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"Chip and Dale's Resce Rangers" Comics in Thai

Many Disney comics are translated into Thai. Mostly they are Mickey and the other orginal Disney charcarters. This is all done in one large series with different titles (Such as Duck Tales, DarkWing Duck, Goof Troop) from one issue to the next and sometimes different ones in the same issue(one issue had DuckTales at the front and old school Chip and Dale at the back).

Issue 7 of the Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is one of these comics. It is translated and has the orginal english under the comic cell. Here are 5 scans I have made of this issue.

*Note, these skans are high detail and thus big files,
the cover is half a mega byte on it's own.*

This is the cover of the comic. They translated "rescue Rangers" as "Protectors of the world." I think that is a fitting title.

Comic Cover

This is a scan of the first page. This is to let you know how the general comic looks. Inbetween each cell is the translation of what the rangers are saying, back into the orginal english.

Page 1

On this page it talks about what the rangers are saying, that can't be directly translated in Thai.

The Rangers teaching English

This is just as it sounds. A dictionary from english to thai, using the words that have appared in the comic.

Rescue Ranger Dictionary

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