GH Fan Weekend 2006

I taped four events during the GH weekend.  These are my original event edits however these are not slick professional videos but my goober home video, more of a fan cam of the event. I was seated in the front row at all four events so there are nice close up shots. Sound is good in all of the events with the Q&As as the actors have microphones. During a few of the interviews at the Kick off and GH Luncheon there can be some background noise as it does get loud in the press room with all of the conversations. I was able to find a more out of the way spot so I think the sound came out fairly well, except the interview with Adrian during the Kick Off...its so noisy during that one that you can hardly hear my questions. I do ask that my videos are not used to bash an actor. They all showed up during the Southern California heat wave, it was 113 degrees the day of the GH Luncheon, spent hours in a room with 500 fans, signing, taking pictures and were incredibly generous.

Scrubs & Pillow Talk  2006 DVD  - 2 hrs 45 minutes
Scrubs Event - Kimberly & Jason - 1 hr 15 mins
This was a fun event as they talked about their character's relationship, a lot of good natured teasing back and forth. They are really cute together. The Q&A is about 40 minutes, then they did a raffle and auctioned off a set tour. Fans presented a charity donation made on their behalf.
Pillow Talk - Kirsten, Lindze, Julie - 1 1/2 hours
Lindze starts off the Q&A and brings in her dog. He was a rescue dog and she is raising money for the animal shelter. She is soon joined by  Kirsten & Julie. They are cute together as they talk clothes, storyline, and friendship. The Q&A lasts about 52 minutes. Then they do a charity auction. Natalia stops by briefly during the auction. Scott arrives about an hour into this event during the auction. He is so funny as he declares they are the worst auctioneers ever and offers his expertise. This is very funny as Kirsten objects to his approach and warns fans not to bid on his auction! <grin> Lindze teases him about his side burns.

Kickoff Party & GH Luncheon 2006 DVD - 2 hrs 58 minutes
Kick Off  Event - 1 hr 10 mins
Adrian (Cruz), Ignacio, John J. York, Rick Hearst, Dirk Cheetwood. This was a very casual cocktail party so there was no Q&A and only one brief interview. I interviewed Adrian (though was rather loud in there so his interview is audible but its hard to hear my questions), and shots of Adrian, John, Iganacio, and Dirk with fans and a bit of Rick with fans. Greg stops by, Lindze stop by but there isn't much footage on them. Ignacios' band, "3 1/2 Feet Under" play. Cynthia Preston stops by, and there are shots of her and Rick slow dancing, cute moment. Jason & Kimberly stop by, Kimberly says a few words as does Jason, inviting fans to their event on Saturday night.
GH Luncheon -1 hr 47 mins
In the press room I interviewed (about 22 minutes): John Ingle, Stuart Damon, Lindze Leatherman, Julie Berman, Scott Clifton, John J. York, Constance Towers, Jason Thompson, Ted King,  Laura Wright, Ignaciao, Steve Burton, Kimberly, and Rebecca Herbst. Back in the main ballroom the actors are introduced: John Ingle does the introductions, Adrian Alvarez, Denise Alexander, Julie Berman, Maurice, Steve, Dylan Cash, Dirk & Drew Cheetwood, Tyler Christopher, Scott, Stuart, Sonya, Rick Hearst, Kent Masters King, Becky, Ted, Lindze, Natalia, Kimberly, Ignacio, Jason, Connie, Greg Vaughn, Bergen, Laura, and John J.
John York goes out with a roving mic to the fans for the Q&A portion of the event with questions fielded to the following actors:  Steve, Kimb, Maurice, Stuart, Jason, Julie, Connie, Scott, Jackie, Laura, Jill Farren Phelps.

This is followed by the fan club awards:
Oustanding Official Web Site - Tyler Christopher's
Oustanding Offline Fan Club - Rick Hearst's
Outstanding Younger Actress - Julie Berman
Outstanding Younger Actor - Scott Clifton
Outstanding Supporting Actress - Rebecca Herbst
Oustanding Supporting Actor - Rick Hearst
(Note: Tristan arrives during this to huge applause)
Favorite Couple - Jason & Sam
Fan Favorite Award - Maurice Benard
Favorite Actress - Kelly Monaco
Favorite Actor - Steve Burton

Fans give the actors a standing ovation, which is returned as the actors also give the fans a standing ovation in return. The autograph session begins, Finola Hughes arrives during this portion. She stands up on a table and waves to fans (not on the video). I have several minutes of the actors meeting with fans, autographing items and taking pictures with fans. During the autograph session I have shots of Tristan, Jason, Ted, Jason, Greg, Adrian, Kim, Maurice, Steve, Natalia, John Ingle, John J., Bergen, Tyler, Jackie, Connie, Kent, Laura (very classy lady she brought a huge stack of 8x10 pictures that she gave away to fans!), Dirk & Drew, Becky, Sonya, Finola, Scott, and Julie. Short clip of Rick with his fan club award and he acknowledges his fan club president, Debby O'Connor. Short interview welcoming Sonya and asking her how the role of epiphany took off. Cute shot of Tristan and Finola together (no interviews as they arrived after the press room and their lines were HUGE!).

As for any other events, I will email out information on any other event videos that I hear of to my GH Event new edit email notification group through yahoo. This group usually only receives a couple of emails a year with information on the GH Fan weekend and SSW (if I'm able to attend). I recommend checking the official web sites and emailing the web masters for information on any other official fan club videos. For instance, Tyler's fan club president - Sheri usually offers a video of his event. Becky's fan club usually offers a video of her event. There was a video cam at Wally's Bingo event but I don't know if they will offer a video of that event or not. Check with Wally's official site and the Kurth & Taylor Foundation. There is no video taping allowed (that I know of) for Rick Hearst, Greg, Steve's. I don't know of anyone who recorded or who had permission to offer Maurice or Nancy Lee's. I don't record or offer any individual actor events unless I have permission of the event organizer. I was not able to attend Nancy Lee's event this year so I'm not able to offer that one this year.

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