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Title: A New Life

Rating: NC-17

Synopsis: Buffy ran away after killing Angel and moved in with her father and finished high school in San Francisco and is currently going to college in San Francisco, where she goes by the name of Anne.

Couple/s: Buffy/Angel, Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Cole

Notes: Buffy/Angel/Charmed crossover.

Title: Love Always Finds A Way

Rating: NC-17

Synopsis: Buffy and Angel were high school sweethearts, until Buffy and her mom moved to Sunnydale. They run into each other at Angel Investigations when Buffy meets Cordy there.

Couple/s: Buffy/Angel, Cordelia/Xander, Cordelia/Doyle

Title: Second Chance At Love

Rating: R

Synopsis:  Buffy never came back after she ran away. She stayed in LA with Anne and they run the Teen Shelter together.

Couple/s: Buffy/Angel

Title: The Guardian

Rating: PG

Synopsis:  Eight years ago Buffy and Angel were the typical married couple. While Angel worked with the police, he got injured and was told that he would never walk again. Angel in turn asks Buffy for a divorce not wanting to burden her. Buffy leaving LA with a broken heart and a little surprise.

Couple/s: Buffy/Angel

Title: Together Always

Rating: NC-17

Synopsis: Darla's back and trying to bring back Angelus and kill Buffy.

Couple/s: Buffy/Angel