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Sheridan and Luis' Classic Lines

Classic Lines
Here you will find classic shuis lines.
From the beginning, when they first
meet, until the very present moment!
It's a trip down memory lane!
Every shuis fan will laugh, cry and remember
all the treasured moments imprinted in our minds!

1. Luis and Sheridan meet:

Luis: "You try anything else and Iím using your tires for target practice. {He starts to walk towards the car} Well, I hope you had a good time, buster, because you're about to say good-bye to life as you know it. There's no way your sorry behind isn't doing jail time after those moves."

Sheridan: "My name isn't Buster, my behind is anything but sorry, and you can't arrest me."

Luis: "You've broken at least 10 laws in the last minutes. Give me one good reason I shouldn't arrest you."

Sheridan: "Because my last name is Crane."

Luis: "What kind of name is Sheridan?"

Sheridan - "The kind of name you'll never forget!"

2. Luis Opening the Cell

Luis: "If you need anything, just call."

Sheridan: "I'd rather die than ask you for anything."

Luis: Suit yourself.

3. Luis and Sheridan meet again - Second car crash

Luis: You smashed my new car! What the hell is the matter with -- you again.

Luis: I don't believe that you smashed up my new car!

Sheridan: Well, you had it parked practically in the middle of the street!

Luis: Oh, you're blaming me for what you did?

Sheridan: It wasn't my fault!

Luis: Well, why not? Because your last name is Crane? News flash, lady -- your family doesn't own Harmony or its roads. Got it?

4. Luis Kisses Sheridan at his mother's party.

Luis: Whoo! Just like I said, Mama. First try. For that, I want a kiss. {He kisses her cheek and everyone there is stunned}

T.C.: Did Luis Lopez Fitzgerald just plant a big one on Sheridan Crane?

Eve: I'm afraid he did. Wait till he finds out it's not his mother.

Luis: Wait a minute. That's not Mama's perfume. Who did I just kiss?

Sheridan: It's Ė

Luis: Don't tell me. Let me guess. {He starts feeling of her face} Oh, you have beautiful hair. Ooh. If your husband or boyfriend is here right now, Iíll apologize later. But whoever he is, he's one lucky guy.

Luis: Well, you're not my sister or either of the Russell girls, and you're not Kay or Jessica Bennett, either. And I know you're not my brother's girlfriend because he would have knocked my block off by now.

Pilar: Son, you're making a terrible mistake --

Luis: Shh. Let me figure this out on my own, Mama. I'm having fun. Now, let's see. See. Ooh -- cute little nose. Oh, and nice, high cheekbones. Ooh, Iím a pushover for high cheekbones. Ooh, and your lips are very soft. Ooh. And your neck -- so long and slender. I better stop now because whoever it is, I think Iím falling in love.

Sheridan: Good idea, Officer, because I wouldn't want to have to write you a ticket for reckless driving. {She lifts up the blindfold and glares at him}

5. Luis and Sheridan Tango

Luis: {Bumping into someone and turning around} Excuse me. Would you like to -- {He sees who it is}

Sheridan: Would I like to what?

Luis: Forget it. I can't imagine you trying to do the Tango.

Sheridan: It just so happens that I love to Tango. Not that I would Tango with you, though, anyhow.

Luis: Oh, don't worry. I'm not asking. Besides, to really know how to Tango, you have to have Latin blood in you.

Sheridan: What an ego. You really think you're better than everyone else, don't you?

Luis: This is one thing I know I can do better than you. [Tango plays]

Sheridan: Prove it.

6. Sheridan and Luis meet at the beach while jogging

Luis: Like I said, I didn't realize it was you. Tango music. You always listen to Tango music, or just since you danced the Tango with me last night?

Sheridan: You have a very high opinion of yourself, don't you?

7. Luis and Sheridan meet at the coffeshop

(Sheridan walks to the counter at the coffeehouse, not knowing that Luis is there and had just ordered a blueberry muffin)

Beth: Hi. Can help you with something?

Sheridan: Yes, a takeout coffee, please.

Beth: Ok.

Sheridan: And that blueberry muffin looks really good.

Beth: Oh, actually, he just beat you to the punch.

Sheridan: Oh, no

Luis: {Shaking his head} Give the muffin to the lady, please, Beth.

Sheridan: Oh, no. I wouldn't hear it. Please. Give the muffin to the officer. He ordered it first.

Luis: And would you please tell the lady that Iíve changed my mind. She needs the muffin or her blood sugar might drop and make her crash into my car.

