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Fun / foon Tokyo
Thursday, April 8, 2004
Don't be a Pod People... Be a SAUNA Man!
Topic: adviceS
capsule hotel

Many folks visiting Tokyo think they can save money staying in the pod room, called capsule hotels. Read about them on this guys blog;
Capsule hotels cost at least 3,000yen. All-night Saunas cost 1,200-800 yen. Both have beds. Both are noisey. So save yourself some money and be a real a SAUNA Man!

The public saunas (not gay) are used by real saavy salarymen who miss the last time but don't want to spend money on a $300 taxi ride. At a saunna you check in after 8pm work-out on the gym equipment, do the hot tub, suana, cold plunge, etc, and then crash on a lounge or deck recliner in the "Resting Room" for the night.

I used to do this so often at the "Rosco Sauna" next to my office that I bought an IC card that checked me in automatically for 450yen per visit when buying more than 10 visits. After working overtime past midnight, I would pop in my "Member Card" (sic) into a locker, pull out my yakakata and towel, hit the Unversal weight machine, then the hot tub and plop on the lounge to sleep like the baby Bejesus. They wake me up before 9am, give me a breakfast discount coupon. Then I would snarf their 300yen breakfast in the 1st floor coffee shop, and I'd be back at my desk by 9:30am looking sharper than any of my coworkers.

Don't be a Pod People... Be a SAUNA Man!
But if you're whimp, here's a list of many capsule hotels throughout tokyo

Posted by trek/taro at 6:46 PM KDT
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Tuesday, April 13, 2004 - 6:07 PM KDT

Name: Taro

More info....

Japanese SAUNAs are found at most major train stations. The "Roscoe" that I meantioned is great but it's in the middle of the publishing district, called Hongo, in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward--- not much fun for a tourist. However 10 minutes nearby is Sauna Tokyo Dome which is plenty of fun

First you need to pick a station, let's say Shinjuku Japan's largest which is Tokyo's version of Times Square.
Next you need to look up while you wander for delux-type SAUNA signs or have a Japanese help you Internet search. The Japanese word for SAUNA looks like this サウナ
See image file here
capsule hotel
Typical street scene with a sauna sign on the side of the building
capsule hotel

When you find one, just pop in pay the 1,000 yen fee. Then are given a bag with 'spa' clothes, towels, and a locker key. You then go up to the second floor lockers where you store all your clothes and then proceed, with your small bath towel, into the bathing area. There you can shower, soak, shave, brush your teeth, sit under a waterfall, in a sauna, etc.

When you're done, it's back to the locker room where you don your spa clothes. You then have the run of the place which includes vending machines, a restaurant and karaoke stage, TV rooms, sleeping rooms, video games etc. Mega-kool AS LONG AS YOU ARE SOUND SLEEPER (it can be noisy).

Tokyo Jingu Gaien (Meiji Shrine Outer Garden Area)-
... The public can register to use the gym, indoor pool and sauna. ... Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, another Tokyo Olympic Games venue, is now a popular venue ...

Tokyo Green Plaza capsule hotel Shinjuku

Tokyo Capsule Hotel Listing - Inexpensive Lodgings in Tokyo
... 2-5 Kabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku Phone: 03-3232-1110 / Fax: 03-3208-0084 Access: JR line
Shinjuku Station Price: 4200 yen per night Note: bath and sauna / no female ...

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