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Pathfinder's World of Insanity!!!
Pathfinder's World of Insanity!!!

This picture is so awesome!!!
Welcome to the fanlisting section!

Last Updated:9-02-06 Welcome to the section of my site dedicated to all of the fanlistings I've joined. The new ones I recently joined require me to link them to be a member so this is why I created this section! yay rules! ^-^ Well now you get to see the different things I'm into and who knows, perhaps you'll find yourself obsessing too! We'll see!

I'm a Judy Winchester fan! Bang! I'm a Tohma fan! I'm a Murakami Maki fan! I'm a Nittle Grasper fan!

Hands of Ladies, he's all mine!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Animes on this site. Everything on it belongs to its respective owners. If you are the maker of something and its on here and you want credit, e-mail me and I'll give you credit in this "cute" little disclaimer.