Sheridan: Oh, please. Tell the officer not to worry about my blood sugar. I'm afraid that if I take the muffin, he'll accuse me of grand theft, slap his handcuffs on me, and haul me off to the police station for another night in jail.

Luis: And would you please tell the lady --

Beth: You know what? That's it. Ok? I've got another customer, so you guys just settle this yourself. Ok?

8. Sheridan and Luis at the Lobster Shack

Sheridan: Help! Let me out! Let me out!

Hank: Oh, my God. Sheridan.{He and Luis run on stage}

Sheridan: Let me out!

Hank: Open it, now.

Mischa: Huh?

Luis: Come on. Open it up.

Mischa: All right, all right, all right.

Sheridan: Please, let me out!

Luis: Hurry up!

Mischa: Yeah, I -- I must find the -- ah, yes.

Sheridan: Let me out! Please!

Mischa: It's stuck!

Sheridan: Let me out!

Sheridan: Open this box!

Luis: Damn! It's stuck!

Sheridan: Let me out!

Hank: Sheridan, hang on, ok? Don't panic. We'll get you out.

Sheridan: Somebody help me! I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it.

9. Sheridan walks in on Luis in the men's locker room.

Sheridan: "Where would a tyrannical slave driver like him keep sugar?"

Sheridan: Luis! I --

Luis: Sheridan. Is there something you want?

Sheridan: I -- excuse me. I didn't know that this was the men's locker room.

Luis: Now you know. {She walks out}

Sheridan: I feel like such a fool.

*Moments later*

Sheridan: Do you think I was deliberately trying to sneek a peek at you?

Luis: Hey, its been known to happen.

10. Luis challenges Sheridan to a game of basketball

Sheridan: That is so unfair.

Luis: Hey. The girls never asked to have their own team, ok?

Sheridan: Well, did you ever think to ask them if they'd like one?

Luis: Look, we're short-handed on volunteers as it is. I can only do so much, and it takes a lot of time to learn to play basketball well.

Sheridan: It can't be that difficult to learn to play.

Luis: It's plenty difficult. Not that you'd know anything about that.

Sheridan: Oh, come on. Bouncing a ball and throwing it in a hoop? It's not exactly rocket science.

Luis: Ok, then, how about a game? You and me, one-on-one, when the guys finish practice?

Sheridan: You're on.

Luis: All right.

11. Sheridan beats Luis at basketball

Luis: Not bad.

Sheridan: You mean for a girl?

Luis: I mean for anybody. It was a compliment.

Sheridan: Sure, Luis.

Luis: What's the score?

Sheridan: We're tied, 15-15.

Luis: You're kidding.

Sheridan: Do I look like Iím kidding?

Luis: No, I guess you don't. All right, let's get down to business.

Luis: You know, I make this baby and the game is mine. Oh, how sweet it is.

Sheridan: I won, you lost. How sweet it is. I guess that'll teach you to never underestimate a woman ever again. Especially one named Crane.

12. Luis gives Sheridan a trophy

Luis: Here. This is for you.

Sheridan: For me? It's not ticking. Should I be worried?

Luis: Ok, wise guy, open it.

Sheridan: Luis. You're giving me a present.

Luis: Consider it a peace offering.

Hank: See? Leave it to Luis to do the right thing.

Sheridan: "The right thing." We'll see about that. What is it?

Luis: Read the inscription.

Sheridan: "Sheridan Crane. Youth Center Champion." Luis, I -- Iíve never won anything in my life.

Luis: Well, now, you have.

Sheridan: But when did you have time to have this done?
Luis: I have extra trophies in the storeroom and an engraving tool. Congratulations you won fair and square.

Hank: What'd I tell you?

Sheridan: I -- I don't know what to say.

Luis: You don't have to say anything. You brought me down a notch, and I guess I needed it. So Iíll keep my end of the bargain. From now on, the girls get equal court time for basketball.

13. Sheridan gets Mugged

Sheridan: Stay away. Help! Somebody! {Luis gets up, and the mugger takes off} Let him go, Luis.

Luis: No. I have to go after him.

Sheridan: Forget it. He's long gone by now. We really showed him, didn't we? He'll think twice about jumping Sheridan Crane again.

Luis: Well, thanks to you, he'll jump somebody else.

Sheridan: What?

Luis: Well, if you could've just stayed out of it and not knocked me over the head with that bottle, I might have caught him. I would've arrested that guy.

Sheridan: It was an accident. I didn't --

Luis: Yeah, well, no thanks to you, the mugger got away. You screwed everything up. As usual.

