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Added Episode 10:
Hall of Mirrors,
by Ellen, Mike, Katta,
and Roseveare


Added a pdf file of episodes 1-11, compiled by Jan-Eric Pietralla (thanks!)
NB. approx 2.3MB. Chaptering differs slightly from versions on site.


edited affiliates. anyone who's been removed please send current url if you would like reinstating.


Added the Peanut reader format version of Ghosts, and the chapter-by-chapter version.


Added Episode 10:
by Roseveare, Mike and Ellen


Added a photomanip comic strip.
This has been around a while, but somehow missed being posted on the site.


"Once upon a time there'd been a happily married third grade teacher called Allen
Francis Doyle... until the day demons ate his wife, and he discovered the reason they didn't eat
him too was because he was half one of them himself. After that, he turned himself into a vampire-killing machine, stripping from himself and his life everything else that had ever mattered, everything else that had made up the man he'd been...

Doyle - Evidence of Things Not Seen

In a darker world where the forces of darkness run unchecked, a bitter Doyle is all that stands between LA citizens and the terrors that stalk the streets. Alongside Faith the Vampire Slayer and her Watcher, Wesley Wyndham-Price, Doyle fights in the world inspired by the Buffy episode 'The Wish', a world with the Master ascendant in Sunnydale and with Buffy Summers and Angel dead and gone.

Welcome to this darker corner of the Wishverse...

Welcome to Doyle Investigations.

Doyle Investigations is a collaborative fan fiction series based on the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

The new fics will be archived on this site and will also be sent to the doylewish mailing list [subscribe?]: the list for fiction and discussion about Doyle in the Wishverse.

Please do point out any errors you find on the site. And please do let us know what you think of the story so far - either via the guestbook or email, unless your comments are specific to a particular chapter, in which case please send them to the author concerned.

If you write fanfic and are interested in writing in the Doyle Investigations universe, please contact us!

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The Calm After the Storm Go Wes Go! Sidekick Pride Grimoire Absolutely Angel
Faiths Solace Plural of Apocalypse

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