Luke and Robert Prometheus Disk Storyline Episodes 1983

GH  June -July, 1983  KC #1  8 hrs total - Fourth of July, Prometheus Disk storyline begins
Lots of Grant, Natalie, spy stuff. Luke is ticked at Natalie for not telling him that Holly married Robert.  He is staying at Tiffany's and Natalie shows up and he really reams her. She knew that Holly and Robert had gotten married and she never told him, she held out the hope that he could return to his life with Holly as a false motivation for his recovery. Blackie & Lou talk about her going to school.  R&H talk about Dr. Gerald over breakfast. He wants to talk about Luke returning and asks how long they are going to pretend that nothing has changed? Ruby and Bobbie argue about R&H being together. Bobbie tells her that Holly wants to talk to her and Bobbie doesn't want to talk to Holly as she feels like Holly has abandoned Luke. Ruby doesn't blame either Robert or Holly, they thought Luke was dead and he only acted to help Holly. Connie & Robert talk spy stuff.  Luke and Natalie make up.  Bobbie gives Holly grief for sleeping with Robert.  Luke and Holly see each other at the hospital but don't talk.  Grant and Dr. G, more spy stuff.  Natalie and Luke have lunch, Holly arrives with Robert, and then she tells Natalie off for not telling her that Luke was alive.  (1:20) GH 20th Annv promo for Luke & Holly (around 4/1).
     Luke wants to meet with Holly; she is still torn between him and Robert. She is drawn to Luke and almost goes back to him but then realizes that he will never trust her as their relationship started with lies and Robert does trust her.  Grant, Celia and Dr. Gerald. Robert and Holly at a restaurant, they see Luke dancing closely with another woman and Holly is bothered. C&G talk about their wedding just five days away. Grant & Natalie plot.  Celia & Holly talk over lunch about the problems of being in love with two men (Celia is involved with Jimmy Lee too).  Holly tells Robert about her meeting with Luke.  Luke and Tiff talk.  Jake and Rose talk about Lou.  Jimmy Lee plotting before Celia's wedding.  Lou & Blackie, Rose conspires to get the kids back together.  She sends Lou over to Leslie's with a "borrowed" platter. Lovey dovey C&G.  Luke, Bobbie, Brock at Kelly's. Luke & Connie. Leslie, Jake, Rose share success in getting Blackie and Lou talking again.  Luke & Natalie talk about his progress in recovering. C&G smooch as he lies, lies, lies. Holly has pangs of jealously when she overhears Connie rant about Luke.
     (Jimmy Lee mentions C&G's wedding which is not shown - * Hostage week on a different tape occurs in here).  Rose, Blackie, Lou at Kelly's arranging Luke's surprise welcome home party. Grant & Natalie plotting. Luke in physical therapy with Natalie. Tiff, Rose work to get Luke to the party.  R&H, C&G have drinks and dinner. C&G talk about their honeymoon. Dr. G gets hit over head. First Grant called away (by Natalie), then Robert to investigate attack.  Connie and Luke on a date.  Tiff gets Connie's help in getting Luke to Kelly's where he is surprised. Connie & Robert meet at Dr. G's lab relieved that the disk wasn't stolen. Jimmy Lee flirts with Shirley, kisses her.  Celia & Holly.  Luke tells Tiff he was touched by the show of friendship at the party.  Connie & Robert by Dr. G's bedside.  Jimmy Lee & Shirley. Natalie & Grant cover with Robert & Connie.  R&H smooch.  Brock pushes Luke to run for mayor.