14. Luis swears he see Theresa at with Ethan

Sheridan: Luis, I think that bump on your head that I gave you is causing you to hallucinate. Your sister is not here with Ethan.

Luis: I saw her. She's here. There. See?

15.Sheridan helps stall Luis for Theresa

Sheridan: {Out at the car, Luis stumbles} Oh. Here, let me help you.

Luis: Sheridan, I can walk.

Sheridan: Just don't want you falling down and hurting yourself again.

Luis: Oh, since when are you so concerned with my health?

Sheridan: Since I conked you on the head, Mr. Stubborn. Get in.

Sheridan: Here you go. Buckle up for safety.

Luis: Yeah, I know, I know. Thanks. I can do it myself.

Sheridan: Fine. Just trying to help. Hand me my purse. Where did I put those keys? Did I give them to you?

Luis: No, you didn't give them to me.

Sheridan: Well, then I must have them -- somewhere.

Luis: Why do women always dig in their purses without looking inside? Maybe you could find things easier if you looked.

Sheridan: Because it's easier to feel for things.

Luis: I can't believe you lost the keys.

Sheridan: I wouldn't say lost. Just misplaced.

Luis: Well, whatever. You know, I can walk home faster. I think I will.

Sheridan: No! You can't move from this car. I don't need you falling down and then blaming me.

Luis: Well, then hurry up, will you? I'm never going to get home to see if Theresa's there.

Sheridan: I'm doing the best I can.

Sheridan's voice: You'll get home, all right. But not until Iím good and ready to get you there.

16. Luis holds on to Sheridan's leg while she puts up Halloween decorations

Sheridan: Actually, though, if you could hold on to me while I get this last piece of tape up here. Oh. Thanks, Hank. {Turning, she sees Luis} Oh. It's you. Thank you.

Luis: Didn't want you to fall and sue the place.

Sheridan: I'm not interested in lawsuits, but thanks anyway. Well, what do you think?

Luis: Looks good. And seeing how hard you're working, Iíll make you a deal.

Sheridan: What kind of deal?

Luis: If you'll chaperone the dance, Iíll count it against your hours you owe me for community service.

Sheridan: Now, that's a deal. The sooner I get through my hours, the better.

Luis: Ditto

17. Luis and Sheridan argue

Luis: Look, you're the one who wanted to put things on the table. I was just saying to Hank that people like the cranes and normal people can't cut it together.

Sheridan: Oh, "normal people." And just because I come from a family with money means Iím not normal?

Luis: Oh, you're twisting my words here.

Sheridan: No, no, no. You cannot squirm your way out of this one, Luis.

Luis: I'm just saying that people like you and me come from two completely different worlds.

Hank: Well, you know what they say about men and women you know, that Mars/Venus thing? Never mind.

Luis: Look, this isn't about men and women. It's about having different values. We've talked about this before.

Sheridan: Well, as if I could forget.

Luis: Well, take it or leave it, Sheridan. I'm telling it like it is. Look, if you were to marry some poor Tom, Dick, or Harry who didn't have his trust fund, you know what they'd call him?

Hank: Lucky dog.

Luis: I'm sure they would all smile and say nice things to your face at the wedding. But as soon as your backs were turned, they would whisper that he was a kept man, user, a gigolo. They'd all feel sorry for you and they would never respect that guy.

18. Halloween Night

(Hank and Sheridan are playing pranks on each other, and Sheridan winds up with cream pies. She hides and jumps out, throwing the pies and hitting Luis instead of Hank)

Sheridan: Hey! Sorry, Hank. Luis!

Luis: Sheridan!

Luis: I have just one question, Sheridan -- why?

Sheridan: I didn't know --

Luis: Is this your way of getting back at me?

Sheridan: No, I swear I didn't --

Luis: Then what was it?

Sheridan: It's Halloween. I was just trying to have a little fun. I thought you were Hank.

Luis: Hank?

Sheridan: We were on our way to the youth center dance when Hank was trying to show me how the kids of harmony have fun on Halloween by trick-or-treating and pulling pranks on each other. I was just trying to get in the spirit.

Luis: The spirit?

Sheridan: I never meant to hit you with the pies. Do you really believe I would hit you, with your sense of humor? What I mean to say is --

Luis: I know what you mean.

Sheridan: You have a big --

Luis: Sheridan, just go away.

Sheridan: But --

Luis: Sheridan, no

19. Sheridan defends Luis

Luis: You'll have to excuse me, but Iím on duty. See, some of us poor suckers have to work for a living, you know?

