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Tammy Tammy Get the Rangers On DVD


Hello and welcome to my fan page of the rescue rangers. Here you will find my fanfiction, fanart and the comic strip I do whenever (no regular updates anymore, but i do try to do one at least once a week). It is also home to Ebay stuff and the weekly rescue ranger poll.

This week's poll

This is the latest comic that I have done.
Click on it to see the archive.

August 29th 2003
Bink will show you the way to my fanfictions.
Right now I am almost finished with the first book of
"The Art of Magic."
The story is revised by Winston (thanks a bunch).
I update the story regulary.

I draw a lot, maybe even too much, or maybe not enough. Most of my fan art is of Tammy, but i do some others sometimes. Follow foxglove to see my fan art.

One day I thought I would be clever and let my student read one of my rescue ranger comic books. I thought this would be fun for both of us. Imagine my suprise when she brought out the same exact issue, except in thai. In these comics the rescue rangers try to teach thai children english.

If you like to write fanfictions or like to draw fanart and you have no place to host it, I am willing to host it for you. Right now I don't have any hosted.
Here is a large collection of Tammy screen shots. As if you couldn't tell she was my favorite character by the fanart and the fanfics alone. All the pictures feature her (a couple do feature only Bink)in it.

This is ebay stuff, where I report
on any worthy finds on ebay.
This is to help ranger fans find
the merchandice they want.


Here are some great webcomics
that I read everyday.

Ranger related sites.