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Wesley Wyndham Pryce

"You're Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. A Watcher - Faith's Watcher. You know about 50 different languages. You crashed at my apartment for a month with a broken leg, watching some of the crappest television I've ever seen. You've saved my life a few times and almost got me killed a few more. You drink more tea that oughta be humanly possible for one man, and your dad was a complete shit."
- Doyle, Evidence of Things Not Seen


Little is known about the history of this painfully formal Englishman. He’s well educated and a recent graduate of Watcher’s training, having been transferred from the research archives to active duty after Faith’s previous Watcher was killed in the field.


Wesley represents part of the best and brightest of a new generation of Watchers. Highly focused and disciplined, unmatched at his knowledge of demon species and language, and with a wide grounding in the skills required to train a Slayer, he has only one flaw.

He simply has no idea how to handle his Slayer. He’s done his best to control Faith according to the Council’s guidelines, and got abandoned by her for his trouble. Stiff and unbending, Wes just can’t relate to Faith’s wild and reckless style of life.

It doesn’t help that he’s a bit of a klutz.

Wesley still wants to train Faith according to Council policy, but he’s gradually beginning to realise that he may be called upon to give concessions, as well as commands. He respects Doyle as an experienced warrior on the side of the Light, even though their methods are at totally opposite ends of the spectrum. Little is known about his background, but this young man is firmly determined to ride into the history books regarded as a great Watcher.

Whether or not he will risk his Slayer against the Master to do so, is a question Wesley himself may not be ready to answer.

Quote: “I must say, you don't look like Faith's usual type. A lot less... leather. And tattoos.” - Referring to Doyle in City of Doyle

Authors’ comments:

Mike: “ Wesley isn’t exactly like he was on Buffy, or like he was on Angel. He’s anally retentive as he was on Buffy, but not quite as useless. And Wesley does actually have a purpose in the series other than simple comedy. No really, he does. We have plot diagrams. I don’t really think Wesley is that sure what he is supposed to be doing as a Watcher, and for the moment working with Doyle has provided a temporary purpose, as well as a way to keep Faith in hand.”

Tammy: “I think Wesley in DI is the Wesley the s3 BtVS gang would have seen if they'd given him a chance. He was clever, he knew his stuff - but Giles knew his stuff too and everyone trusted and listened to him instead. He wasn't too great at the physical side, true enough, but as soon as he started to see some action he started to improve. With Wesley in DI, that's just happening a bit faster.
Doyle and Wesley have this interesting relationship because they're so different, but they have this rapport over worrying and moaning about Faith. They've actually become friends a lot faster than seemed likely when we were planning stories, although they started out at odds. I don't know how much of that was subconsciously to provide a twist on the fact the majority of people expect them to hate each other. All the same, I loved doing the showdown between them in Deceiver and Deceived.”

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