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Khalidarha's Mozenrath Corner


I want to apologize for the lack of updating recently, but I've been very very busy in RL. But I'm getting on top of things now! I am working on the next Khalidarha story, it's entitled "Of Gods and Men". And I have heeded your polling pleas...

We're under construction, so bear with me! This is my little page devoted to Mozenrath,the greatest villian Aladdin ever came up against. Call me crazy, call me obsessed, I don't care. Yes I know he's a cartoon character, yes I know he's not real, and yes I know I have way too much time on my hands. But I also know I'm not alone. Why else would you be here,if you weren't a Mozenrath fan?(If you're just a friend visiting this site out of pity, I understand.)

Most of what's here at the moment is my fan fiction, since that's mostly what I have. It's not much, but it's mine and I'm proud of it. As for all the faeries...I like them! An who might find them in a story!

If any of you out there have Mozenrath sites and want to link with me, yay!And if you too have stories or poems or whatever, please send them my way! Then you can havethem displayed here! Most of the stories are pg rating, for a tad bit of blood and gore. Nothing too bad though, and it can be skipped over if you have a real problem with it. I guess that's all there is to say, so on to the stories!

P.S: All faeries seen on this site are from the Enchanted Grove! Just follow the links below the pictures to get your own!

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