriet's Magic Hats
 Hattytown Tales
 Jamie and the Magic Torch
 La Linea
 Little Prince, The
 Math Patrol
 Paddington Bear
 Polka Dot Door
 Read All About It
 Secret Railroad, The
 Sesame Street
 Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings
 Timothy Pilgrim
 Today's Special
 Vegetable Soup
 Vision On
 Willo The Wisp
 Write On

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This site is dedicated to thoes old educational kids
shows on TVO and PBS in the 70's & 80's
I'm sure you'll find something here
you forgot all about

*New Video Clips Added!!
April 1/07 Click Here

*Jeremy episodes added
July 29/06 Click Here

*I added some Electric Company
and Sesame Street Clips
July 21/06
Click Here

*New Electric Company pictures
added Mar. 25/06
Click Here

*Simon In The Land
of Chalk Drawings Episodes
added Feb. 18/06
Click Here

*All About You episodes
added Feb. 18/06
Click Here

*Dear Aunt Agnes Theme
added Aug. 20/05
Click Here

*Hattytown Tales section
added Aug. 15/05
Click Here

added Aug. 9/05
*Download the first 3
episodes of Jeremy The Bear
Click Here

Jeff Hyslop Official Site

Big Blue Marble added
Apr. 25/05

Remember these old toys?

Passe-Partout Updated Apr. 10/05
New pics and listen
to the Megamix
by Dj Jujube

4 Sesame Street Clips, pics and theme
Added Apr. 9/05

2 Jeremy Clips Added Apr. 7/05

Dr. Snuggles Theme Added!!Apr. 7/05

hehe... Check this out
Kinda Trippy - April 6/05

*NewDownloads section added Mar. 29/05

*Click Here To download the first season
of Read All About It

*Telefrancais added Mar. 16/05

*New Themes added Mar. 13/05

*Updated Mar. 7/05

took long enough, eh?

*La Linea Updated Mar. 7/05
Download Movie!!

Click Here to listen to some of your favorite TVO theme songs

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