Sheridan: Enough of the zingers already! I get that you hate my guts because my last name is Crane, but I feel bad about what I did to you tonight. I want to make it up to you.

Luis: You've done enough already.

Sheridan: But I can do more. Whether you like it or not, my family has a lot of pull in this town. My father can call the mayor and put in a good word for you. He'll listen to him. You'll get your promotion before you even know it.

Luis: Let me tell you something, Sheridan -- if I thought that for one minute I made detective because of someone in your family, Iíd turn it down flat. I'll either earn it myself or I don't want it.

Sheridan: You know, you are the most impossible, insufferable man Iíve ever known.

Luis: You really want to do something for me?

Sheridan: Finally. You're letting reason win out over your macho pride. What can I do?

Luis: Stay the hell out of my life!

20. Sheridan and Luis In New Mexico

Sheridan: Are you the one, are you the great love of my life?

(Moments Later)

Luis: Sheridan, I neeed to take your clothes off.

Luis:(Takes off his boxers) This is the only way I can keep you warm, the only way I can save you. I hope you understand Sheridan. (He gets into bed and puts his arm around her to keep her warm)

Sheridan:I need you to make love to me, I need you to make love to me now.

21. First Fantasy - Love Making

Luis: Couldn't hide my feeling any longer Sheridan. I saved your life instead of my father's because I love you. I want you.

Sheridan: Oh Luis.

Luis: I love you Sheridan. I don't care if we are from two different worlds. I want you to be mine.

Sheridan: I want to be yours forever.

Luis: Ya know the future may never be - the past is gone and all we have is tonight. Tonight is all that matters.

Sheridan: Oh Luis, Oh Luis.

22. Sheridan and Luis go on their first date.

Luis: Ya know, it's just the two of us sitting here at the same table, ordering drinks about to have dinner. This could be on Ripley's believe it or not.

23. Locker Room Fantasy Scene

Sheridan: Luis

Luis: Glad you came Sheridan.

Sheridan: Why'd you want to see me?

Luis: I'll show you in a minute.

(Luis walks out of shower and stands naked in front of Sheridan.)

Luis: I remember the first time you walked in on me here. I think about it all the time. I know what I wanted to do. I never had the chance to.

Sheridan: Do.

Luis: Yeah. Oh, but a lots changed since then. We spent a lot of time together. Gotten to know each other. Now I see what a wonderful person you are.

Sheridan: I feel the same way about you.

Luis: Good 'cause that's gonna make this even sweeter.

Sheridan: Make what?

Luis: I've been waiting for months to do this and now...

(Luis grabs Sheridan and pulls her in for a passionate kiss.)

Sheridan: I can't believe this is happening.

Luis: Believe it. We've waited too long.

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: It's time we stopped denying ourselves and give in to the inevitable.

(He grabs her again and continues to kiss her passionately)

(There's a knock at the door)

Sheridan: Someone's here.

Luis: Ignore them. This place is for us - only us.

(Knock at the door again)

Gwen: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Who is that?

Luis: Who cares. I want you - now.

Gwen: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Gwen - it's Gwen.

Luis: Ignore her.

Sheridan: What is she doing at the youth center?

Luis: Ignore her, she'll go away.

24. Sheridan Thinking About Luis After New Years

Sheridan: Hank is a wonderful man, but he's NOT Luis!!

25. Sheridan and Luis on their second date

Sheridan: I thought I was the only person in the dead of winter eating an ice cream.

Luis: Oh, no way. Even if I do wonder about your choice of toppings.

Sheridan: Are you kidding? Coloured sprinkles rule.

Luis: Oh give me a break. It's chocolate or nothing.

Sheridan: I guess this is were we part our ways.

Later on in during the date

Luis: Smooth aren't I? Ya know suddenly, I feel like a teenager back on their first date in high school.

Sheridan: I know what you mean, I feel the same way.

Luis: Do you mind if I?

Sheridan: Not at all.

(Luis kisses Sheridan's cheek softly)

Luis: How was that?

Sheridan: It was great.

Luis: Goodnight.

Sheridan: Goodnight.

26. Luis Saves Sheridan at the Ice Pond

Luis: Sheridan

Sheridan: Luis

(Luis grabs Sheridan and they both fall in the snow)

Luis: I had to get you. You were in danger - it's thin ice.

Sheridan: Really?

Luis: Yeah, the sign keeps getting knocked down, but everyone in town knows that you can't skate on that part of the pond. It doesn't freeze like the rest. You could have fallen through.