     Jimmy Lee & Shirley in bed. Robert is against the gambling at the casino and pressures Luke.  C&G& Dr.G.  Robert worried that Dr. G doesn't take lab security seriously.  Robert and Luke have lunch, and Robert warns Luke to keep the gambling clean. Jimmy Lee & Shirley. Luke feels Robert is using his job as an excuse to harass Luke. Brock uses this to push Luke into running for mayor, he agrees. C&G & Dr.G. Holly and Celia go shopping. Even though Holly chose Robert after the hostage crisis at GH (on a different tape) he thinks she still has feelings for Luke and it bothers him. C&G. Luke announces his candidacy for mayor and legalized gambling, holds a press conference.  Robert is steamed, he confronts Luke at the casino and they have words.  Tiff begs them to stop fighting. Jimmy Lee romances Shirley as a fuming Celia looks on. Grant arrives and whisks her away. Cute scene as Holly and Celia get toasted while waiting for Grant and Robert. Holly and Robert have a great sauna (towels only), C&G drinking champagne. Luke plans on opening the casino. Tiff sings with Gregory at casino (not opened yet).
     Heather reads about kidnapping of heir, she calls Jimmy Lee to come right over.  Luke is disgusted by the contents of Tiffany's picnic basket.  Brock tells Luke to change into something more conservative as befitting a future mayor and Luke of course refuses. Celia and Grant are getting ready for the 4th of July picnic. Luke hates the speech Brock wants him to give. Heather creates an anonymous kidnapping threat and shows it to Jimmy Lee. The note seems to threathen baby Jason who she is taking care of.  At the picnic, Robert & Holly, Webbers, Blackie, Rose & Joe, Scotty.  Grant makes an excuse to go to the hospital to talk to Natalie about spy stuff. Everyone gathers at gazebo, Luke gives his own speech.  Jimmy Lee tells Alan about the note. Blackie kisses Tiffany at kissing booth, several times  as a jealous Lou looks on. Alan goes to se Heather, worried over Jason's safety. Luke and Scotty go head to head over housing project. Robert gives newspaper interview, and he supports Luke as mayor. Celia, Monica and Dr. Gerald at picnic.  Grant, Gregory, and Natalie planning to deliver disk to DVX. Scotty wants Heather back; she gives him the brush off as she is after Alan. C&G, Grant finally arrives when picnic is over. A&M have another fight about Jason's safety. Monica still refuses to allow Jason to move into her house.  Rose, Jake, & Lou at Kelley's. Tiffany, Luke, Bobby & Brock at Kelly's talk about his candidacy. Robert receives an invitation to the opening of Luke's Place but Holly refuses to go. Luke and his staff at the new club have a run through for their upcoming opening. Grant has cracked Dr. G's safe combination.  Jake and Rose talk about Lou being accused of cheating at school, Lou comes home crying, Connie practicing dealing. Grant and Natalie plotting to steak disk.  Lou tells Rose and Jake about problem at school. Robert wants Holly to go to the Luke's casino's opening with him. Dr. Gerald tells Grant that he has completed his work and the disk is ready. Grant reports this news back to Natalie, Grant and Celia talk at the hospital and make plans for their evening out.
KC #2 1983 - about 8 hrs - Luke opens his casino
     At Casino, Grant gets very testy with Natalie as pressure to steal disk heightens. Promo for "Love in the Afternoon".  Holly is jumpy about going to Luke's opening.  Tiff sings, "Lady is a Tramp".  Brock, Connie, Natalie with Luke at club.  Alan and Monica are not listening to each other.  Holly is still reluctant to go, Robert tells her he needs her help but they argue. Alan very distracted, calls Heather to check on Jason. More C&G talk at hospital. Alan at Heather's. Robert gets a message intercepted from a DVX courier who is en route to pick up disk. Grant steals the disk. A&M argue more over Jason.  Connie and Robert discover that the disk missing. Guests arrive at casino, the doors are opened.
     C&G getting ready to go to the club.  A sarcastic Scotty arrives at club. Robert and the WSB following courier, waiting for him to make contact with disk thief.  Casino action.  Holly and Celia arrive at casino, A&M. Tiff sings again, then sings "As Time Goes By".  Robert tells Connie the DVX mole is headed to the casino. Blackie and the Webbers. Nervous Grant waiting for courier.  Holly on a gambling roll, Luke oversees, and becomes a contest between her and Luke. Robert & cops come in, Luke is ticked off thinks they are harassing him.  Robert in video survelliance room, Celia and Holly while Jimmy Lee looks on. Luke plans on hanging onto disk till just before election. Robert & Vallantine show up at club to look for disk.  Celia tells Holly how strange Grant has been acting. Celia questions a testy Grant, R&H argue. Connie at Luke's keeping an eye out for the disk for the WSB, Gregory is there spying for the DVX.  
