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Pathfinder's World!
Watch out I bite... Pathfinder's World!It does bite...

This picture is so awesome!!!
Quote of the day: "Pardon our dust, maintenance in progress."

Last Updated:11-02-15 Well, this is certainly awkward. The last time I visited this space I was about seven years ago. I'm swinging single bachelor style. I really moved on from older projects like this; I think this is due to the nature of the internet which is ever changing and evolving. But while this is still my website, I've been thinking about what I can do with it. This site will no longer be hosting the works of other artists; mainly because there was one artist in particular who used my naivete to push her works farther, while stepping on, verbally discarding, my creations to procure her self proclaimed spot above me. So here I shall instead showcase what I contributed instead, mostly linking to the sites I am more frequent on. A remodel will come as soon as I can recall how the hell HTML works. Most of the skills I taught myself at 15 are so outdated they don't work any longer. We shall see what becomes of this space, for now I don't intend to remove it.

Its a message board

Hands off, he's all mine!!!

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