Sheridan: You saved my life - again.

Luis: Well...

Sheridan: You did. I'm beginning to think I can't even get through my life without you.

27. Sheridan and Luis at the Ice Pond

After everyone leaves the Pond:

Sheridan: Are you ok Luis?

Luis: Yeah, I am fine.

Sheridan: I can see that you have a lot of love for your family.

Luis: I do, I dont know what I would do if anything happend to one of them.

Sheridan: I dont know what I would do if something happend to someone I cared about.

(They both look at each other for a few minutes then...)

Both Sheridan and Luis in unison: There's is something I need to tell you

Hank and Beth arrive and before they can tell each other what they were going to say.

28. Luis talks with Sheridan and Sheridan asks Luis out

Luis: Seeing Charity and Miguel fall through that ice, made me think of two things. How fragile life is, how we need to make every second count.

Sheridan: What's the second thing?

Luis: While I watched how Charity and Miguel almost willed each other to feel better, because of how they feel about one another. It made me think that real love can conquer all.

Sheridan: I'd like to believe your right. Well I guess I'd better get going.

Luis: Goodnight Sheridan.

Sheridan: Wait - Luis what are you doing tonight.

Sheridan: I'm sorry I shouldn't have said anything.

Luis: No Sheridan - wait. I would like to go out on a date with you.

Sheridan: You would?

Luis: Very much.

Sheridan: Good. Is there some place that you'd like to go? Some place you like to relax?

Luis: Well yeah - I know some place. I don't know if you'd feel comfortable there.

Sheridan: I am sure I'll be fine

Luis: Well ok - if you say so. Let's go!

29. Luis takes Sheridan to the Pool Hall for their date

Sheridan: What is this place?

Luis: Yeah ok, it's not much to look at. But its a great place to shoot pool, have a couple beers, hang out.

Sheridan: Sounds good.

Luis: You play pool?

Sheridan: No, but I'll give it a try.

Luis: Alright, let's go.

They walk into the pool hall together.

Luis: Alright!

Sheridan: Um, the restroom is...

Luis: Right over there. I'll grab us a table and a couple of beers - alright?

Sheridan: Light beer for me.

Luis: Coming right up.

Luis walks off to his buddies and starts chatting with them while Sheridan looks on.

Hank: Well look who just walked in. She must have called around and heard that I was here. Ha ha ha. Yeap, I told you that I was going to be the one she wants.

Luis: And I told you that...

Hank: And who am I to deny her her wish.

Luis: Hank before you go...

Hank: Sorry buddy, but it looks like your the LOSER on this one. Sheridan!

Sheridan: Hi Hank

Hank: How did you know I was going to be here?

Luis: I think you ordered the light.

Sheridan: Yes, thank you.

Hank: Wait a minute your here together?

Luis and Sheridan clink glasses.

Luis: Looks that way. Come on let's get a table.

Sheridan: It was nice to see you Hank.

Luis. Yeah. Nice seeing you Hank.

Luis and Sheridan walk away from Hank and sit at a table - while Hank looks at them stunned beyond belief.

Luis: You alright?

Sheridan: Yeah. Actually I was thinking about how the tabloids would love to get a photo of me in a place like this in my own hometown. Alistair and Julian would go crazy for me always damaging the Crane name.

Luis: If you're worried about that then maybe we should go.

Sheridan: Oh no, I'm not worried in the least. The tabloids would never think of looking for me in a place like this.

Luis: Well I'll tell you one things for sure - the people that come to this place they don't read the society magazines so they won't know you as Sheridan Crane. You'll just think of you as a girl who drinks light beer.

Luis' friend Al: What's up brother you just kicking back tonight, or you feel like wasting a rack?

Luis: Oh, I'm just kicking it Al.

Sheridan: Oh, don't let me keep you from playing.

Luis: Well the only way I'll play tonight is if you play too.

Sheridan: Luis I told you I don't know how to play.

Luis: That's it you'll learn.

Al: Alright brother. I'll get me a partner. Ten bucks a game.

Luis: Oh, like taking candy from a baby.

Al: Yeah a baby.

Luis: Come on Sheridan let's take this patsy for every nickel he's got.

Sheridan: Luis I...I don't have a clue as to what to do.

Luis: Come on, just follow my lead like in the tango.

Hank: There's no way she'll fit in here.

30. Sheridan plays Pool

Luis: Alright, just a nice smooth stroke.

Sheridan shots at the 8th ball and misses.