     Luke checking out disk, oblivious to its lethality, he figures out how to open it. Holly snooping, Robert can't confide in her.  He receives microfilm by messenger.  Luke tells Bobbie he has what the cops are looking for.  Robert wants the WSB to evacuate PC, as he is worried about the danger the disk poses. Holly still pressing Robert for info. Grant acting increasingly strange to Celia. Celia and Holly have dinner together having been abandoned by their busy, distracted husbands.  Celia tells Holly about Grant's strange behavior since club opening. Luke follows Connie, finds her outside of Dr. G's lab, they tell Luke that Connie is doing security for lab.  Luke has figured out he has Dr. G's Prometheus Disk, he drops hints about it and espionage to Connie and Robert, gives them clue that he knows more than he's telling.  Celia tells Natalie about Grant's "lucky piece" (really the disk) that she found in Grant's pocket night of opening.  Natalie reports to Gregory that Celia saw the disk in Grant's possession the night it was stolen. Holly back at club gambling, trades barbs with Luke.  C&G smooching, he really loves her.  They are interrupted by Natalie who calls to tell Grant to kill Celia.  Robert comes home late, to find Holly waiting with soft music, they dance and smooch.  Luke & Connie are smooching. 
     Next am, Luke puts disk in the heel of his boot.  Robert needles Holly about her and Luke, so does Connie who noticed the undercurrents between them.  Natalie continues to pressure Grant to eliminate Celia. Jimmy Lee flirts with Celia, kisses her, and she slaps him. Dr. G warns Robert about how dangerous the disk is and it could cause a cataclysmic explosion at any moment. Luke questions Natalie about Grant. Grant finds a tipsy Celia sitting in the open window of a top floor hotel room.  He seriously considers pushing her out the window but just can't do it. Luke is about to confide in Natalie about his suspicious when Connie flounces in and whisks him away to dinner.  Robert wants Holly to leave town, he's worried about the danger of the disk, and she won't leave him.  Natalie tells Grant that Luke is catching onto the situation. Grant drugs Celia.  A&M, Heather and Jimmy Lee. Heather and Scotty.  Next am, Grant slips drugs to Celia again. Heather and Scotty arguing.  Brock wants to dig up dirt on Lee Baldwin to discredit him as a candidate for mayor but Luke won't allow it. Grant tells Natalie he won't continue to drug Celia. Luke visits Grant and needles him about night of casino opening. New renters show up at Heather's cottage and they tell her Monica has rented it to them. Celia & Holly at lunch, commiserate over their busy  husbands. C&G spend a quiet evening together - Celia fakes sleep and follows Grant when he leaves. R&H have dinner with Baldwins, Robert supports Lee for mayor. Luke & Connie at dinner.  Grant sets fumes off in Dr. G's lab to force him to leave. Natalie searches lab but Dr. G keeps the microfilm on him. Robert & Connie both leave for Dr. G's lab.  Luke invites Holly to his table to share a drink; they talk about the chemistry still between them. When she gets home, Robert wants to snuggle.  She pulls away and tells him she needs space. Celia returns home before Grant, wakes up and catches him in his lies. Jackie breezes back into town with her boyfriend (really another DVX agent). Rose isn't feeling well so Lou takes over cooking. Brennick (DVX agent) shows up at casino, Robert recognizes him and disturbed to see him with Jackie.  Suspicious Celia continues to question Grant, she knows something is off. Luke searches Connie's bag, he knows she is working with Robert.  Robert questions Jackie to get info on Brennick.  She's still bitter towards him and defensive, won't answer his questions.  Grant's old friend Bunny is suspicious that Grant isn't Grant.  Luke figures out that Connie is WSB, confronts her and she admits it.  Bunny questions Natalie about Grant as he is suspicious that Grant can't remember things from their past and he discovers Grant's scars from his reconstructive surgery.
