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Welcome To New Xenaland's

Tribute To Kevin Tod Smith

1963 - 2002

RIP Kevin Smith - We will miss you!

Comments From New Xenaland Members

Kevin Smith embodied the spirit of New Zealand. He was a talented man , an extremely pleasant man to all his fans. I will treasure forever the signed autograph where he wrote the words "TO A FELLOW MAINLANDER" CHEERS. I will treasure in my heart the vision of him singing the National Anthem to a hall full of Xenites in Pasadena. He looked so handsome, sang so beautifully - I was very very proud of him.

New Zealand

I was very upset to hear that Kevin had passed away early this morning. He was a wonderful actor of whom we can be proud of. I will miss him as
indeed we all will. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Penny C.

New Zealand has Lost One of it's Biggest all around talents - He will be missed

G. Bixley (NZJester)

I am still stunned and shocked at the sudden and tragic loss of our own Kevin Smith. I never knew the man personally or had the privilege of meeting him but I always enjoyed his sharp wit especially during those wonderful debates. He will always be Ares God Of War because there can be no other. We have lost a remarkable man too soon.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Linda (Calli)

A Lot of our members are still in shock and Speechless