Sheridan: (sighs) Huh, I'm really sorry I'm just not getting the hang of this.

Hank smiles.

Al's pool partner: Adios, Lopez-Fitzgerald. (He's sinks the 8th ball in the pocket) Yes! Yeah, Whoa!

Sheridan: Did we lose?

Luis: Nah, they won.

Al's partner: First time we bet you Luis - ever. Ha ha.

Sheridan: You've never lost? Oh no!

Meanwhile, Beth wins her pool match.

Beth: Ha ha. The deadly combination rules. Pay up buddy. Thank you.

Sheridan: You should have got Beth as your partner.

Luis: Ah, it's no big deal. Come on it's just a game. Hey I'll get us another couple of beers.

31. Sheridan is devastated after overhearing Luis at the Wharf

Sheridan tries to turn off her answering machine. Luis' voice on the machine: Anyway I hope to see you then and I promise not to grab you and kiss you like the last time we met. Sheridan: How do you turn this thing off?

Luis' voice: At least no in public. So see you tomorrow?

Sheridan: Oh - bastard.

Sheridan throws her answering machine close to the door hitting the side wall.

Ethan: Hey you working on your pitch or are you just trying to kill me?

Ethan: You know Sheridan, I have my own issues with the age of technology, but I don't think this is the answer.

Sheridan: Ethan I am so sorry. I didn't hurt you did I?

Ethan: No, but an inch to the left and I would have been putting in for a seeing eye dog. What did it do to you?

Sheridan: Not it, he.

Sheridan plays the message for Ethan to hear.

Ethan: It sounds like Luis.

Sheridan: It is.

Ethan: I though you liked him.

Sheridan: I did. You know I was feeling really good about the two of us. So I went down to the Wharf last night.

Ethan: Bad idea?

Sheridan: He didn't see me coming. He was on his cell phone talking to someone - about me. And how much he hated the Crane family. And not only had I not changed his mind about that, but that he had a really great time using me.

Ethan: Did you confront him?

Sheridan: No, I was too upset so I just ran home. And if you could believe his gaul, he then called and left that message.

Ethan: Who does he think he is. I am going to find him and I'm gonna teach him a lesson he is never going to forget.

32. Hank wonders where Luis got all his "extra" cash

Hank: That's a lot of cash. Where are you going to get that money.

Luis: I'll tell you later - but I got to get to a meeting.

Hank: What's with all the clock and daggers. You act like you're hiding something.

Luis: Well if you wait around, I'll tell you the whole story when I get back.

Hank: I'll be here.

33. Ethan threatens to confront Luis

Sheridan: Ethan wait - no you can't just go charging off to punch a policeman. You would be arrested and hauled of to jail so fast you wouldn't even know what hit you.

Ethan: I don't give a damn.

Sheridan: Please Ethan, if you really want to do something for me - just let it go.

Ethan: I don't know if I am angrier with myself or with Luis. I mean I should have protected you better. I never should have believed that Luis was on the up and up.

Sheridan: I thought he was too. I thought that I had finally met an honourable man. I though that I had finally met someone who wasn't interested in me for my money. Who wouldn't use me. Ethan when will I ever learn?

34. Julian meets the fake "Luis" to pay him off

Julian: Hmmm. Well right on time. I thought you would be. (Julian shows the imposter a suitcase filled with cash) What are you going to do with all this.

Fake Luis: Owww. I got plans for this money - big plans.

Julian: Trust me its all there. You're not going to count ever bill - its making me sick looking at that face of yours.

Fake Luis: Oh no problem Mr. Crane. (He removes the mask)

Julian: Well done. No wonder you're so expensive. Ha, ha! So my sister Sheridan really bought your performance at the wharf last night?

Imposter: If she didn't I'll eat the buttons on this uniform. I just stuck to the script your father sent me. I said it word for word.

(The imposter speaks to Julian mimicking Luis' voice) The Cranes have used and abused my family for years - and now I finally get a chance to use one of them - spoiled princess Sheridan.

Julian: What a waste of talent you might have been a thesbian.

Imposter: Huh you're kidding me. I make a much better living this way - thank you very much.

Julian: Ah, just make sure to it you destroy all the evidence - the uniform, mask even that computer generated mode of Luis' face.

Imposter: Don't worry I'll take care of everything.

Julian: Oh, you'd better cause if Luis ever found out what we've done there's no doubt in my mind that he'd bring done the entire Crane empire.

35. Luis tells Hank how he really feels about Sheridan

Hank: You know you really had me going. I thought maybe your new found fat pockets had something to do with Sheridan.