     Heather has taken Jimmy Lee shopping and is helping him coordinate his new clothing. Heather is living in the gatehouse with Jason, and several scenes as Alan, Edward, and Lila come to visit. Jake and Rose go with Lou to the school to check into the accusations of Lou cheating. Jake acts as Lou's advocate and offers to get to the bottom of what happened with the similar composition papers. First Jake questions Lou and by her answers it becomes pretty obvious that the paper was her original work based on a trip she took to Chicago. Jake then questions Andrew and by his answers it becomes very obvious that he didn't write the composition but copied Lou's work. Jake is able to prove she didn't cheat. Grant is furious with Natalie that she hasn't arranged his alibi and he warns her that if he is caught and sent to Leavenworth that she will be going with him! Gregory overhears Connie discussing being a WSB agent with Luke. Luke warns Connie to keep the spy stuff out of his club and out of his life. Bobbie and Brock show up to check out the club and Luke's new apartment. Gregory is concerned about Celia's continued curiosity about Grant's past especially since Bunny's comments about Grant's reconstructive surgery. Natalie wants to eliminate Celia, but Gregory says no as she is more valuable because Grant has developed feelings for her and she can be used to control Grant if needed Blackie & friends.  Luke won't let Connie stay on at Casino as she deceived him. Gregory overhears that she is WSB. Lila and Edward visit Heather and baby Jason at gatehouse, Alan arrives.  Luke and Blackie at University before debate between Luke and Lee.  Monica is ticked to find everyone at the gatehouse with Heather and Jason. 

KC #3 1983 - 8 hours
     Heather and Jimmy Lee, Bobbie & Brock at casino. A&M come see Jimmy Lee. Luke lets Connie stay. Grant bites Celia's head off again. Jackie and Luke. DVX planning to kidnap Connie.  Gregory had Celia's blow dryer rigged to electrocute her. She's off to wash her hair.  Natalie arrives at casino to distract Luke from Connie.  Jake & Rose, Brian & Claudia at casino.  Celia starts blow dryer and receives a zap; Grant disconnects the current and cares for her.  Hennrick hits on Connie to get her away alone.  He spills a drink on her then follows her to her room and knocks her out when she tries to escape. He takes her out the window.  A waitress tells Luke about Connie, he takes off upstairs, breaks down locked door, finds blood spot on the floor where Connie hit her head, and the open window.  Henrick takes Connie to secluded warehouse; he wants info on the disk and threatens to kill her.  Luke follows them, fights Henrick, saves Connie - Blackie & the cops not far behind. R&H kiss, as he has to run out to investigate.  Of course, Gregory & Natalie aren't too far behind.  Robert questions Connie and Luke. Jake & Rose, Lou & Blackie, Jackie doesn't believe Robert about Henrick till she hears it for herself. Ruby worried about Luke. Blackie & Lou talk and kiss. Luke & Connie in bed. Rick, Leslie, & Blackie. Rick & Leslie smooch, Blackie helps cheer them up as Rick has been sick.  Robert tells Holly he wants to have a baby; she wants to wait a bit longer.  Tiff & Jackie sunning on the terrace, Blackie stops by - he's worried that Rick is dying, as he wants to do a will. Rick calls, wants to see Tiff and Blackie. Luke overhears Holly and her OB/GYN talking and thinks she is pregnant.  Blackie turns to Leslie, he's upset and worried about Rick's health.
