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Sequel Synopsis

Simon Moore discussed the plot of the sequel in the September 2006 issue of the 10th Kingdom Official Fan Newsletter (not affiliated in any way with this site). Here is what he had to say:

"The second adventure will be called 'House of Wolves,' and take us primarily into the wooded world of Red Riding Hood's Kingdom, where schoolgirls in long, crimson caped uniforms are trained to deliver secret messages throughout the kingdoms, risking their lives to travel through the dark, dangerous forests.

The story begins in New York, some time after our previous adventure finished. Wolf and Virginia have opened their restaurant, which serves only meat of course, and only rare meat at that! Virginia is very pregnant with Wolf's baby, and is getting concerned because she has been pregnant for much, much longer than is usual... Wolf says this is a sure sign that the baby will be a magic baby.

When Virginia does finally give birth, it is to a furry baby wolf cub!!! Wolf is thrilled, but Virginia is most certainly not, and doesn't like the strange looks she gets when she wheels a little wolf cub around Manhattan in a pram. She is very upset and says she wants a human baby. Wolf promises to return to the Kingdoms with her and see if there is some magic spell that will turn their baby into human form. Indeed, perhaps someone has bewitched their baby... but who would do a thing like that?!

They travel to Red Riding Hood's Kingdom, where wolves are demonized and forced to live in hidden underground villages deep in the forest. Wolf is shocked to see that girls at the Riding Hood Academy For Young Ladies are taught the most appalling, prejudiced ideas about wolves, and he decides to enroll as a teacher (without telling anyone that he is a Wolf, of course) to put the record straight. As you can imagine, a Wolf at a girls boarding school causes quite a few problems...

So many other things happen in our story, including Wolf discovering that his parents were not burned to death as he believed, but still alive! The story also features the magical, woodland full moon marriage of Wolf and Virginia! Old friends will return... some as small as an Acorn... And there will be many surprises - such as the fact that the new Troll National Anthem sounds very much like a Bee Gees song... Oh and one thing I can certainly promise - there will be magic aplenty! Magic everywhere, in all it's wondrous forms. And there will be romance and hope and danger and adventures to take your breath away! And -

But, alas, that's all I have time for now."

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