The Big Valley

Trivia questions

The answers are given on one page. I recommend you write down all of your answers first, then check them all at once. Good luck!

1- How did Heath's mother, Leah, meet Tom Barkley?
A- In a saloon
B- In an alley
C- In Stockton
D- In an hotel
2- What object gets thrown through a window in episode "The Great Safe Robbery"?
A- A rock
B- A sledgehammer
C- A monkey wrench
D- A brick
3- What are the names of the two prisoners Nick and Heath befriend in episode "The Iron Box"
A- Ricky and John
B- Billy and Joe
C- Billy and Lobo
D- Johnny and Joe
4- In episode "Hide The Children", Nick believes the gypsies stole...?
A- A bottle of champagne
B- A bushel of peaches
C- A prized stallion
D- A barrel of sherry
5- Young Ronny Howard was a guest star in episode...?
A- The Odyssey of Jubal Tanney
B- The Martyr
C- Night of the Wolf
D- The Target
6- Heath miraculously finds water underneath a pond of mud in episode...?
A- The Lost Treasure
B- Last Stage to Salt Flats
C- The Stallion
D- Fall of a Hero
7- What is Hannah's last name?
A- Conway
B- Caulfield
C- James
D- Simmons
8- How did Heath's aunt Rachel die?
A- Committed suicide
B- Was poisoned
C- Was accidently shot
D- Fell down an abandoned mine shaft
9- "Brady Bunch" star Eve Plumb guest starred in how many episodes?
A- 1
B- 2
C- 3
D- 4
10- What is Jarrod's nickname?
A- Daddy
B- Pappy
C- Slowpoke
D- Boss
11- How many guest appearances Lee Majors "Six Million Dollar Man"'s co-star, Richard Anderson, did?
A- 2
B- 3
C- 4
D- 5
12- In episode "By Force and Violence", Audra is faced with the task of...?
A- Riding out for help
B- How to arrange her hair
C- Jilting a persistent suitor
D- Choosing which dress to wear
13- In episode "The Invaders", Heath mistakenly calls his nurse...?
A- Suzie
B- Lupee
C- Daisy
D- Julie
14- General Wallant is...?
A- Nick's former Civil War commander
B- Heath's former concentration camp warden
C- Jarrod's former law teacher
D- Victoria's former flame
15- In episode "The Martyr", Jarrod agrees to defend...?
A- A Payute Indian
B- An escaped war camp prisoner
C- A Basque anarchist
D- A Confederate spy
16- In which episode is Lee Majors inadvertently seen wearing his wedding ring?
A- By Force and Violence
B- Heritage
C- The Iron Box
D- The Price of Victory
17- What was Audra’s Fair entry in Last Train To The Fair?
A- Devilled Eggs
B- Sweet Pickles
C- Pickled Cucumbers
D- A quilt
E- A peach pie
18- What was the Barkleys' prized bull named?
A- King Arthur
B- Prince Oxford
C- Henry the VIII
D- JugHead
E- Sir Lancelot
19- Heath's Mother Leah died in
A- 1870
B- 1872
C- 1873
D- 1875
E- 1876
20- In episode "Miranda" a group of revolutionaries seek out the Barkleys to retrieve:
A- A necklace
B- A golden medallion
C- Money
D- A rifle
E- A priceless vase
21- In episode "Into the Widow's Web" Heath is accused of killing:
A- A neighbour
B- A congressman
C- A drunken husband
D- A judge
E- A banker
22- What is the name of Joey Rawlings' adoptive parents in "The Prize"?
A- The Whelans
B- The Tanners
C- The Wells
D- The Stanleys
E- The Beymers
23- Hester Converse is:
A- Heath's girlfriend
B- Nick's fiancée
C- Jarrod's client
D- Audra's seamstress
E- Victoria's sister-in-law
24- In episode "The Fallen Hawk" Heath's friend Ward blackmails him into investing $5000 in:
A- A hardware store
B- A cattle ranch
C- A freight service
D- A timber company
E- A construction enterprise
25- Jarrod's wife's maiden name is:
A- Kendall
B- Marshall
C- Pernell
D- Kilbain
E- Randall
26- Can you name the three comically inept safecracker brothers in “The Great Safe Robbery”?
A- Bernie, Elwood and Shorty
B- Duke, Cal and Elwood
C- Clay, Shorty and Clem
D- Duke, Shorty and Elwood
E- Duke, Shorty and Clem
27-Actress Sandra Smith who played Jarrod’s wife in “Days of Wrath” also played Mary Kilbain in episode:
A- The Price of Victory
B- A Flock of Trouble
C- Night of the Wolf
D- The Velvet Trap
E- Ladykiller
28-Which "Bonanza" star made a guest appearance in BV?
A- Dirk Blocker
B- Mitch Vogel
C- David Canary
D- Tim Matheson
E- Pernell Roberts
29-Famous comedian Buddy Hacket played:
A- Ward Whitcom
B- Ben Rawlings
C- Charlie Sawyer
D- Colin Murdoch
E- Tom Hastings
30-Comedian Milton Berle appeared in episode:
A- Days of Grace
B- A Flock of Trouble
C- The Lost Treasure
D- Explosion!
E- Court Martial
31-Nick angrily slaps Heath in the face for letting a stallion loose in episode:
A- Run of the Cat
B- The Stallion
C- Hide the Children
D- Time After Midnight
E- Night of the Wolf
32-What famous singer portrays Brother Love in the episode of the same name?
A- Johnny Cash
B- Paul Anka
C- Robert Goulet
D- Wayne Newton
E- Tom Jones
33-Actor Leslie Neilsen of the "Naked Gun" movies fame guest starred in:
A- Point and Counterpoint
B- Guilty
C- Cage of Eagles
D- Town of No Exit
E- Last Train to the Fair
34-In "Point and Counterpoint" Jarrod defends Ritch Stokely for murder. Can you name his twin?
A- Billy
B- Willy
C- Sammy
D- Tommy
E- Freddy
35-Which character is operated for appendicitis?
A- Heath
B- Nick
C- Jarrod
D- Audra
E- Victoria
36-Ford Rainey, father of Lee Majors’s SMDM Steve Austin character, played Barkley Sierra super intendant Colin Murdoch in episode:
A- Heritage
B- Night in a Small Town
C- A Noose is Waiting
D- Run of the Savage
E- The Fallen Hawk
37-Actor Richard Dreyfuss played Lud in episode:
A- Joshua Watson
B- Joaquin
C- Wagonload of Dreams
D- Boy Into Man
E- Run of the Savage
38-In "Wagonload of Dreams" what kind of produce do the Barkleys transport to San Francisco?
A- Apples
B- Pears
C- Olives
D- Peaches
E- Oranges
39-In "The Brawlers" The Barkleys deal with land squatters who are:
A- Mexican
B- Italian
C- Irish
D- Scottish
E- Chinese
40-Handy Random, a figure from Heath's past, is introduced in episode:
A- Judgement in Heaven
B- The Called Her Delilah
C- The Other Face of Justice
D- Into the Widow's Web
E- The Death Merchant
41-Nick is kidnapped by a teenager in episode:
A- Heritage
B- Run of the Savage
C- Boy Into Man
D- Journey Into Violence
E- Target
42-Nick coaches a boxer goaded back into the ring after an injury in episode:
A- Days of Grace
B- Cage of Eagles
C- Judgement in Heaven
D- The Price of Victory
E- Pursuit
43-What object causes Jarrod to get his memory back in "Man from Nowhere"?
A- A letter with his name on it
B- A gun that he gave Heath for his birthday
C- Nick's spurs
D- Nothing, it came back on its own
44-In "Barbery Red" which of these was one of the three drinks served at the Barbery Red Saloon?
A- Whiskey
B- Scotch
C- Martini
D- Vodka
45-In the episode "Court Martial" what was Maclain's former occupation?
A- Farmer
B- Horse bredder
C- Schoolteacher
D- Lawyer
46-How did Nick say you could tell the difference between an innocent man and a criminal?
A- By his ears
B- By his mouth
C- By his eyes
D- By his speech
47-What were Nick and Heath's prison numbers in the "Iron Box"?
A- 672 & 456
B- 597 & 370
C- 123 & 456
D- 897 & 370
48-What three occupations did Jarrod tease Eugene about in "Palms of Glory"?
A- Poet, Lawyer, Doctor
B- Schoolteacher, Laywer, Journalist
C- Rancher, Doctor, Blacksmith
D- Lawyer, Judge Merchant
49-In "Legend of a General" why did Jarrod come home early?
A- To check up on Nick
B- To deliver a letter
C- To have lunch with his family
D- To warn Vicente
50-In the episode "Guilty" why did Jeff Bowden come back to Stockton?
A- For revenge on the druggist
B- To talk to Jarrod
C- To see his baby boy
D- To clear his name
51-In "The Battle of Mineral Springs" how much was Jarrod and Victoria's dinner at the hotel?
A- 3 dollars
B- 6 dollars
C- 9 dollars
D- 12 dollars
52-What famous western star played a drunk named Mr. Tate in the episode entitled “Earthquake”?
A- Clint Eastwood
B- Charles Bronson
C- Jack Elam
D- Jerry Drewry
53-What famous singer played an ex-outlaw still wanted by authorities in the episode entitled "Joshua"?
A- Robert Goulet
B- Lou Rawls
C- Johnny Cash
D- Loretta Lynn
54-Who played the "Jinx" (Waldo Diefendorfer) in the episode entitled "The Jonah"?
A- Jerry Lewis
B- Joseph Campanella
C- James Franciscus
D- Marty Allen
55-Who played Hannah James; the woman who helped raise Heath Barkley?
A- Cicely Tyson
B- Diahann Carroll
C- Beah Richards
D- Colleen Dewhurst
56-Who played "Nellie" in the episode "Alias Nellie Hanley"?
A- Linda Evans
B- Lynda Carter
C- Eve Plumb
D- Barbara Stanwyck
57-From the SMDM episode "Vulture of the Andes" can you name the actress? What role did she play and in which episode?


