Real Name: Sabrina Angelica Spellman

Occupation: Freelance Writer, Newspaper Journalist

Place of Birth: Unrevealed, possibly Salem, Massachusetts

Marital Status: Married (common law marriage)

Known Relatives: Edward (father), Diana (mother), Donald (step-brother), Gail (step-mother), Hilda, Zelda, Vespa, (paternal aunts), Samantha, Marigold, Racine, Susie (aunts), Larry, Mortimer, Chris (great-uncles) Lydia (paternal grandmother), Esmerelda (paternal great-grandmother, aka Nanna), Tabitha, Amanda, Adam (cousins), Beulah, Dorma, Maw-Maw, Irma (great-aunts), Harvey Kinkle (common-law husband)

Base of Operations: Boston, Massachusetts

First Appearance: Archie's Madhouse #22

Origins: Sabrina The Teenage Witch (1996)

History: Sabrina Spellman is a fourteenth or fifteenth generation of the Spellman family, a family of warlocks and witches adept in the pagan art of witchcraft. The Spellmans have produced progeny with exceptional aptitude and proclivity to the mystical arts for over a thousand years. The majority of her race are eccentrics and elitists, characteristics of their centuries long existence holding themselves above humanity who they refer to as "mortals" despite the fact that they are not true immortals, such as the gods of earth. In fact, there are countless more reputable Wiccan individuals who do not carry on this sort of discrimination and have actually intermingled and married normal humans.

Not much is known about Sabrina's early years. According to some accounts, Sabrina was born in Riverdale, California and attended Riverdale High School where she became friends with Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper, but this Sabrina was born in the Forties and might not be the modern Sabrina. It is known that Sabrina had been born through the relationship of Edward Spellman with an archaeologist named Diana Martin. However, in the years since Samantha Spellcraft, a distant relative of the Spellmans, had married a mortal man, the Witch's Council forbid further intermingling with regular human beings. They actually set several spells to discourage it. Forbidden to marry Diana, Edward remained bound to his mystical duties, and Sabrina was raised by her mother and her grandmother without any knowledge of her mystical legacy.

Eventually, Edward realized that Sabrina would realize her true mystical powers upon adolescence, and after Sabrina's grandmother died, he sent her to live with his two sisters, Hilda and Zelda, in Westbridge, a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. Sabrina's proclivity for magic had been mystically hindered in her grandmother's home, but her full power began manifesting as she reached puberty. Her aunts taught her in the use and discipline of her powers as well as instilled in her mortal responsibility and compassion. Sabrina remained somewhat ambivalent to her heritage; eager to be normal, she often resorted to her magical prowess to help others or indulge herself.

Sabrina became a student at Westbridge High School, where one of her best friends was Jenny Kelley, but Jenny eventually moved away and Sabrina became friends with another girl named Valerie Birckhead. She also became fond of school athlete Harvey Kinkle and had a relationship with him, but she was also the source of an undeclared infatuation from loner William Samms, who kept secret his feelings for her and possibly deduced the truth about her mystical powers. Sabrina's relationship with Harvey, however, has often been tested and frustrated by the advances of Liberty "Libby" Chessler, a materialistic cheerleader who would resort to unhanded means to have Harvey for herself. Her life was also further conflicted by Willard Kraft, the over-bearing and unsympathetic vice-principal of her school.

Sabrina's life trying to be a normal teenager has often been exacerbated by her mystical heritage and her recurring confrontations with various extra-dimensional beings. She quickly learned that what made normal sense in the real world made absolute no difference in the magic community which they colloquially referred to as "Other-World. In the practice of learning her full powers, she was helped along by a Wiccan known only as the Quizmaster. Sabrina has also put off matrimonial attempts by a troll named Roland from the cosmology of the Asgardian gods who wants her hand in marriage. She also encountered Athena Odinson, a demigoddess. One of Sabrina's clones also acquired sentience and left Westbridge to be a singer and actress under the name Lizzie Spellman.