     Holly realizes Luke's wrong impression and goes to find him at casino. Jackie sees Luke & Holly together and wastes no time in telling Robert about them being alone together.  Holly tells Luke she isn't pregnant. Small clip of Luke & Holly with music.  Heather simpers into Rose's looking for Jimmy Lee, Scotty comes in but Heather continues to ice him. Scotty turns green when Jimmy Lee comes in and she kisses him.  Lou tries to comfort a depressed Blackie. Holly returns home to a jealous Robert, he interrogates her and she becomes defensive.  She is ticked that he doesn't trust her and she walks out.  Heavy hanging plant is rigged to fall at the table C&G are seated at - it falls in the center of the table as Natalie looks on with a smirk. Celia is very upset, she is starting to see a pattern and doesn't think they are all accidents - especially combined with Bunny's disappearance, the overdose of pills he gave her (she doesn't know it was Grant), the mistakes Grant has made about things he should have known about, she realizes something is very wrong. Robert follows Holly to Kelly's; he realizes she blew up at him because she felt guilty.  He is amazingly understanding.  A stranger offers to make Luke rich if he turns over the disk.  Grant tries to comfort Celia and reassure her fears. Robert interviewed on "PC Today" about the "International Exposition", he doesn't support he gambling at Luke's casino.  Meanwhile, Luke sets up meeting with a buyer for the disk. Grant fantasizes about sneaking out of the country with Celia.  Everyone ticked at Robert's comments about Luke's Place. Natalie refuses to allow either Celia or Grant to leave, he lies to Celia again.  Blackie, Jake, Rose, Jackie, Bobbie, Ruby, even Holly all think Robert was out of line in his comments.  Frantic Celia calls Holly for help.
     Robert and Holly talk about his opinions on gambling and he tells her that he has to stick with his opinions and can't change it now that Luke is opening a gambling club. She asks how his interview went and he says that he just wanted to get home to his warm and sexy wife. Celia continues to think about what Bunny has said about someone having major reconstructive surgery could be someone who wants a whole new identity and she begins wondering about her husband. She takes a glass with his fingerprints on it and carefully wraps it up.  Celia took glass with Grant's fingerprints to Holly to run a check. Luke confronts Robert in his office and they argue over the interview.  Holly is worried that the animosity between Robert & Luke is getting out of hand. Luke subtlety questions Grant at the hospital about the disk and Dr. G.  Grant insists to Natalie that Luke is a threat.  Holly get's Grants fingerprints. Gregory pressures Grant to steal the microfilm, kill Dr. G and leave the country. Grant can't bring himself to kill Dr. G and leave Celia.  Gregory threatens Grant. Celia is incredibly relieved to find out the prints are Grant's. Celia makes up a lame excuse to cover her request with Holly. Luke & Robert face off on PC Today. They both defend Holly when the host suggests she is the reason for their animosity. Celia rushes to Grant, glowing with love; once again sure he is her Grant. A scorpion is placed in Celia's bed while she is showering. Tiff & Jackie have words.  Brock & Bobbie.  Celia gets into bed with the scorpion. Tiff upset as she realizes that Robert & Luke's friendship is really over.  Luke admits to her that he misses Robert.
     Grant saves Celia from getting stung by the scorpion - he is stung instead. Celia calls Holly to meet them at the hospital. Meanwhile, Monica is looking on during Rick's operation. Leslie, Blackie, Mike, Amy waiting news. The other agent approaches Luke again re disk. Hardy's, Blackie, Alan talk in the cafeteria. Natalie thinks Luke has the disk, Gregory disagrees. More about Rick's operation. Luke catches Connie hunting through his things; she's looking for the disk.  He tells her not to sleep with him and spy on him at the same time. MIke overhears talk in the cafeteria about a patient who has died and he thinks it is Rick they are talking about. Rick's surgery is successful, and the Webbers celebrate.  A&M at home, relieved, smooch.  Leslie, at Rick's bedside, crying with joy.
     Luke hides the disk in a ceiling fan. Scotty & Heather have a lunch date, Scotty wants to make out. Luke is ticked when Bobbie's and Ruby's prostitute pasts are printed in the newspaper. Luke punches Scotty out. Financial crisis at Q's hits when a patient dies as result of wrong drugs being administered from their pharmaceutical company. Dr. G sees Grant at the hospital. More action at Q's, Jimmy Lee arrives with Jason while they are fretting. The town is generous in its support of Ruby and Bobbie. Luke turns on the fan with the disk tapped to it.  Moments later an explosion is heard.  Lee brings Ruby flowers and apologizes profusely to her for Scotty feeding the info to the paper. Fortunately, the explosion was at a ship and not Luke's club. Dr. G tells Robert that the disk is being exposed to sun, electricity, and air can trigger it to explode.  Meanwhile, Luke has it whirling around on a ceiling fan! Leslie & Bobbie work ER as the injured pile in. Cause of explosion is undetermined.  Dr. G feels extremely responsible as he realizes the potential for the disk to be destructive. Robert tells Holly he doesn't want her involved - too dangerous. Grant thanks Leslie for saving his life - he's released from the hospital. Holly asks Luke if he knows where the disk is, she tells him that it is very important. They are interrupted by Tiff's arrival with two Arab gentlemen in town for the Expo.

