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Sequel History

Prior to 2000
According to Simon Moore, the creator and writer of The 10th Kingdom, it took him more than 12 years to get the original (Book I) miniseries made (the one we saw). He was nearly set to go with it in 1995, and it was already cast, but the arrangements fell through. If it had been made then, it would have starred Kevin Kline as Wolf and Wynona Rider as Virginia.

2000, following the NBC debut
Moore replied to fan letters with a short synopsis of the sequel, which he described as taking place mainly in the Second Kingdom and concerning Wolf, as Book I had concerned Virginia. He hinted that Virginia and Wolf might get married in the sequel and confirmed that Virginia was indeed pregnant. This sequel was tentatively titled House of Wolves.

During this year, Moore made a concerted effort to gain backing for the project, which then seemed unchanged - in an interview, Scott Cohen [Wolf] said that he'd read a 10-page synopsis of the story and that it mainly concerned Wolf (and that both he and Kimberly Williams [Virginia] were definitely interested in reprising their roles). It was also revealed that John Larroquette [Tony] was the sole actor not interested in returning for a sequel, but also that the storyline would not require Tony to figure prominently. Further, the reason Larroquette declined (he hated the 6-month filming schedule away from his family) would not prohibit him from reprising his role if it were kept to a very short cameo appearance.
During this time, the North American cable channel Showtime was said to be interested, as was one of the original independent (non-Hallmark) producers. Showtime never confirmed their interest, however, and they have since been played down as a venue.

During 2002, Moore became disillusioned with Hallmark after they reneged on their offer of letting him direct his project The Snow Queen. Letters written in response to fans' received a new, altered synopsis of Book II: It would begin in New York, where Wolf and Virginia owned their own restaurant, and the baby would already be born.

In mid-2003, Liesha (of Liesha's 10th Kingdom Web Page) reported that the fans at this message board sent a letter to Hallmark and a copy of the letter to Moore. Moore replied that he had been approached to do more episodes at a lower budget and with different actors, which he had refused; he didn't want to make a sequel that was of lower quality than the original.
Hallmark took longer, but finally replied that they were still considering a sequel, because of all the mail they received asking for one. Fans at the letter-writing message board suggested that everyone increase the letter-writing campaign because it was obviously doing some good (but that they should mention that they wanted to see the original cast!!!!).
[Ed. Note: See the addresses & information page if you want to write.]

[Yes, I know I skipped two years]
In response to a letter the 10K connection newsletter editors wrote to him, Moore wrote that:

"Most of you know that a second series of 10th Kingdom is something I would love to do, but we will all have to wait until the time is right and the opportunity presents itself. I have no more news on the subject, but if it is meant to happen, then one day it will..."
He also provided a longer synopsis of the sequel, which seemed to have reverted to the original 2001 version (see the sequel synopsis page to read it).

After writing the first letter to the newsletter, Moore subsequently contributed a monthly column to it, and this is where I am now getting all my information on the sequel, so you will not see anything more here than is available there. Please note that this history page will not be updated until a sequel is either imminent, has been completely ruled out, or the newsletter folds and I have to look somewhere less easily accessed for my information. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter (which is not affiliated in any way with KingdomsPress), please see the addresses & information page.

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