The Big Valley

Trivia answers

1- B (as revealed in episode "Boots with My Father's Name)
2- B
3- C
4- D
5- C
6- B (when he, Victoria, Jarrod and stage passengers are stranded in the desert)
7- C (as revealed in episode "The Lost Treasure")
8- D (as revealed in episode "Boots with My Father's Name")
9- B
"Explosion! Part 2"
"Hide the Children"
10- B (as first revealed in episode "Forty Rifles")
11- D
"Last Train to the Fair"
"The Disappearance"
"Fall of A Hero
"The Long Ride
"Alias Nellie Handley"
12- C
13- B
14- A (as revealed in episode "Forty Rifles")
15- C
16- A (watch closely when Heath is trapped underneath the wagon and rambling. You can see a shining object on his finger, despite the mud)
17- C
18- B (In episode "The Way to Kill a Killer")
19- B (In episode "The Lost Treasure")
20- A
21- C
22- D
23- B (In episode "By Fires Unseen")
24- D
25- E (In episode "Days of Wrath")
26- D
27- A
28- E
29- C (In episode "The Lost Treasure")
30- B
31- E
32- C
33- D
34- A
35- D (In episode "Last Train to the Fair")
36- A
37- D
38- D
39- C
40- E
41- B
42- D
43- B
44- A
45- C
46- A (In episode "Run of the Savage")
47- B
48- A
49- C
50- C
51- D
52- B
53- B
54- D
55- C
56- D
57- Barbara Luna who played Miranda in the episode of the same name
58- Linda Marsh who played Nora in episode "The 25 Graves of Midas"
59- Robert Walker Jr. who played Evan Miles in episode "My Son, My Son"
60- Antoinette Bower who played Alicia Akers in episode "Deathtown"
61- John Milford, famous for his role of Barrett in "40 Rifles"
62- Actor Robert Loggia who played Vern Hickson in episode "The Profit and the Lost"
63- Actress Yvonne Craig who played Allie Kay in episode "The Invaders"
64- Famous Captain Kirk, William Shatner who starred in "A Time to Kill"
65- Actor Noah Keen who was famous for his role of Dr. Merar in many episodes
66- Actor David Sheiner who played Rizely, the corrupted prison camp warden in episode "The Iron Box"
67- Episode "Heritage"
68- Actor Nehemiah Persoff who play General Ruiz Vicente in two-part episode "Legend of the General"
69- Actor Dennis Patrick who play Attorney Mannis in episode "Fall of A Hero"

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