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AIRWAVES ONLINE Sorted: Re: Who was Allison Steele?

Re: Who was Allison Steele?

Keating Willcox
5 Nov 1997 12:46:02 GMT

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In article <1997Nov4.125807.25591 >, lgfuss says...
>>R & R ran an article recently asking PDs to put together an all-star radio jock team. Several mentioned "the late Allison Steele." Who was she, what's her story, and what about her 'late-ness'? I'm sure there are others more qualified than I to answer this, but I do know she was the night jock on a NYC FM (WOR-FM? WNEW-FM?) for years. She was known as "The Nightbird". I think it was cancer.
Allison Steele, the "Night Bird" was one of the most caring and sensitive DJ's, on a station at a time that progesive music was at its height. Perhaps I remember it better than it was. But, check out her obituary in the NY Times from a few years ago. I have no idea how to find an old NY Times, but the obit said it all.

By the way, Rosko was on at the same time, on WNEW, and he was the best DJ of all time, bar none. He would read Pete Hamill's column over a music bed of Jimmy Garrison on bass. I would have to stop what I was doing and wipe tears from my eyes.

I dream that on my three stations, for at least one minute in any given month, I can provide programming with the same impact and passion as Rosko would do on a daily basis.

Sadly, my efforts to get in touch with him are completely futile, although I know he does Voice Overs for the TV networks.

Keating Willcox ~/~