The Night the Walls Came Tumbling down (aka The Night Buffy was Free)

by Sarahvampgrl

Rated: NC-17

Disclaimer: They're not mine no matter how I much I cross my eyes and wish really, really, hard.

Summary: In answer to Nautibitz challenge

Requirements: *The "little nasties" they whispered. Yup, we need the talky talky.
*Whatever could Buffy "behaving like a vampire" mean?
*The scratches on both of them, and at least one visible hickey on they got there, please.
*The most "perverse, degrading" night of their lives... for HIM, what constitutes as such?
*LOTS of times--so many even he lost count. You don't have to write them all, just the ones that grab ya. You MUST put them in at least three different positions, however.

Bonuses: *When did those panties get in his pocket? *"Bent", huh? ;D
*"Limpy" and "sore" Buffy. She's a Slayer fer cryin' out must take a LOT for her to limp.
*His "If you keep being such a bitch, I just might bite you" comment makes you wonder...Did the subject of biting come up at some point during the festivities? Who brought it up--and why?
*Just when DID the house fall down?
Author note: I think I got 'em all.

As Buffy slammed her mouth into his, cutting off the angry comment that cut a little too close to home for her, he quit thinking and just reacted. Her fist slammed into the wall beside his head, dust and plaster falling around them as he gripped the arm slung around his neck and kissed her back. She swept her fingers through his platinum blond hair and he pushed forward slamming her back into the wall this time. She gripped the back of his head and stroked along the strong line of his jaw before her hands trailed down to his chest and shoved him away, lunging forward and gripping his jacket as he stumbled back, neither noticing as a beam broke from the ceiling and slammed into the spot where they had been. His body jostled with the impact of Buffy slamming him into the cracked plaster wall, but she was quickly on him again, pushing into his body with her own as she fused her mouth to his. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he dipped down to lift her weight against him. She grunted as he forcefully gripped her legs and wrapped them around his waist, her pussy cradled tight against his straining erection. She wanted to feel him inside her, that pulsing hard length slipping into her moist aching pussy.

She reached down and deftly slid his zipper open, plunging his cock into her pussy as she slid her little silk thong to the side in one quick motion. She pulled back to watch his face as he felt himself sheathed so suddenly inside her. His eyes were wide and shocked as he met her intent gaze as she gasped for breath at the tight feeling of pleasure. Her eyes slid closed as she moved her body along his cock, her jawing working as she leaned closer to kiss him again. Spike spun and pressed her against the wall as he pressed his mouth to her soft strawberry lips and began to push up into her tight passage. Buffy gripped the wall above her head and loosened her hold on his hips as he rocked his pelvis between her thighs, the thick length of his cock, wet with her juices, angling against the sensitive bud of her clit. Their mingled grunts and gasps of pleasure were the only sounds Buffy heard above the pounding beat of her heart. All Spike could feel, and see, and hear was the overwhelming ecstasy of Buffy in his arms.

Her face contorted as Spike stretched her almost painfully, the tip of his cock bumping against her womb mingled with the feel of her clit bumping against his pelvis on each thrust sending shock waves of debilitating pleasure through her whole body. Spike pressed his face into her chest, the soft swell of her breasts brushing his chin as he felt his body tighten with orgasm. He shoved up into her deeply and Buffy gasped as the center of her pleasure exploded in a warm wave and she lost her grip on the wall. He weight slammed into him as her body collapsed with her orgasm and Spike stumbled backwards still cradling her body against him. They crashed through the splintered wooden floor. Barely noticing as they thudded to the cement floor of the basement below, Buffy undulated her hips on Spike's already hardening cock as she looked down into his gasping face.

"Buffy," he growled her name on a moan, "God, you're tight! You feel so good, luv."

Buffy's eyes widened as her body grew excited as his words rolled across her skin like a caress. She'd never really had anyone talk to her during sex. She had no idea how much more intimate it made it feel. She rotated her hips more strongly in answer, letting him feel the tight wetness of her pussy. "Oh, yeah, harder!" Spike groaned as his lids fluttered closed.

Buffy leaned down and sucked his earlobe into her mouth as she pushed against him with slayer strength, her juices coating them both in her heavy sweetness. "Y'know," she gasped in whispered breaths into his ear, "I'm a virgin to this body."

His eyes popped open in renewed shock and he lunged up into her, pressing against her throbbing clit as they both came in shuddering spurts. She collapsed onto his chest, his cock still twitching as it lay buried in her pussy. Her fingers played across the deep blue silk of his shirt before tracing the line of his silver necklace across his neck. She bit her lower lip as she closed her eyes, delighting in the sensual pleasure of the smooth texture of his cool skin and the cold metal necklace. She pressed an open mouthed kiss against his neck, sucking the flesh into her mouth gently. Spike gasped and his body shifted beneath her, lightly stroking his hardening cock within her again. He grasped her shoulders and pushed her up to straddle his hips. He hooked his arm behind his head and settled his hand on her hip as she looked down at him questioningly, still gasping as her hips rubbed against him. "Take off your clothes, slayer," Spike demanded, his eyes slitted sensually as his tongue licked along his bottom lip quickly.

