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The Dawson's Creek Cast

Michelle Williams (as Jen): Upcoming projects

Kerr Smith (as Jack): Upcoming projects

Meredith Monroe (as Andie): Upcoming projects

James Van Der Beek (as... Dawson): Upcoming projects

Regular Guest Stars:
Busy Philipps (as Audrey Liddel)
Sasha Alexander (as Gretchen Witter)
Dylan Neal (as Doug Witter)
Mark Matkevich (as Drue Valentine)
Oliver Hudson (as Eddie Doling)
Jensen Ackles (as C.J.)
Michael Pitt (as Henry Parker)
Mary Beth Peil (as Evelyn 'Grams' Ryan)
Mary-Margaret Humes (as Gail Leery)
John Wesley Shipp (as Mitch Leery)
Nina Repeta (as Bessie Potter)

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