KC #4 1983 - 8 hours - Natalie is murdered, Luke gives Robert the disk
     Grant returns home.  Holly asks Luke about the disk, as she believes he has it. Connie overhears the conversation and she calls Robert and angrily asks how he could have told Holly about it and tells him she will be right over and not to leave! Holly and Luke talk about their past. She tells him that she doesn't have any regrets about their past relationship, he admits that he does regret giving her up. Connie arrives at Robert's and demands to know why he told Holly about the disk. He says he never told Holly about the disk being missing but realizes she must have overheard their conversation. Connie is annoyed at Holly playing super sleuth and demands that Robert keep Holly out of it. Celia and Grant tell their scorpion story to the Q's. Grant saves Dr. G when he trips and almost falls down those dangerous Q stairs. Later, Grant flat out refuses to kill Dr. Gerald.  Monica is disturbed to hear that Heather is going to be named Jason's foster mother.  Political rally at Luke's.  Rama (the leader of the Himalayan country) hints that he wants to buy the disk from Luke.  Traveler from new west African country "Golanu" hits on Claudia.  Jason's nanny has been ill and Heather is losing her mind. Alan is very disturbed to find the gatehouse a mess, the baby crying & hungry and Heather neglecting the baby. Another sheik wants to buy Connie, Luke says no. Luke finds Gregory watching security tapes of Luke's Place and Luke becomes suspicious.  Alan overhears Heather saying what a pain Alan & Jason are.  Grant tries to imagine killing Dr. Gerald.  Blackie, Rose, Jimmy Lee, Tiffany, Lou, and gang setting up for another rally at Luke's. Sheik comes back to the casino and Luke throws him out.  Celia & Grant in bed snuggling and smooching; he takes the phone off the hook to avoid Natalie's call. The sheik complains to Robert about Luke's rudeness. C&G still in bed.  Natalie pressures Grant to kill Dr. G, she's ticked that he is late for a meeting with Gregory.
     Jake & Rose, the gang getting the ready for the rally. A reluctant Grant meets with Gregory, receives instructions to kill Dr. G that day and then catch a boat out of town.  Luke at rally. Grant fakes sick, Dr. G lets him into the lab, and Grant pulls a gun on him and gets the microfilm.  Luke's leg gives out on him while he is at the podium.  Jake & Rose have a romantic moment on a rose petal covered bed. Natalie is leaving the hospital to meet with Grant, Luke shows up in pain and she agrees to take a look at him. Grant can't shoot Dr. G, Gregory comes in and kills Dr. G. and makes it look like suicide.  Jake & Rose.  At the dock, Gregory discovers that only 1/2 the microfilm is there.  Rose is getting pressured to think about which religion she would raise children she has with Jake (they are engaged, he's Jewish and she's Catholic). Gregory sends Grant back to his life in PC to find the other half of the microfilm. To give Grant & Natalie an alibi, Gregory smashes Natalie's hand.  Back at the hospital, Grant puts a cast on Natalie.  Luke notices a flyer from the waterfront on Natalie's shoe, she denies being there and he becomes suspicious.  Connie offers to run a WSB check on Natalie. Luke sweet talks Natalie, allays her fears that he might be suspicious. Meanwhile, he starts digging for info on her. Robert questions Grant about Dr. G's death, then Natalie, then Luke.  Luke continues to uncover a trail of suspicious info on Natalie.  Holly tells Celia that Grant's old friend Bunny has disappeared - Celia tells her that Bunny was asking questions about Grant (he knew something was off about his old friend), Dr. G's death, Natalie's hand injury, and Celia's accidents, Grant's scorpion incident (on previous tape), Celia - Robert discovers Holly ran a check on Grant. Luke overhears that there is a DVX mole in the WSB. At the Webbers, Rick is recuperating, Blackie, Mike, and Leslie.  A&M and Q's before Dr. G's funeral.  Home with the Webbers.  Dr. G's funeral.  Robert & Holly snuggling. Rick & Leslie at home.  Connie & Luke in bed.  R&H, C&G meet for dinner.  Rick makes Leslie a romantic candlelit dinner.  Connie & Luke questions Natalie about her ex-husband, Natalie breaks in and searches the Scorpio's while they are at dinner. Luke is bummed over the growing feeling that he can't trust Natalie, Tiffany comforts him.  Connie checks out the Scorpios and finds Natalie crouching in the dark, they fight.