58-From the SMDM episode "Lost Love" can you name the actress? What role did she play and in which episode?


59-From the SMDM episode "Date With Danger" can you name the actor on the left? What role did he play and in which episode?


60-From the SMDM episode "A Bionic Christmas Carol" can you name the actress in the picture? What role did she play and in which episode?


61-From the SMDM episode "A Bionic Criminal". The actor on the left played many roles on BV but none as famous as....? Can you also name that actor?


62-From the SMDM episode "Rollback". This actor played a gunsligner in episode...? What was his role and what is the actor's name?


63-From the SMDM episode "The Infiltrators". The actress played an unusual role in an episode with the same initials. What is the actress's name, her role and the episode title?


64-From the SMDM episode "Burning Bright". Can you name the actor and the episode he appeared in?


65-From the SMDM episode "Date with Danger". The actor sitting at the computer was famous for his role of?


66-From the SMDM episode "Return of Death Probe". This actor played many guest roles in BV but none as famous as...?


67-From the SMDM episode "Return of the Bionic Woman". The actor playing Steve's father portrayed Barkley Sierra superintendent Colin Murdoch in episode?


68-From the SMDM episode "Death Probe".Can you name the actor and the episode he appeared in?


69-From the SMDM episode "Return of Bionic Woman".This actor played a prosecuting attorney in which episode?



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