Buffy slid her denim jacket off her shoulders and flung it aside, not caring where it fell. She gripped the hem of her silk tank and pulled it over her head, her blond hair cascading over her naked shoulders. Welts and red bruises were already beginning to show from their fight in the wrecked house above and Spike's eyes lovingly traced each scrape and mark. Spike pushed up and leaned on his hands as he pressed an opened mouthed kiss to her pebbled nipple. Buffy moaned and gripped his head as his tongue stroked broadly across the beaded flesh. He kissed up the soft swell of her silky smooth breast and pressed his teeth to her neck. Buffy felt her body tighten with excitement, the element of danger tingling across her aroused skin, and she angled her head away exposing the tender flesh of her neck as she watched him out of the corner of her eye.

Spike stilled as Buffy displayed the vulnerable artery pulsing with her arousal and excitement. He swallowed slowly as his mouth watered. She wanted it, he could tell. His demon wanted to plunge his fangs into her as he pumped into her wet willing body, but he would never do that to her. He couldn't betray her that way, not even if she wanted it.

He wrapped his arms around her and rolled her beneath him before sitting up to kneel between her splayed thighs. Buffy winced as splintered wood pressed into her back and scraped her skin. "Ooh, ow," she gasped painfully and leaned up gingerly on her hands.

Spike scanned the room quickly and smiled as he spotted a dusty cushion amidst the rubble. He lunged for it and slid it behind her back as he grinned down at her, "Wouldn't want you to get hurt, luv."

Buffy reached up and pushed his jacket off his shoulders before ripping his black t-shirt down the middle and shoving both shirts down his arms. Her fingers traced the bruises across his chest as she pulled up to her knees. She sat across his lap and plunged down onto his cock. She pushed herself up and down his length as she scraped her nails down his back, leaving thick pink welts. He gasped and groaned and shoved up into her harshly. "Why not?" She breathed into his ear, "It can be so much fun." She slid her hips back and forth, setting the rhythm as she felt the pressure building with each shock of pleasure as her clit pressed against him. As she felt the warm moment of climax and her legs quivered against Spike's thighs she pushed him back and pressed her mouth to his chest, biting down as she came. Spike leaned back on his hands and grunted his release as Buffy's juices warmly coated his cock and her hot little mouth bit his flesh vampiricly.

Buffy pulled back and surveyed the purplish mark on his chest with heavy lidded satisfaction before she let her body fall back against the cushion, heavy and satiated. Spike grinned down at her relaxed, half-naked body. He reached for the side zipper of her skirt and said, "Don't get comfy, yet, Buffy. We're not done, luv," he slid her skirt off and stroked his fingers across the peach silk of her thong. He hooked his thumbs under the little straps and slid them off her golden legs, shoving them in his back pocket. "He pressed his thumb into her soaked passage and whispered hoarsely, "I bet you taste sweet." He heard her breath go shallow at his words as her thighs splayed open wider, inviting him. "I'm gonna stroke my tongue against your clit and make you come so hard the whole world's gonna shake." She gasped and bit her lip as her eyes fell closed and she angled her hips up towards him.

Spike dipped down, kissing her shaved bikini line gently before pushing her honey curls aside and rolling his tongue across her pink flesh. Buffy shuddered and reached down to grip his head as a fresh swell of juices pulsed from her pussy and the most intense pleasure tightened her skin and shot along her nerves. Spike licked strongly, his tongue flicking her clit in a steady rhythm. She shuddered as a thin layer of sweat broke across her skin and her breath rasped past her lips harshly. His tongue dipped into her pussy and she pressed herself against his face as she groaned and screamed, "Spike, oh baby! Oh, God, yes! Oh my God! Oh there!"

Spike slid one hand along her pussy, dipping his finger inside her as he stroked her clit with his moist tongue. Sliding his wet finger out he rubbed the sensitive skin of her ass. Buffy's eyes popped open in shock as her body jumped at the sudden pressure of his finger slipping into unchartered territory. Her body shivered as he slid the thumb of his other hand into her passage and continued to lick her clit. She felt stretched and filled from every angle and the pressure built as her body quaked with her rising pleasure. He licked broadly as she gasped, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and shuddered against his mouth as she came.

Spike pulled up, his finger stroking across her smooth wet bud gently as her body relaxed and she moaned a satisfied, "hmmmmm."

Buffy opened her eyes slowly a lusty twinkle in her satisfied gaze. "Spike," her breathy voice caressed his name before she sighed and then demanded, "Naked. Now."

