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Name:Brady and Chloe:Meant to be!
New Template Launched:August 14,2003
Disclaimer:I am in no way affiliated with NBC, Day's of Our Lives, Kyle Lowder, or Nadia Bjorn. This site is for entertainment purposes only.

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New Template and new pic of the moment.

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Brady- "So prefer to be in a bad mood all by yourself, or you can be in a bad mood with me, poppin for java"
Chloe- "Alright, but I won't cheer up"
Brady - "Oh don't. You're so beautiful when you scowl"

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Welcome to Brady and Chloe:Meant to be!:-)

Brady Black met Chloe Lane through his half sister Belle. Brady and Chloe have been a couple for about a year now. Chloe has gone to Europe to sing opera and is there at this time. Hopefully she will return to salem later and see Brady and hopefully eventually they will get married, have kids, etc.

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Thank you to all Brady and Chloe fansites and official sites. I have taken pictures from alot of sites and since I can't remember where I get all my pictures from I give credit to whichever site they came from. If you notice I have one or more of your pictures this message gives credit to you for them. Some of my pictures came from and I give credit to them for those pictures.

~Announcements~ written by:Amanda on 12.5.03

- Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorn) is returning to salem on the Christmas Eve episode of Days of Our Lives - Both Roman and Tony are supposed to die by the end of January. And when Tony dies we see the killers face. -Attention "Days" fans! Tune into "Passions" on Monday, December 15 to see an exclusive sneak preview of what's to come on "Days." The preview will feature exciting highlights of the last two explosive weeks of the year! (from -To get official Days of Our Lives UpdatesClick Here

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