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Last updated March 7, 2004.

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Welcome to the Watchers' Compound, home of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction. All the stories found here feature one of more of our wonderful Watchers - Giles and Wesley - as a main character. Please do come in, look around, have a cup of cybertea in honor of Giles, and enjoy!

Just a note - sometimes life on the Hellmouth can get scary, and there's romance to be found as well. All these stories are CLEARLY rated, so please, please, PLEASE if you are underage or easily offended, do yourself (and me) a favor and DO NOT read the ones that might get you in trouble!!!

A huge thanks to Koala for providing my favorite picture of Buffy and Giles!

The Stories So Far:

Wild Magic

A dark story about the summoning of Eyghon. Strong NC-17 warning - violence, adult content. Contains m/m slash. Please don't read if that sort of thing offends you.
All of That, and More

A moody little piece that follows after the Slayer Helena's story in Watchers. Rating: R - violence, language.
A story about friendship. After Becoming 2, Willow contemplates life and gives Giles a helping hand. Rating: PG-13.
All Upstream from Here
On a kayaking trip in the Cotswolds, Wesley's Handler tells him a few home truths. Rating: PG-13.
At the Watchers' Compound, Wesley and his teammates watch a tape of the Slayer who came before Buffy. Rating: R - language, adult situations.
My Helpless denial story - what really happened around the time of Buffy's eighteenth birthday. Rating: R - language and adult situations.
In Memoriam
After the funeral for the two Watchers who died during Buffy's Cruciamentum, Wesley thinks about his life - and gets to know his Handler a little better. Rating: PG-13.
Part One of the Transformations Quartet. After Graduation, Giles and Buffy are forced to face a Slayer-turned-vampire - and come to some realizations about their own realtionship. Rating: NC-17 - language, violence, adult content.
Part Two of the Transformations Quartet. In the aftermath of Transformations, Buffy, Giles and company have to deal with their families, their own fears and some terrifying enemies in both England and Sunnydale. Rating: NC-17 - language, violence, adult content.
Part Three of the Transformations Quartet. Buffy, Giles and company still need to come to terms with the Watchers' Council and undo the evil that Ethan has awakened beneath London's streets. Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale, dangerous forces have begun to gather closer to home. Rating: NC-17 - language, violence, adult content. Story completed 7/15/02.
Part Four of the Transformations Quartet. The Scoobies almost took for granted that they'd win against any odds, but this time they're at war within themselves, and everything seems to have gone wrong. Will they ever be able to get back the lives they once had? Rating: NC-17 - language, violence, adult content. A story in progress.
A Christmas story - can people who live on a Hellmouth expect a happy holiday? Rating: PG-13.

Barren Ground

Uh-oh, Willow's speaking to me again, ordering me to release stasis spells and write non-Transformations Universe stories. I'm going to have to be stubborn about the whole spell thing, but I do have his little character piece, set a day or two after the events of The Grave... Rated PG for adult themes and general angstiness.

Winter is Cold, and Bitter

This could be considered the final story taking place in the Transformations Universe (don't worry--I am still working on Trust, and I'm pretty sure there are other stories to be told as well). The action takes place thirty years in the future: people have changed, there's a great deal of water under the bridge, but some ties aren't meant to be broken. Rating: PG-13 for general angstiness, mentions of character deaths.

The Wild, Wild World of Disclaimers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all the elements of the Buffyverse are the brainchildren of Joss Whedon and the talented folks at Mutant Enemy. They are owned by the great and powerful people at Fox, the WB,UPN, et al. No violation of copyright is intended. These stories are intended purely as homage, and no profit will be made from them.

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