Luis: Huh, what's that mean?

Hank: Like maybe she was helping you out with some bucks.

Luis: Come on Hank you know me better than that. I'd never take money from a woman.

Hank: Yeah I guess you wouldn't. Meaning you and the very wealthy Sheridan would never make a good couple - right?

Hank: Hah. Exactly I got to talk to you about that Hank.

Hank: I thought we already cleared the air on this.

Luis: Not quite. The other reason I was late was because I was picking this up for Sheridan.

Hank: You bought Sheridan a card. Why?

Luis: Because I like her and I think she likes me.

Hank: Don't tell me you guys...

Luis: No, nothing serious has happened between us - yet, but I think it could.

Hank: Tell me I am not hearing this.

Luis: Look, would you rather that I lie to you? You know she does - she does something that no other woman has ever done to me before. She gets to me Hank. I think maybe she's the one.

Hank: Are you serious?

Luis: Yeah, I guess I am.

Hank: Who are you? And what have you done with Luis?

Luis: It's the same old me buddy.

Hank: Like hell it is. You know how many times I have heard you go off on the Cranes. You hate that family.

Luis: Come on Hank, I told you awhile back I stopped holding Alistair and Julian's sins against Sheridan. She's not even in their league.

Hank: Yeah, I know.

Luis: So, maybe my sister Theresa was right. Maybe love can get people to do the impossible things. Like differences in backgrounds, or differences in bank balances.

Hank: Are you sure there wasn't a pod next to your bed when you got up this morning?

Luis: Hah, I'm sure. Look don't get me wrong Hank, I'm not saying that this thing with Sheridan is going to take off, I am just saying that right now - I'd like it too.

Hank: Okay, you've been straight with me, so now I am going to level with you.

Luis: Well I would expect nothing less.

Hank: I like Sheridan alot and I am not backing out of the race, just because you like her too.

Luis: I understand. No hard feelings. May the best man win.

Hank: That'd be me. Ha ha ha. I've been around here long enough - I'd better go.

Luis: Alright buddy.

Hank: See ya later.

36. Sheridan goes to the Youth Center and runs into Luis

Luis: Hey you. Did you get my message? I know it was kind of late, but a...

Sheridan: I got your message. I got it loud and clear. And now I have a message for you Luis. I want you to listen very carefully 'cause I don't want you to misunderstand any of it.

(Sheridan slaps Luis in the face and Luis looks at her dumbfounded as to way Sheridan has turned on him.)

37. On the roof at the Seascape Sheridan and Luis reminisce about what happened on New Years' Eve. Luis wants answers as to way Sheridan detests him.

Luis: "What is it you want to tell me Sheridan?"

Sheridan: I wanted to thank you for saving my life.

Luis: Yeah, well, like you said, you already thanked me for that.

Sheridan: No, I really want you to know how much that meant to me. So much of my life changed then.

Luis: Changed?...How?

Sheridan: I thought I was going to die. I promised I would do all those things, savor every moment.

Luis: Well, that's good. I'm glad you feel that way.

Sheridan: I thought you were saving me for a new life. That I was going to go in a new direction. (Sheridan turns away from him). Obviously I was wrong. I was meant to go back to my old life.

Luis: Your old life wasn't that terrible, was it?

Sheridan: I thought I was going forwards not backwards. That night, everything seemed so clear. I felt safe and protected. I really thought we were developing something...something special.

Luis: I thought so too! What happened, Sheridan? What changed? We were enjoying each other, having good times together.

Sheridan: I thought so too...

Luis: The night I took you to the pool hall. I thought we had fun.

Sheridan: It was fun.

Luis: And the night I ran into you down at the wharf and we kissed...

Sheridan: So you wouldn't blow your cover at the stake out.

Luis: When we kissed, I forgot all about the stake out...That kiss, it took me to another place.

Sheridan: Me too.

Luis: I could have sworn you felt that way. So, what happened?

Sheridan: (Sheridan has a flashback of Luis saying he was only using her) Never mind. It doesn't matter.

Luis: Doesn't matter?

Sheridan: No, it doesn't! I'm going back to Paris, back to my old life and you can stay here and get on with yours, that's just the way it was meant to be. After I leave, we are never going to see each other again, and that would suit me just fine!

38. Sheridan says goodbye to Luis silently

(Sheridan and Luis are both at the Seascape restaurant at different tables. Sheridan asks Chad to play "Just Missed The Train" by Danielle Brisebois and she listens to it. As she listens she recalls some moments she shared with Luis.)