     Everyone is at the hospital, Natalie going into surgery. Connie tells Luke about Natalie. Rose, Jake, Lou & Blackie. Robert agrees to let Luke see Natalie in recovery - great scene as he confronts her! Blackie returns to Kelley's he fees bad for hurting Lou, she tells him she loves him and they kiss. Gregory injects Natalie's IV with something to kill her. Celia realizes Grant knows something about Natalie - that he was involved with her. Grant denies, denies, denies. Celia is putting it altogether, and realizes Dr. G was murdered. Robert & Valentine at hospital investigating Natalie's death. A hostile Robert shows up at Q's to question Grant who is still protesting his innocence. Robert tells Holly all about Natalie. Luke finds out about Natalie being murdered from Bobbie and he is ticked at Connie for not telling him.  He take that Natalie has been murdered and that Connie didn't tell him about it and he takes off and heads to the mountains. Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) has a brief appearance as a rental car guy. Grant is trying to get out of town but can't rent a car because of the Expo demand. Robert and Holly discuss who might be Natalie's contact.  Holly is relieved to hear he doesn't suspect Luke. Robert believes its Grant, he sends Holly over for a chat with Celia. Holly tries and Celia snaps at her. Next, Grant buys a bus ticket out of town.  He finds Celia and tells her he's leaving but he won't take her with him.  She follows him to the bus station and he agrees to take her. They are stopped from leaving by one of Rama's men. Luke has been hiking in the mountains and decides to give Robert the disk. Luke calls to talk to Robert, seems like he finally wants to tell him about the disk. Bunny's body is fished out of the river. Blackie & Lou making out in Luke's room. (Holly & Celia have been kidnapped - that epi is missing)
     Robert is furious at Grant and takes him to his house at gunpoint. Luke shows up and finally gives Robert the disk. Robert is annoyed that it has taken Luke this long to figure out that he could trust Robert with the disk. Robert calls Ballentine. Ballentine sends out agents to Scorpio's to retrieve disk. Blackie & Lou make love. Grant overpowers the agents, pulls a gun on Robert but he refuses to give up the disk, and says he needs it for leverage to rescue Holly and Celia. Luke takes it and agrees to meet him on the docks.  They leave Robert and the agents tied up. Grant meets up with Luke, bops him on the head and takes the disk. Connie finds Robert tied up. Luke goes back to the club; the guard tells him he caught Gregory on tape doing something suspicious.

KC #5, 1983 - 8 hours - Holly and Celia, then Luke are kidnapped, Grant helps them escape
     The guard at Luke's club tells him that he caught Gregory doing something suspicious on the surveillance tape and of course Gregory overhears. Celia has told Holly about all the attempts on her life, Holly has figured out that they are being held in the Exposition Pavilions. Robert puts a shoot on site APB out on Grant. Jimmy Lee asking questions about what happened to Celia. Luke's surveillance tape shows Lord Rama giving Gregory a key.  Ballentine and Robert blame each other for screw-up. Luke gives Blackie a note to give Robert telling him where the ladies are being held - at the Pavilion, and that Luke is headed there. Gregory overhears, knocks Blackie out, steals the video taped message and erases it. Holly and Celia flirt with their captors, but can't go through with it. Luke goes to Expo and tries to get info. Blackie regains consciousness, calls Robert and tells him all.  Grant gives Gregory the disk, and a phony apology about his past reluctance to cooperate.  Blackie & Lou. Celia finally tells Holly about Grant. Luke overhears kidnappers talking about the ladies. Robert & Ballentine arrive to also search the Pavilion. Blackie is distant and rude to Lou, he's worried about Luke, and Lou's feelings are hurt. 
