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Welcome To New Xenaland

 Kevin Smith Tribute

Kevin Smith embodied the spirit of New Zealand. He was a talented man , an extremely pleasant man to all his fans. I will treasure forever the signed autograph where he wrote the words "TO A FELLOW MAINLANDER" CHEERS. I will treasure in my heart the vision of him singing the National Anthem to a hall full of Xenites in Pasadena. He looked so handsome, sang so beautifully - I was very very proud of him.

New Zealand



The Xena Warrior Princess Fan Visitor Guide to New Xenaland

A Lot of you Xenites might be thinking of visiting New Zealand and would like to know some of the filming locations used in Xena Warrior Princess that you can visit while in our country. Well thanks to some in-depth research by a couple of our club members, you can easily find your way to some of the many sites used in the making of the show. 

New Xenaland Member Thelonius Went to the Turners Auctions - Here are two of his reports.

Interview - Albert and Campbell - XENA Stunt Actors  Xena / Hercules Auction Items


Albert and Campbell - XENA Stunt Actors

Xena / Hercules Auction Items

Here's a few notes on the Auckland auction to help in judging the authenticity of what's on offer on Ebay and elsewhere.

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