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What if the Wishverse continued to exist as a parallel reality once Giles destroyed Anya's power center after the massacre of "The Wish"?

With Buffy and Angel and most of the familiar heroes of the Buffyverse now dead, Vampire Slayer Kendra is called, but follows in Buffy's footsteps and is killed in Sunnydale. Faith, called next with Wesley assigned as her watcher, rebels and refuses to go to Sunnydale to become the next slayer to die. Instead, she flees to L.A.

Doyle and his wife Harry had been attacked by vampires several years before. Harry was killed, but Doyle survived the attack because of his demon blood. Instead of going into a self-destructive depression, Doyle takes a different route in this reality, becoming obsessed with revenge against vampires. He gives up teaching, and becomes first a cop and then a PI, and spends much of his time tracking and killing vampires, sometimes alongside his friend and former partner Kate Lockley. Then a certain rebellious slayer on the run visits Doyle Investigations, with Wesley in pursuit close behind....


Allen Francis Doyle

"So you're just the big Dark Avenger, huh? Well, okay, short, badly-dressed Irish Avenger, then... Well, I've got news for you, mate. You're part demon, same as me. Just because you tramp around with a slayer and can walk in daylight doesn't mean you're any better."
- Spike, Third Time Unlucky

Francis Doyle used to be a pillar of the community. A third-grade teacher, active in charity, happily married to Harriet Doyle, he was what the folks next door would have called, ‘a genuine, honest-to-God nice guy’....more.

Faith the Vampire Slayer

"We're both her bloody sidekicks... she listens to me 'cause I'm the handy supplier of food, board, TV, beer and sex. Everythin' the girl needs to live in comfort."
- Doyle, Faith the Exotic Dancer

We don't yet know anything about Faith's life before she was the Slayer, except that it wasn't exactly sunlight and roses. As the Slayer, she's had a Watcher prior to Wesley who met an unfortunate end and her dealings with the Watchers' Council have been colored by events related to that incident ever since....more.

Wesley Wyndham Pryce

"You're Wesley Wyndham-Pryce. A Watcher - Faith's Watcher. You know about 50 different languages. You crashed at my apartment for a month with a broken leg, watching some of the crappest television I've ever seen. You've saved my life a few times and almost got me killed a few more. You drink more tea that oughta be humanly possible for one man, and your dad was a complete shit."
- Doyle, Evidence of Things Not Seen

Little is known about the history of this painfully formal Englishman. He’s well educated and a recent graduate of Watcher’s training, having been transferred from the research archives to active duty after Faith’s previous Watcher was killed in the field....more.

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