JULY 22, 2001

The premiere will be 2 hours long on October 9, 2001. Remember, US viewers -- it's gonna be on UPN!!! (Other countries, you are not affected by this move. Check with your local Buffy providing station to verify that they'll continue to air it.) Luckily, it WILL be the same time slot -- Tuesday nights at 8/7 Central.

Crossovers with Angel will be incredibly unlikely to occur this season, but if they are necessary, they will happen...somehow.

Episode 6 will be a special all musical/dance episode. Joss will write and direct.

Buffy is really dead, but she will be brought back. It may not be the exact same Buffy, but it will be Buffy. Sarah Michelle Gellar WILL return in her role as Buffy and will continue it for the next two seasons.

There will NOT be a new Slayer. It's not up for debate, it's not a matter of interpretation. Joss says no. When Faith dies, a new Slayer will be called, but Buffy's recent death will not call forth another Slayer.

Anthony Stewart Head is contracted as a recurring star for the 6th season. He is confirmed to appear in several episodes at the beginning of the season, but then is expected to leave to England so he can work on ANOTHER Buffy spin-off, a mini-series tentatively called, "The Watcher". (This was arranged so that Tony could be with his family in England and still work with Joss.)

Episode 1 & 2

  Ep: 1 & 2. Airdate: 10/9/01.

  From what is known thus far, the two-hour premiere will consist of two separate episodes aired together like the show's initial premiere. The premiere episode on the NEW network will supposedly reintroduce the show to new fans and still continue the story for old fans. At this point, it's too early to report spoilage.
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AUGUST 21, 2001

Willow, with the others close behind, does use magic at Buffy's grave site. It may have something to do with bringing Buffy back, it may be entirely responsible for bringing Buffy back or it may be a failed attempt. (I'm not saying which cause filming was kept completely private and even some of the script has been said to be deceiving as to what really happens. The magic does happen, but what it actually does, is not completely clear.)

Spike has not gone anywhere after the death of Buffy. In fact, his guilt about not protecting Dawn, keeps him as close to the Scooby Gang and especially Dawn as he can get.

A gang of vampires on motorcycles are the supposed main villains, at least for the premiere. The cocky group wreaks havoc in Sunnydale, wounding the Buffybot and interrupting efforts to bring Buffy back.
FEBRUARY 1, 2002

Dead Things

Ep: 13. Airdate: 2/5/01. Writer: Steven S. DeKnight. Director: James A Contner

This will *not* be lighthearted. Mostly dark material (sex/violence) and some scenes that may not make it to air.

Warren uses another gadget to make his ex-girlfriend Katrina a willing slave to him and his pals, but when the effects wear off and Katrina tries to escape the grasp of the nerdy supervillains, she's accidentally killed. (This is the death of the episode and this is probably the real source of the "rape" rumors. There is no actual rape scene, but indications and accusations of non-consensual behavior.)

There is a cute post-sex scene between Buffy and Spike where they chat about decorating and their relationship. For the Bronze Scene description go: here. (I will not be addressing the nature of the other sexual material of this episode on this page due to the potential for removal from the ep and the lack of necessity for raunchy details.)

With the use of magic and demonic forces, Warren and friends set up Buffy to make her think *she* killed Katrina--and it works.

Spike tries to help Buffy after the incident and keep her from confessing to the crime, but his efforts, including voluntarily taking a vicious verbal/physical thrashing from the Slayer, are useless. (Spike's efforts are useless, that doesn't mean Buffy confesses.)

Dawn and Xander waltz together in preparation for Xander's wedding--to Anya. (Jeez, ya silly people. There is no Dawn/Xander romance!)

Buffy discovers the truth behind her returning back to life "wrong." It's the worst thing she could want it to be.

After learning about the spell that brought her back, Buffy confesses to Tara the truth about her and Spike and amidst all her confusion and shame, breaks down into tears.(For the spoiler hounds who want the episode and its ending completely ruined check out Extra Spoilage for Buffy's "wrongness.")

Older and Far Away

Ep: 14. Airdate: 2/12/02. Writer: Drew Greenberg.

Buffy's birthday ep. A party gathers at the Summers house with the usual suspects and a few old and new faces as well. Surprisingly, the party itself goes of without much complication, but the next morning is another story.

Denied necessary attention from her sister and others, Dawn's wish to keep people from going away is answered by a demonic friend (*cough*Halfrek*cough*) who binds the attendees of Buffy's birthday bash to the house. Of course, with a dangerous monster also confined with them.

Dawn's stealing habits are discovered.

Jealousy runs wild as Xander and Anya set Buffy up with a guy at her party and Spike shows up, much to Buffy's dismay.

Anya freaks about being locked in the house, but Xander is there to calm and reassure her that everything is okay.

Tara is very much alive at the end of this ep. (She doesn't die in/before this ep and I have not confirmed info that she will at all--this is just me helping out Tara fans, it means nothing more than it says.)

As You Were

Ep: 15. Airdate: 2/26/02. Writer: Doug Petrie.

Riley returns for an episode. Not dead but of the living...and married. Buffy's own "relationship" with Spike comes into question when her ex's perfect romance shows her just what she doesn't have.

On the tail of a nasty, deadly demon that multiplies quickly, Riley shows up in Sunnydale, needing Buffy's help. But catching the demon reveals that it has already laid it's eggs somewhere.

Riley's wife, Sam, who's beautiful, successful, and able to kick demon ass with the best of them, manages to befriend all of the Scooby Gang, including Buffy.

With the wedding only a week away, Xander and Anya munch on snacks constantly as they reluctantly prepare for the arrival of "family" that will be staying with them. The newly married Riley and his wife offer the Xander and Anya some wise advice and show them how great marriage can be.

To support Buffy in the presence of Sam, Willow does what any good best friend would do: pretends to hate Riley's new wife. The girls actually bond and Sam gives Willow a little much-needed reassurance.

Despite popular belief and desire, Riley is not the bad guy of the episode. (Of course, some will still find a way to make him a villain.)

Episode 16

Ep: 16. Writer: Rebecca Rand Kirshner.

Xander and Anya's wedding.  Hmmmm . . .