Spike stood up before her proudly, his thick semi-aroused cock angling towards her. He kicked his combat boots off and pushed his black jeans down his legs. His mouth tightening in a smirk as her eyes wandered down his body. Suddenly she stopped and her hazel eyes widened as she swallowed.

"What?" he asked huskily, his accent thickening.

"It's so... and so..." her hands flailing in the air to describe how thick and big it was as she got her first good look at Spike naked, her eyes ducked and she reddened, "and it's kinda...bent.. different than what I've se.. I mean..."

Spike chuckled and knelt between her thighs as he demanded, "Turn over." She gazed at him with wide, innocent eyes as her mouth snapped closed at his tone and she wordlessly slid around to her hands and knees. Spike grabbed her hips plunged into her, sliding one hand around to press against her clit. She gasped and he leaned in to whisper in her ear, "Anyone ever hit that spot before."

"No," she moaned shudderingly. He pulled out and pushed in strongly again, grunting as his eyes fell closed. She closed her eyes and bit her lip on an ecstatic scream. Spike pumped into her angrily even as he stroked her clit gently making her moan his name over and over. Convinced he had firmly shoved any thoughts of anyone else from her mind Spike collapsed across her back as he spurted his cold seed inside her and pressed his finger against her slick clit making her moan and tighten her inner muscles around his twitching cock as she came and slid limply onto the pillow. The cracking house was still shaking and shuddering around them as they fell into an exhausted sleep. Dust rained through the slitted floorboards as beams crashed into the floor above and the supports buckled and shattered, sending planks clattering to the cement.

The house had settled to a rubbled silence as Spike slowly stirred awake. He felt the cool air against his naked body as he tried to stretch. His eyes popped open as he looked around frantically, finding his arms bound to a metal pole with his own leather belt. Buffy knelt beside him, a wicked smile curling her lips. She swung her leg over his and pressed her moist pussy to his thigh as she stretched along his body like a cat. He gasped in an unneeded breath as she smiled at him and whipped her head around, lashing her blonde hair across his chest. She slid down him, her lips inches from his pulsing cock already bobbing hungrily against the rippled muscles of his stomach. "Tell me how helpless you are, Spike. My neutered pet vampire."

"I'm not helpless, luv. I could bite *you*," Spike ground out as he pulled on the leather holding his wrists, keeping his arms immobile.

"Buy you didn't. Why?" Buffy asked softly, opening her mouth on a heavy breath as she angled towards his cock and looked up at him through her lowered lashes.

Spike's lips tightened on a groan and a dewy drop of pre-cum beaded on the head of his penis. "You know why, Buffy. 'Cause I love you, my wet little slayer. I am yours."

She gripped his cock and climbed across his lap. Slowly she slid down onto him, her lips parting on a silent moan. "If you're mine, prove it, pet. Don't move a muscle," she commanded.

Spike stilled the instinctive rhythm of his hips and lay helpless beneath Buffy as she closed her eyes and worked her body along his cock. She kept the pace torturously slow, gently awakening her clit as she rubbed it against Spike's pelvis on each down stroke. Spike groaned and closed his eyes, willing his body to stay still as his cock throbbed within her tight soaked pussy. She undulated her hips shallowly until she caught the right spot and sucked in her breath. Her body felt achingly alive as she felt her sensual power over the strong century old vampire beneath her. She moaned and flung her head back as a wave of pleasure zinged up her spine. Spike wanted to rip free of his tether and taste her out-thrust breasts but he groaned frustratedly and clenched his jaw against the urge. Buffy looked down at his trapped body and felt a satisfied pleasure at this new power over him. She leaned back and gripped Spike's strong thighs as she came with a guttural cry. As her muscled clenched around him, Spike exploded inside her.

She collapsed across his chest and mumbled into his ear, " feel good Spike. But I don't think I'll be able to walk straight tomorrow." She shifted her tired thighs and wiggled her ass as she grimaced uncomfortably at having used muscles that hadn't been worked in a long time. He pulled at his bindings and met her eyes in supplication. She smiled and reached up idly to loosen the belt. He wrapped his arms around her slowly as she slid to his side. She gazed at his profile through slitted eyelids. God, he'd made her feel so good. She couldn't even remember the last time she had felt anything that good and her aching body could testify to that. She felt the tears build along her lashes silently as the real world filtered back to her. This was so wrong. Why did it feel so good? She pushed the thoughts away and let exhaustion claim her.

"I am yours," he whispered possessively to her peaceful face. "But you're mine." He stroked his hand down her naked hip as she lay trustingly tucked against his side. He reached out and grabbed his leather jacket, yanking it from under a board and covered their bodies against the cold, damp air. He watched her sleeping face lovingly, before his eyes drifted closed and he followed her into sleep.

~~the end~~

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