The kiss on the cheek after their first date.
Luis crying at the youth center after he thinks he's killed his father and Sheridan comforting him.
Looking at each other at the Lobster Shack after they've just toasted to the future.
The first tango they danced at Pilar's birthday party.
Looking at each other as Sheridan holds up a slide of Spain.
Luis sleeping and Sheridan stroking his hair.
The passionate kiss Luis pulled Sheridan into at the wharf, during a stakeout.

(Luis gets up to leave, he notices Sheridan ignores her as he walks out of the restaurant. Sheridan looks at him briefly.) Sheridan: Goodbye Luis.

39. Sheridan and Luis in Paris and they are arguing

Luis: Do you always have to be such a smartass?

Sheridan: Oh I can't help it. When I'm with you, one of us has to be smart.

40. Luis tells Sheridan to take care before being hauled off to jail

Luis: Sheridan.

Sheridan: Yes?

Luis: Don't let your guard down just cause youíre back in the States doesn't mean those guys won't come after you. Take care of yourself.

41. Luis has a nightmare in jail about Sheridan dying

Sheridan: Luis..Luis

Luis: Sheridan is that you I thought you were dead. Where are you?

Sheridan: Luis I'm right here.

Luis takes Sheridan by surprise by walking immediately to her...through the bars he places both hands on her face and draws her in for a kiss. She closes her eyes and kisses him back and hank walks in on them passionately kissing.

42. Sheridan and Luis on the plane heading to Boston

Sheridan demands that she be seated a distance away from Luis on the plane.

Sheridan (angrily): I donít care if I have to ride with the luggage Ė just get me away from him.Ē

43. Luis, Sheridan, and Hank at the Wharf after Crystal was shot.

Hank: Cut it out Luis

Luis: Hank, don't interfer, I'm arresting Sheridan for her own good.

Sheridan: He's only arresting me cause I had him arrested in Boston.

Luis: That has nothing to do with it.

Sheridan: Does too.

Luis: Does not.

Hank: Are you just trying to even the score here.

Sheridan: Yes.

Luis: No.

Luis: Look, by refusing to get a bodyguard Sheridan was opposing a threat to herself and to the community.

Sheridan: Your the only menace around here, you macho pig.

Luis: You see what I got to deal with I'm just trying to get threw to her and she acts like a 2 year old, a spoiled one at that.

Sheridan: How dare you say such a thing.

Luis: Look Hank you see how that woman was killed over here tonight, now that could happen to anyone, but especially to a star witness against a drug cartel. But does Sheridan take the threat seriously, NO she wonders around here by herself alone at night without a bodyguard. Sheridan you are practically inviting those killers to finish her off.

Sheridan: Umh, right like 2 men who are wanted by interpoll are just going to wing there way to America slip into town unoticed and shoot me dead. Is that the most rediculios thing you ever heard or what?

Hank: Ummm, I'm soory I mean Luis kinda of does have a point.

44. Luis moving in with Sheridan

(There's a knock on the door, it's Luis, Sheridan thinks it's Hank.)

Sheridan: O.k. back with the ice cream, that's exactly what I need right about now. I hope they weren't out of cookie dough.

Luis: Sorry, I didn't bring cookies or dough or anything else to eat. See I figure the deal was you provide the food.

45. Sheridan's fantasy about Luis working out

Luis: Don't go.

Sheridan: I have too.

Luis: Tell me why you were watching me.

Sheridan: I can't.

Luis: Why not? For once in your life admit how you really feel about me. Why do you keep running away from me?

Sheridan: You don't know what your talking about.

Luis: Yes I do, because I've been doing the same thing. I've been running away from what I want, and how I feel.

(Luis pulls Sheridan into a passionate kiss, then Sheridan starts talking in her sleep.)

Sheridan: Luis, Oh Luis, Luis.

Luis: Sheridan, Sheridan, it's me. What's going on?

Sheridan: Luis, I'm fiiiine.

Luis: Well then why'd you call me?

(Sheridan wakes up.)

Sheridan: Ohh, I was asleep. I was dreaming.

Luis: You were dreaming about me? What you dreaming about?

Sheridan: I don't know? You know how fast you can forget them.

Luis: Ah, you said my name. You were obviously dreaming about me.

Sheridan: Well, maybe I was dreaming about french hit men trying to kill me and I called to my bodyguard for help, that is why you are here isn't it.

(Pilar walks in and get's the wrong impression.)

Pilar: Wake up Sheridan, I've got you breakfast. Oh, God.

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