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Undying Love: Sheridan and Luis Fanfic

Sit back, relax and read one of these Sheridan and Luis fanfics!

14 Days Of Valentines ~ Starlight

Absolution~ Michelle

Aftermath~ Jennifer E.

After So Long ~ Starz

A Christmas Carol ~ Tina

A Christmas To Remember ~ Tina

A Day At The Pool ~ Kasey

An Eternal Love ~ Ashley

A Forever Love ~ Ashley

A Haunting Halloween Love Story ~ Star Light

A Life Of Lies ~ Elizabeth

A Love From The Past ~ Hot4Luis

A Love Renewed ~ Rachel B.

A Love Too Proud ~ Ashleigh

A Love Untouched ~ Nicole

Altered Lives ~ Uzma

A Merry Little Christmas ~ Starshine

And I Love Her ~ Rachel

A Never Changing Love ~ Sarah & Ashley

A Passionate Love ~ Ashley

A Perfect Stranger ~ Kasey

A Rooftop Rendezvous ~ Kasey

A Tale Of Two Babies (Sequel to Unjust Suspicions) ~ Tina

A True Miracle ~ Jenn

All At The Altar ~ Passions Sweetie

All Is Forgiven ~ C. Rene

All Or Nothing ~ Her Owlness

All This Time ~ Katy

All We've Been Through ~ Ashley

Angel In My Eyes ~ Kayla

Always ~ Ashley

Always Be ~ Emma a.k.a. Baby Blue

Always There For You ~ Kelly

An Unforgettable Shower ~ Kasey

An Unknown Passion ~ Christina Bratus

April Showers Bring May Flowers ~ Amanda

A Love To Bloom ~ Jayme

At Long Last ~ Emma a.k.a. Baby Blue

At The Beginning ~ Sheridan LF

A Passionate Day In Harmony ~ Stephanie

A Piece Of Heaven ~ Juli LF

A Steamy Love ~ Chloe

As Time Goes On ~ Anna Lee

A Time For New Beginnings ~ Christina Bratus and Leigh-Anne Hellinger

A Time To Remember ~ Rachel

Autumn Skies ~ Star Light

Avalanche ~ Sandra Wall

A Wish Come True ~ Holly

Back Before The War ~ Sheridan LF

Because I Love You ~ Ashley

Believe - Just Believe ~ Elizabeth

Beside You ~ Jenn webmaster

Best Friends Then Lovers ~ Ashley

Best Night Of My Life ~ Rachel

Blue Moon ~ Lacey Werczynski

Boardroom To Bedroom ~ Arianne

Breakfast In Bed ~ Kasey

By Our Hearts We Are One ~ Danielle and Maria

By Our Hearts We Are One (Continued) ~ Danielle and Maria

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