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On ED: April 2010: Currnetly members of the USS Reliant are assisting an elderly widow in replacing her roof, she has purchased all materials and we are the labor. so far 1/3 of the roof is complete and the leaks she had in that area are no longer.

Members in Attendence: ADM Jerome D. Eller, VADM Stephen B. Brown, (B)RADM Cheryl A. Harris, FCAPT William Moore, FCAPT Diane M. Carpenter, FCAPT Robert W. Barnett II, BCOL Michael Grubb, MAJ Dana Carpenter, CR Pacia Breeden, CAPT Jessica Logsdon, MDSHM Patrick Harris and MDSHM Jerod Barnett.

On ED: 2004 - Present
Members of the USS Reliant currently maintain the area around our adopted aircraft (and the aircraft itself) at the Grissom Air Museum. The B-25J Mitchell and our Bi-Annual Plane wash at the Grissom Air Museum. This plane was also in the movie "Catch 22". Members of the Reliant will also be helping to paint the aircraft later this year.

U.S.S. Reliant Members who have attended: Jerome D. Eller, Stephen Brown, Cheryl Harris, James McCoy, Ruth Brown, Robert Barnett, Diane Carpenter, Amy Grubb, Christopher Andrews, Carol Andrews, Kenneth Knight, Katrina Andrews-Knight, Mary Franceschini, Patrick Harris, Elizabeth Grubb, Michael Grubb, Maria Grubb, Nadja Van Pelt, Howard Robinson and Bonita Robinson.

U.S.S. Defiant Members Attended: Gary A, Bartle, Stacy Bartle and Dave Hicks.

U.S.S. Iwo Jima Members Attended: William A. Hlas (Now a member of the Reliant)

Guests Attending: Travis Knight.

On ED: August 2007 to Present:
Members of the USS Reliant NCC 1864 - D have participated in the Warbirds Car Show at the Grissom Air Museum. Members helped judge vehicles and sold refreshments to help the museum.
On ED: 2002 - 2006
Members of the USS Reliant NCC 1864 - D participated in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Annual Festival of Flight at the Grissom Air Museum. During these 5 festivals, Members have handed out SFC applications and answered questions on their adopted aircraft, the B-25 J, sold popcorn and other items for a museum fundraiser, stayed afterwards and assisted Museum personnel with takedown and cleanup of the site. Museum staff told us several times they appreciated our help.  We also met WWII veterans who use to fly in the B-25. We were also honored to meet LTCOL Julius Jackson, Retired, who was a member of the Tuskeegee Airmen of WWII. The 6th Annual Festival of Flight has been postponed to an unknown date.
On ED: 2000 - 2004
Members of the USS Reliant NCC 1864 - D assisted the Members USS Halsey NCC 2868-A participated in our units Bi-Annual Plane Wash at the Grissom Air Museum. Members of the USS Iwo Jima & USS Adventure were also in attendance. The Aircraft was Douglas C-47 Skytrain (Halsey recently changed aircraft to the F-100C Super Saber).
On ED: 4/16-17/2004
Members of the USS Reliant NCC 1864-C assisted an older couple by removing a rotted deck and doing repairs on their home. 

Members in Attendence: VADM Jerome D. Eller, RADM Stephen B. Brown, COMM Cheryl A. Harris-Barnett, LT Amy L. Grubb, LTjg Diane M. Carpenter, ENS Robert W. Barnett II, CDT Michael Grubb, and MDSHM Patrick Harris.

On ED: 9/13/2003 - SD: 12896
Members of the USS Reliant NCC 1864 - C participated in the Ivy Tech Region 5 Kokomo - Fall Kickoff. The Fall Kickoff helps to raise money for scholarships for students who need financial assistance.
On ED: 2003
Members of the USS Reliant NCC 1864 - C participated in the "Relay For Life Walk". Crew Members were Commodore Cheryl Harris, CDT Robert Barnett & Cadet Jessica Logsdon.
On ED: 5/25/2003 - SD: 12786
Members of the USS Reliant NCC 1864 - C tore down a condemned barn belonging to a low income single mother in Peru Indiana. Reliant members in attendence were: VADM Jerome D. Eller, RADMs Steven B. Brown & James H. McCoy, COMM Cheryl A. Harris, CDTs Rob Barnett & Diane Carpenter, MDSHMs Dana Carpenter & Patrick Harris and recruit prospect Jessica Logston.

The tear down process was started around 12 noon and was completed around 9 pm. Parts of the barn that were found to be still good will be donated to low income single father in Kokomo Indiana who is building his own home. All bad materials were disposed of in the proper manner.

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