    Edward is not happy to get a note from Beatrice (Jimmy Lee's mother) that she is headed to US.  Celia hears Grant's voice and has hope that she has come to help her.  Luke captured by DVX and put in with Celia and Holly.  Robert searching the Pavilion. A Social worker arrives at Q's to find Monica throwing clothes at Jimmy Lee. WSB won't release the microfilm to save the hostages. Grant & Gregory, and hostages are snuck out in large baskets and moved to different location.  A&M snap some more over Jason. Monica wants Jimmy Lee out of the gatehouse.  Jimmy lee blackmails her into staying. Luke isn't feeling well after the beating and decides to use it to his advantage. Hostages at new location, Luke fakes sick.  Luke tries to sneak out inside a parade item and gets busted.  Luke wants Celia to try and reach Grant, she thinks he is cold blooded and has no feelings for her. Luke talks her into trying; he thinks Grant does care for her.  Grant comes in alone and is cruel, he knows the DVX are watching and listening. Finally Grant is able to give them a subtle message, Luke gets it.  Luke realizes grant is working to try and help them. Celia doesn't get it, and is full of rage towards Grant. Robert has gotten microfilm at Expo to make the drop. Robert is told to follow the elephant.  Celia is dropped off the elephant.  Luke and Holly are moved again. Jake & Rose still getting religious pressure re: their upcoming wedding. Blackie jams with a band for the first time. Monica regrets blasting Jimmy Lee and has to play nice.
     Celia is released from her captivity though Holly and Luke are still being held.  Celia shows Robert the Pavilion where she was held hostage but of course Holly and Luke have been moved. Luke and Holly rehash their past; Holly finally realizes that she loves Robert completely. Celia is reunited with her family.  Luke tells Holly he doesn't regret a moment of his time with her.  They make their peace with each other. Grant (whose working with the DVX) gives Luke a signal by humming a song to let them know he will help them. Good thing as Gregory intends on shooting them. Holly finally recognizes the song, tells Luke that Grant will put blanks in the guns. But Holly is very nervous, still not convinced that Grant will really help them. Fortunately, Celia is able to tell Robert the clues that Grant fed her, she didn't understand their meaning but it directs Robert to the Pavilion where Luke and Holly being held. Grant makes blanks out of candle wax. Gregory is annoyed to discover the microfilm is incomplete, also realizes that Grant has removed a module from the disk. Gregory orders the hostages to be killed, shots ring out, Grant is nervous that his plan might no have worked. The DVX spies escape the WSB snipers into the crowd. Gregory fakes illness so he can follow Grant to where he has hidden the missing module. Robert finds Holly and Luke covered up and left for dead, they have a tender reunion when he realizes Holly is alive.  When Grant goes to retrieve the disk, Gregory is right behind him. Luke and Robert show up, Grant has knocked Gregory out cold but Grant is gone (with the module).  The rocket (it is powered by the disk) takes off on schedule which means Grant got the disk there in time.  Celia is ecstatic to be reunited with Holly. Robert thanks Luke for his help. Grant is brought into custody, Luke points out that both he and Holly would be dead if it weren't for Grant's actions. Luke is reunited with a relieved Bobbie and Ruby. He is not happy with Grant being arrested. Grant agrees to defect and gives a full confession and Robert questions Grant about his past and how he assumed the role of Grant Putnam. Grant has flashbacks of the having plastic surgery to become Grant. Grant is warned that he will possibly face espionage charges.

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