In later years, Valerie left Sabrina's life when her family moved, sparking Sabrina's memories of Jenny. Sabrina and Harvey drifted apart and she briefly romanced Josh Rutledge, a college student a few years her senior, as well as another college student named William Collins, who was actually the son of a mortal sorceress named Angelique Bouchard, who had been her father's nanny a century before. Briefly tutoring a young witch named Dreama, Sabrina met new friends in college named Roxie King and Morgan Cavanaugh. Just as things with Josh turned serious, Harvey returned to Sabrina's life, confessing he knew Sabrina was a "witch." 

Sabrina's public life even with her magic eventually became even more hectic. After college, she acquired a job at the Boston Citizen newspaper alongside Josh, but she later took a job at Scorch Magazine, a celebrity tabloid. By now, her aunts had departed Westbridge and had left their house to Sabrina. Having lost contact with Josh, Sabrina began dating an actor named Aaron Jacobs, who later purposed to her. By now, Harvey was now almost completely back in Sabrina's life, helping her to conceal her accidental fits of magic behind Roxie and Morgan's backs in the absence of her aunts. Realizing she was still in love with Harvey, Sabrina subsequently left Aaron at the altar and departed with Harvey on his motorcycle.

Sabrina's current whereabouts are unknown, but Samantha Stephens, a distant relative of her aunts, recently hinted to Angelique that she and Harvey were sharing a house not far from Boston.

CLASSIFIED: *Top Secret* FBI, X-Files Division (Based on long-range analysis by Fox Mulder, Updated 2005)

Known Superhuman Powers (Based on covert long-term examination and analysis of Sabrina Spellman): Sabrina Spellman possesses the ability to tap into and manipulate mystical energies through witchcraft. Strictly speaking, magic is not a superhuman power; all human beings have the potential to practice and tap into the mystical arts, but each person is limited by their own amount of training, discipline, knowledge, enlightenment and mastery of the mystical arts, although some people like individuals have for more potential and aptitude for it than others. Sabrina's propensity for magic is due to her ancestry of magic-users going back several centuries. 

Historically, all magic derives from three main sources: personal powers of the mind/body/soul derived from one developing their own psychic powers (such as telepathy, psychokinesis, telekinesis, clairvoyance, psychometry...), powers gained by tapping into the universe's store of ambient energies for specific results (teleportation, transmutation of objects...) and powers gained by the invoking of gods and/or other-dimensional beings in worlds tangent to their own (dimensional travel, manipulation of energy....). The latter means of power is usually gained by the recitation of spells or incantations, either ritualized ones found in ancient mystical texts or by original spells invoking gods and other extra-dimensional beings. Nearly all families of wizards or witches have mystical tomes or spell-books describing the history of their families with their accumulated mystical knowledge.

The gamut of Sabrina's mystical powers appear based on a form of advanced psychokinesis and telekinesis. She can affect matter on the atomic level (changing the properties of an object into another object), on the molecular level (altering an object into another similar object) or on a whole (telekinetically moving an object). Sabrina often at times performs the art of conjuration, manifesting her thoughts into physical objects or mentally teleporting objects, such clothing, from existing areas without creating it anew from nothingness. Her psychic and mystical energies also appear to be just as individual as fingerprints or retina patterns, appearing sometimes as a form of sparkling energy. Her unique psychic energies makes it difficult for Sabrina to undo the spells or enchantments created by other magic-users, although some wizards or witches of particular strength and experience can alter the spells of other magic-users. These energies have rendered Sabrina immune to mortal frailties such as intoxication and terrestrial disease. 

Like that of all witches, Sabrina can mystically alter and change matter such as on a molecular level when she manipulates an object's shape (restoring broken glass) or on a whole when she psychokinetically moves matter. She can convert her thoughts to mass both consciously and unconsciously and can materialize whole objects and even sentient beings. She can use this power on herself such as when she shape-shifts, turning herself into other people, animals and even inanimate objects. She can also become invisible to normal human senses and attain a sentient immaterial form in which she is immune to conventional but not mystical injury. She can also create spells to render her able to exist underwater, in the vacuum of outer space or just against the detrimental effects of moving at high speeds. She can mystically increase her strength and speed against certain tasks. In order to attain any of these feats, Sabrina is required to gesture or create some kind of movement; the size of the gesture is sometimes pertinent to the scale of the feat she desires. For some feats that would otherwise tax her regular power, she is required to use an incantation or vocal command in order to set precise limits or perimeters on the boundaries of her mystical commands.

