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Rex & Mimi : Loveing each other


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Thank you for visiting Rex & Mimi:Loveing each other. Please come back and visit again! Pic of the moment: Quotes of the moment: Scene:Rex and Mimi are driving around with dead Rolf in the backseat of Rex's car. Rex:You okay? Mimi:Yeah. Rex:You got goose bumps. Mimi:Well,besides being freaked out and creeped out--What? Rex:Oh,never mind. Mimi:Tell me. Rex:Well,I mean,I suppose my olfactory system is more sensitive than most,but he's starting to smell. Mimi:Ew! Rex:Okay,Okay, what we really need is refridgeration. Mimi:Or we could dump him in the lake, or at a construction site where he'd get buried in concrete and become part of the foundation of a building, or a vat of acid at one of the factories in Brookville.I watch alot of t.v. It's starting to come back to me now. Rex:The problem is, eventually, bodies get found. Mimi:Oh,yeah, tell me about it. One time at Shawn's parents wedding-- Rex:and when they're found, it's pretty much assumed there was a murder. Mimi:But there wasn't a murder! Rex:Right. Mimi:Okay.I know where we could find a body-sized refridgerator.A place where nobody would think twice about finding a dead body. Rex:You do? Mimi:Ever see that show "Crossing Jordan"? Rex:Mimi your a genius. Mimi:Mm hm. Slideshows Rimi Affiliates