Here are the stories I am working on and have finished. They are all Spike/Buffy and mostly NC-17. That means you gotta be seventeen to read these. I'm takin you at your word here. Once you click a title you're telling me you're a mature reader ready for sexy smut. Well at least you're telling me you're over seventeen. Now I am no longer responsible for shielding your blushing eyes.

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New fic

Paying Penance

Spike comes back after the big apocalpyse scare of season six and all that and runs into a few people he knows. This is getting away from some of my angst and back towards funny. I don't want to spoil so please just read and review.

New fic

Break Me

Soft Repose
African Girl
In Tune
The Call

Post 'Two to Go' so Spoilers till the end of season six. S P O I L E R. Spike has his soul and he and Buffy begin having dreams. It's also kind of a songfic as i was inspired to write it tonight as I was watching the Jewel "Break Me" video.

Magical Toothpaste

A simple spell goes awry with lusty consequences. S/B but everybody else gets mixed up a little too. There are some really hilarious and interesting pairings, or so I've been told.

Tingles and Mint
Perfect Fit
Devil's Playground
Midnight in the Graveyard
Those Old Tingles Again
Remind Me To Thank Willow
Madly, Deeply, Darkly
Who Wants To Go First?

Cake or Scrabble
Dusty Cake
Dinner for Eight
One of the Scoobies
I Kissed A Girl
Apples and Oranges

Stand alone fics...

Buffy Takes A Break
Buffy's break from work making love with Spike in the alley. My take on the look on her face and I didn't consider it bored. very B/S. kinda WIP. PLEASE PLEASE give me your input.

Christmas and Chrome Polish
Spike stops by Buffy's house late Christmas night to give her her present and discovers she got him something too.

Bad Bad Spike at the Bowling Alley
Buffy is taking out her frustrations through bowling when Spike comes along and shows her what other things she could be doing. Short and sweet smuttiness with a little sillyness and a dash of angst.

Love's Bitch (aka Choose to Love)AfterOMWF. This was my 1st B/S fic, but probably my most detailed, too. Dawn trapped in dream world, B/S must save her as they struggle with their new passionate+violent relationship. Buffy feels close to spike in a way she can't to others but can't yet deal. X/Any action, soon A/C

The Kiss
The Wish
Feelin Frisky at the Magic Box
Spells and Visions
Spare Magic Parts
Past Meets Present
Spike and Peaches
Another Vision, Another Spell, Just Another Day in Sunnydale...
Choose to Love

His Girls
A Different Girl, A Different Guy
Worth The Risk
My Guy
Confusion and Happy Moments
They're At The Mansion
Living In The Darkness
The Question

Missing Moments
This is my first series...

The Night the Walls Came Tumbling Down
My answer to Nautibitz challenge to fill in the blanks between Smashed and Wrecked. NC-17

Ship Wrecked
Picks up at the end of Wrecked. Kinda tear-jerky and fluffy. PG