By mentally manipulating gravitons (theoretical sub-atomic particles carrying the force of gravity between atoms), Sabrina can levitate herself and even mystically enable herself to fly. When she does so, she generally uses a a solid object like a pole or rod to balance herself (the use of which gave rise to the myth that witches fly on brooms). For considerable distances, Sabrina can teleport herself or a group of people by mentally conjuring a link between two points in space, levitating herself a short distance and then closing the doorway in between. The friction of molecules between the two points of sometimes creates a burst of smoke that appears upon departure and reentry depending on the length of space traversed. The limits on this feat are unknown; she sometimes requires on naturally occurring or mystically-created dimensional access points (such as the nexus in the linen closet of her home) to traverse other realms. She can use this power to mentally transverse dimensions and travel through time, although when she transcends beyond the length of her lifetime, she can become vulnerable to losing her powers (except for her trip back to her point of origin) or even having the memories of her present life erased from her mind.

Sabrina also has low-level psychic prowess and is susceptible to paranormal phenomenon. She can see the spirits of those people who have died (ghosts) and detect the mystical potential in other magical beings, such as sprites, elves and gods. She is empathic and can sense emotional patterns in human beings, such as lust in her ardent admirers. Although she has mental barriers against telepathy, she can communicate messages over long-distance to other Wiccans even without knowing where they are located (such as when she calls upon her aunts). She can implant thoughts and hypnotic suggestions on people to act or respond as she sees fit, and even mesmerize anyone she catches in her gaze for three to five seconds, but she makes little use of this power. She can also mentally communicate with animals, such as dogs, horses and chimpanzees, sometimes resorting on a spell to grant animals the power of speech and sentience.  

Sabrina can also tap into and utilize external magical forces such as elemental and cosmic energies in order to strengthen or increase upon her own mystical powers without taxing upon her own powers, such as when she crosses dimensions or travels through time. She can consciously and unconsciously create whole new interdimensional worlds subject to her imagination, such as when she visited the reality of Hollywood movie monsters. By tapping into the elemental forces of the earth, she can control the weather and conjure small locally centered earthquakes. She also tends to use incantations, spells and chants in order to channel her spells into very precise effects or hexes. Her hexes actually are spells rigged to influence spheres of psychokinetic force around specific people or objects to create negative results in the form of "bad luck." Despite her half-human heritage, Sabrina is possible of almost limited power, but she is still quite limited in the potential ramifications of how much power she has at her disposal..

Abilities: Sabrina is a talented and gifted writer with an inquisitive mind. She is also considered an extremely courteous and charismatic individual capable of charming virtually anyone she meets.

Pets: Sabrina has a pet cat named Salem. In actuality, it has been revealed that he was once a male witch (warlock) named Salem Saberhagen who tried to use his powers for selfish and unscrupulous acts and that Sabrina's Aunt Hilda was one of his confederates. Condemned to live as a witch's familiar for a hundred years, Salem was placed in Hilda's care, but he later became a ward of Sabrina. Bereft of his powers, Salem's personality and attitudes have since taken on feline characteristics.

Limitations: Although immune to human frailties, Samantha is vulnerable to a host of mystical maladies, many of which have been created by human sorcerers, mystics and wizards as defenses against witches using natural anathema to earth. One such spell affecting just her family tree results in an uncontrollable craving for waffles. Usually debilitating to her powers,  the majority of these illnesses are not cumulative, and she can return to full power and vigor after an accurate diagnosis of her symptoms. 

Comments: Sabrina Spellman was played by Melissa Joan Hart. All characters here except for some extraneous on-line fiction characters are copyrighted to Archie Comics and/or Hart Productions.


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